Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Is Single Player, Has Missions With Siegfried And Mitsurugi

By Spencer . September 17, 2013 . 1:32am

Namco Bandai is developing a new Soulcalibur game, but Soulcalibur: Lost Swords is pretty different from teh other titles. While it’s still a weapon combat game, Lost Swords is single player and the focus is completing missions. Second, Soulcalibur: Lost Swords is free to play, but Namco Bandai has not revealed the business model yet.


soulcalibur-1 soulcalibur-3

So far, Siegfried and Mitsurugi have been confirmed for Soulcalibur: Lost Swords. Siegfried still has ridiculous reach with a gigantic Zweihander sword and Mitsurugi still wields a katana. The game has a new gimmick with different colored attacks. One screenshot shows Siegfried with a red weapon effect when attacking and the enemy has a blue effect. In the screenshot with Mitsurugi, he has a blue weapon effect and the enemy has a green barrier.


soulcalibur-2 soulcalibur-4


Soulcalibur: Lost Swords is slated for release later this year on PlayStation 3.

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  • Ouryu

    Mitsurugi and Siegfried (their fighting styles) are my most used characters in every soulcalibur.

    • Atmey

      You speak for 30% of SC base players.

    • Shippoyasha

      What about the tidal wave of Kilik and Xiba players?

    • Siegfried is my most used character. I barely use any other.

  • Siegfried looks good like this. I can’t wait to see the first trailer! I really want to see Dumas in 3D with his beautiful red hair and his mask!

    • Atmey

      It is yet to be confirmed it is post the time skip or not, Namco will disappoint some fans either way.
      EDIT: whoops, looks like it is post time skip.

  • Zikrayrus “Zikk” Dis Pear

    “teh other titles”

    Might wanna fix that…

    All in all, I’m wondering if this will be similar to the weapon switching system in Dynasty Warriors 8

    • Victor Wesker

      Not bad but i don’t like see how Siegfried fights with Voldo’s Moveset.

  • Victor Wesker

    I would like to see Soul Arena from SCIII or Weapon Master Mode from SCII and all returned characters from SCIV except star wars characters.

    • zaidandzhadow

      c’mon Vader and aprentice were so good

  • Bakuryukun

    Seong Mi-Na please.

  • Abysswalker90

    I would have rather them to complete SCV and rerelease it.

    • fiks

      It was more complete than Soul Calibur 4- the game itself was actually fun, lack of shitty vs AI content aside.

      • zaidandzhadow

        Hve you even played SCIV, if so then why are you spitting that crap.

        • fiks

          Yes, I own SC4 and SC5 and played both a lot. SC4’s gameplay is blatantly inferior. Movement is much better in SC4, moves are vastly better designed in SC5, the game simply makes more sense, is more fun, more interesting, more balanced, and is better in SC5. Only someone more concerned with a mediocre, unnecessary story mode such as SC4’s would consider it superior

          • zaidandzhadow

            Says the gaming expert

          • Time Sage

            At least IV had replayablity for for people who aren’t great at playing against real peole.

  • midgard229

    wait, wtf? its not a singleplayer action game? its just 1p vs AI???? okay, screw this game.

    was hoping for a action rpg type game with a strict custom character that we can create and go through the soul cal world meeting soul cal characters.

    hopes and dreams destroyed

    • TheCynicalReaper

      Dynasty Calibur: Soul Warriors 6
      Hey, the formula worked for Fist of the North Star as a game. Why not?

  • Göran Isacson

    So it’s post-time skip, single player, free to play and very sparkly. I admit it: I have NO idea what to think about this one. Gonna have to wait until more info is available…


    Thats not all folks, TGS hasnt even started, this is basically restating what the famitsu article awhile back

  • videoman190

    The only characters I’m interested is Tailm and Setsuka!

  • leingod

    I was already dissing this one because of the F2P crap, but now I’m a little curioous at least.

  • fairysun

    Need Taki !!

  • artemisthemp

    Need some Talim :)

    Gonna be interesting to see the business model as it decided, if I gonna use time on the game or not

  • I’d prefer Tira

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    so its like Soulcalibur Legends

  • Airgetlam

    Aw. They’re using SCV Mitsurugi. I was hoping they would go back in time and use SCIV design.

  • Ronldbx6

    Hope Tira’s made a playable character.

  • NeoAthanasius

    I wonder if this will be anything like “Soul Calibur Legends” on Wii?

  • Well, if any fighting game series has done single player (adventure and missions) right in the past, it’s this one. Then again, it’s also had some pretty lousy single player… but I’m all for this as long as all the pre-SC5 characters are back.

  • Well, if any fighting game series has done single player (adventure and missions) right in the past, it’s this one. Then again, it’s also had some pretty lousy single player… but I’m all for this as long as all the pre-SC5 characters are back.


    the missions part got me confused. Will this be Like Legends or Broken destiny? that is my only question

  • Solomon_Kano


    Interesting. Seong Mi-Na and Cervantes, plz.

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