Over 70 People Are Working On Phantasy Star Nova

By Spencer . September 11, 2013 . 12:20am

imagePhantasy Star Nova was one of Sony’s surprises during their PlayStation briefing. The game is being made by Sega and Star Ocean developer tri-Ace.


Famitsu magazine says Phantasy Star Nova has a story in single player mode and ad-hoc multiplayer. The companies are aiming to create a AAA quality game for Vita and are using techniques like soft lighting.


The Phantasy Star Nova team has over 70 members actively working on the game and over 200 people are involved with the game’s development.

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  • Ivan Junior

    Wait. Won’t this game have online multiplayer?

    • No, it has been confirmed that Nova isn’t an online game.

      • Kawashima

        Just taking another step backwards. Typical SEGA.

        • I think this need further confirmation. “Not online game” statement can be understood as “it’s different from Phantasy Star Online 2 – a full-fledged online game”, it can still be like Soul Sacrifice, a game with option to co-op 4 player online.

          Since some source like IGN, Joystiq mentioned 4 player co-op online, I think we will need further clarification for this matter.

          • leingod

            Just what I was gonna say. It will have at least ad hoc co-op, and even if that’s the only multiplayer option for the japanese version, SEGA can always pull a XSEED and add online co-op like they’re doing with Valhalla Knights 3 later this month.

  • Would anyone recommend some of the older Phantasy Star games that are on steam? I want to get into this franchise.

    • Zero_Destiny

      You mean the original non-PSO games?

      Phantasy Star I and II are both pretty good games, but they cater more to the old OLD school players. They may technically be 16-bit but think of them more as 8-bit games in their mentality. There is a good bit of grinding needed and the stories aren’t all that sophisticated. That said, I would still recommend them, but with the warning that you better be used to the old school NES-like style of RPGs.

      Phantasy Star III is the odd sheep, and not liked as much, I believe it was made by a different team, I don’t think it’s that bad though, myself, but it’s certainly not as worthwhile as PSI, PSII, and PSIV.

      Phantasy Star IV is probably the easiest for gamers from now to get into, even though it’s the end of the series. It has a more dramatic story and told through these comic book looking panel cut scenes, it still looks cool even today. Anyways PSIV plays much more close to what you would expect from an 16-bit SNES JRPG, it’s not as OLD in its mechanics. That would be my advice on the first four games.

      • Cool. I’ll get them some day.

      • Landale

        To clarify a little bit on why Phantasy Star III is considered odd, so you could decide if you want to try it out with the rest; The plot seems, initially, completely disconnected to the previous games and the setting itself seems very disjointed; Medieval looking, yet going into most caves reveals the insides of the worlds involved to be mechanical. This all actually makes a lot of sense if you play through PSII, or at least go into an optional area in PSIV. That it had multiple endings, with only one that could actually prove to be true based on the reveal at the end of PSII, didn’t help much either. PSIII also did a bit of foreshadowing for one of the more interesting surprises in PSIV, that perhaps would’ve seemed to just be pulled out of their ass otherwise. So in the end it does get tied well enough in.

        It’s actually ultimately the gameplay itself that leaves it feeling truly off compared to the rest of the series, and really the genre as a whole. While the others followed, and in some cases helped start, what you’d expect from an RPG this one basically divided all skill types into groups of four and gave you the ability to draw strength from one skill in a type to another. Attack skills for example would hit one target, the entire left or right side, the entire front or back, or all. This was obnoxious, but manageable. Heals were a nightmare that had you chosing between single target heals, full party heals, curing, and reviving. Drawing into either type of healing would lower the success rates of cures and revives, that’s right your revives and cures could actually miss if your healer was actually focusing on healing specifically. There were also buff and debuff skills, with names that made no sense and the game never once explains what they did so lots of trial and error fun there.

    • $36598391

      Phantasy Star II, III and IV are on steam but if you want to play all of them
      I recommend getting the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the
      PS3/360 which can be bought brand new for $20
      I highly suggest this method as the game also has all three of the
      Genesis Shining games on it as well
      Phantasy Star 1 is an unlockable game on there by completeing the first stage or act of Sonic 2 (don’t remember which) with two players
      You can turn on a second controller and let Tails sit at the beginning of the stage

      all four of the original Phantasy Star games are on the Wii Shop Channel
      (Wii not Wii U)

  • WhyWai

    Phantasy Star, tri-Ace, single player campaign.. Looking forward!

    • $36598391

      I just hope the game allows you to make your own avatar character like you can in PSO2

      • IvanAzure

        It’d be a big step backwards if they were not to allow character customization considering all the Phantasy Star games made after Phantasy Star Online have that, as far as I remember.

  • DriftSlave

    Sega, don’t be stupid….Localize this game now.

    Sony is trying to push the Vita, your only fucking things up by not giving people a reason to buy games for it…..that’s part of the reason why…..there isn’t alot of bought vita’s…..the lack of games….don’t be part of the problem.

    *patiently waits for fan-sub of VC3* <–edit to stop confusion.

    • leingod

      I believe VK3 (english ver) is gonna be released this month by XSEED

      • Kai2591

        umm, what’s VK3?

        • leingod

          I’m guessing Valhalla Knights 3? Unless he means another game.

          • valkyria chronicles 3

          • leingod

            Well, the K is totally out of place then.

          • it is indeed

          • fearlubu

            Wait, is this confirmed? sauce? sauce??

            *coughs out blood*

            don’t play with me, man.

          • Kai2591

            I see.

    • アティ

      “Over 70 people are working on Phantasy Star Nova”
      >>Over 70 million people are hoping for localize product<,<

    • Learii

      don’t forget Yakuza 5 dam it I hope sega bring yakuza ishin sega sure screw us big time

  • I hope they are using the same character creation system like phantasy star online 2, PSO2 have a really DETAIL character creation system

    • Barrylocke89

      My sister mocks me sometimes about how with all of the options that are available for PSO2, a Japanese game (so in an artstyle that she really likes), I still managed to make my character come out “ugly”.

      Pft, Whatever, I love my Gonk Ranger. I like to think of him as that dependable guy that you always want to have your back.

      • Touma

        hahaha that happened to me all the time when i tried out the japanese psvita demo. its so damn hard to create a none ugly looking character for some unexplainable reason. but its still fun to do :3

  • ishyg

    I wanted to apply for a position in Tri-ace for a while now, but yeah I’m better off playing their games.

  • Stranger On The Road

    Really looking forward to this game, tri-Ace is a studio whose games are something to look forward to. I really liked what this did with Star Ocean the Last Hope and have been waiting for similar JRPG from them; hopefully this will fit the bill.

    Now please, add it to the list of games that can be played on PS Vita TV.

  • Virevolte

    A little saddening. Now I’m gonna wait for this and forget about PSO2. I’m even a little mad at this serie for betraying my expectations.

  • Tenabrus

    Aaaand we still won’t have it locaized….

  • GHAmer

    with PSO2 getting localized in southeast asia next year
    the localization chance of this game is quite high I think

  • chibiwall

    Such a large team… I think that 200k in japan is not their only target, if they’ll launch psvita tv with ps nova in the west we’ll probably see a great improve of the sales… I’m confident

  • leingod

    I’m actually really thrilled about this game’s announcement. I believe this particular version has way more chances to get localized, since it uses a more traditional business model – game’s not free and not a MMO, so it doesn’t need expensive and huge mega-load servers to keep it going.

  • Katboy

    this game needs to be localized! looking forward! whoop!

  • Takui Nanao

    i wonder if phantasy star nova will be coming to the west

  • Masa

    was going to get excited….then remembered its Sega
    who don’t care about the West.

    *Still waiting for Yakuza 5 and Phantasy Star Online 2*

    • leingod

      This has better chances than PSO2, IMO. Now, as for Yakuza 5… :(

    • supervamp

      At least pso2 has a english website lol

    • Lilith

      Except they released Miku a few days ago. Did you support them by buying it?

      • 永次

        Miku has 5 words in english, PStarNova and Yakuza are like 1000000000000000000000 bigger in word terms.

  • kroufonz

    this better come to the west sega i am desperately need my tri ace fix

  • Ok, it’s a big project! NOW BRING TO THE WEST ASAP!

    • leingod

      Even better, release it worldwide on the same day!

      • Too much of a dream my friend :D

  • Oliver Teigaga

    Cool, but why only ad-hoc? Anyway, really excited for the a real exclusive RPG on the Vita, hopefully its full scale and not arena based ala Soul Sacrifice.

  • cloudcaelum

    Dam, can’t wait, Tri-Ace. T.T

  • Crevox

    dat soft lighting

  • tubers


    Wonder if it has some actual Sony funding.

    Then again, this could be an “up-port” material that’s why they’re confident investing in a lot of man power.

  • Ty Austin

    “…. And 0 people are working on the US localization of PSO2.”

  • On the bright side, there is no region lock, so we can end up playing it :/

    • Touma

      totally. i’m porting this sucker if i have to. I enjoyed phantasy star portable so much theres no way i’m missin out on this one.

  • I haven’t seen any trailers yet so I can’t say if I want it localized or not, but with over 70 people working on it, it should be good right? lol

  • Sergio Briceño

    Out of the original, online and portable series of games, I’d say my favorite of them all is PSO when it comes to single player (episode II and IV were nice additions though). Haven’t played PSO2, but so far PSO’s also had the best online experience in it’s time, so I figure it’s just more of the good stuff.

    Even if PSO’s main character was basically TLoZ’s Link (MC devoid of any emotions or even speech), his quest was engaging. That is why I have high hopes for this game. Please don’t make a second Ethan Waber! For games like this, characters with little to no personality input make the best MCs because it’s the player that fills in the blanks, in my opinion. That is what makes Link and the Persona series’ MCs characters so much fun and that is what made PSO fun to me.

  • fairysun

    Seriously? Vita exclusive?!
    Release it for other platform too.

    • TheExile285


    • Touma

      No. If they keep doing that then people won’t have a reason to get a vita. who wants a system that has no good exclusives. the vita’s sales says not many.

  • ddh819

    would the other pso vita game be unplayable on the vita tv?

    • TheExile285

      PSO2? I think the Vita version has touch controls to make up for the lack of buttons so most likely no. Would be nice though.

  • Learii

    tri-ace <3 I love their games I hope I see more of their to the west

  • Repede91

    I hope we see this released outside of Asia.

  • Blesmi

    Too bad we won’t actually get this since herpaderpa Sega

  • thaKingRocka

    I’m not clear on this. Is this primarily a single-player game like PS1-4 r is it primarily a multi-player game like PSO?

  • Alan Rizkallah

    It’s been damn near 20 years since the original series, can I PLEASE have a traditional Phantasy Star J-RPG that’s not Action combat and online play!? Is it such a challenge to write a compelling story with endearing characters to hold the game up with on it’s own without tacking on multiplayer or flashy Action-RPG combat/visuals to keep the ADHD gamers’ attention? Yes, apparently it is because pandering to the J-pop/Otaku audience is easier.

    • Lastlight

      Have you seen Child Of Light?

  • H_Floyd

    200 developers… want to make “AAA quality” game… Why don’t they just develop it for home consoles?

    What is it that I am missing here? Why can’t a Vita game get put on a home console? No one is going to care if the graphics aren’t of the absolute highest fidelity.

    Some of us still prefer to sit on a couch and look at a large TV screen with a controller in our hands. You know–the way JRPGs are meant to be played.

    Unless of course this isn’t a JRPG in which case A) Pass and B) what a miserable waste of talent.

    • Lastlight

      Cause then the vita wont sell

  • The definitive alternative to Monster Hunter for the Vita.

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