Meet The Two New Bad Girls In Criminal Girls Invitation

By Spencer . September 4, 2013 . 10:02pm


Criminal Girls Invitation is an enhanced version of Imageepoch’s PSP game where you rehabilitate sinners for reincarnation by guiding them through a dungeon. The PlayStation Vita version adds new scenarios, Live2D graphics, new punishment options, and new characters.


 crim-07 crim-00 crim-08

Himekami (left) was actually in Criminal Girls, but she wasn’t a playable character. She can join your team In Criminal Girls Invitation. Himekami appears in the middle of the trial and she is a half sinner. Her mood is different from the other girls and has completed part of a prison rehabilitation program which is why her uniform is a different color. If Himekami commits any crime she will fall into Hell.


Nippon Ichi Software didn’t reveal the name for the character on the right. The silver-haired girl is a prisoner too, but the reason why she’s in Hell is a mystery.


Criminal Girls Invitation is slated for release on November 28 in Japan.


crim-01 crim-02 crim-03 crim-05 crim-06 crim-09

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  • TheRealMalek

    still thinking that this game will never leave japan but it still looks cool..

    • DyLaN

      If SK and Agarest series can leave Japan, anything is possible……. Maybe?

      • ShadowDivz

        This has a bondage theme so im definitely saying no.
        BUT like you said, both record of agarest war AND Senran Kagura are coming. PLUS Ar tonelico 3 made it over, and that had lolis taking their clothes off.
        It’s the age of miracles.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    Looks great Himekami being in the punishment room and having her own Punishment CGs were the biggest tease the game had.

  • What’s the prospect for DLC in this game? Probably none with a PSP remake but I try to check before I buy.

    For non-game impacting DLC only (or no DLC at all) games I like to import hardcopy for my US PSN account’s trophies, otherwise digital import under the JPN account.

  • DyLaN

    I have a feeling tht Ms Unnamed will be the Spoiler-chan of the game. It usually is the case for ??? character.

  • Arcana Wiz

    shame that it probably wont make to western shores.

  • SuBw00FeR

    Come on NISA! Don’t disappoint!

    • Herok♞

      The thing is even if NISA did bring it over they might have to censor some stuff and we all know that turned out for Mugen Souls, then again we are getting Seren Kagara uncensored so anything is possible

      • Skeptika Crediblus

        Mugen Souls is censored? I was thinking of getting a copy, but if it’s been altered…

        • Herok♞

          its nothing big, they just took out loli bath scenes, which I find completely reasonable and I am one of the people who hate censorship the rest of the game is unaltered.

          • supervamp

            censorship is never reasonable

          • Herok♞

            are you seriously trying to tell me that this:, a mini game where you bathe naked prepubeset girls, is unreasonalbe to take out when the media threw at tantrum at Mass Effects sex scenes, if the game was released as is NISA’s rep would be destroyed, consider people were afraid to release Senran Kagura and even now at least for America thats only availbe for digital. I rather have no loli bath scenes and have NISA bring over more games instead of getting in trouble for something stupid and minor

          • supervamp

            Ohhh I’m sorry i think you forgot the part where they aren’t real.
            Mass effect sex scenes were kissing and and a bit of rolling around and a black screen.
            This is wiping off bubbles until the picture is almost clear and even then it doesn’t show anything.
            The game itself isn’t at fault so why should it have to be “dumbed down” because people don’t understand how subjective their own morals are and only overreact to everything.

          • Herok♞

            I understand perfectly well they aren’t real, and you understand your own morals are subjective as well so if you want to watch naked fictional little girls more power to you but I would rather have them out especially if they are the only change in the game. Yes people overacted to mass effect, they aren’t in the right but if people did see something like this they would flip out completely. I am pretty sure NISA doesn’t want to be labeled the company that brings over games about bathing little girls especially since its a small element the core gameplay wasn’t changed they only took out something small that makes no difference to the overall game but could be harmful to their companies image. If you are buying something like Mugen Souls for the bathe scenes with little girls your properties need to be straighten out whether or not they are fictional,

          • supervamp

            So where exactly did it say i enjoy watching naked fictional little girls? That’s letting your own opinion over crowd your reason, it doesn’t impact the game and it is a completely optional events that doesn’t have to be done by the player so there really was no reason to take it out.
            People overreacting to small stuff is never a good excuse. At some point you have to put your foot down and say”While i understand you’re concern,you really don’t have a sound argument. That doesn’t have a problem that isn’t on a moral level”
            If you think such a small thing that is completely optional in a game is the main focus of said game you need to straighten out your properties because you may be the one thinking about those naked little girls a little too much.

          • Herok♞

            I do put my foot down when necessary and this is not something to fight .To have the whole loli bath scenes in there is silly you admit that it is completely optional so if it gets tossed out its no big deal. The sound argument is that the content doesn’t really need to be in the game so it would do more to hurt the Rep of NISA then to help it, so they removed it. Its not like they said lets take this part out for fun. You even say that last comment of your that ” it doesn’t impact the game and it is a completely optional events that doesn’t have to be done by the player so there really was no reason to take it out.” as you say its optional and doesn’t effect the game so there is no reason to leave it in there since it can only attract bad publicity. The only alternative to taking unnecessary stuff out is to take necessary stuff out which alters the final product.

            Also if you didn’t care about the naked fictional little girls you would see that the reasonable thing to do is to just take them out since they have no reason to be there, instead you are trying to justify them being left in by trying to hide under the blanket statement all censorship is evil and unnecessary, when that isn’t always the case. The well you don’t want them in there so you are thinking about them to much argument makes no sense when I have given valid reasoning why I think they were rightfully removed. So in simple terms you want them so you keep fighting for them, I don’t want them so I fine with them being removed. I don’t think it gets more black and white then that. or to be blunt if I thought the loli bathe scenes were the main focus then I would be an idiot. but even then I wouldn’t be the idiot trying to protect something that isn’t the main focus of the game and takes away nothing by being removed. If you don’t want to be labeled as a perv by people don’t support things that are pervy to the point of ridiculousness like this, the little girls bathing being taken out is the only thing censored in this game. You don’t want this game to be censored, enough to talk to me about it, so the only logical conclusion is you want loli bath scenes since nothing else was censored.

          • supervamp

            No it’s the other way around it doesn’t do anything for the game so there really was no reason to remove it in the first place. The only people who would complain about or give nisa a bad rep are people who get huffy over sex in general or don’t even play video games in the first place so there really was no reason to appeal other then them wanting to play it safe for the sake of playing it safe.
            I don’t care about the optional scenes that take up little time because they don’t impact the overall game they are small part of the game that wouldn’t hinder the play for me nor anyone else who weren’t using morals as a guide to what should and shouldn’t be in media.
            You gave a publicity based on morality reason for why they got taken out but also stated your own opinion on how you felt about the subject matter. So you obviously agree based on morality that it didn’t need to be in there, so yes you are looking into it way too much and i do find it slightly disturbing when people do such.
            I can’t fight nisa on a decision they already passed i don’t agree it should have been removed in the first place considering the only reason it was because of moral pressure that get pushed down on localizers because the west doesn’t know how to separate it’s logic from it’s morals.
            It was unnecessary and really shouldn’t have been touched, you gave the example about how people got huffy over mass effects sex scenes.When they don’t show much besides maybe a nipple and a kiss before fading to a black screen,if someone had removed that just because people were getting huffy it would be the same argument. It’s stupid to remove things without an actual good reason especially if they aren’t even as bad as the overreaction makes them out to be.
            I also don’t care if anyone calls me a perv for saying censorship is bad no matter what again morals are subjective.

  • This needs to be localized. If NISA does bring it over, I’ll show them that crime does pay lol =P

  • Aristides

    How bout a western release :P

  • ShadowDivz

    The new girl’s costume reminds me of Black Rock Shooter.
    And the original on PSP had an AMAZING opening theme.
    ( I can fly by akiko hasegawa)

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