Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Update Brings PvP, Housing, And More

By Sato . September 20, 2013 . 9:00pm

During a special Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn stage at Tokyo Game Show, producer/director Naoki Yoshida provided a peek at what to expect from the anticipated version 2.1 update, where we’ll be seeing new dungeons, personal housing, player vs. player and more. Here’s a look at some of the key features.



In version 2.1, we’ll be seeing a several new dungeons. This one in particular is called the Crystal Tower, which is based off the same area from Final Fantasy III. This dungeon will require 24 players to take on. According to Yoshida, it won’t be too tough to the point where one or a few players falling means the end of the run.


The next update will also introduce the Player Housing system, which will be available at all three city-states in Eorzea. There will be about 380 different parts to decorate your own home.


Additionally, we’ll also be getting a new PvP arena feature, called The Wolve’s’ Den. The player vs. player system will pit two teams of four players up against each other. This feature will be further demonstrated tomorrow.



Here’s a look at some extra content we’ll also be seeing in the patch:


  • Treasure hunting: This will be a new feature that revolves around finding treasure. Not much as been revealed as to what we can expect from it, but it can be done solo or multiplayer.


  • Hard mode against a special foe: A hard mode battle featuring a special boss. When this enemy was first created, the developers felt that it was too difficult of a fight, and ended up omitting it from the final version. However, they’ve decided to have it appear as slightly weaker version, who’ll be appearing in the new update. In regards to which monster it will be, Yoshida says that it’ll be a secret for now.


  • Daily primal quests: The daily primal quests will revolve around the fights against special enemies. These will appear on a daily basis, where you can login everyday and decide how many you want to do.


  • Content Finder — random  matching feature: This will also have various contents with random match-ups for players willing to lend others a hand. Doing so will give you tokens that can be used to acquire stronger equipment.


Additionally, version 2.1 will also be adding a beauty parlor that allows you to change your hairstyle.


Square Enix will be revealing more on the housing system, and more regarding the 2.1 update tomorrow. Additionally, they’ll also be showcasing some of the end-game content of the current version.

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  • Lloyd Christmas

    I’m really fighting the HUGE temptation to get this game, especially since I quit WoW like three years ago. Damn that MMO allure trying to seduce me!

    • Derek E Nay

      I have been trying it since GMG gave it a discount for being off the stores for a long time. It’s ok. I just hope the housing is good. I perfer sandbox mmos and the reason I LOVE SW:G was because of my creature tamer who had zoos for towns.

    • AndyLC

      “It’s not an MMO, it’s a Final Fantasy that you can just happen to play with your friends too, with continuous updates for a neeeever ending adventure~”

      • I don’t consider it a traditional Final Fantasy if it doesn’t have a playable cast of characters.

        • James Williams

          You are the characters, it’s you.

          • I’m not a character if I don’t speak. Character creation systems will never be a valid alternative to professionally designed and fully fleshed characters.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            Sure they can. Personally, like you I like pre-defined characters but making your own character has a certain charm to it. Characters like that are extensions of the people that make them and can often be far more memorable just off that.

          • WE’RE DOING IT MAN


        • Guest

          So… Final Fantasy I isn’t a traditional Final Fantasy game either, by that logic. Since you create a party of generics who are completely under your control. Just like in FFXI and XIV (minus the in control part, since your party members will be somewhere between random and friends?). I do understand your sentiment, however, and I can alleviate your concerns by saying that the main storyline is largely a solo affair with lots of actual story characters that assist you in the major events, leading to a classical Final Fantasy feel.

          Edit: As for multiplayer only content, the story treats the other players as supporting units from the other nations and Grand Companies of Eorzea. So I’d say that the experience is sort of like playing a Dragon Quest game with a persistent cast and temporary guest characters, with a blank slate hero. But entirely Final Fantasy in feel and lore.

          • I have considered FFI when trying to justify the MMOs entitlement to the main series, but Final Fantasy’s legacy doesn’t consist of just that first game alone. In any case, I’m very fond of the way the original FF was designed, and so I grant it exception because the exclusion of characters help encapsulate the essence of the series by not representing the game with any particular face. However I have different expectations for subsequent titles, and after ten entries of character driven stories, I expect the series to continue offering a playable cast of characters.

            Plus it’s not just the lack of characterisation that makes me consider FF Online as untraditional. It’s also the fact they’re not even consumer games. They’re just services with limited life spans that can’t be played without a connection and subscription. True Final Fantasy games are timeless. FFXI and XIV are not.

            I understand the nature of MMOs, but they honestly should’ve been classified outside the numbered series like Sega did with Phantasy Star Online, and Blizzard with World of Warcraft.

            Btw I’m a legacy player and so I know full well the qualities of FFXIV’s story. Alas nothing can be said to alleviate my concerns.

          • Ferrick

            … what ? you have never played FF11 have you ?

            and do you have any idea on what you’re talking about ? “classified outside the numbered series… Phantasy star online and world of warcraft” ? PSO is their own universe (series), and world of warcraft IS part of the main series

          • Why yes, I /do/ know what I’m talking about. Unless you’re living in a parallel universe, I’m quite certain Phantasy Star Online wasn’t labelled Phantasy Star V (same planetary system or not), and World of Warcraft wasn’t labelled Warcraft IV. Unlike Square Enix, Sega and Blizzard know when to classify their MMOs outside of their respective mothership series.

            And yes, I /have/ played FFXI. Any more questions? Honestly I don’t even know what the point of your response was.

          • Ferrick

            right, i’m sure sure you do, sadly, you’re wrong in many things

            Phantasy star online: same universe as the original games, but different story path, and phantasy star 4 closed the book for it’s own story

            world of warcraft, also known as warcraft 4 to many (until they decide to make an actual W4), lore wise, it’s a canonical game with online play WITH the continuation of the lore after warcraft 3 frozen throne.

            and just how far did you reach in 11 ?

            also, is your ‘/’ key broken or something ?

            last but not the least, why are you nitpicking ? does it even matter if it’s classified as a main FF number?

          • I never disputed whether PSO was a different story path. So again, I don’t see where you’re trying to correct me.

            World of Warcraft is /not/ Warcraft IV no matter what. That is absolutely wrong. You’re reaching so hard, you should really stop. If anything, you’re only justifying WoW as a prime example why MMOs should be separated from their offline counterparts.

            I finished only the main story arc in FFXI, and I loved it despite the story being held back by the lack of playable characters. Spin-offs like Type-0 have great stories too, but that still didn’t stop Square Enix from classifying them outside the main series. What makes FFXI and XIV so special?

            And no, my forward slash /isn’t/ broken. What are you talking about.

            I’m nitpicking because I’m not happy with the series’ brand management. You have to wonder why so many people claim FFX was the last great Final Fantasy. It’s because most fans don’t care about the MMOs, they’re ignored. FFXI really should have been labelled ‘Final Fantasy Online’ and XIV as ‘Final Fantasy Online 2’. They do not deserve to be numbered entries.

            Btw I noticed that the same three false accounts without comment histories continue to down vote me and up vote yourself and others despite this story being a day old. I find that hysterically funny and sadly pathetic at the same time.

          • Ferrick

            phantasy star: but you did mention it inside the “sega and blizzard did a good thing of making it not a numbered game” and i disputed that it’s not even a continuation of PS4, because PS4 has already finished, end of story (for ps4), hence pso is a beginning of it’s own series. In summary, that’s why it’s NOT called PS5

            world of warcraft: blizzard stated that the mmorpg is canon, and the RPG (the book) isn’t canon. Then again, it’s blizzard and their lore breaking tendencies, so best leave it at “canon-for-now” on the mmo

            FFXI: ahhh, the explains everything, don’t think i need to say anything else about 11 past this point

            you’re adding /[word]/ in some parts, so i assume that there’s something wrong with your ‘/’ key

            Wasn’t that mostly because of XI being P2P ? because that was the most rant i saw back then, other than people complaining that they got hacked as they visited somepage. And considering that all numbered FFs are never a continuation of the other FFs, there’s not much problem is there ? And hell, FF11 (and 14) still kept it’s story to the crystals, and the fight between the WoLs and beastmens, so it can still be labelled as a main FF number no ? And considering that 11 gave SE the most source of income, i don’t think it matters to them anymore on the name

            huh ? what do you mean ? when i checked on my upvotes, they only show up as 3 guest votes

          • Just so you know, FFXIV is the most fun numbered Final Fantasy I’ve played. It’s very very fun. I’m just concerned about their brand management that is all. It doesn’t help that they’re using it as a fanservice dumping ground of elements taken from past Final Fantasies. Crystal Tower from FFIII, identical Magitek Armor from FFVI, Materia and Golden Saucer from FFVII, Judges from FFXII, and so on. Not to mention they’ve decided to canonically write Lightning into FFXIV to appear as a FATE just for the sake of earning costumes for fanservice. It’s ridiculous. Even FFXI didn’t take fanservice this far. I’d be totally cool with it if FFXIV was a spin-off of course, but no, I have higher expectations for numbered entries. I expect them to be bringing memorable new elements to FFXIV, not reusing past ones. That Magitek Armor for example should be sporting a totally new design that represents FFXIV rather than being taken straight out of FFVI.

          • Ferrick

            *FFXIV ARR, sorry just had to add that
            this part is rather confusing, i think they are making FFXIVARR into a dissidia 0123, because in a way, Eorzea is kinda like the traverse town of Final fantasies. The secret ending of the current main story kinda hints that many main characters from other FFs, or atleast their look-alikes, appearing in Eorzea

      • seyEliveD

        It defintely feels like an MMO – with so many fetch quests it’s hard not to make a comparison to WoW. The story, which is the core of any Final Fantasy, is alright, but below average for the series. It’s an MMO with Final Fantasy window dressing, middling at best.

        • Jason Luthor

          Or the opposite of what you said.

        • Ferrick

          funny thing is, the game is pretty much the very opposite of what you said, this coming from someone who has already finished till the end of current storymode

    • Syn

      Exactly what AndyLC said, and the community(atleast from my experience) is great.

    • Do it! >_<

  • Draparde

    I’m loving this game. probably gonna do the current final story dungeon tonight.

  • $61526767

    The more I look at this game, the more I wanna buy it this instant! Probably going to wait on the PS4 version for high quality graphics. Already expected to see PvP in action.

    • SMT

      Well, an earlier article mentioned that if you get the PS3 version, you can update to the PS4 version free of charge (At the mere cost of not being able to play the game on the PS3 once updating). So if you really can’t wait and still want the PS4 version, you can go that route…

  • AndyLC

    I have a feeling this special battle will take place on a Big Bridge…

    • Did he really say that?

      Gilgamesh is so… Gilgamesh, haha.

  • Syn

    Omega Weapon!!!(Or some iteration of Weapon) am calling it now

  • artemisthemp

    Never got the idea of housing in MMO

  • Yes! This update is going to be awesome =^_^=

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    Sounding great! Though I wuv my Miqo te’s hiardo enough. PvP could be interesting. Crystal Tower is gonna be epic! heres hoping for a remix of the DS theme!

  • Tsukino

    The daily quests thing says 蛮族 (beastmen), not 蛮神 (primals).

  • Byas

    “Additionally, version 2.1 will also be adding a beauty parlor that allows you to change your hairstyle.”
    BEST UPDATE EVER! I was planning to use the “character modifier” that we get from the veteran program to change my hairstyle but at least it looks like I can save it for when really needed now.

  • Amido

    do not have a launch date for 2.1? D=

  • Takane Shijou

    Looking forward to housing quite a bit. Though I would like to hear/see more about the pricing of it. They went over a rough estimate in a live letter quite a bit ago, just hoping the Medium houses aren’t too rough on the old gil bank.

  • AnimusVox

    All my want. Yoshida you may have it.

  • Vash bane

    so 4 vs 4 eh?

    I dought any will take it easy on me but I just want to get that trophy out the way XD…unless you only get it for winning lol
    (pvp in any mmo was never my strong point…or just enter the ring and leave like the care bear I am lol)

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