Monster Hunter 4’s Unknown Forest Keeps You On Your Toes By Changing

By Sato . September 4, 2013 . 3:52pm


Capcom introduced us to a new built-in quest maker feature that allows Hunters to explore a new area called the Unknown Forest, then make their adventures into Guild Quests, which can also be shared with friends through StreetPass. The latest update on the official website shares additional details.




The Unknown Forest won’t always be the same whenever you visit its various areas. As shown in the above images, the Hunter is standing in the same places during different occasions. Sometimes paths will be blocked and other times, they may be open. This also applies to monsters, as you won’t always see the same ones in the areas you’ve previously seen them.


While the maps won’t always be randomized in terms of accessibility, things may still be different on your next trip, meaning you won’t be able to continually farm the same areas.



The maps will also be different compared to those in regular quests. Instead of mapping out the entire place, these maps will just show your immediate area of the Unknown Forest.


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Yian Garuga, who originally made his debut in Monster Hunter Freedom and gave Hunters a tough time with his poisonous abilities and highly aggressive nature, will be returning to the action in Monster Hunter 4. He will also be one of the monsters found at the Unknown Forest.


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Velocidrome and his Velociprey minions took a break during the third generation of the Monster Hunter series, but they will be joining the hunt in Monster Hunter 4 as well, alongside Yian Garuga.


According to Capcom, there will also be other monsters such as Yian Kut-Ku and Basarios living in the Unknown Forest; however, they have yet to reveal which ones will be exclusive to it.




Capcom have also shared a few additional details regarding the Excavation Equipment, a new set of equipment with unique parameters and designs, which can only be collected from the Unknown Forest.


Similar to other special items and equipment, they won’t be revealed until you complete the quest; however, there’s an additional step that must be done until you can actual wear the equipment, which has yet to be revealed.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release on September 14 for Nintendo 3DS.


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  • make our own guild quests? that certainly sounds tempting, loving the sound of this new area

  • Pockystix

    Random dungeons, customizing your own quests?

    this is like a dream come true~

    • J_Joestar

      well it seems less that you are customizing it yourself, but that they game gives you a randomized one that you can save and replay.

  • Mavalex

    Lost Woods theme suddenly plays in my head
    Unknown forest sounds great man, I love it

  • Jonattas F.

    OMG this game looks so delicious… can’t wait to spend 300 hours hunting everything that moves! Please, Capcom just give me hope!

    • Ferofax

      Can’t wait to spend 300 hours on Low Rank and 300 more hours on High Rank before spending 500+ hours on G-rank!

  • ronin4life



  • James Enk

    i will put so many hours on this game

  • Spider-Man

    Yian Garuga. Oh lawdy, bad memories.

  • KiTA

    I would kill, or at least maim, for a true Monster Hunter roguelike.

    • Ferofax

      G-rank and Permadeath. *shudder/boner*

  • This seems like the free hunt in Tri, but majority evolved.

  • 하세요

    Alright, fine Capcom. Fine. Day one buy from me. GEEZ! Tried to hold out a few weeks but you just know me too well.

  • The new Rathalos is abit bulky than previous ones but doesn’t look that bad either!

  • Flynn Scifo

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Localize l ocalize lo calize loc alize loca lize local ize locali ze localiz e….

  • Namuro

    Words cannot describe how happy I am when I found out that Yian Garuga returns in MH4… Finally, the spiky samurai armor will be mine again! Not to mention that he’s one bad ass-looking monster. All hail the wolf of doom!!

  • s07195

    That armor on the right side is really cool.

  • konsama

    Holy mother of god, rajang and yiangaruga are back, CAPCOM YOU BETTER LOCALIZE THIS.

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