Breath Of Fire Director And Ace Attorney Producer Team Up For Blade Fantasia

By Eugene . September 19, 2013 . 2:20pm



The producer for titles such as DmC Devil May Cry and Ace Attorney Motohide Eshiro has teamed up with the director for the Breath of Fire series Makoto Ikehara to unveil a new title from Capcom: Blade Fantasia.


The iOS role-playing game is a 3D turn-based title, with multiple characters to control, a world to explore and levels to be gained. Saying they’d like to make “A world of swords and magic,” the two showed the game off at the Tokyo Game Show to the press.


Blade Fantasia revolves around the idea of the Flick Combo system: Playable with one hand, the game will have players using their thumbs to select actions such as attacks or spells. There’s some depth to the game by chaining certain attacks together, or fulfilling battle conditions to gain additional items. It’s also possible to mitigate damage by timing blocks as well. Doing a Limit Break turns the gauge into a roulette, and it’s up to players to correctly button mash in time with the floating cursor to generate huge attack chains.


Want to play? It’ll be available sooner than you think. Blade Fantasia is scheduled for release on iOS platforms on the 26th of September. You can watch a trailer for it above.

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  • ElAbuelo69

    what a waste of talent

    • Pockystix

      it seems like companies specifically advertise these games with the
      creators they know their initial audience loves. Creators that most
      casual folks wouldn’t even know about.

      iOS markets are pretty huge by themselves, I’m pretty sure this would’ve sold to a
      lot of the usual market without the hardcore even caring. But they
      advertise to those who will most likely just either feel insulted, or
      not really care.

      Marketing is a weird thing these days.

      • Virevolte

        Really ? I’m not fond of iOS games but if I had an Iphone, I would’ve been interested by what is doing the Breath of Fire Director.

        But I get your point, yeah.

        • Pockystix

          it’s sort of those ‘ to good to be true’ things.

          I can’t say they know what people really want, but they are playing to the iOS theme now, and it seems like a ploy to try and bring their initial audiences over.

          I can’t blame them for wanting money, but it just feels like a sort of bad deal for those who were eager to see bigger and better things from their favorite teams.

          the whole issue would be nonexistent if they announced some console or handheld game in development. Well, unless you got really deep into it, and found the folks who complain over everything lol

          • Virevolte

            I was thinking that if that game sells well, they would make a Vita or 3DS version of it. Maybe even start a bigger project based on it. Since it’s an iOS game, the development time will probably short.

            Well, it’s maybe just wishful thinking.

            (As a fan of Breath of Fire, I’m still a little happy to know what this guy is doing. Even if he isn’t doing it for me. ^^)

          • GH56734

            If this game sells well, then they’ll just continue to move old franchises and new franchises on the iOS. The idea of releasing ATNs that only suck money, as “games”, is too alluring to pass by.
            If they can get away with this, they WILL continue. They desperately want this to become the game industry standard.
            We MUST accept these series are done for. This stuff is something completely different, something of very low quality standards and creative integrity.
            Utter failure is the natural selection that would make them abandon this business model, though in this case they are losing very negligible short-term development costs.
            Their idea of catering to the die-hard fans of their old series is to wave at them this sub-par service and tell them “Hey! It’s made by the same folks that made those good old series”, or even dare and make it the continuation of a completely unrelated yet respectable series.
            But in the end, it will degrade the IP’s image, the company image, and the videogame industry image as a whole.
            I can see why Nintendo didn’t make smartphone versions of their franchises (aside from those promotional, only-in-name Pokémon games).

  • ShadowDivz

    Nevermind *walks away*

  • Bunzi

    I love how at the end they cut away from the attack like they just know audience CANNOT wait to see it ends.

  • Milla

    not all IOS games are bad my bestest siliconera hunnies.

    • AkuLord3

      Its not that they’re bad…its just that its only for IOS while people rather play a game…on a gaming system

      • yomachaser

        You mean like iOS or Android?! Mobile has more games than any platform in history and without effort one can (picking only hits) find ludicrous amounts of worthy games to play.

        • Lumi

          ludicrous amounts of games that are mostly clones of each other

          Fixed that for ya

          • yomachaser

            Sure but if you cull 99 percent of them to get the best 1 percent you still have waaaaaaay more games than any platform in history and they for sure at the top are not clones of each other.

            You didn’t fix anything really.

          • Lumi

            And the 1 percent of “worthy” is half ports of Steam stuff, console stuff, etc. Unless we have different definitions of worthy.

          • yomachaser

            Even if that were true (which it’s not numerically) what does that mean to you exactly? That some of the best games also appear on other platforms what does that magically invalidate them?

            Does that mean you just suggested that mobile has hundreds upon hundreds of unique games that appear nowhere else? Which side are you rooting for again?

          • yomachaser

            Even if that were true (which it’s not numerically) what does that mean to you exactly? That some of the best games also appear on other platforms what does that magically invalidate them?

            Does that mean you just suggested that mobile has hundreds upon hundreds of unique games that appear nowhere else? Which side are you rooting for again?

  • Magnumsally

    why god why

    • Testsubject909

      Capitalism, as one of the reasons, comes to mind.

    • yomachaser

      The market is turning that way? Are you really going to abandon the new path Japanese gaming is making for itself because of the platform it’s on?

      • Morricane

        If it’s the iPhone, yes! :)

      • Magnumsally

        The game looks awful

  • Ashelia Poundland Dalmasca

    did not disappoint

  • leingod

    Dammit. Everything was OK, then … the dreaded word.

  • klkAlexar

    When I saw the headline my first guess was that it was for mobile; It’s kinda sad that I’m getting better at guessing this stuff. Anyway, why no android?

    • yomachaser

      More than likely it will be on android too. Not much escapes the clutches of the green machine.

  • new_tradition

    Not even on Android? :/

    • Lumi

      Might get a port 1,2 years later if does well enough

  • FFmax

    Another IOS game, getting real sick of these. I know they’re cheap to make but damn they’re everywhere nowadays.

    • Yause

      The Japanese industry sees mobile as their future, so it’s little surprise that studios are shifting gears and diversifying their offerings.

      AAA productions (whether online or offline) will be aimed at western markets. By and large, Japan-centric genres, such as JRPGs, will probably go mobile. The latter will be developed with zero expectations in terms of western popularity.

      FWIW, people have also been leaving the established companies to make indie mobile games. While the western trend has been to target PSN, XBLA, Steam and/or pursue crowdfunding, Japanese devs have turned toward smartphones/tablets.

    • Morricane

      That’s because the iPhone is *everywhere* nowadays. At least in Japan…

  • Masa

    IOS, you could have put that in the title, entered this post all excited until i read on….damn it!!!

  • Chaos_Knight

    And this is what Capcom makes when they have $152million budget. Mobile games.

    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      That makes money wether you like it or not, its money well spend probably.

  • John Pena

    Im so sick and tired of potential rpgs wasting away on the ios or mobiles. Damn you Capcom.

  • Learii

    we want another Breath of Fire =(

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    Not even mad at this game even though I don’t really play phone games, still wish capcom would have at least made a new BoF for the 3DS at least so it could keep its ps1 style since I know that we won’t see a new BoF on consoles..

  • Zantetsuken_Gilgamesh

    I somehow knew the iOS format was coming before I even clicked link. And think its officially time to say good bye to Breath of Fire series.

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