Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Has Over 60 Missions, Starts At The Saiyan Arc

By Spencer . September 2, 2013 . 3:09am


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, a four player fighting game from Namco Bandai, will retell Goku’s saga through 60 missions. The game is based on the original series and starts all the way back at the Saiyan Arc.


Players unlock extra characters and earn cards, which they can use to customize fighters at the end of each mission. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has skill cards that let you change what abilities characters have and strengthening cards that up stats like Ki Blast power. 


dbz-bz-02 dbz-bz-05dbz-bz-01 dbz-bz-03 


If you want to further customize a Z Warrior, you can change the colors of their outfit.


dbz-bz-09 dbz-bz-08 dbz-bz-07 dbz-bz-06


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is slated for release in 2014 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360.


dbz-bz-10 dbz-bz-12dbz-bz-22 dbz-bz-21 dbz-bz-20 dbz-bz-19 dbz-bz-18 dbz-bz-17 dbz-bz-16 dbz-bz-15 dbz-bz-14

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  • Croix Zapp

    Looks Great, but i’m hesitant to buy after all the previous DBZ games..

    • Anon_

      same… :s

    • Haven’t played a Dbz game since Tenkaichi 3. This looks promising. Then again anime related games tend to be a hit or a miss for the most part.

      • British_Otaku

        You missed out on games since Tenkaichi 3? As far as Spike’s games go, you haven’t missed much on consoles, but Tenkaichi Tag Team had a 2 vs 2 system on the PSP and was pretty good.

        Other good games include Shin Budokai 1, Shin Budokai 2, Ultimate Butoden (you have to import this one unfortunately), Infinite World (basically Budokai 4 by any other name), Origins 1 and 2 (both Dragon Ball games) and Attack of the Saiyans…

        Basically the portables got nearly all of the good games for the last six or seven years.

        • I had shin budokai 2, its one of my favorite handheld Dbz games next to Buu’s fury. If I’m not mistaken, T3 & SB2 came out in the same yr, I just remember playing T3 most recently. I stopped buying Dbz games because I saw no progression. I plan on picking up Battle of Z for my Vita.

          • British_Otaku

            I couldn’t remember the dates off the top of my head, in retrospective I remember people calling charging energy specials a “Shin Budokai” element before it got into BT2 so that makes sense.

            Buu’s Fury was amazing, but did you try out Supersonic Warriors on the GBA? The first one is really really great. The second one (a DS game) is much weaker from balancing to the translation to the unlock system to the combat. It’s incredible how many mistakes can be made in one sequel.

            I hope Battle of Z runs well in the Vita, I heard that Pirate Warriors 2 wasn’t optimised that well and that Jak 1-2-3 Trilogy had some issues. Any game between the Vita and consoles is something you should wait a little bit for confirmation even if having the best games on the go or on the toilet is always great.

          • I missed out on Supersonic Warriors. I wasn’t aware that Pirate warriors 2 was coming to the Vita, tbh I’m more interested in One Piece: Unlimited World R. Battle of Z should run fine, not sure about PW2 tho, the Jak and Daxter collection was an absolute mess.

          • British_Otaku

            The GBA had so many great Dragon Ball/Z games, even from American developers (Legacy of Goku 1 and Taiketsu being the ones to avoid), I recommend you emulate Supersonic Warriors 1 and Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure if you can’t get your hands on them. If they were the only licensed DB/Z games, I would have been a happy man.

            Unfortunately, Pirate Warriors 2 isn’t being localised on the Vita, but yep it’s on that, though I haven’t got the specifics on what is wrong with it comparison to the PS3 version.

            I’m also more hyped for Unlimited World R, though you would probably need a Japanese 3DS (I’m set) to play it as I have no confidence in Namco Bandai to localise it yet and if they do, perhaps Europe will only get it as with most of the Unlimited series.

      • Ronldbx6

        Same here, I haven’t bought a DBZ game since Tenkaichi 3. Tenkaichi is my favorite play style of the series. I tried the demos of the newer ones on PS3 and I hated the controls and how they felt so different. I just couldn’t adjust, not to mention that there’s way too many cinematics in-game.

  • Guest

    Just go back to the first budokai series or burst limit

    • British_Otaku

      Have you played the two Shin Budokai titles or Infinite World (basically Budokai 4)?

      Yes, they were many moons ago and were released before Vegeta had a brother and Goku got yet another transformation, still Dimps perfected the Budokai formula with those three games.

      I’ve noticed a lot of people missed out of them.

    • Sardorim

      Why not BT3? Still has so much content and highly desired character as well as going past the DBZ saga, Including DB and GT… Was so awesome. Kinda annoyed it never got a sequel to build on to that.

  • Smooosh

    I just hope this’ll be better than Ultimate rock-paper-scissors… >_>

    • subsamuel01

      Probably the worst Dragonball Z game of all time. The trailers and gameplay were so misleading, that’s why I’m waiting until reviews come out or demos.

    • Sardorim

      Hey now, Rock-Paper-Scissors is how Goku handled things in Dragonball!

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Don’t remind me, I’m still beating my head for getting that game. The
      character creation won me over but the execution was horrible. The game had too much focus on luck and less on skill. But they did that so that
      even younger audience can look like a pro. Although I don’t know if
      younger audience could handle hero mode on higher difficulty…

  • leingod

    What happened to the 2013 release date? :/

  • British_Otaku

    You know what Imma do when I get this game?
    4 SSJ4 Gogeta vs Raditz.

    Oh is that too obscure?
    Never mind, I’m not to surprised that this game is starting at the Saiyan Saga, I hope they find a way to make it feel fresh.

    The customisation looks good at least, but then we could arguably say that for Ultimate Tenkaichi. I would like some Dragon Ball or GT content, nope the characters from DB not being able to fly isn’t an excuse.

    • Sardorim

      Sadly we have a long wait before a DB game even comes close to BT3 in content, roster, or fun….

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “If you want to further customize a Z Warrior, you can change the colors of their outfit.”

    You mean alternative colours….aren’t DLC? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!?!

  • Sardorim

    That’s kinda sad there’s only around 60 missions. Guess I’ll be passing on this one due to lack of characters I want and no split-screen multiplayer. Ah.. I remember all the smack my friends, brothers, and I talked to each other as we played BT3. Those were great days.

    • InfectedAI

      Depends on how long those missions are. If I get to go through the whole series story, could be awesome.

  • GameWinner

    Still hesitant to try this. After games like Ultimate Tenkaichi, wouldn’t you…?

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, color customization… not exactly superdetailed, but i guess it’s cool to see Goku in a yellow gi? Also is this the game where you can play multi character battles versus multiple characters? So, like… could I and a bunch of friends actually co-op play as the Ginyu Force?

    Because that’s relevant to my interests.

  • chibiwall

    I love customization in every game

  • TheExile285

    My Vita is ready. Probably gonna main Bardock…. unless the game has GT Goku.

    • InfectedAI

      GT isn’t canon, so no.

      • Sango

        Guess that’s why we don’t have characters from GT or Dbz movies in previous games, oh wait…

        • InfectedAI

          I thought this game was strict with canon, pretty sure I read that somewhere. I may be wrong.

          • Sango

            Dbz games usually have characters unrelated to canon.

      • Sardorim

        Movies aren’t canon but maybe a few. They still get in the games just fine so take your extreme view elsewhere as DBZ fighting games have shown that canon and non-canon can coexist.

        That and the non-canon What-Ifs are extremely popular to the fanbase and eventually lead to Toriyama making Bardock a SSJ1 in the canon after great feedback from when he first appeared as SSJ1.

        • InfectedAI

          Not an extreme view, and not my view. I thought I read that this game was strictly adhering to canon somewhere. I may be wrong. I know Dragon Ball Online which is canon and happens after the series has nothing related to GT in it because Toriyama is in charge of the game and as far as he’s concerned none of it has anything to do with his series.

      • Steven Higgins

        Neither are the movies, yet we have SSJG Goku.

  • InfectedAI

    I REALLY hope this game gets an English release. I think this is the closest we’ve gotten to being able to play through the series.

  • Warboss Aohd

    lookz like it could be fun.

  • Jahmere Durham

    Nope with a big ol bottle of nope juice

  • .:Raphællius:.

    The fanboy in me is going to get this one, i just can’t argue with the fanboy in me.

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