Maybe Square Enix Will Localize Final Fantasy Agito After All

By Spencer . September 14, 2013 . 1:46am

000104041432Final Fantasy Agito is an set in the same universe as the PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0, so the Agito has some familiar faces. Square Enix has not announced Final Fantasy Agito for the West, but it looks like they’re getting ready for an announcement.


The publisher registered two trademarks for Final Fantasy Agito in Europe, including the game’s logo. That’s a good sign!


“I wanted to write a story that depicted different fates for the main characters of Final Fantasy Type-0,” said producer Haijme Tabata. “Final Fantasy Type-0 was originally going to be for mobile phones, and we were fond of the title ‘Agito,’ so with that in mind, we began production of the project.”


Final Fantasy Agito isin development for iOS and Android.


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  • Dollow Rlance


  • M’iau M’iaut

    Please do keep things on topic and leave the blind hate elsewhere. Thanks.

    • Herok♞

      Its kinda sad that people would dislike your comment for just saying to be civil and not overly angry.

      • I hate when people just repeat the same bloody comment in every agito related thread.

        “do not want this!”
        “localize type-0”
        “bring this to the US”

        all those generic comment.

        • Herok♞

          Pretty much, I understand why they do it, but being realistic Type-0 was screwed from the get go since, the PSP was dead when it released, I really can’t blame Square for not taking that risk, especially with the crazy piracy rates.

          • I do get it as well, I think it’s obvious by now that loads of people who live in the West want the game. It doesn’t need to be mentioned more than once.

            Anyway yeah piracy is causing a right mess in the gaming community. I bet publisher would have been all fine with localizing a game if people weren’t so up tight about running their unsigned code or pirating games on their console.

          • Altin

            Yeah, since Sony does not have any kind of platform which may ensure that they still could get any profit from given title by releasing it digitally instead of making physical copies, not only for the PSP but also for the Vita. Oh wait, they do.

          • Herok♞

            And the game is already available for Vita, just not in the west.

          • SiliconNooB

            And not in English…

          • Herok♞

            whether or not it is in English doesn’t change the simple fact it is available for Vita, since its available digitally in Japan.

    • Altin

      In other words, you are allowed only to like that they are releasing a prequel to a game which has never been released outside of Japan.

  • Superior Spider-Man

    Ok I missed something. I thought Agito was Type-0. Type-0 being the renamed version. What did I miss? Someone fill me in.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      This isn’t a port. New game in that particular series.

    • Tom

      Final Fantasy Type-0 was originally called Final Fantasy Agito XIII (as part of the FFXIII rush with the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology). Originally it was planned as a mobile game. Later they changed that to PSP and renamed it to Type-0 instead of Agito. Now they came full circle, they make a mobile game called Agito. According to wikipedia: “but it remains unclear whether it is a prequel depicting a previous cycle of war or a retelling of the original game”

  • Andrew Arndt

    well it look like we might get it i hope so thoe when i move to japan it wont matter any way

    • Vadim Merzhey

      I wish I could just move to Japan…

  • Espoir

    Doubt it.

  • ギャビン

    Why do people not like this? It looks pretty damn good for a phone game.

    • Jelly

      IMO, it will most likely fare better in handheld/consoles as a game that delivers.

    • Michaelius

      Because tower defences, point and click, endless runners and turn based games are the only ones that don’t get ruined by crappy on screen controls

    • pekikuubik

      How it looks is irrelevant. What matters is how it plays. The fact that it uses that cursed F2P model so prevalent in most Japanese mobile games (you have an energy bar, missions deplete it, but it can be replenished over time or via microtransactions) turns me and probably many others right off of the game.

      • quasadra

        well, think of it this way. it is like an arcade machine where you put coins(money) in to play a round(missions).

        • malek86

          Well, the difference is that arcade games will also let you play longer depending on your ability. Whereas F2P games are less about ability and more about time. That is, even if you are really good, your defeat might not depend on you.

          That said, depends on the game. Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers certainly give you a lot of playtime if your finger skills are good. In All The Bravest they seem to be irrelevant instead.

    • Alex Sargeant

      It’s exciting because Type-0 as it is now would be a hard sell to Western players. Agito could lay the ground for that, especially if it’s successful enough in Japan to coax that long rumoured VITA Update for Type-0.

      And yeah, it actually looks pretty great. I still love those conversation portraits.

      • Ladius

        If a localized version of Agito was successful that would simply push Square Enix to makelocalize even more smartphone games, there’s little reason for them to make a Vita port of Type 0 because people bought Agito on iOS and Android.

        • Alex Sargeant

          Well I mean it’s the same universe, and it’s got to be cheaper for them to just re-release a touched up version of a game they’ve already made than to create an entirely new game, smartphone or not.

          Hell they’re concurrently running three different subscription MMO’s. I guess I just don’t see them turning down ways to make more money. It’s not really an either/or situation. Clearly they’re already deeply invested in mobile gaming anyway whether this one is a success or not.

    • Ladius

      Touch controls, IAP (energy needed to skip delay between quests, items and revives, apparently), long delays between each chapter’s release, social mechanics, a different battle system compared to Type 0, and so on.

      If Type 0 never happened and this was the original Agito it wouldn’t be so much of an issue, but if they really skipped the PSP version (or didn’t port it to 3DSVitawhatever) in order to localize this smartphone reimagining it would be really sad.

    • SiliconNooB

      People don’t like it because a lot of people wanted Square Enix to give us Type-0, so throwing us a freemium phone game comes as a bit of a slap in the face.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Compile 2 games into 1 package and in English! Hopefully type-0 is the PSP ver. that’s also compatible with vita.

  • Quacker

    SO mad.

  • Pockystix

    can somebody pick up that phone, ‘cuz I f*ckin called it!

  • Milla

    I liked the psp game better… might be too dark ending for peoples taste. dunno what this one all about though

  • JunHoward

    Just a word of warning to anyone who’s looking forward to this game, As a person who’ve played the game firsthand It’s not as impressive as the hype made it out to be.

    • Bobby Jennings

      It’s better than XIII, that’s for sure.

      • Lynx

        No. No, it’s not.

        XIII was okay. Way better than Type 0 at least.
        XIII-2, on the other hand…..

        • Herok♞

          Granted this isn’t much to go but by playing the Type-0 demo, I would say Type-0< FF13 < FF 13-2

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            I got 90% of the stuff in Type-0 and i’am currently starting my fifth playthrough (need to hunt a few others L’cie crystals). i would say this
            Type-0 > XIII > XIII-2

            but oh opinions

          • Herok♞

            Pretty much you have to respect people with different opinions, like the Type-0 demo pissed me off, I would get it if it’s ever localized but its not something i would import even though I could right now.

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            which demo you played? the first or the natsubi (second one). The first was a mess with the shitty camera and time spend to get the phantoma from the enemies and was really difficult. Natsubi is the first two chapters of the game so it plays alot better.

          • Herok♞

            I am just going to assume it was the first demo, because it was essentially broken.

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            well. if everything could kill you in 2-3 hits it’s the first, and that you need to talk to a woman to be able to deploy to missions (there’s 3 summons too Shiva, Golem and Ifrit). the second one start with everything exploding, air ships in the sky and dragons and you can use only one summon at the ending of a chapter

          • SiliconNooB

            What was wrong with it?

          • Herok♞

            Many things I can’t remember them all its been years

        • SiliconNooB

          Type-0 would have to be completely non-functional to fail at besting FFXIII. Thinking of that game still makes me angry.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Are you speaking of Type-0? Because every thing we know of this title so far is that it is a prequel game in the same apparent canon.

      • JunHoward

        Yeah For Type-0, If this’s really a prequel then It’s hard to expect that it’s going to be great game.

  • gRiMmYdArK13

    I still want Type-0 to come out in English…

    • Bobby Jennings

      Well it was mentioned at least on IGN a few days ago.

      • Altin

        “on IGN”

        • Kevin Schwarz


        • Bobby Jennings

          I’m not talking about the IGN guys themselves, but they had a interview with that fat guy from E3. Can’t remember his name lol. He had mentioned the campaign to get JRPGs to the Vita, and Type-0 was the one that was mentioned.

    • Ric Vazquez

      I know that feel bro

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I…I don’t even want it anymore

    • Ladius

      Not like this, at least. Again, it would be fine if this was the only version of the game, but if the original was skippedleft without porting just to make it debut in the west through a smartphone reimagining it would be kinda bitter.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        could have ported it to the vita or 3DS, *just saying* I played Type-Zero lol good luck playing that without a controller

  • Andrew A

    Oh man, I can’t wait to find out what happened to characters I know nothing about.

    • RovCal

      ha ha ha

    • Herok♞

      its a prequel

      • Bobby Jennings

        Oh so it is a prequel? Someone told me otherwise.

        • Shady Shariest

          I had no idea it was a prequel, either… Shines some light for Type 0 on Vita :3

        • Ehren Rivers

          Actually, according to their press release it’s an alternate take on Type-0’s world. People think it’s a prequel because it was said to take place before the events of Type-0 would have occurred.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Ah alright. I’m getting confused. Some are saying it’s a retelling and some are saying it’s a prequel. I just hope that Square thinks this game will just make us forget about that awesome game we missed.

        • NimbusStev

          A prequel to a game most of us weren’t able to play. That’s like releasing a stand-alone DLC without ever releasing the actual game. I don’t see much of a market for this unless they also localize Type-0.

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Maybe they’re secretly trying to say they will? :3

          • InfectedAI

            It’s Final Fantasy and a high quality mobile game. There’s a market for it. That market would be a lot bigger if Type-0 was localized though.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Yeah I agree.

    • Bobby Jennings


    • Learii

      lol good idea XD

  • Go2hell66

    Maybe they’ll bring both the psp game and the phone game to the west under the name agito?

  • Neophoton

    Didn’t Suare register trademarks for Type-0, -1, and -2 years ago in Europe and North America as well…? I probably wouldn’t get too geared up for anything.

    • Martian Wong

      But the difference would be Final Fantasy Agito has been announced. On the other hand Type 1 and 2 did not.

      • Neophoton

        Yes, but then there’s the case with Type-0.

        • Martian Wong

          The reason why Type 0 is not here at this point because PSP is not doing well in here. Also, in SE’s eye, it is not profitable to bring it here.

  • We don’t get what we want, but they give us something we don’t want instead. Thing is, they don’t think we are capable of supporting the kind of sales numbers they want. Therefore, they’re targeting a new audience with mobile stuff (i.e. not us generally)

  • mace

    if its a prequel they can release it to gauge interest since its cheap then localize type-0. only can hope.

  • Savage Sui ♥

    Huh… if I hadn’t lost any and all interest in Type-0 long ago and this actually happened, it would feel like a bit of a slap in the face to me ^_^” Now though, I would probably only feel a minor sense of disappointment~

    • $36487238

      True, true. Not exactly the Type-0 game, but then again, it’s suddenly back to the format it was supposed to be in.

      Hmmmm… iPhone 5S? Or the Galaxy Note 3 XD awww man..

  • Learii

    Dear Square-Enix
    bring Type-0 to the west first we want handheld games over iphone plus we wait for Type-0 year after year

    • well technically iOS and android are handheld platforms….in a way?

      [edit – mad?]

      • Learii

        if they are why they don’t have any buttons and their graphics didn’t look like handheld games

        • InfectedAI

          Actually the graphics for this aren’t bad and technically you don’t need physical controls for it to be mobile. =P

          That being said I still want Type-0 ported over for 3DS. Or Vita if they must.

        • Daniel blue

          Handheld = you hold it on your hands. Technically, a phone is a handheld system too.

          Also, the graphics on this game are actually better than the original PSP version.

        • yomachaser

          Just today I played PSP,and DS games on my android and some riptide gp2 which crushes them graphically and is quite the game. I also use buttons whenever I feel so maybe you don’t know about mobile.

        • yomachaser

          Just today I played PSP,and DS games on my android and some riptide gp2 which crushes them graphically and is quite the game. I also use buttons whenever I feel so maybe you don’t know about mobile.

  • Tyler Beale

    Uh, no. Localize (or make a Vita International version of) Type-0 FIRST, THEN we’ll talk about localizing this.

  • No, I would rather Type-0 to be brought over. =/ *sigh* Well, can’t get everything you want. lol

  • Put this game for PlayStation Mobile, Tabata. Not that many people like things on a phone, so this would be the closest thing to having it in handheld form with buttons.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      How can it be said that not many people like things on a phone? Even in the states, download phone titles have sales rates that even CoD can only dream of. Japan’s mobile community does even more that we do.

      Tablets are already well on the way to having a place alongside portable PCs. This style of gaming is only going to increase, if more serious and deeper games are being created, I can’t see how that is a bad thing.

    • malek86

      Putting it on PS Mobile would actually drastically decrease the number of people who can play it. Not sure why any developer would want to do that.

  • Herok♞

    Guys lets be realistic for a moment and look at the big picture. Yes Type-0 wasn’t localized but seeing as it was on the most pirated system after most other releases dried up it makes sense we never got it, sure we can ask for ports and remakes all day but a lot of its unlikely to happen because Square mainly cares for their Japanese audience after all we didn’t get the 2 DQ games on 3DS and Bravely Default(Nintendo is bringing that over) and those were games released for a system that is completely safe and would guarantee profit. So even if they made an HD remake that is no guarantee it would be brought over if we are being realistic.

    Back to the matter at hand I see no real problem with this, Square has shown that they can make good mobile games time and time again with Things like the FF4:The After Years, KH: Coded, TWEWY:Solo Remix and Chaos Rings, On top of this good track record Type-0 Started life as a mobile game so they are probably going to be using the Original assets for this game from when it was a mobile game so I have no worries in the game play department, and its going to release in Episodes so I don’t think its just going to be F2P garbage but basically I am just hoping for the best

    • Well, some of their Episodic Mobile releases have been ported to the DS and PSP before. This game (and Dimensions) will not be exceptions in the coming future! Now, the real thing to request now is releasing Before Crisis in some form or another. Tabata should get woking on that bit later, before going to new IPs for Seniors!

  • Aristides

    Giving us Agito does not make up for Type-0 …

    • Acually, it does. But that doesn’t mean we will ONLY get this game and never the other. This title is a prequel, no? This game should help initiate those looking to learn the world of Oriens/Orience and the story behind what happened before the beginning battle in Type-0. In this case, this game is more like interactive supplementary material!

      • Syn

        Nope. it doesnt

      • Slayven19

        14 up votes and then 14 down votes…WOW! just WoW! I don’t see any reason for you to even be downvoted.

  • Do not want.

    • Guest

      Me neither~ this is much too little, too late ^_^””

  • TheExile285

    Don’t even care. iOS gamers enjoy though I guess.

  • malek86

    It’s worth pointing out that Agito was originally supposed to be a mobile game from the start. Didn’t see anyone complaining back then.

    • Ferrick

      most likely because they were much more hyped for FFXIII that was coming out that year

      • malek86

        Seeing as how fans eventually reacted to FF13 and its sequels (and Versus was turned into 15), I guess it’s safe to say that this whole Fabula Crystallis thing was pretty much a misstep for Squenix.

        • Ferrick

          lol do recall that FFType-0 was originally called as FFXIII-Agito before name change too

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Back then mobile games were actual games. Like the FFVII prequel. It should be noted that people don’t “hate” the mobile platform as much as the F2P model that plagues games for it nowadays. Look at Theatrhythm for example vs the 3DS game. It’s just obnoxious when basically they are asking you to dish cash for every little bit~.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Stop judging for the world what makes a game and what does not. If folks are happy with what they are playing why the bloody hell is it an issue of yours.

        Post your own favorite titles, I am sure someone could bash the hell out of them. Just not here.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Clearly “folks” are not happy or they’d be purchasing them like crazy~.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            By any measure, the buy in rate of these games is quite good in the markets they are being sold to.

          • malek86

            Well, the whole reason why Squenix is embracing the mobile format is because Japan has been lapping up F2P games like crazy in the last couple years. So folks must be pretty happy with them.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Clearly “folks” are not happy or they’d be purchasing them like crazy~.

        • Gemlit

          Because those folks of ours could not know how the actual concept of F2P games works!

          No one in their right mind would spend every single cent in a F2P game consecutively without thinking of the consequences, right? What if they didn’t know the point of those types of games? The point of F2P games is to play for free, and keep playing for free without paying any sort of cash while clearly labeling the extra monetized content that customers have to pay for it.

          Also, what if those folks are spending OUR money on those games? What if they have disabilities, gaming addictions, and/or are incompetent enough to be making those bad decisions?

  • Leon_Tekashi

    I wonder if this is a test to see if we really want Type-0 to come over.

  • keriaku

    It seems pretty clear to me that this is being released in part to garner and gauge interest for Type-0 in the west. I never doubted it would be released here.

  • Hinataharem

    Ahhhhh man

  • SeventhEvening

    I don’t understand the sentiment that people would be uninterested in the game because Type-0 didn’t come to the states.

    If it is a retelling, it means those in the west can finally learn about the story and characters (which I thought was the draw of Final Fantasy games anyway)

    If it is a prequel, even better. That means it is chronologically before the game we didn’t get to play. It isn’t a sequel, where we won’t know what happened, it is set before the game, so it could get you primed incase a Vita version ever happens. If someone plays Crisis Core before playing Final Fantasy VII, it won’t make Crisis Core less enjoyable (in fact, I enjoyed Final Fantasy VII more when I replayed it after completing Crisis Core).

  • Bigabu Beaze

    I thought the psp game was coming here. Then I reread the title and saw iOS. :[

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I’m playing Final Fantasy 14 and loving it! There’s no way I’d ever take a break from that to pick up a silly iOS or Android game. Sorry if that offends anyone, mod.

  • roockie112

    OMG I am so excited to get this on my smartphone …said no one ever what a freaking let down

  • Fox

    So… it’s an Android game? SE has a bad track record with Android games.

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