Lightning Might Return With New Costumes At Tokyo Game Show 2013

By Sato . September 3, 2013 . 2:46pm


We’ve seen Lightning sport Cloud’s Soldier outfit, along with his Buster Blade that will go with his victory pose. She has also borrowed a Miqo’te outfit from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We might be seeing more, as Square Enix scheduled a special Tokyo Game Show stage for their latest collaborative works.


According to Square Enix’s schedule for Tokyo Game Show 2013, on September 21, the publisher will be hosting a stage show called “Final Fantasy Go Therefeaturing series producer Yoshinori Kitase. The special show will focus on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s collaborative projects with other Final Fantasy games, and Square will be sharing the latest on their collaborations.


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  • Chim_era

    I wish I cared … but I don’t

    It’s really a shame that one of the biggest RPG series has been reduced to this.

    • Guest

      Although the whole open world thing seems great, the collective whole of the product just puts ya off right? This series had allot of potential but it was just executed poorly. And then there’s the EXTREME deviation from the core elements of the series………. Looking forward to FFXV AND KH3 on next though. Tokyo game show can’t come soon enough :)


        >And then there’s the EXTREME deviation from the core elements of the series

        >Looking forward to FFXV

        • zaidandzhadow

          What are you talking about, i mean didn’t you see the xiii-2 ending, i don’t care about costumes but i want to know what is next in the series, i’m completely intrigued.

    • Herok♞

      Been reduced to what exactly? The FF games are still top quality, I know everyone might not share this opinion but just today I started replaying FF13 and it made me think its such an interesting game that while not perfect only needed a few changes made to it which is why FF 13-2 did to make it better. So far LR:FF13 looks to be the best of the bunch. And even if you are in the FF13 hate camp FF15 already looks like its going to be a fun game.

      • Godman

        and believe me I know someone who has a lifetime membership to that hate camp

        Personally I found FF13 to be okay, but then again I’m not into the traditional FF gameplay which is why I’m hyped for FFXV

      • Storm

        Agreed. I actually enjoy every FF game. XIII has some flaws and it’s not really what you expect from a FF game, but it’s still a good game. I can see why people dislike it, though. LR looks amazing, it’s a shame people may not give it a fair chance simply because it’s a XIII game and they’re blowing the fanservice thing way out proportion. Hell, some people aren’t even willing to give XV a chance because of XIII.

        • Tienron

          i’m going to get this game, but i just don’t like the multiple costume it seems….tacky

      • Eric

        FF 13-2 addressed criticisms to the first, but where the original was extremely strong which was pacing story telling/writing, the sequel didn’t even compare. The story and progression in ff 13-2 was abysmal. Everything felt rushed and unnatural which is probably indicative of the development. (FF 13-2 was made in two years while the original was in development for six years)

        They lost what they had succeeded in which was a huge disappointment. If they manage two take the strengths of both games in Lightning Returns, it will be amazing. Fingers crossed!

    • DCBlackbird

      I stated this a while ago, FINAL FANTASY is just a banner they slap on to these magnificent stories so that they garner attention. This then leads to us making this standard where the games have to be honorable to classical high fantasy such as 1-6, 9, 11, 12 and 14 or the compelling new age fantasy such as 7, 8, 13 or 15. Not a bad thing at all but not a good thing to overlook, Final Fantasy has established itself as a thematic series who’s aesthetics go in one of two directions with the exception of 10 which I felt did an excellent job in new age fantasy and classical.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    I read a comment a while back that said something around the lines of, why don’t they actually give us more info on the game instead of just giving us costumes. My reply was they had, only Siliconera hadn’t made an article about them.
    For examples a couple days ago there was videos released regarding each of the continents in the game, yet Siliconera never posted anything about it. You guys only post stuff about trailers or costumes. I’ve seen but a few articles regarding gameplay and the new mechanics they’ve brought in posted on here. Such as the Chrono Stasis ability, or you’ll be able to have guest party characters join you etc.
    I don’t want to sound hateful to the site because I enjoy the site very much but when I see certain articles on other sites that I want to discuss here as well and see they’re not here it makes me question why.

    • Storm

      Maybe nobody sent it in as a tip, although I posted it in the comments of the last article so I thought they would’ve seen it.

      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        Yeah I guess that’s all we can assume

    • Eric

      No, I’ve seen interviews posted, and I actually learned about the chrono stasis ability from a Siliconera article. Also, I saw a siliconera article focused on the different continents a few days ago as well. (Maybe like 4-6 ish days ago?)

      Maybe the problem is that people are looking more at the pictures than the article? I don’t know what it is. Heck I made a post a month or two back informing people who were ignorantly trashing the costumes for being useless that costumes aren’t purely for aesthetics and that the WHOLE battle system has built itself around it which I learned on Siliconera. Needless to say, a lot of people didn’t even know about that.

      It’s not siliconera’s fault. It’s the readers.

      EDIT: Even after I posted this, I still see people thinking the costumes only affect appearance.

    • AndyLC

      >>For examples a couple days ago there was videos released regarding each of the continents in the game, yet Siliconera never posted anything about it.

      The link to Siliconera’s article on the continents is floating RIGHT ABOVE THE COMMENTS SECTION. You had to have scrolled passed it just to post.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    I really wish (and I know this won’t ever happen) they’d give Lightning a General Beatrix (FFIX) costume… just saying. Despite being an initial villianess, she’s one of the more underrated female FF characters.

    Or hell, I’d settle for a Freya costume…

    • zaidandzhadow

      It’s actually one of the best and most developed characters, respected, loyal, always learning something, i think that some like her wouldn’t hurt any new FF.

    • DCBlackbird

      Ouch 3 downvoters? Come now 9 wasn’t all sugar and bubbles….. I agree sir especially since they didn’t give her a love interest who we were expected to find attractive but that we found respectable.

    • Slayven19

      I’d love that, but remember there will be DLC costumes down the line if its not already in game.

  • Freakmasta

    No…more…costumes, please. Why couldn’t they just go with the Job Change system? Then you can play dress-up all day.

    • Raltrios

      This system sounds more interesting than switching jobs between battles and tediously leveling up to learn the inherent skills. Changing your outfit on the fly and with it, your battle moves should be much more fast-paced than combat in traditional FF games.
      I’ve got nothing against the older games, but I couldn’t even leave the first dungeon in FFIII DS because the system bored me. I’d been playing too many other slow games at the time, though, so I probably just wanted something fresh.

      • zaidandzhadow

        I don’t get why people has that attitude towards “more” active battles, remember the last time a FF was praised as a Masterpiece it doesn’t have that action, i mean see everything since FFxii –> you can’t apprciate magic, or attacks or anything, XIII games are great but cannot see a thing and only win by pressing X and sometimes L1, there’s no thinking about how to beat a boss, or discovering the weakness that all ended, i think that the “slow paced” FF were the epitome of RPGs, why bother in a game that doesn’t let you appreciate the beauty. Have you seen Firaga it looks like Fire from another FF Blizaga pff Blizara in another FF, Where are Flare Holy, Ultima?Those animations that makes you crumble? Certainly not in any “Fast” FF.

        • Raltrios

          Instead we get the upgraded graphics that outshine a majority of past games, with vivid and beautiful animations for higher-tier spells and summons that flow together brilliantly during rapid execution.

          Yeah. Fast games suck.

          • zaidandzhadow

            I don’t know wich FF was the last one you played, cause i didn’t get the Eidolon DLC for XIII-2 i think it was exclusive to Iphone version.

        • AndyLC

          FFXIII should’ve had a limit break system to add an additional tempo to the battle.

          • NewestType

            Yeah that has been a huge gripe for me with xiii.

    • Eric

      It basically is a job change system.Your abilities are dependent on your costumes. You have to change costumes multiple in battle to handle different situations. A boss is going to unleash his kill move? Switch to your tanky samurai costume with it’s tanky skills. You weakened a boss and lowered it’s defense? Go to your dps costume. You need heals? There’s a costume for that too. The whole battle system is built around costumes. They’re basically your paradigms.

  • NightzeroAX

    Lightning in a Organization XIII costume?

    • Ixbran

      Kingdom Hearts, while made by SE, is owned and copyright to Disney Interactive Studios. In order for an OrgXIII costume to appear in LR:FFXIII, they would have to get Disney’s permission.

      • AnimusVox

        Disney strikes again.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I’m still going to call this Final Fantasy XIII Lighting Big Dress Up Adventure.

    • NewestType

      If you want a dress up adventure then play sr where clothing gives no stat bonus.

      • zaidandzhadow

        Saints Row???

        • NewestType

          Saints row is still fun. Even tho 4 seems to be a copy and paste production. But clothing customization does nothing for character stats or abilities. In my opinion, that is a more relative game to use the term dress up.

    • SerendipityX

      Style Savvy scoffs at you.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething


      • Herok♞

        be nicer to Shawn

    • zaidandzhadow

      Big otaku adventure

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Id play it

    • Tienron

      you mean Lighting returns- Final Fashion XII XD

  • Steven Higgins

    Please be an Aqua costume. Please.

    • Ixbran

      Aqua, from Kingdom Hearts, is a Disney Interactive property. In order for Lightning to get an Aqua Costume with her Rainfall Keyblade, they would have to get permission from Disney.

      • zaidandzhadow

        Thanks Captain obvious

        You talk like Disney wouldn’t grant any permission.

      • Steven Higgins

        That may be, but Nomura, character designer for LR, did design her. And Disney never uses any of their KH properties unless they’re promoting a new game. It’s more like Square and Disney have joint custody of the original KH Characters.

        I can see it going something like this
        Nomura: “I want to give Lightning an Aqua costume.”
        Disney: “Do whatever you want, we don’t really give a crap.”

  • Abend

    ride blaster blade

  • DCBlackbird

    Crossing my fingers for that cowgirl outfit.

  • Raze

    Get her CoD costume and voila…

    Storm shall come….

  • KingGunblader

    Wasn’t there a render of her in Yuna’s outfit shown a while back? I’d be surprised at anything other than that.

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