Pictologica Final Fantasy Is Like Picross Meets Final Fantasy From TWEWY Developer

By Spencer . September 17, 2013 . 6:34pm

image Jupiter is probably best known for making The World Ends With You or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Their other specialty is creating Picross games. Pictologica Final Fantasy blends the a RPG with dot logic puzzles.


Famitsu explains the game has a quest mode and characters attack when you solve a dot logic puzzle. The attack’s power depends on how fast you solve the puzzle. Pictologica Final Fantasy has series staples like summons and different abilities. The game also has a co-op mode where you can solve puzzles with friends to earn rewards.


Pictologica Final Fantasy is in development for iOS and Android.

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  • Poor Jupiter…

    • Why “poor Jupiter”? Making Picross games is dignifying!

    • Ethan_Twain

      Dude, Picross is the best stuff they make. Flat out. It’s not JRPG, but it’s SO good. I hope they wrangle contracts to make not just Final Fantasy picross but Nintendo picross (they’ve already done it), Dragon Quest picross, and Street Fighter picross. Hell, I’d even be down for classic SEGA picross.

      • I didn’t mean Picross was a bad game at all; what I mean is that Square Enix is making all kind of FF spinoffs and they’re wasting Jupiter’s talent.

  • yellowmage

    So, sprite detail will dictate difficulty, from 8-bit (easy), all the way to I/II/IV PSP (suicidal). Chronodia’s ultimate form as DLC for the particularly masochistic!

  • Andrew Boyce

    TWEWY Developer talks about a Picross game.

    Everyone remembering that they were tolled with the TWEWY remake.


  • LunarKnite

    I was kinda excited because I love Picross, but iOS or Android? Was hoping for 3DS.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I for one eagerly look forward to having picross on my phone. My 3DS has plenty of picross already.

      • LunarKnite

        Well, I hope you have fun then. I don’t have a smart phone myself, so mobile game announcements always make me sad.

        • You’re not missing a lot. I’d much rather play this on 3DS.

  • Barrylocke89

    Normally I wouldn’t care much, but I’ve always wanted to try a Picross game. Does iOS have any free/cheap options worth noting?

  • Pedro Furtado

    So they made both KH CoM and Twewy? Probably the same spriters huh, they are both really high quality stuff.

  • Amber XLeonhart

    O_O I love picross, but WITH FINAL FANTASY?! -dies-
    Never in a million years thought this would happen. I wish it was for the US region too though..I noticed a bunch of games are region locked in the playstore….

  • My Little endy

    Quest mode? Nice. Summons and co-op? Cool. Final Fantasy Themed? I can dig that.

    iOS? Oh, nevermind. I’ll download it when it’s free for a day, play it for 10min, delete it from my phone and never go back to it.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Oh well that sounds interesting, I’ve always enjoyed Picross so maybe I’ll ge-

    “Pictologica Final Fantasy is in development for iOS and Android.”


    As I was saying, I can’t wait to buy The Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds in November.

  • I saw the BM sprite, and immediately I begin reminiscing about 8 Bit Theater.

  • Michael Kelehan

    I’d have preferred 3DS, because I prefer to play Picross games with a d-pad and buttons (and can see why others would prefer a stylus to a finger), but I’ll take this game any way they make it. Here’s hoping the Android version makes it to the US.

    My girlfriend and I both love Picross, so this could be her gateway into RPGs.

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