Trails In The Flash Gameplay Video Gives A Great Overview Of The RPG

By Sato . September 3, 2013 . 5:30pm


Falcom’s upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita RPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, will release later this month and 4Gamer have shared a video that illustrates a number of new features, a closer look at the series’ jump to a full 3D appearance, and a tour of Trista and Thors Academy.



The video starts out with The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash protagonist Rean Schwarzer getting off the train at the Trista Station, as he spends his first moments in the city, looking forward to the two years he’ll be spending there at Thors Academy. He is then quickly acquainted with Alisa Reinford who bumps into him from behind.



Class VII is a special class that features exceptionally talented students who have the potential to fully utilize the offensive Orbment known as Arcus. Their class instructor Sara Valestine greets them with a friendly reminder that she’ll be working them hard for the year.



After a look at the game’s opening video, we get a look at The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash’s full 3D graphics, which are also a first for the franchise, in addition to a full 360 degree camera control.


Your party members will talk to you (full voiced) while you’re walking around the field, or during various situations such as making certain discoveries.



In the following part, the video demonstrates the “AT Battle” system, that has various new features, such as the Tactic Link Function that allows you to pair up party members for combo attacks and other cooperative perks.


We also get a peak at some of the “Craft” attacks, which are basically powerful special attacks that require the use of Craft Points. You can read more about it in our earlier report.


2013-09-03_042432 2013-09-03_042344

After several hard fought battles, you can always look forward to spending some time to kick back and relax at Trista and Thors Academy.



The Town Map shows off various parts of Trista, and it also indicates where you can find other characters and events. You can also teleport to specific using the list.


2013-09-03_042935  2013-09-03_043746


As seen in our earlier report, Thors Academy won’t only be about fighting and learning, but you’ll also be doing the occasional community service or participate in extracurricular activities such as swimming. In the video, the player is given a choice whether he’d like to spend some time learning how to swim from Laura. Doing these events with party members will improve your relationship status.



When the day is over, the students of Class VII retire to their dorms. There are occasional events, such as the one shown in the video, where Rean’s instructor Sara calls him to make sure her precious apprentice is doing fine, along with a few tips on what to expect in the following days.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is slated for release on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.



  • Milla

    my most anticipated game of the year.. cant wait till it arive in mail later this month.

  • Claudio

    Multiple Endings?

    • Multiple endings would be a very strange thing in this series. The games all tie in to each other very closely. I don’t know if I can see how you could do any major changes to the ending.

      In Zero and Ao no Kiseki, the link system influenced the characters skills in their chain crafts- and you saw extra scenes that gave more background to them as a result. Wazy’s a very good example- you won’t learn his background at all in Ao no Kiseki unless you get the highest relationship score with him.

      • Slayven19

        I think this one will probably just have none canon relationship endings….or maybe not.

        • Again, they have the needed relationship scenes in-game prior to the ending. The ending itself, however, is usually a Big Deal since it’s going to be the very thing that links one game to another.

          While scenes can be variable up to it (this is not unusual for the series), they usually do not have any variables in the ending at all for this reason.

  • cyberkinghardy

    I’m not gonna wait for 2 years just to play this in its localized version.

  • Richard N

    Why can’t Falcom be bigger here in the west? Why?

    • GH56734

      I wish Falcom would have their own western branch. If visual novel companies could, why not?
      One can wish…

      • Crimson_Cloud

        I wish westerners were more like Japanese and less what they are now. I wish these games were major hit like GTA here. We would never have fear of localization and we would get a crazy super limited editions…

  • ARMs7777

    Looks good I’m definately interested.

  • DesmaX

    Now that’s a huge cellphone

    But I guess it’s nice that they have those now. It was weird having airships and not cellphones

    • Houten Lee

      Even better its a cellphone that also gives the ability to apply quartz which will give you the ability to use magic

    • Liberl’s scale of tech has been different than other parts of the
      world- this is due to influences of different orbal development
      companies. Liberl is influenced by the ZCF (Zeiss Central Factory),
      Crossbell has strong influences from the Epstein Foundation, and the Reinford Company is very powerful in Erebonia, and thus their influence on Erebonia’s scale of technology is very strong.

      The ENIGMA and ENIGMA II orbments used in Crossbell, however, had the cellphone capability as well. They’ve also had a fairly decent radio communication technology for awhile that’s been established since the original trilogy, complete with video transmission.

  • Alestaos

    My wish is for this to get an english localization. This game just looks and sounds amazing. I would import but i cant read japanese so it would be a waste lol

  • HerosLight

    I don’t know much about Falcom’s games, but this one looks really nice.

  • Xii Tricky Kitsune

    Every time I read about this game, I die a little bit on the inside. Welp, this game will be my first import.

    Edit: I really should check my spelling before I click the post button. >w>

    • Crimson_Cloud

      …I preordered it. F*ck it, I’ll learn the language someday. – _ -‘

  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    Only thing that bug me about this game is the playable characters Animations. It feel kinda like they didn’t spend much time on it.

    • First attempt at 3D I presume. But this title has more attractiveness outside of its visual, I assure you.

      • MrTyrant

        Yeah I expect big things from the plot and everything else. Although is a little sad that 3D models don’t look that good.

      • DesmaX

        Hundred Knight was N1 first attempt, and they did it perfectly

        That’s not an excuse, especially for a end of generation game

        • I see your point. Guess Falcom will have to count on other content to make it success then. Honestly, I’m not surprised at their mediocre attempt at 3D visual, but I kinda hope they should have adapt to Gust’s cel-shaded visual style. it suit better for Falcom’s anime style game.

          • Yeah agree, cell-shaded is the right choice for anime style games. Maybe they will do it for their next game? I hope so.

        • Slayven19

          It is when your game is bigger and has more to offer. Still I guess the graphics could have been better but they are good enough if the gameplay is great.

      • echokanon

        Although I have not played much Falcom games but didnt they already done many 3D games?

        Anyway I agree that this game has more attractiveness outside of its visual and it isn’t really something that terrible that might make me drop it. So I’m fine with it

        • Arcana Wiz

          they only made sprite 3d, full model 3d is the first attempt in the trail series.

          • echokanon

            I mean not just Trail series but overall Falcom games.

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        which is why I said the only thing that bug me is the character animation.

  • My hype meter BROKE

  • Croix Zapp

    But will it be Localised!?
    and will i live long enough to play it!?

  • Zikrayrus “Zikk” Dis Pear

    Overall I like the game very much. The graphics are pretty nice as well. However I do feel that they should have lip syncing. Flapping mouths just feel wrong for such a story driven game.

  • Go2hell66

    Looks a little stiff

  • Zeonsilt

    I wish them great sales in Japan.

    • Slayven19

      Godspeed to them.

  • JunHoward

    Obligatory English Localization comment passing through

  • I’m really liking what I see here. The linking system looks pretty cool, too.

  • Arcana Wiz

    i wanna this so bad…. shame that the first game hadn’t great sales.

  • Ric Vazquez

    It’s like Persona 3 and 4 in the aspect of school life and deciding what to do in each day before going to bed.

  • Jeez, this looks so good. So are we ever going to get the rest of this series in English, or is Trails in the Sky the last we’ll ever get? :(

  • WyattEpp

    The animations and models look a bit more jerky and unnatural than that last PV I saw. On the other hand, I see lots of juicy system stuff to play with!

    …oh who am I kidding, this probably isn’t coming West for a long time. :< (Though I've been thinking for a while that Carpe Fulgur's alleged "Project 4" is probably somewhere around this scale…? That'd certainly be a thing.)

  • Someone needs to localize this gem quickly. =^_^=

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I don’t usually preorder games that I don’t understand, but when I do, they are high-quality.

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