Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Director Talks About Next-Gen Fighting Games

By Spencer . September 5, 2013 . 6:00pm


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is out now and it is the third version of the fighting game. Siliconera asked director Yohei Shimbori what he wants to do next with the series and how he plans to use next generation hardware.


"The Dead or Alive series has always been known for its graphics. It’s going to be important to improve upon that for next-gen. Online functionality is another feature, a chance to improve that and community activities would be another area we will focus on if we move into next generation consoles," said Shimbori.


"It’s going to be a balancing act to keep with the core players and trying to work on bringing in new players. At the moment, Dead or Alive has a low entry level that allows new players enter quite easily. One of the areas we enhanced was the tutorial mode and added the combo challenge mode. Both of these were made for entry level players to learn the basic moves, combos, and how to play the game," Shimbori added.


Team Ninja also hopes to pull in new players with Dead or Alive 5 Core Fighters, a free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 5 available for PlayStation 3.

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  • EinMugenTenshin

    Sounds good, it is always interesting to see what route they are taking. I’m especially looking forward to original stages, because the amount of visual beauty shines the most, on those creative levels, that other fighters can’t even compare to.


    I would love to see the following:
    -Aquarium stage (think of the graphics)
    -Thunderstorm stage
    -Allow characters to have opponent’s hairstyles, pieces of clothing come undone (NOT to the point of sexually exploiting them but we all know Team Ninja WILL PROBABLY do that)

  • Lucky Dan

    Well MVC3 does pretty well on the mechanics side they should use that, why invent the wheel when is not broken? Just use something which is similar and people will be able to adapt to it.

    However where is the important issues at hand like Breast sizes and Breasts Physics both men and female version…. I’m disappointed in Temco Koei for not bringing this up it makes Square Enix looks like gods in comparison at least they look after their only woman just not the game :). Like FFXIII returns and FFXIV: reborn (releasing a subscription based MMORPG with no free trials is just stupid in any sense)

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    Don’t treat us like babies for DOA 6 next gen…. we want wardrobe Malfunctions. It gets an M Rating in the US regardless (Why I have no idea) so what’s a little nipslip gonna do?

  • Erikdayo

    Looking forward to it! Love DoA. Could use a little more variety in breast size though.. :D I mean, does everyone have to have a G cup? Most other fighters have a bit more variety in female body types. Imagine a fighter where every guy has the same body. Just doesn’t really happen.

    • leingod

      Totally agree. Love ‘em petites and regular-sized girls.

    • fairysun

      I thought Hayate, Jann Lee, and Ryu Hayabusa have the same body. :P

      • Erikdayo

        Haha. Perhaps. I just meant to imply that there is generally variety in male body types in fighters. More variety in age too, generally. :D


      Speaking of cups, I was surprised to see Team Ninja give Momiji a reduction in bust size. For comparison’s sake, look at her character model in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and then look at her in DOA5U.

    • ShadowDivz

      I mean, does everyone have to have a G cup?

      Is the space pope reptilian?

  • Arrngrim

    Let’s talk about DOA:X3 instead!

  • artemisthemp

    “The Dead or Alive series has always been known for its graphics.”

    Ah so Boobs is Graphics, while porn is art, I see

  • ShadowDivz

    The Dead or Alive series has always been known for its graphics.

    *puts mouse over folder
    *opens folder
    *large collection of dead or alive doujins

  • Alestaos

    Full version as in retail box version? I didnt know there were other versions of DoA5U i know of the others DoA5 but not a different version of DoA5U. And if your referring to the costumes not working on other DoA5s i guess that was to be expected since its one way to make sure DoA5U is sold and there made for DoA5U character models which even if its a slight difference could still be a reason why. Or maybe there going capcoms route with their fighters such as MvC3 and UMvC3 similar situation there

    To me its a bad thing all together, make a fighter great, update fighter with all the new mechanics and characters as DLC or patches you can upgrade too for a small fee. If not wait for the next game in the series ti implement it all. Dont rehash and sell the same game with different characters etc 2 – 3 times. Because of this i always wait till i buy fighters now, so i dont have to rebuy just to play with my dlc or friends.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    OMG, you actually have to BUY the product to unlock features? OUTRAGEOUS! (irony)

  • Kiyo Lomas

    They already sorted out the DLC individually, so you can pick what you want instead of buying the whole pack. It’s not a scam, because “Free to play” focuses more on gameplay which is more important than accessories. You must not know how the “Free to Play” system works. I do, because I do my research. Free to play is just an alternate option in buying things. Not everyone plays every character, so that gives people a choice to customize their game and also gives them the option on how much money they want to spend without paying full retail price.

  • Sakurazaki

    I think he’s talking about DoA5U: Core Fighters, the free version where they give you 4 characters and alternate 2 more characters at certain times so you can try them out. You have to pay to unlock story mode, costumes, and some other modes.

    If that is what he is talking about, I don’t see why his complaining has merit. You’re playing a free version. Why should you get costumes?

  • Slayven19

    They are only doing what fans asked for. The only reason they made another one right now is because people wanted better online,balance and they kept getting bugged about adding the ninja gaiden characters.

  • Nitraion

    I haven’t yet download it…
    waiting for EU version.. but if free included other modes besides story yeah we don’t really have right to complain…

  • Cody

    Uh even if you buy characters you still can’t unlock their costumes.

  • Vesperion

    HAHAHA…….That was good

  • Cody

    You idiots understand that even if you buy a single character for the F2P version you can’t unlock their costumes right? Fucking dumbasses.

  • Cody

    And why was my comment deleted? Somebody got upset that I recognized Team Ninja as scam artists?

  • Cody

    You can’t unlock costumes for characters that you pay for unless you buy the whole game.

  • Sakurazaki

    Ahh, I see what you mean. And I found a couple posts on the problem.

    Apparently some people who play Core Fighters are able to get costumes playing online, but not offline, and TN decided to make costume getting on Core Fighters different than the main version.

    In any case, here is a Twitter post from TN stating that they’ll have free-players get costumes the same way as the real game:

    Hopefully that’ll make you somewhat less mad.

    EDIT: Saw that you replied to the Tweet, so I guess you know already. Nevermind then.

    At least TN is mostly listening.

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