Digital Copies Of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Available For Sale Again

By Viet Do . September 16, 2013 . 2:14pm

If you didn’t pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm reborn and have been stuck on the sidelines watching “Let’s Play” streams due to the sales halt of digital copies, your wait is now over. After nearly three weeks of “out-of-stock” status, digital copies of FF14: AAR are now available for sale again! The best part: you can take advantage of a 25% off Green Man Gaming coupon on the title.


After discount, the Standard Edition is $22.50 (or 18.75€ / £15.00) whereas the Digital Collector’s Edition is $37.50 (or 30.00€ / £26.25). Make sure you use the 25% off coupon/voucher code: GMG25-4T2A7-4HOQ2 (expires on Sep 20 at 11AM ET).  The game is also for sale at the Square Enix store, but honestly, at full price, why not save some cash for the monthly subscription?


Regardless of what you think about FF14: AAR, most gamers can probably agree it’s one good-looking game. Here are some screenshots from user EdwardMowinckel (Note, these are edited panoramsa with HDR):





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  • coax

    How do I get an analog copy?

  • Randgriz

    FINALLLY!!!! ive been waiting for this!
    Im waiting for it to be back on PSN though..

    • Jordan Coleman

      Eh the PS3 version. Might as well not play it.

      • Vesperion

        Even if it lags a bit during the high level fates the ps3 version is just as awesome

        • Jordan Coleman

          Yes if awesome can be described as looking extremely low rez and awful, never having a framerate above maybe 25fps, having the framerate almost go down to single digit fps during most fates, having choppy animation for other players that looks terribly bad, and just in general not actually looking good can be (wrongly) called awesome well than more power to you. Or you’re just crazy. The PS3 version is crap.

          • Vesperion

            It gets very choppy in fates with lots of players, but it still didn’t ruin my experience of progressing to level 50. The ps3 version may not look as good as the pc version, but it’s still a beautiful game. You make it sound like it looks like ps1 game

          • Jordan Coleman

            Saying it “just gets choppy” missess most of it. The game never has a good framerate(25 is not good) and when FATEs happen they don’t even need to have lots of players, lots of enemies are enough to drop the framerate even lower. It’s pathetic. It dosen’t even look good for a PS3 game and yet it’s still low rez and the animation is turned down. Yet with all those sacrifices it dosen’t even run well as it is. It’s not a matter of looking as good as pc, it’s a matter of actually being a acceptable product not crap. Because that’s what Square put on the blu ray disc, crap. Crap that dosen’t look good or run well at all. If you find that acceptable, well I can’t help you. But I see nothing acceptable about 14 PS3. After all the wait they deliver a version that is basically shit and no one in there right mind should let them get away with it, Hopefully the PS4 version is’nt deplorable.

            Beautiful? lol not hardly. On PC the game is.

          • holy shit lol

          • Jordan Coleman

            Yeah I know, the PS3 version is awful.

          • neo_firenze

            I can speak as someone who has both the PS3 and PC versions (my wife plays, and prefers to be on the console).

            Even with my PC not being top of the line for current specs (when I built it about 2.5 years ago it was medium-high spec), the PC version of ARR absolutely smokes the PS3 port. Astoundingly big difference in resolution and frame rate.

            It’s moderately impressive that the PS3 can handle the scope of the game, and it’s serviceable enough to have fun with the game, but it’s clearly the inferior version and once you’ve played on a decent PC it’s hard to go back. Much like comparing FFXI PC to PS2, it’s a very significant difference. Can’t wait for the already announced free upgrade to PS4 version when that releases, to get closer to on par with the PC game!

          • SuperSailorV

            The awesomeness really stems from the ability to play it without requiring a well-equipped PC, obviously. I think it’s a great decision on Square-Enix’s part, but I honestly don’t think they ever really planned for a main FF game to be exclusively on PC!

            I have it on both PC and PS3, but as a 1.0 legacy player, I prefer it on PC. I just don’t like the low resolution and 30 FPS cap, and the fact that you can’t use a keyboard/mouse in the same fashion as on PC. I never knew it dropped to single digit FPS… that’s like…. super unplayable…

  • Ponsay

    Those screenshots are using SweetFX, so it’s a bit misleading to include them in this post.

    Still, even without SweetFX it’s a great looking game.

    • Thanks for adding that in.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Is sweetFX better to use than the in game FXAA? Is SweetFX better for most games?

  • Ethan_Twain

    I just sprung for FF XIV because of the promotion in this article. Just thought I should drop that bit of info off for whoever runs this to show off to his/her boss – you just made a sale happen.

  • Lucky Dan

    Where is the free trial? For people who want to play this game……

    This is not how you save the series Square Enix release a free trial now or suffer the consequence of having a low sub rate + have to go free2play in a couple years or have to remake it again.

    Want to make FFXIV: A realm reborn reborn again: A untold lesson of Square-Enix will never learn…. If the biggest MMO are can do it don’t reinvent the wheel just do it.

  • Razzlero

    I got one of the original faulty digital copies before they halted sales. In the end they gave us a full refund while letting us keep the game, so I suppose it was kind of worth getting the faulty version.

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