Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta Test Kicks Off On February 22

By Spencer . September 9, 2013 . 12:10am

image Square Enix will start a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta test for PlayStation 4 the same day the console launches in Japan.


Also, if you have the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn you will be able to play Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4 for free.

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  • Free!? Awesome! >_<

    Will you be there or will you be "Square" lol?

    I know I will be =^_^=

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    Seriously!? That’s way better than upgrading current gen games- “FREE” is a word I love! Great Newz!!!

  • apricotsushi

    Can anyone confirm whether they meant you could play the PS4 beta for free or whether you’d get the whole game for free when it launches? I’m seeing conflicting reports and I didn’t catch it on the stream myself

  • Jordan Coleman

    Well now I’m happy I bought the crappy PS3 version.

    • NewestType


      Essentially its the same game. Whats crappy about the ps3 version?

      • Jordan Coleman

        Same content? Yeah. Same experience? No,not at all.

        It’s extremely low res even for a console game. It looks worse then PC low settings. The animation for instance seems to be downgraded to the point of hilariousness as most players and enemies will animate with seemingly 2 frames.

        The frame rate even when nothing is happening hardly approaches even 30 frames and when even basic movement or combat is happening it’s maybe 20 frames. When fates that have either tons of people or enemies(basically most of them) happen the frame rate drops into the single digits. Some of them become unplayable on PS3. So much for being the same game.

        The PS3 version is quite terrible. I’m not sure how anyone plays it. I’m quite happy I also got the PC version for really cheap(I happen to find the original 14 at kmart for $10)

        • NewestType

          I think the way people are able to play is probably because your overexaggerating the level of dysfunction.

          • Jordan Coleman

            The sad thing is, I’m not at all exaggerating anything. The PS3 version is god awful.

            If you want to me to film you the PS3 version going to single digits during fates I’m more then willing.

            You want to see the game not ever run higher then 25 fps, well put in the game yourself because it’s kind of a fact.

          • NewestType

            I have not experienced anything definitively un-playable. I’m on midgarsomr and have done the first seasonal 4 times even. I’m not questioning the frame-rate. I’m not comparing a ps3 game to its pc iteration. Only that un-playable just has not been the case with me at all after 1017 got solved.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Well hey if you like single digit framerates and choppy looks then more power to you. I don’t think sub 25 framerates when the game dosen’t even look good to be acceptable. Nor do I find a game playable when the technical issues severally hurt an actual gameplay element. So no I don’t see anyone’s putting up with the PS3 version and I doubt I’m exaggerating.

          • NewestType

            Well just the fact that my experience does not mirror yours substantiates that your ps3 experience is not absolute for all players. I dont play the game with a frame-rate monitor. Nor do I play a game solely to judge it on this. when I am interacting with the build it is smoother then then what you have described. You can also find plenty of videos showing fates without the issues you stated. So i dont think its fair to highlight one side of the equation without addressing the other. Not the frame-rate issue but the actual playing of the game.

          • Jordan Coleman


            Show’s the meh framerate in really un-intensive situations, the choppy animation, and low quality graphics compared to the pc.

            But it dosen’t show what happens in high volume fates which boarder on unplayable due to how terrible the framerate is.

  • Cero55

    im still going to wait for the ps4 release,im killing off my backlog first.

    • ElAbuelo69

      Yeah GJ…because once you play XIV you won’t be able to stop.

      GTAV next week plus FFXIV will ruin my life…

  • Brandonmkii

    Free? Super awesome!

  • Demeanor

    Well, free… more like “at no additional charge” XD I wonder if the transition will be significant graphics-wise, but I’d do it just to have party chat.

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