YuYu Hakusho Game Joins DBZ And Saint Seiya In 3DS Anime Game Compilation

By Spencer . September 10, 2013 . 2:15pm


Jump magazine confirmed another title for J Legend Biography, a collection of retro anime games for Nintendo 3DS. YuYu Hakusho for Super Nintendo will be on the cart. It joins Go Go Ackman 3 as the second Super Famicom game in the compilation which also has Dragon Ball Z and Saint Seiya titles.

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  • NightzeroAX

    So who’s the blue hair’d character with the katana?

    • wasabi5858


  • fairysun

    Please, release it outside of Japan.
    For the love of Black Dragon Flame !!

    • InfectedAI

      Highly doubt an overseas release, but it would be awesome.

    • Ty Austin

      That’s a screenshot from the third one, they’re releasing the first. =P

      Loved the series, but it doesn’t really need a translation, you can understand the battle system easily enough by trial and error (and a faq.)

      • d19xx

        There’s 3 of them? I thought there’s only 2(tokubetsu hen) and the others are straight up fighters.

        I still have my SFamicom cartridge of Tokubetsuhen. A friend of mine in high school used to play it regularly. The nostalgia….

        • There’s actually four on the SNES.

          The original posted in the article.
          2 which was the first fighter.
          3 was the successor to the first one, didn’t have a story mode and was played like crazy on zbattle.net way back in the day.
          4, known as Final, was probably the best anime fighter I’ve played on the SFC next to Gundam Wing Endless Duel or Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension.

          And yes, I’ve played them all and I like them like my children. Want to fight about it?

      • While this is true, there is an on-hold translation of the first one over at AGTP.

        Problem is Gideon won’t get off his lazy bum and finish the translation…it’s been in the works for years. He does this. If it’s not garnering interesting like Cave Story initially did it usually gets benched.

  • Ty Austin

    Loved the series, the first one (this one) and the third used that unique battle system, the second and fourth adopted a system closer to Street Fighter (more so with 2.)

    It’s pretty cool that they’re bringing this up again, great games. I’m a little torn between 1 and 3 as far as which one is better. IMO, 1 had the better cast, while 3 fine tuned the battle system and graphics (at the expense of taking out quite a few of the Dark Tournament fighters to make room for the Sensui arc cast.)

    Really cool fine details went into the game, like if you happened to have a character that could reflect attacks back, you had to be careful fighting Hiei because Hiei would simply absorb his Dragon of the Darkness flame attack if it was thrown back at him and restore all his health.

  • Dsvkb

    That’s awesome news! Really hoping they throw in Yu Yu Hakusho Final: Makai Saikyo Retsuden if they add any other games in the series. Whatever works though, since I planned on importing back when the first wave of games were announced.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Fun Fact: The Yu Yu Hakusho game was the first title that Hideo Yoshizawa worked on after coming to Namco from Tecmo.

  • D. Collins


  • NimbusStev

    Awww yeah! I loved this game but I never really understood how to play it. The artwork and music were both very nice though.

  • I always wanted to play that 3×3 Eyes RPG. is that on here? And Tengai Makyo (sp?), or was that not even an anime :P Suppose a western release is pretty much impossible, but it sure would be neat. I wish the eshop would make cheap digital releases of games like this viable.

  • Steven Hunt

    86,000 Jump fighting games and not a single one on this cart so far :|

  • Anime10121

    I remember this! Thought it was SO awesome as a kid, the first “anime-like fighter”, but now this looks like so much crap it aint even funny :P

  • Yan Zhao

    That Yuyu Hakusho game was dope! Played it on ZSNES alot when I was in high school lol.

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