Samurai Warriors 4 Is Coming To Vita Too

By Spencer . September 8, 2013 . 11:39pm

imageTecmo Koei will release Samurai Warriors 4 for PlayStation Vita too. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and Samurai Warriors 2 HD are also coming to Vita too for fans that need a hack and slash fix on the go.

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  • leingod

    So much Musou makes Musou fan happy. I’m specially excited for Samurai Warriors 4… since it’s a brand new title in the series! Haven’t played one since SW2 way back.

  • Shady Shariest

    Oh, WoW… Siliconera exploded with Sony News! :3

  • Monterossa

    Too bad, SW3 never been localized. Why Koei always tread SW like this? why DW is getting all the love?

    • NightzeroAX

      SW3 was localized if you were talking about SW3/Z then ok…

    • leingod

      I heard SW3 kinda sucked though, if that makes you feel better.

      • Monterossa

        Not true. I imported the Japanese PS3 version of SW3Z and I enjoyed it. The FPS is not limited in the PS3 ver.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      Blame KOEI for releasing it first as Wii Exclusive (though it got ported to PS3 later). It got too many limitation like 30 fps, reusing old moveset, too few maps, BAD English VA,. It’s like DW6 of SW series, not to mention on wrong console.
      The overseas sales of Wii version sucks, that’s why they never localized the PS3 version.

      • BL4CKSH33P

        It has most of the same voice actors as before plus a few extra good ones, the only bad thing about sw3 on wii was the graphical limitations, but who cares about graphics. The only reason it sold badly is because YOU all refused to buy it on the wii, so blame yourselves for the lack of localized games.

    • Testsubject909

      SW3 was localized on the Wii.

  • TheExile285

    Localize these Temco and I will buy. Love DWN, I just hate all the gimmicky crap…

    • $36598391

      Dynasty and Samurai Warriors is Koei not Tecmo

  • Croix Zapp

    So many Vita games!!
    A sign to the end of game droughts on vita?

  • Tincho Kudos

    YES! I want it so bad!

  • Testsubject909

    And I’ll buy at least one of each…

  • $36598391

    I’m so looking forward to this, haven’t played a SW game since 2
    I’m gonna get it for both VITA and PS3

  • BL4CKSH33P

    hmm you all have vitas, ps3s, and shit, and havent played SW since SW 2 (which was the last available version on a sony console) SONY DRONES!! lol

  • supersungin

    Why not on pc do I have to whine like bitch ?

  • Vash bane

    cool more games for the vita are always welcomed :D

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