Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle Has Around 40 Mecha

By Spencer . August 30, 2013 . 1:04am

image Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle takes Namco Bandai’s original mecha and puts them in a stylish 3D fighting game. Altogether, the game has about 40 different robots to choose from. The roster is primarily full of mechs from Super Robot Taisen Original Generation and Super Robot Taisen Origintal Generation 2 with a few robots from Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden and The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation.


The limited edition includes a code to download a traditional Super Robot Taisen strategy RPG, Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: Dark Prison (pictured). Shu Shirakawa with his mecha Granzon are the lead characters in Dark Prison, which has 25 short stories. If fighting games aren’t your thing you can get Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: Dark Prison by itself in spring 2014. Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle comes out on November 28 for PlayStation 3.

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  • SetzerGabbiani

    The fighting game looks lackluster, but it’s probably the game with the best chance of localization in the OG series…

    • agumike (けんじ)

      Its really a lesser Gundam VS at this point, just with different sorts of units for the different part of the fandom. but yes, pretty lackluster at the moment

    • Neophoton

      Have to agree, I was disappointed to learn the game was roughly 80% completed yet the trailer looked pretty choppy, so with being that far ahead in development means it probably won’t get that much better.

      Though if it did get localized, I’d probably pick it up for a cheaper price compared to the JP release.

    • Bossjoe

      What if the trailer is early gameplay?? They have done it before and I could believe it as it only shows the 6 annouced mechs fighting. But I’m still gonna it, cause it’s awesome.

      Also I don’t trust localization, Not anymore!!

  • Zeonsilt

    I want Original Generation 2 :(

    The dreams will never come true.

  • 40 Giant Robots, eh? Talk about freedom of choice. The game looks very promising to me, and even if it’s not “HTE BEST Fightin Gamu Evah” it looks fun as hell.
    9 Mechs are already confirmed, which leaves 31 mechs up to speculation. Hopefully, we’ll see Granveil, Valsione R and (G) Compatible Kaiser in the game as well.

    • VenerableSage

      I count 10, actually:
      The 6 that were previously announced and shown in the trailer (Alteisen Riese, Soulgain, Thrudgelmir, Gespenst Mk-II M, Fairlion S, and Cybuster) plus four more in the group shot at the beginning of the trailer: KoRyuOh, Dygenguard, Vysaga, and Gespenst RV (right in between the Fairlion, Alteisen, and DGG).

      • Yeah, I couldn’t really make up which mech it was, but it looked like a Gespenst. Well, that’s neat. So then there are 30 mechs left that are up to speculation.

        • VenerableSage

          Luckily, the RV’s got enough of a unique design with the huge flight pack on its back and the giant Mega Buster Cannon, otherwise I might not have figured out what it was either. XD

          • So, do you have ideas who could likely take the remaining 30 spots, my fellow mecha fan?
            I myself think we might (at the very least) expect Compatible Kaiser (hopefully the G Compatikaiser), Ialdaboath, ART-1, Reine Weissritter, Valsione R, Neo Granzon, the R series, SRX, Ex Exbein, RaiOh and Granveil.

          • VenerableSage

            I don’t know if I could pick all 30 remaining, but I think the ones below have a good shot of being part of it.

            Exbein Ashe OR Huckebein Mk-II M (Terada’s a troll, so he won’t use one of the real Huckies)
            Wildschwein OR R-Gun Powered (Metal Genocider probably wouldn’t look good from an animation standpoint, so it can’t be the regular R-Gun and having to worry about using Hyper Twin Launchers might not make R-GP ideal)
            Excellence Flyer
            G Compatible Kaiser
            R-Gun Rivale
            Rapiecage OR Ashsaber OR Weisssaber

            They’ve shown the Soulgain and Thrudgelmir already, so we know that there will be some villains included, so we should account for them to at least make up 25% of the roster at least.

            I’m also not sure that the SRX will be available if the component machines are also selectable – I figure it will either be one or the other, not both. I think that the R-1 and R-3 Powered would make good combat units in their own right, but the SRX is Banpresto’s mascot…

          • I’d love to see the Ashe, but don’t you think they’d go for its final form the Ex Exbein?

            Valsione is cool, but I’d think they’d rather go with Valsione R since that’s the more refined and stronger version. They’ll likely keep the normal Granzon because Neo Granzon might be too OP.

            I think they’ll keep a spot open for one of Ibis’ mechs, since she’s a very popular Banpresto character – and I guess the addition of Reine Weissritter would be a given.

            Well, Soulgain and Thrudgelmir are more in anti-hero territory than
            being full-fledged villains (since they also help the Steel Dragon Group
            multiple times in one way or another).

            Well yeah, SRX is Banpresto’s mascot but R-1 and Cybuster are also popular since they get used A LOT by Banpresto.

            Still, interesting suggestions :).

          • VenerableSage

            I’m not sure that they’d use the Ex-Exbein – after all, they did say that the mechs in this were more tailored to OG1 and OG2 than OGG and 2nd OG. A high-end 2nd OG mech might be a bit much, while the Ashe would fit closer to the normal Huckebeins that would have been running around in OG1/2/G. (And, yes, Granzon by itself is also a high-end 2nd OG mech, but it also didn’t debut in it, either.) Of course, just saying that 2nd OG mechs will appear (but be limited in number) does leave the chance open.

            Same goes for the Valsione R, too. It didn’t get its upgrade until 2/3s of the way through 2nd OG, so I would think that they’d stick with its regular version. Maybe they’d use the Inspector version, like the bonus for Masou Kishin III.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    To be honest I was hyped until I saw the trailer, it looks like Gundam Vs Gundam, but not as polished. This game would look awesome as a 2D or 2.5D fighter.

    • Exkaiser

      I suppose Banpresto might have been better off working with Capcom to use the GvG engine.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        If it is about just their engine, then that would be awesome!

      • Just Tim

        I just picture the R-1, having:
        HCF+2A for T-LINK Knuckle
        QCF, QCF+3A for T-LINK Sword
        …using the MvC3 game engine.

    • So… a fighting game that makes use of the OGs2 sprites? I can get behind that.

      Making a full-fledged 2D game (with new 2D sprites) a la Persona 4 Arena would be too expensive and costly, though — and even if it were possible, we’d likely only get to see a mech or 12.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        That’s a valid opinion, but Banpresto isn’t exactly a “small” studio with few funds. I believe they can actually do a 2D fighter and even so, with more than 12 mech units, because we are not talking about Arc Systems. However they always go by the easy route, and we all know that.

        • Maybe. One way to reduce costs if they go the Gundam Battle Assault 2 route and make each 2D part move individually instead of creating full-body sprites from the get-go. Yeah, when you think about it… a GBA2-style SRW fighting game with 40 mechs sounds plausible.

          Banpresto is part of Namco Bandai now, so I guess they could’ve used the Tekken Team and Project Soul’s help as well.

          Anyway, Infinite Battle looks like a lot of fun to me, has some of my favourite mech designs in it, and I’m gonna buy it localization or not.
          Even if it’s not the perfect fighting game, I’m optimistic to say that this game will make me relive the fun I had with playing Tech Romancer, mindless over-the-top giant robot combat.

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