SNK Playmore Has Had Their Eye On The PC Market For "Quite Some Time"

By Spencer . September 11, 2013 . 10:09pm


SNK Playmore has a library of games on consoles and the NeoGeo X handheld. On Friday, SNK Playmore will release their first game on Steam, The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition. Siliconera contacted SNK Playmore to ask them about the PC version and their plans for the Steam platform.


How did development of the PC port start and how did SNK get in touch with Valve for Steam?


The motivation to work with Valve mainly came from SNK Playmore wishing to provide quality content to our fans and the world at large. Steam was of course the obvious platform of choice when it comes to the PC market, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them! Our North American & European Business Dept. has had our eye on the PC market for quite some time, and starting from early this year the push to work on the Steam platform finally became a reality. That said, we needed to get the right development team and infrastructure in place.


Can you tell us about the team that handled the port? How did this group get started?


Jason Varlet, Lead Programmer: I spent months implementing most of the features – all the while working with our internal Producer. Then as the end drew near, we had an extra programmer, Jim Bulmer, join me on the programming team to help wrap it up, and a few others joined to help out in other departments too (translation / localization, marketing, etc.).




One of the features in The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition is improved netcode. How did you improve the performance of the netcode for the PC release and will the console versions get an update?


JV: The approach of the netcode in KOF XIII SE is a completely different input delay method than what was originally used. However, there isn’t that much to it, it’s still input delay based. I would describe it as a very typical input delay method, with a few extra bells and whistles to handle PC performance issues. We just had to get the tuning of it right. That’s where our amazing, supportive community comes in! The support and feedback we have received from Day #1 of the Beta test has been instrumental to the progress of the netcode. Thanks community!


Console versions will most likely not get an update, unfortunately. So those wishing to take advantage of the improved netcode will have to pick it up on Steam.


What else is new for Steam Edition?


SNKP: Story Mode has only been revised from the arcade version. However, KOF XIII Steam Edition and console versions are the same. That said, vast improvements have been made to the game’s netcode, a number of graphics performance options, and the addition of a few “bells & whistles” such as Trading Cards support on Steam.


Was the game rebalanced at all?


SNKP: No it hasn’t been rebalanced. But the balancing from King of Fighters XIII Climax has been used.




What is SNK Playmore’s future plans with Steam? There is a large library of NeoGeo titles that could be brought over and it would be awesome to see some new entries like maybe a new Metal Slug or Twinkle Star Sprites.


SNKP: Our experience working with Valve/Steam on this project was an incredibly positive one, and we hope we can work with them more in the future. As you say, SNK Playmore has an amazing library of games!


Additional titles have already been spotted on the Steam DB – so, there’s the chance we may see those brought to Steam. We’ll also be heavily considering PC / Steam for future "new" projects too as they come, so we hope the fans support and fully enjoy this new release of KOF XIII from Friday, September 13th!

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  • CirnoLakes

    All according to keikaku.

  • Kaitsu

    Man, this week and ongoing is just too many games for me to buy. They’re all within 2-3 days of each other on release dates.

  • Just Tim

    Yes! I hope SNK gets to release their library in Steam, with KOFXIII as a test run.

  • ギャビン

    This would be great, I have XIII pre-ordered. But I have to get a new PC to play it. But whatever, please bring all Neo games to steam.

  • SNK disappointed me with the arcade, they could’ve released so many of their good games like Last Blade

    • AkuLord3

      Hope i would love if they continuing doing the Neo-Geo thing on Psn or make HD/online version of Last Blade, Garou and KOF 98 (with good netcode of course) but sigh -_-

      • dejavu2222

        I know, I really wish they would continue updating their NeoGeo Station platform on PSN.

  • Triplicity

    Darn, you guys didn’t ask them why they decided to go with their in-house input-delay netcode instead of GGPO. Well, I’ve seen and heard nothing but good things about the netcode from beta testers, so I guess it’s still okay!

  • TrevHead

    Good to see SNK getting into PC, I hope it’s successful for them

    Twinkle Star Sprites PC with netplay would be fantastic.

    • CirnoLakes

      Twinkle Star Sprites? Someone else here is a huge fan of Twinkle Star Sprites?
      Oh my God. I love you. I love your suggestion.

      Oh my God I love Twinkle Star Sprites is the best having Twinkle Star Sprites on the PC would be the best I want it so much.

    • CirnoLakes

      Now I want Twinkle Star Sprites on Steam so badly right now that I’m holding myself back from using all caps and run on sentences.

      Twinkle Star Sprites on one of my most favourite video game franchises of all time!


      • TrevHead

        haha I thought the same when the game popped up in a question.

        Someone on Silconera really likes their STG because they always mention the best ones in articles like this.

        • CirnoLakes

          I can’t believe I skimmed over that part of the article when reading it. Siliconera are awesome for making this suggestion.

          I really hope there are people who keep making this suggestion to them and they consider it.

  • dejavu2222

    That image of Mr. Karate vs Mr. Karate 2 ( Ryo ) is EPIC!!!

    A re-creation of the final stage from the epic 1992 game Art of Fighting 1.

    Nobody knew Mr. Karate was actually Ryo’s father at the time and he was really scary and hard as hell to beat!!!!

    “KOF 11”, “KOF 98UM”, and “SNK vs Capcom: CHAOS” on Steam also PLEASE !!!

  • fairysun

    And here I thought, I won’t play any game on PC using a controller.
    That’s what my PS3 for. Damn it SNK ! Now I have to buy new controller (maybe two) for my PC. Anyone can recommend a good one?
    Not Xbox one. I tried using it playing KoF at my friends place and I can not execute the commands very well.

    • Smashbro29

      Your PS3 or 360 controller of choice.

    • Vadim Merzhey

      Logitech F510 is perfect for fighting games.

  • Vadim Merzhey

    This is gonna be my best Friday the 13th.

  • Tee Niitris

    *looks at last picture*

    Are you sure this is a fighting game? XD

    Seriously, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much effort SNKP gave improving the online. And yes, more games for PC please.

  • Yan Zhao

    Hopefully with this more people will play KoF and get more entries in major tournaments, its definitely one of the most fun and polished fighters released this generaiton that was hindered by bad console netcode.

  • Los Illuminados

    very nice. want more SNKP games to come to Valve for Steam? simple. buy KOF 13 SE no matter what. buy buy buy. support and send a message by doing so.

    • dejavu2222

      Could not agree more, I know people who don’t even have a good PC that bought KOF13 Steam Edition just to show support.

  • CirnoLakes

    “What is SNK Playmore’s future plans with Steam? There is a large library of NeoGeo titles that could be brought over and it would be awesome to see some new entries like maybe a new Metal Slug or Twinkle Star Sprites.”
    “it would be awesome to see some new entries like maybe a new Metal Slug or Twinkle Star Sprites.”
    “Twinkle Star Sprites”

    Oh God I love Twinkle Star Sprites, one my most favourite franchises of all time.

    If Steam ever gets the Twinkle Star Sprites franchise, I will have one of my most favourite of a couple dozen of my most favourite game franchises of all time on my favourite platform. I couldn’t possibly be happier. Glorious Siliconera, whoever mentioned this to SNK, thank you!

    • dejavu2222

      You better be a girl LOL

      • CirnoLakes

        Gender roles are a terrible thing to enforce.

        How boring and terrible would the world be if all girls liked stereotypical girly things, and all boys liked stereotypical boyish things.

        No thank you, I’m even more proud of being into the girlish things that I am because I’m boy. There are many things in this world I have naught to be proud of. But defying my gender roles is something I am, in fact, completely proud of.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    And as always, I hope non-Steam DD services will be considered as well. Valve aren’t the only good partners, SNK Playmore!

  • thaKingRocka

    I want to see everyone come to Steam. I love it. I have been asking for Cave to release their games on PC via Steam for ages. I am tired of giving up easy access to my shooters with each passing generation. My PC is always up and running and upgrades mostly do not interfere with playabilty. Instead, they tend to improve it.

    • CirnoLakes

      I saw an article a while back on Siliconera about Cave saying they were really interested and looking into Steam. I hope that’s still the case.

      I really hope they’re still interested in that.

      • thaKingRocka

        I remember commenting on that Article. That would be so great.

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