Namco Bandai Making Gundam And [email protected] Games For PlayStation 4

By Spencer . September 9, 2013 . 12:38am

imageNamco Bandai announced two PlayStation 4 games in the pipeline. New Mobile Suit Gundam and [email protected] titles are in the works.

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  • Chris Yuen

    [email protected] on PS4. That’s it. The battle is over.

    • Victor Wesker

      Right and localize [email protected] in North America please!

      • 永次


      • Crazy_O

        at least we can import it now without buying a new console.

        • Victor Wesker

          Yes, but what if you don’t understand japanese text and want this game in english.

      • artemisthemp

        You have a very strange way of spelling The West :P

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen
  • WhyWai


  • Ryujin

    Cautiously optimistic about the new Gundam game. Here’s hoping they do a genuinely good job on it instead of it relying solely on the Gundam brand name to sell copies.

    Please, Namco Bandai. This could be glorious.

    • 永次

      You haven’t played any gundam game in the last years, no?

      • Ryujin

        Haven’t really had the chance. Not big on Musou games and as far as I know neither Gundam Senki 0081 nor Gundam Battle Operation were translated so I didn’t get around to playing them.

        • British_Otaku

          I’m pretty sure that Carabutifarra is nodding to the Gundam vs Gundam series which has spanned the Arcades, PSP and recently the PS3 (Gundam Extreme Vs.)

          The latest one, Extreme Vs is still getting additions in Extreme Versus Full Boost the later arcade counterpart.

          Here’s a trailer of the PS3 title:

          The series has always offered high speed action, 4 players, a fine balance of projectiles and melee, techniques for the player to manage multiple opponents at once, a pretty balanced tier system (the PS3/Vita Shonen Jump Crossover seems to be aiming for something similar) and all.

          As far as 3D Gundam games, if you aren’t looking for something lumbering and weighty but something arcadey and technical, it’s unrivaled perhaps as far as mecha games go.

          • Ryujin

            Wow. Thanks for the in-depth response.

            Extreme VS, from what I’ve seen, didn’t really strike my fancy. What you mentioned towards the end of your comment, “lumbering and weighty”, is closer to the kind of Gundam game I hope to play someday. Hence why I brought up GBO – I’ve always been extremely partial to the grunt suits in the UC timeline, I like the way they feel like war machines, all with their own role on the battlefield. Not sure if people are really looking forward to a “pilot sim” or if they’d rather go for an arcadey feel with this game, but I definitely wouldn’t mind if it turned out to be all about mobile suit warfare…provided they do it properly, that is.

            Anyway, not sure what to expect nor hope for, but I’d be a happier man if a gundam game managed to deliver the kind of visceral combat I’d like to see.

          • British_Otaku

            I see, for whatever reason I just forgot about Gundam Battle Operation even though it’s recent and the concept of being more lumbering and heavy can also be quite engaging (I looked up footage and saw you could get out of the suit too)…

            I can’t really name a game with good reception which has that style, maybe I had no taste at the time but Gundam Target in Sight/Crossfire was cool for damage to your parts leading losing your radar, weaponry and a shield… And there was a Wii game I still haven’t imported ( ) which seems interesting as well for the “in the cockpit” factor, local multiplayer and colour customisation.

            Perhaps you could try Zoids Battle Assault (Zoids VS 2 in Japan) on the GameCube, I’ll admit the hit detection is a little funky with melee and that the game favours Zoids which can move quickly in general. However, that series has your aim be notably affecting by your running (so your cannons would be tilted up and down while in a dash depending on where they are), a good amount of customisation (even if the best item is severely overpriced).

            You don’t seem to be an importer, but Zoids VS 3 (also GameCube) improves on the above with 4 local player matches (the framerate is poor iirc) and making flying Zoids useful.

            I don’t remember the numbers that other Gundam games have pulled, but it’s safe to say that SD G Generation and Gundam vs Gundam are probably the big ones. You may be out of luck, and I still recommend any Gundam vs Gundam regardless just because. >_> It still has a good number of your favourite War Machines, even if they will be speeding around more so than in most games. They aren’t all collectively quick and high flyers, one of the playable “mobile suits” is literally a tank. Yes. A tank.

          • Ryujin

            Yes! I loved how they included the ability to get out of your MS for the sake of capturing outposts or repairing your suit. Your pilot and MS have different respawn timers, so if your suit got destroyed it was still a possibility to get back in the game and try to hijack an enemy MS if the pilot got out. It took a lot of luck to get it done, but the possibility was there.

            Thanks for the suggestions, looks like you really know your stuff. Indeed, imports are a last resort for me. Maybe I’ll look into Gundam vs Gundam some more, then. It’s not that I absolutely don’t want fast-paced action from a gundam game, but if I had to choose one particular style of gameplay for a game set in the Universal Century I know what I’d want to see.

            A tank, you say? Not a guntank, zaku tank or Hildolfr, but just a plain old tank with no mobile suit parts?

          • British_Otaku

            It was a Hildolfr (this one: ), I went for saying “It’s a tank OMG”, that’s how I remembered it online and I haven’t watched much of the actual Gundam series even if I’ve finished SD Gundam G Generation 3D (which features a ton of series and some original characters and mobile suits, on top of being a fun strategy RPG). I don’t see it doing all of the stuff that Strike Freedom or Quantum can do though…

            I’m probably most looking forward to getting into the Universal Century as it started the series off, has some pretty good tunes, has Char Aznable (I can’t get enough of the voice actor or Char’s “Clones”) and UC is pretty expansive. Watch this if you haven’t already and even if you have:

            Gundam Battle Operation sounds like it makes risk and reward pretty interesting despite dealing with mobile suits and pilots. Where do tanks (it may had been one of those things you mentioned) place on that scale for respawns? On the mobile suit side? I saw some footage of that.

          • Ryujin

            In the hands of a skilled pilot, the Hildolfr can do a lot even on its own. There’s a fairly lengthy video showing the Hildolfr taking on a squad of Zakus, if you have the time.
            Granted, it had the element of surprise in this particular instance, but what this pilot achieved is impressive regardless. Definitely wouldn’t hold a candle compared to something like the 00 Gundam or Wing Zero, but it’s still a cool piece of hardware in its own right.

            Ah yes, Char’s toyota. I do so like the fact they included the commander’s antenna on the car.

            Not entirely sure about tanks in GBO. The Guntank and Zaku tank work the same way mobile suits do, but there’s also “normal” tanks scattered around the levels. IIRC, you can’t spawn in them but have to locate them and hop in to be able to use them.
   At the 5 minute mark, you can see the player take control of a tank.

          • British_Otaku

            That performance with the Hildolfr was pretty cool, element of surprise or not. It goes to show that planning and quick thinking can take you pretty far. It reminded me of Valkyria Chronicles, where using smoke to obscure shots and shooting the tracks of the tanks to eliminate movement were a thing. It’s not a mecha/Gundam recommendation, but it’s good.

            I see, I assume tanks are an option for people that get their mobile suits destroyed then, that artillery seemed to do a lot of damage even if the tank seemed to lack mobility (at least I don’t expect it to jet above land like the Zaku does later in the video).

        • 永次

          There are a lot of great Gundam (or with Gundam) games like SD Gundam G Generation saga, Super Robot Taisen saga, Another Century’s Episode saga, Gundam vs Gundam saga, and games like Gundam Senki, Gundam Climax UC, Gundam Ichinen Sensou, Meguriai Sora, Gundam Unicorn, Giren no Yabou, Senjou no Kizuna, Gundam Battle Universe, Gundam Assault Survive, Gundam SEED Battle Destiny, Gundam Breaker…

  • Bossjoe

    If this is Full Boost I’m gonna be pissed!!! It should be on PS3 not 4 DAMMIT!!

    • British_Otaku

      I get the feeling it will be another Gundam IP and that Full Boost will be on both the Vita and PS3.

  • Donpablo

    Language barrier be damned. Im getting [email protected]

  • Tincho D

    It’s over. Berserk is finished!

  • Steven Higgins

    That’s great. Now where are we a getting Digimon World Re: Coded Decode localized?

  • PreyMantis

    Am I the only one that initially read it as “Namco Bandai Making Gundam [email protected] Game For PlayStation 4?” That would have been sweet!

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