Final Fantasy XV Director Nomura On The Game’s Next Gen Aspirations

By Sato . September 20, 2013 . 7:13pm


While we didn’t exactly get a “new” trailer for Final Fantasy XV, that showed any additional footage from the one showed during this year’s E3, director Tetsuya Nomura appeared in an interview on Sony’s PlayStation Community website, where he briefly discussed the game. have translated the interview, and below are the pertinent details.


The interview begins with Nomura being asked to provide us a little insight on what kind of game we can expect from the long-awaited new numbered Final Fantasy title.



Final Fantasy XV will be the first of the Final Fantasy main numbered series that is based on an action RPG,” explains Nomura. “Since we started using 3D graphics for Final Fantasy, we’ve often prepared pre-rendered movies for the custscenes; however, since the hardware has changed this time, we’ve been able to feasibly render such cutscenes for real-time [gameplay].”


“For this reason, you’ll have full control of your character even during highly dynamic scenes.”


Nomura elaborates, “For example, in the video we showed during E3, a Leviathan was going berserk in the town, as waterspouts were seen gushing from under water, while the protagonist was jumping around and fighting. Up until now, such scenes were always part of  Visual Works’ (Square Enix’s video production team) pre-rendered movies. This time, you’ll actually get to play it in real-time.”


The director then gives a little insight on what to expect from the battles of Final Fantasy XV.


“The concept of Final Fantasy XV’s battle system is to make it as seamless as possible, and being able to fight while switching characters according to various situations,” says Nomura. “Each character has their own strengths that can be used in a cooperative fashion, and even such scenes that depict the moments of cooperation that were pre-rendered up until now, will be shown in real-time.


One notable scene that was shown during the E3 trailer, depicted Noctis’ childhood friend Prompto Argentum helping out in the midst of combat.


“That scene was also rendered in real-time,” explains Nomura. “The battles put a lot of emphasis on the feeling of speed. Since it will be based on action, we’re doing as much as we can to lessen the moments players don’t have control. As enemies and allies run around, the pace of battles becomes faster, and fighting amidst the sense of reality is what I believe sets it apart from Final Fantasy titles up until now.”


While Final Fantasy XV will be quite different from any other traditional game of its series, what is it that makes it more like an actual Final Fantasy game?


Final Fantasy battles are about having numbers of HP and such, be displayed on the screen, which appears while hitting enemies or being hit by them,” Nomura feels. “Up until now, ‘looking at the displayed numerical values while thinking of your next actions’ was the flow of Final Fantasy battles, which will be inherited [in Final Fantasy XV]. If we didn’t keep that, I don’t think it would feel like a Final Fantasy. Thinking about numbers, along with action techniques. I don’t think there are any other games that feature such action type battle that combines the two.”


The interview then moves on to the subject of Final Fantasy XV’s story and what kind of world we can expect to explore.


“While the story of Final Fantasy XV is based on the world setting of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos, similar to Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0, unlike the two aforementioned titles, it will take place in an original world,” Nomura shares. He then adds that the story will be quite simple; the enemy nation steals a crystal and the protagonists will be retrieving it. Within that, there will be various interactions with other people, which will make it into a Final Fantasy-styled story.


It has been noted that cities of Final Fantasy XV have a European style to them. Nomura shares more regarding the comparison.


Final Fantasy XV’s them is ‘a fantasy based on reality,’ so we’ve used parts of the real world for the picture as a concept,” says the director. “Having the expansion of a fantasy amidst that is a big part of Final Fantasy XV. In order to realize such power of expression, I believed that it could only be done through something close to the hardware of the PlayStation 4.” [Note: This interview as posted on Sony’s PlayStation Community. FFXV is also in development for Xbox One.]


While on the subject of the next-generation console, Nomura is asked what stood out the most while developing Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4.


“From a developer’s point of a view, the most important part of a hardware is the memory,” answers Nomura. “The larger the memory is, the more you can push the limits.”


After being asked to elaborate more on what he means by “pushing the limits,” Nomura elaborates, “The more data you can store in memory, the less loading time there will be, along with the possibility of expanding a game on a much larger scale. As mentioned earlier, in order to depict many cut-scenes in real-time, it is dependant on the size of memory. Again, the number of character motions in battle, and the variety of weapons you can shift through will be high. In terms of having such features take up memory space, I believe that Final Fantasy XV is a perfect fit with the PlayStation 4.”


While it may seem like next-generation consoles will be making things much easier for developers, Nomura also talks about how it has also made things a little tougher.


“There was a Behemoth that appeared in the E3 trailer, well, we actually talked among staff members regarding that Behemoth’s facial expression.” says Nomura. “Up until now, we could get away with just having facial expressions for characters alone, but we’ve entered an era where we even have to work on the monsters’ facials. This means that we’ll have to put in much more detail than ever, from now on.”


Nomura is then asked if there will be any cross-play features between Final Fantasy XV with PlayStation Vita or smartphones.


“I’d really like to think about some something using mobile devices,” says Nomura. “The PlayStation 4’s ability to connect with external devices really fits today’s era, and it coincides with what we’re trying to do. I believe that nowadays, it is difficult to have someone sit in front of their home consoles for long periods of time, so I believe that we need to have something that allows them to enjoy the world of Final Fantasy XV, while they go out, as well.”


Finally, a message for fans from Tetsuya Nomura:


“Many years have gone by since we first introduced the name of Versus XIII, and because of that, I am aware of the very high expectations you all have for the game. In order to meet those expectations, we, the staff, are all doing our best. Please look forward to it.”


Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Lloyd Christmas

    Hrmm, anyone think this’ll be out within, say, the next two-three years?

    • NightzeroAX

      Summer-Fall 2015 calling it.

    • It’s off my radar so it can release whenever

    • Minos

      We will probably get FFXVI for iOS first,

    • Arcana Wiz

      in my opinion late 2015 japan, 2016 us. People on the internet are being optimistic with 2014 japan and 2015 us….. well cause XV release affect KHIII beggining of development… so yeah i cansee when KHIII will be released.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      That’s just being optimist. If we are realistic we’ll only have to wait until 2021


  • Let me just get this out there. I’m looking forward to FFXV. I think it looks like the most interesting numbered Final Fantasy that Square have made in some time. That having been said:

    “Since the hardware has changed this time, we’ve been able to feasibly render such cutscenes for real-time [gameplay].”

    God of War was doing this on the PS2 and PSP. Perhaps not on the same scale, but on the PSP nonetheless. And Capcom have been doing it with Monster Hunter on PSP and 3DS for years now. And Xenoblade was doing it on the Wii. And Shadow of the Colossus did it on PS2.

    All of this talk about how next-gen will make everyone’s hopes and dreams come true is honestly getting a little repetitive. I understand perfectly well that having more RAM is a great boon to any developer, and it’s awesome that the new consoles will finally have enough RAM to make them as easy to develop for as PCs.

    That said, we’re still talking strictly about visual improvements in this particular scenario. I’m disappointed that Nomura of all people would parrot the same things as everyone else. I expect more from the guy. Now, of course, he could simply be keeping things close to the chest, but I haven’t seen any comments about how the memory will give us a larger world, or a world that feels more alive. Just… visual improvements that sound like QTEs.

    • *applauds last paragraph*

      • It bothers me that people are seeing the next-gen consoles and thinking only “how much prettier can we make this?!” Sure, you can take action during the gameplay. Congrats.

        But the meat! What about the substance of the game?!

    • Mental

      I see your point. We haven’t seen any groundbreaking changes in gameplay that push the limits of the technology from any of the titles on next-gen systems so far.

      • Just to put this in perspective, I’ve seen more breath-taking stuff from the Tomb Raider reboot (that isn’t QTEs) on this generation of systems. It’s just a matter of choreography and making the most of your resources.

        I suspect the RAM upgrade with next-gen is primarily going to make it easier for developers to do the same things they have been so far, with less concerns about having to optimize. That’s great for them, but I suspect most devs aren’t going to use it for anything meaningful, which means we may never see the effects of it.

        I would imagine a lot will try to implement online features or asynchronous multiplayer or things along those lines, but I’m talking more about single-player-focused games here, primarily.

      • Minos

        Not even damn split screeen multi-player.

    • Odin

      That’s why when developers say that these consoles are “next-gen”, I laugh. Sure, they might raise the bar a little, but PCs have been beyond this coming gen for a while now.

      Using visuals as a bar means they don’t have much else to show for it. I think what Crytek said held true. When everyone else was dormant, they stepped up their game, “back” in 2007 with huge improvements graphically to their engine since then.

      The next logical step isn’t more polygons, it’s ray-tracing. Until then, I yawn.

      • Pretty much. I don’t think there’s much more one can do (or needs to do) beyond what games like Crysis or Tomb Raider or GTA have already achieved, visually. Sadly, very few people seem genuinely interested in using the extra power to create more engrossing worlds.

        That’s why I’m grateful for devs like Bethesda, Monolith Soft, Crystal Dynamics, Rocksteady and so on. With those studios, you’re guaranteed to see more exciting things when they make the shift to more powerful hardware.

        • Calintz YT

          God the amount of western dev asskissing is mindblowing. Just go to another site if you are so dissatisfied with the Japanese developers. And Bethesda just recycles the same goddamn formula.

          • Guest

            This is not a west vs. east deal, we should give props or criticisms where they’re due, this stagnation has been an industry tendency lately.

            And Monolith Soft is Tokyo-based.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            No they’re in Kyoto.

          • Guest

            Oops, thank you, I didn’t know sorry :P
            At least I got the country right! :V

          • They’re in both.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Their main team moved to Kyoto.

          • No, their main team still has its feet firmly planted in the ground in Tokyo. Their Kyoto studio is a second team being led up by Yasuyuki Honne.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            And where is Tetsuya?

          • Takahashi is in Tokyo, working on X.

          • Your Face

            The one who started it was a mod.

            Even this website is slowly shifting over to the Western game bias that dominates the joke that is the wider video game journalism industry.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Seriously man, mentioning Bestheda?

          • Ethan_Twain

            Like their products or not, one can HARDLY argue that Bethesda just uses hardware improvements to make their same formula prettier. Every major new open world Bethesda game increases the scale and intricacy of interactions between objects in their worlds by an order of magnitude. They are absolute wonders of engineering and push boundaries with every installment. They are NOT just doing the same thing with better graphics.

          • Zarx

            They also take away quite a few features to the games in exchange for said “intricacy of interactions.”

          • Ethan_Twain

            Totally. Their storytelling is terrible, their AI routines easily fooled into doing stupid things, and their leveling up systems actively discourage all but a select few paths to level up. Their combat kinda blows. But let’s jump back to the original quote: “With those studios, you’re guaranteed to see more exciting things when they make the shift to more powerful hardware.”

            When Bethesda makes their next big single player RPG for the new hardware, they are going to do new things that no other game has even TRIED to do before. They’re going to raise the bar in what’s possible to achieve creating an interactive sandbox that simulates a living breathing world… again. Bethesda is going to do things that are new and exciting on the new hardware that’s only possible because of the new hardware. Nomura speaks of doing things that have been done by others for a very long time as though only now it has become possible. Comparatively, it is not impressive.

          • Zarx

            Aye, so much missed opportunities with their games. At least most of them are easily modified to make them less….incomplete.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Bestheda’s always about doing something big though, but their work is some of the most inelegant roughwork I’ve ever touched.

          • Chiupon

            throw in some japanese mods to make the games look prettier and you’ll literally feel like you’re playing some super impressive JRPG.

            That’s how I make Bethesda games bearable. :I

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Hah, thats nothing, try modding your own voice recordings into the NPC’s voices while they go on with their dreariness

          • Chiupon

            throw in some japanese mods to make the games look prettier and you’ll literally feel like you’re playing some super impressive JRPG.

            That’s how I make Bethesda games bearable. :I

          • dam4rus

            Uhh, i can easily argue with that. Daggerfall has the biggest world map in the franchise and it’s released in 1996. Ever since then, the world map of the Elder Scrolls game are getting smaller and less varied and the graphics less impressive by the eras standard. Morrowind was the best looking game on the PC, easily surpassing FPSs and the first to use shaders and when i look at Skyrim i just feel: mehh. I really don’t get the hype for Bethesda games anymore. They are getting smaller, simplified and they are more buggy, than an ant hive. I’d rather put my hope in Monolith Soft to expand the open world design. Xenoblade had a much bigger and interesting world, than Oblivion or Skyrim and it’s released for the Wii, a console with 88 mb RAM.

          • Why do so many of our commenters have to be hipsters? Yes, I mentioned Bethesda. They make gigantic worlds like nobody’s business, that you can lose yourself in for hours. Are there compromises involved? Of course there are. Nobody’s perfect. But for the most part, they achieve what they set out to do.

            Jesus, I don’t get you lot sometimes. Mention a popular/western dev and everyone jumps on the Internet-hate bandwagon. This is why I don’t participate in discussions on here any more.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Oh Ishaan, Ishaan, you need to learn a thing or two about human nature. These devs work gets overhyped and underwhelm the many of the few. These hipsters as you so lovingly deem them find such a thing incorrigible. So of course they’ll act in such a way if they’re lacking in some societal discourse etiquette.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I would attribute most what you’re commenting on to the specific circumstances of the interview. Since the interview was being run by Sony, it was understood that Mr. Nomura was going to scratch their back a little by talking about how his game is a particularly good fit for the Playstation 4. But since very little about the game has been shown at this point, what’s he able to do? He can’t talk about how specific setpieces or transitions or character interactions are being made possible by the hardware, because we don’t know about those things yet.

      He can talk about how pretty the game is though. That has been made widely evident.

      So maybe the game does do some things that are more specific to the hardware, this interview doesn’t preclude that. I personally wouldn’t bet on it… but that’s just because of a wider skepticism of Square Enix Japan. If this game is doing new and impressive things that we don’t know about, this isn’t where they would tell us about them.

      • The problem is, they were fairly talkative during E3, and even then, all we heard about was the fancy graphics and the new battle system. I fully understand that this interview was supervised by Sony (which is why we made it a point to point out the Xbox One version when one line up there made it sound like it was PS4-only), but Versus has been in development six years. They need to have something to show for it, and so far, they kind of… don’t.

        edit: Adding a bit more.

        I think my thoughts are also influenced by the fact that it’s Nomura. Were this Toriyama, I would fully expect inane comments that were completely out of touch with reality. But Nomura has his head screwed on really, really tight. Regardless of what hardware he’s working on, he’s never made a “bad” game in my opinion, all the way from Kingdom Hearts 358 on Nintendo DS to KH2 on PS2. Nomura makes the most of what he has, always.

        That’s why I guess I’m a little disappointed to see him behaving the way everyone else on Square’s main Final Fantasy team does. Like they’re just now discovering the wonders of technology that everyone else been privy to for the last ten years.

        • Ethan_Twain

          Wait… somebody ELSE liked Kingdom Hearts 358? I thought I was alone in this world. At least I’m pretty confident I’m still the only one who really likes GBA Chain of Memories.

          But on topic: maybe this is just an extension of the long standing struggles of the JRPG genre and big name franchises in particular to use technology to evolve structurally. This game moves Final Fantasy “forward” in completely removing turn based or ATB abstractions in combat. Those systems designed to simulate complex combat in a way that simply couldn’t be done in real time on the hardware of the era. But now we can handle all those spells and swords and items all at once without ever needing to segment things into their own turn slots. That’s progress.

          And even just in this thread there’s a reactionary group that feels like this is straying too far from what defines Final Fantasy. If just transitioning away from an artificial turn structure to regiment combat is divisive, what can Square Enix even DO? It seems that the rigid definitions of “this is JRPG, this is Final Fantasy” themselves limit what can be done with the new tech.

          Maybe you called it. Nomura doesn’t normally talk like this, but now that he’s making Final Fantasy he has to. Has Mr. Toriyama worked on non Final Fantasy titles? I would be interested to see if his work outside of the big IP differs much from his FF work in a similar way.

          • I love 358/2. It’s my favourite game in the series after KH2. It felt like its own story, and I loved the mission-based structure and the Keyblade customization. It was one of those perfect portable games.

            As for them seeing this as some sort of big step forward for JRPGs… I don’t know if I buy that, to be honest. We live in a post-Xenoblade world now. That game got combat (in terms of complexity), scale, story and cinematics all down very well. People have certain expectations about the scope of their RPGs now. Expectations that, thus far, very few companies have matched or can realistically match.

            Square is one of the companies that could potentially do it, but aren’t showing any indication of whether they will or not.

            As for Toriyama… everything he’s touched has been a disaster of late. Look up The 3rd Birthday. It’s an amazing little shooter with the most horrid story, and you can attribute the story part entirely to Toriyama.

          • SoundMatch

            Thats cool! Funny thing is I bought 1.5 just to watch 358/2 days. Honestly if they made an HD of that game with everything that would of been a good enough purchase for me.

          • IvanAzure

            Just so you stop thinking you’re the only one who really likes CoM, I think I should say my favorite game in the series is Chain of Memories. It’s usually the topic of heated discussions with my friends, who prefer KH2. xD

            Oh, and despite having some issues with 358/2 Days (mainly just random hate because of Roxas’ “Who am I going to have Ice Cream with?”), I can’t say I didn’t love it. :P

    • xavier axol

      I tend to be more positive with next gen. if you see all those launch game titles that came out for the 360 and ps3, you would had question if those game were next gen. remember that third and first party won’t just release triple A titles expecting profits with such a small install base.

      to your point about the graphics, I could give you the benefits of the doubt and expect not much there. but next gen won’t just be about graphics, the fact that we could see improvements on AI, sound quality, and being able to render open world game bigger than skyrim or GTAV without suffering framerates is a huge step forward if it could be achievable.

      another important aspect about next gen is the ease of development, things like frostbite3, unreal3, and others where created to make development time shorter as well as help with the raising cost of development. so if you are right and there won’t be much improvement on graphics, I believe that developers will try to come out with more creative ideas or at least improvement on those that were not fully implemented on this gen.

      lastly, I couldn’t be any more excited for next gen. after all I’m confident that the developer will wow me like they did with this gen, having played reddeadredemption, masseffect, uncharted, thelastofus , batmanArkham City, metalgearsolid4 and many more. I just can’t be negative, ishaan.

      • I’m not saying significant strides haven’t been made this generation. In fact, that was precisely my point. We’ve seen strides made this generation, and here’s a developer (or several developers, rather) acting like we’re going to be seeing these things for the first time ever.

        • xavier axol

          actually, what I was trying to say is that we could potentially make those strides this up coming generation. you just have to be patient, with excitement comes expectation and i’m sure that where will be several developers that could potentially wow you too. that’s why people are hopeful

          • As I said, I expect great things from certain studios and not-so-great things from others. Where Square Enix falls on that chart remains to be seen, but I’m 100% willing to give Nomura the benefit of the doubt. He’s more than earned it.

          • xavier axol

            yeah I can see not all developers doing great things, somehow I see this industry have become bigger and there’s bound to be a few not so great developers.

            and about FFXV, I trust Nomura will do great things. I just hope square enix don’t intervene on what ever ideas nomura comes out with, seen how important this could be for square enix. there will probable be no room for much wild ideas

    • Tiredman

      Like you, I am cautiously optimistic. I will likely pick up this game, even though I won’t have a ps4 at the time it comes out, and I think I will let this game decide if I am finally done with Squeenix. They have tarnished so many of my favorite Square franchises, that it is hard to give them another chance, but since all it entails is me buying a game, I guess one more purchase in their pocket from me isn’t a huge deal.

      I also agree, I am tired of hearing graphics, graphics, graphics. Flash and graphics are where Squeenix started going wrong after the Enix merger. More graphics and flash started appearing in games and gameplay, while interesting, started feeling like it was taking a back seat to graphics and flash, and the storyline……….storylines have been going to hell in a handbasket, as the phrase goes.

      • Your Face

        They were emphasizing graphics and flash before merging with Enix, but don’t let reality stop you from advancing the narrative you cling to.

      • LightZero

        FF always been about graphics. FF1 was the best looking game of its time. FF7 was praised for its graphic at the time even though now laughable. Story is a subjective thing. I find the story to average as a whole for the series. There are a few that are above average like FF9 or is a masterpiece like FFT but that’s about it.

        • Tiredman

          Thats something I would have to disagree with you on. FF’s didn’t really push graphics as much as they tested new ideas. Their interest was in telling a story using graphics, not making a very pretty game and then adding everything else on top of it. Yes, this doesn’t hold true for the first few Final Fantasies, but starting around 4, the graphics were also a product of the story, and not the other way around.

          A few examples. One is the ghost train and water tunnel areas of FF 3/6. Those areas didn’t really look the absolute best, but the way they were portrayed, with the effects and fighting while going down those water tunnels….they gave the section a much more serious and enjoyable vibe. Something FF 2/4 and 3/6 did that really changed how you viewed the graphics was music. FF 4 used music to emphasize and make a scene that could of been “blah, blah blah, somebody dies, blah blah blah” and gave the scenes impact. FF 6’s Opera House is one of the coolest tricks I have honestly ever seen Square (not calling this squeenix as squeenix doesnt have the creativity to do this) do. They didn’t have awesome graphics, they had atmosphere, and they used words on the screen along with the music to make it seem like you could hear the words coming out of the characters mouths.

          As for FF 7, well, I feel that game, even if the graphics are very gritty nowadays, is still a great testament to what Square used to be. It was imaginative, creative, and above all else, enjoyable and intriguing. It did this with different camera ranges from close up to far away, with atmospheric story telling like Sephiroth surrounded by flames in that one town. Also they used the new 3d models to allow things such as arm waving to allow more emotion to show. This is the type of graphics I appreciate, but just making stuff prettier because you can, and then realizing you don’t have enough time to really flesh out the rest, well, I don’t respect that much.

          I am 34 years old. I played the first Final Fantasy when it first came out, then FF 2/4, then 3/6, then 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12, and lastly 13. I own them all too, including the collections that have FF 2 or 3, and 5 on them. I have played all the original rpg’s and their sequels and all the games that weren’t deemed good enough for sequels, like Paladins Quest, Tecmo Secret of the Stars, Destiny of an Emperor, Inindo, Robotrek, and so many more. This is just my opinion from that background.

          • I couldn’t have said any of this better myself. I’m 26, and I feel like such few RPGs these days are aimed at me any more.

            Atlus and Nintendo are pretty much the only two Japanese developers that still create RPGs that don’t treat me like a teenager, with the occasional RPG from Square (Bravely Default or Dragon Quest) joining that lineup.

            Everything else feels like it’s either aimed at the otaku market or at teenagers (or both). Final Fantasy has remained squarely within the realm of teenage angst with the Fabula Nova games.

    • LaserVision

      You forgot to add that Mega Man Legends did its (very charming) cutscenes in-engine on the PS1 too.

      I agree. I think it’s stupid that all the hype, the brain-dead message board battles when it was a PS3 exclusive, all the complaining the past 7 years have been based on the game looks. Unfortunately the FFXV team is feeding into that.

      We barely know anything about this game and it’ possible FFXV could even receive more backlash than it’s cousin/sister FFXIII if it doesn’t play well.

      I guess on the plus side, we can now confirm that Bro-Hug will a combination attack in the game.

    • Guest

      Good for you to have a game you can enjoy waiting for. unfortunately it’s the worst looking numbered Final Fantasy I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m waiting for FF16 and hope someone else will direct it.

    • Guest

      Good for you to have a game you can enjoy waiting for. unfortunately it’s the worst looking numbered Final Fantasy I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m waiting for FF16 and hope someone else will direct it.

    • BlahBlahBlee

      I think you’re misconstruing what it is that he means. He’s not stating that video games are just now capable of having in-game cutscenes but that this generation allows for in-game fidelity to be on par with what would traditionally be considered Square Enix Visual Works cinema. Can you really think he’s that ignorant of the medium?

      Secondly, in the above paragraph, he states that not only is the additional memory used for improving said graphics, but also “less loading time there will be, along with the possibility of expanding a game on a much larger scale.” So, this is talking about providing a larger world, not simply just visual improvements. You, of course, have the right to be offended about anything, but, given what has already been said about the game, it’s a bit of reach to think that he means that the opportunities of the next generation is limited only to visuals.

      • He’s not stating that video games are just now capable of having in-game cutscenes but that this generation allows for in-game fidelity to be on par with what would traditionally be considered Square Enix Visual Works cinema. Can you really think he’s that ignorant of the medium?

        They said the exact same thing about Final Fantasy XIII and they pulled it off, too. Even within Square Enix, this is certainly not the first time this is happening.

        …along with the possibility of expanding a game on a much larger scale.

        The problem is, this is such a vague comment, it could mean anything from more enemies on screen to other things, like the weapon-switching example he used.

        • BlahBlahBlee

          Another point of consideration is that cinematics were used as a tool to illustrate scenes that were not only outside the graphical limitations of a title but also sequences that existed outside of the control scheme. (For FF’s that is) With this new, expanded, action-oriented title, the team has a new opportunity for the player to directly control the crazy bits that do not fit into the coordinated confines of a turn-based battle. So, as he says in the interview, it’s also a matter of control schema as well as a point of consistent visual fidelity.

          • Oh, I understand what he was getting at. My concerns are two-fold:

            1. “Features that exist outside the control scheme” have been done in plenty of games for several years on weaker hardware, including Nomura’s own Kingdom Hearts games.

            2. Such features don’t necessarily increase the meatiness of the game.

            I feel there are certain expectations that high-profile RPGs need to live up to these days and having a large world to explore and a great deal of things to do.

            Thus far, they’ve talked about all sorts of enhancements, but they haven’t really talked about how they’re going to use the better hardware to do things that they’ve largely failed to do in the PS3/360 generation.

    • mixedfish

      “God of War was doing this on the PS2 and PSP. Perhaps not on the same scale, but …”

      You’re reacting on a misinterpretation of his words. I’m sure he knows that ‘dynamic’ cut-scenes are not new, FFXIII already does this several times over. What he means is that with new hardware they can render real-time visuals that are satisfactory and reasonably on par with FF cut-scenes (which objectively have always been impressive). This is quite a big step for FF since traditionally there has always been a wide graphical disparity been gameplay and graphics, giving the feeling you are either playing or watching.

      Nothing wrong with his words, it’s expected.

    • enorka miho

      I will say.. let Nomura do whatever he wants.. Because, so far… All of his KH games have had solid , interesting and confusing plot.. But great character development… KH:BBS is the best example.. I am sold just for that..

      So, As long as the gameplay is good.. I am fine.. No complains from me.. And if they are confident enough only in the graphic department.. Fine by me..Because, well, I do not know about others, stories has always been the major attraction for the series and gameplay is a compliment.. I really do not want SE to be another western developers who delve too deep into mechanics and forget to put in magic only FF can do since SE is so big and issues don’t resolve fast enough.. But, do not get me wrong, i love western games as well.. Just that they lack something.. So yea.. i miss a good FF plot with good human..

  • Pyrotek85

    That behemoth looks amazing, always been one of my favorite monsters from the series.

  • angelx03

    So what about Stella?!! What kind of role is she playing? God I wish they confirm if she’s playable or not.

  • Freya2012

    I am so looking forward for this game. An action RPG? Hell yeah!

  • Masa

    game looks phenomenal! so excited.
    I just hope it lives up to the hype unlike FFXIII and its awful sequels.

    • Arcana Wiz

      …. XIII wans’t so bad, but tastes asides, you know that XV will follow the same pattern right? they already announced that there will be sequels, in the plural.

  • Minos

    “Final Fantasy XV will be the first of the Final Fantasy main numbered series that is based on an action RPG,”


    That is all I read and wanted to know and the final nail on the coffin. I will stick to Atlus and Nippon Icchi from now on.

    Thanks Square, thanks Enix, it was funny while it lasted.


    Oh well this conversation entertaned me for 1/2 hour, time to go to sleep. Don’t mind replying, I will probably forget about this for tomorrow.

    • Nanaki

      Why would you nail yourself into a coffin? That’s just silly.

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      It’s been an action RPG ever since it was known as Versus XIII back in 2006…Your comment is 7 years too late

      • Minos


        It was an Spin Off at the time, just like FF Tactics is.

        Now is part of the main series, so I can complain all I like.

        • Go ahead and complain all you like, but it’s not going to amount to anything. Square-Enix developers most likely don’t come here to look for feedback. They can’t just keep remaking the same gameplay over and over again if they want this series to stay relevant.

          • Minos

            There are tons of series what do it and stay relevant.

          • Calintz YT

            Yeah, juts like Call of Duty and GTA…oh wait.

        • OathkeeperSoraXIII

          Wrong. Nomura stated many times in very early interviews about Versus XIII that it should be looked at as a main game. The only logical reason at the time they didn’t name it FFXV then is because it followed the same mythos as FFXIII. Having ‘XIII’ in the title made it easier to identify that it was part of the same mythos.

          • Minos

            I don’t care.

            Wanna threat it as a Main entry,name it like one.

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            …they have…

          • Minos

            Just resently, not when Nomura said it should be treated as a main part.

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            C’mon dude use your brain. FFXIII wasn’t even released back then why would they change the name to FFXV when XIII hadn’t released yet. I think you’ll find they were saying main ‘Numbered’ game. Just because a game doesn’t have a number doesn’t mean it’s not a main game. I pray you never pick the Kingdom Hearts games up, christ you won’t understand their titling system at all. Birth By Sleep for example one of the most important games of the series. Just because it doesn’t have a number doesn’t mean it’s not a main game.

            Basically your logic is
            “Hell yeah Versus XIII looks pretty damn awesome!”
            -name change-
            “WTF this isn’t Final Fantasy any more! What a joke! T_T”

          • Minos

            I never cared about VsXIII to beging with so I never thought it was awesome.

            I also hate Disney to the core so I never touched KH.

            Besides, I constantly make fun of KH’s naming.

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            So if you don’t care about it or never did, why the hell are you here? Riddle me that batman.

          • Minos


            I made a simple declaration and all the Squenix Army jumped at me for not thinking like them.

            Besides, I am bored.

    • Arcana Wiz

      well, they are experementing, i see that you use a FFVI avatar, when they experimented a lot of changes in the series, like no levels, espers, magicite, kefka, lot of characters….. think this way, if they never tried new things you wouldn’t have FFVI.

      In truth since their origins square tries new things see the first six games totally diferent, BUT yes i can see that their quality in the past gen wasn’t great, but if they return to the confortable zone and stop in time they will die, so yes they to try to innovate, but i agree that they are trying too much in some things (graphics and etc.) so i think they should try to balance things.

      And i have to remember that this was to be a spin off, they probably turned a main instalment last year or the year before, so things were already made, and were sucking much money, they were going to make sequels… so what the sequels were going to be called VXIII-2 Stella side? No they had to get rid of XIII, which already have two sequels, and putting a XV guaranted some sales and being sequels of a main game it would be more justificable.

      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        This game was never going to be a spin-off. It shared the ‘XIII’ in the title because it’s part of the XIII series’ mythology- ‘Fabula Nova Crystallis’. not because it was a spin off, same goes for Type-0 (Agito XIII)

        • Arcana Wiz

          that is considered a spin off…. i-XIII main titles, whatever have final fantasy on the title and isn’t a main title game is considered a spin off….. Not of XIII but of the franchise.
          Like with Nayuta and Trails series
          Like with the first persona games
          Like with prinny and disgaea….

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            So when Nomura said in early interviews the game should be looked at as a main game we should overrule the developer and still look at it as a spin off despite being told otherwise? I don’t think so. I don’t think you’re understanding that the games aside from having XIII in the title and having the same mythos to go by, have absolutely nothing in common. They don’t share characters or locations. The only thing the same is the lore and even that will be told differently. Example. Dirge of Cerberus is already part of the existing FF7 world. THAT is a spin off from FF7. What would Versus XIII have been a spin off from? Yeah…

          • Arcana Wiz

            lol you’re overreacting nomura said that we shouldn’t look it as a spin off cause by definition… it’s a spin off! it’s like a dev says that X game shouldn’t be considered a Y genre, but a new genre, but at the end it’s of the genre.
            And before attacking me, i’m calmly just saying that by definition Versus XIII was going to be a spin off, in the ultimania it would be together with the spin offs, in the wikia it would be together in the spin offs, and by a dictionary definition it’s a spin off. But i never said that spin offs are bad or have requires less work than a main title, this is a sterotype, and when nomura said that it wasn’t to be considered a spin off he was saying to not be considered a part of XIII, it was to be considered a series of it’s own, but sadly i backed by the definition off spin offs, still think that it’s a spin off,

          • Arcana Wiz

            oh and trails of nayuta have much less elements in common with trails in the sky than FFversus had with FFXIII, but it’s considered a spin off.

          • Arcana Wiz

            edit never mind.

          • Arcana Wiz

            ignore this reply i read it wrong, please only read the bottom one.

      • Minos

        There is a difference between “Trying new things” and changing the gender all together. I woulnd’t mind if it was an Spin Off, just like I don’t mind Dirge of Cerberus exist.

        But Dirge of Cerberus is not FFX.

        • Arcana Wiz

          i know, this is where it falls to balance things, i too agree that they are trying to change some things that shouldn’t be, but i’m saying that it was planned to be this way 7 years ago, and it only got renamed cause of marketing. So i dont think this title represent the future of FF.

          • Minos

            I hope so.

    • Lynx

      Aside from this knowledge being known since ’06?

      If it wasn’t the nail in the coffin then, it won’t be now.

      • Minos

        “Final Fantasy XV will be the first of the Final Fantasy MAIN numbered series that is based on an action RPG”

        It wasn’t a MAIN on 06.

        • Lynx

          Your point?

          Said knowledge was still around in 06.

          • Minos

            VsXIII was an ARPG, they could have changed the system along with the name.

            But, instead of that they just changed the Game’s name.

            What does this tells me?

            They don’t trust the game, they don’t trust it would sell on its own so they change the name as a markething strategy.

            Why should I trust the game if its creator doesn’t?

          • Lynx

            -They don’t trust the game, they don’t trust it would sell on its own so they change the name as a markething strategy.

            Oh, boo hoo.

            Given the fact that it was originally announced in 06 and has spent roughly half the time in dev, you don’t think it would be changed to a main title?

            Did you complain about XII being an ARPG too?

          • Minos

            Actually, I was sure they would cancel the game and re-use the assets.

            But just changing the name…. I thought at the time “Not even Squenix could fall that low”.

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            They can delay the game for decades, change the characters’ designs, add another platform, change the game over mechanics, tell me to be excited…. but changing the title… that just makes me sick.

          • Minos

            Correct actually.

            The human mind is interesting.

          • I’m really confused here.

            Are you angry because Versus XIII became XV?

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            No, just testing. Damn, I’m really good.

          • Aw crap, did I get trolled?

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            Don’t worry, sarcasm is hard to understand online when it is only written

          • I KNEW IT!!

            I had the feeling sitting in the back of my mind, but I wasn’t sure. LOL you got me.

          • Arcana Wiz

            no just didn’t read the sacarsm in the comment, it is hard to get used, he was making fun of those complaints.

          • Yeah, I had that feeling, lol I fell for it

          • Kaitsu

            I’m really not understanding what exactly is wrong here. You’re not saying this will be a horrible game, you’re just spewing random shit nobody cares about as a way to say SE can’t be trusted anymore.

          • Minos

            I am just replaying all the crybabies/hive minded who can’t take some criticism.

            Besides I demand you to tell me when did I said the game is gonna be “Horrible”.

            Who knows?

            Maybe it will be the best game of forever.

            I just don’t trust the philosophy behind it.

          • Anime10121

            Criticism is one thing, but random shit that’s not even true is another…

            Also, to note, the only one that sounds like their “crying” is you, everyone else is basically just calling you out on how feeble minded your views are…

          • Minos

            Now I demand you to tell me when I lied.

          • He didn’t say you lied, he said that you were saying untrue things.

            You may have believed them to be truth, but they were false.

          • Minos

            Pray tell, tell me when I did that then.

          • Well, it’ll take some time since I’m just reading through this whole discussion…

          • Minos

            I don’t see why, its quite boring anf full of assumptions.

          • Exactly. I’m not trying to bash you, but it seems you’ve made a hefty amount of your own assumptions about Square. That along with the fact that you couldn’t have been too happy with the last few numbered games, you’re already unhappy with Square and are prepared to move on.

            But it’s those assumptions you made that started the argument in the first place. You did make some pretty bold ones, and surely the so-called “SquareEnix Army” did as well, however less bold.

            Fact is, you’re done with SE, but your reasons are pretty weightless.

            I could be wrong on all this– but it’s just my opinion and that’s what Disqus is for. This is why I find these discussions interesting.

          • Minos

            Yet, nobody can point why they are “Weightless” or “Not True”.

            Besides, I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are a lot of people who are mad at Squenix. I am actually quite moderated. I don’t use foul languaje nor have said the game will be bad for example.

            All I am saying is that I don’t trust them.

          • ” I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are a lot of people who are mad at Squenix”

            I use the Internet /GameFAQS. I know all too well of the angry, insatiable group of gamers who love spouting their reasons for hating a company including SE, yet still lurk around their boards and follow information. It’s annoying.

            And you never said anything false or true– you made wild assumptions– comparing Noctis to the Devil Bringer/ Assassin’s Creed DMC4. You’re assuming that Square distrusts the VSXIII and called it the reason for rebranding.

            In short, you kinda bashed the whole game and SE without saying plainly that it sucked, and all through subjective opinion. Nobody can disclaim your thoughts because their IS no true or false, just opinions so wild they might as well BE false. That’s where it began.

          • Ferrick

            criticism ? so far, everything you’ve said sounds more like an angry tantrum more than criticism

        • Anime10121

          But it was at E3…

          • Minos

            We saw nothing at the E3 video, just a guy jumping here and there and never figthing… I think.

            It was so uninteresting that I can’t remember much of it.

          • Anime10121

            Wut? We saw an entire 4 minute nothing but gameplay trailer… you may need to look it up on youtube to make sure you’re bashing the right game…uninteresting is hardly what I’d call that gameplay.

            (and just to note, I’m not the one who downvoted you, dont want you to rage at me for it)

          • Minos

            I just saw it again actually, looks like Ass Creed fused with Devil May Cry 4.

            I hate Ass Creed.

          • Curan_Altea

            I honestly don’t see the Assassin’s Creed but w/e
            You’re entitled to your opinions.
            Not that I agree with them.

          • Minos

            When I say “Ass Creed” I mean a guy jumping on roofs. and using parkour.

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            That’s pretty badass actually.

          • Anime10121



            U serious?

            Assassins Creed I can understand, but ANYTHING (especially an rpg) comparable to Devil May Cry 4 in combat is far more complement than insult…

          • Minos

            Devil Bringer.

            The main charater from this FF has a similar mechanic.

            I haven’t seen the full extend of the combat.

          • Anime10121

            …And the Devil bringer was a great addition to the franchise!

            And actually please explain to me where Noctis ever stretches his arm out 10ft to grab an enemy and bring it to him to attack it, cuz I’m not seeing this “similar mechanic”.

          • Minos

            He extends his arm constantly and inmediatly proyects himself to a distant location, the movement is quite fast and there is no “Phantom Arm” animation.

            But it is escentially the same thing.

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            …Hasn’t he been doing that since the Versus trailers when we first saw Noctis murdering a group of soldiers? Heck, a friend once told me he first saw the Devil Bringer in The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge. Does that mean Devil May Cry went Jack Skellington?

          • Minos

            I am not complaining about the Devil Bringer, it was just an obcervation.

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            Then why so rustled about looking FF15 looking like DMC4?

          • Minos

            I didn’t.

            I complained about Ass Creed.

        • Redichi24

          Seriously! What the hell do you know about this game? From my perspective, you know so little or your just a hater.

    • Starlord

      Final nail? I think you got the wrong game. Just because it’s an Action RPG, doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad. In fact it’s a welcoming change in my book!

    • Mental

      With the way your comment sounds, I’m surprised you didn’t ditch FF when XI was announced.

    • Wappuli

      And this is why I thought that renaming it to be a part of main series instead of keeping it as a spin-of was a bad idea, I’m sure there will be many more like Minos who have similar issues with the new name.

  • Zangetsu777

    90% of this interview is stuff Nomura has said already.

  • Distant_arcana

    Well judging by the fact that this game has been in development for over 6 years I doubt they’ll make us wait 2 or more years for the game release to be announced. At the same time it could mean they’re nowhere near done if they cant even supply a release window.

    All I can say is that the more they make us wait the higher the expectations become.

    • EX+

      I think they’re well underway. Remember when they said that they were going to make sequels mainly because of when they’re releasing it?
      Not to mention the E3 presentation looked so advanced it was crazy.
      I think the only real reason we’re not seeing this game at TGS is because of LR and FFXIV, mainly LR. I think SE knows that if they show off FFXV alongside LR at the biggest gaming event in Japan, FFXV will steal the show 3 times over. I think we’ll definitely see a new trailer at Jump Festa. And after LR comes out, I think we’re gonna get a lot of FFXV news. Plus, KH3 is gonna be at the D23 expo, so that’ll keep me cool for a while.
      I’m not really worried and I have faith in Nomura.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Yeah, true. Afterall, they said Lightning Returns will be the last Final Fantasy for the current gen. So I’m sure XV will be here soon.

      • Distant_arcana

        Yeah I think they’re probably going to announce a release date or window at E3 2014.

  • Zero

    “The concept of Final Fantasy XV’s battle system is to make it as seamless as possible”. That already has me sold (not that the gameplay already didn’t haha) butt I’m tired of games stopping gameplay and doing a “up close camera view” of your special and “essentially” stopping the flow of combat (Dragon Ball games are a perfect example). Seamless combat is what I feel all multiplayer (4+ players) fighting games need. Although zooming in during certain parts is good though on a 1 on 1 fighting game (Guilty Gear Xd perfect example).

    I like turned based, don’t get me wrong butt i like action based more u know. I don’t want to have to wait to hit u or for u to hit me haha.

    • PreyMantis

      Yeah… You need to play more games…

      • Zero

        Haha i play a wide variety actually. Every dbz tenkaichi/budokai/raging blast series, street fighter series, tekken seires, naruto CoN (japs one to)/ultimate ninja/storm/broken bond, DmC, MvC, Metal Gear Solid (and Rising), Deadpool, Tales of series, Star Ocean series, FF (of course haha), battlefeild, CoD (not excited for any btw, my fav was WaW), GoW (Gears of War, GoW (God of War), The last of Us, Infamous, Super Smash Bros series, Mario and Mario Party games (new and old), Sonic games (new and old), Star Fox, blazblue series, giulty gea series, Phantasy Star, Monster Hunter, LoZ, Metriod, Catherine, Dead Rising (hyped for the new one), castle crashers, halo series, dead island, scott pilgrim, GTA, spider man, batman arkham series, injustice, motal kombat and any cross over game…..that’s jus off the top of my head haha.

        I can’t wait for J Stars VS, DBZ Battle of Z, KH3, FF15 (of course haha), Dying Light, Destiny, BF4, the crew and much more!

        Note: I think i play enough games haha.

        • Bobby Jennings

          I think you play a lot of games too. Also I’m waiting for J Stars VS too! Did you see the gameplay yesterday?!

          • Zero

            Yes! And they confirmed local multiplayer! The rivals (Sasuke being my fav Naruto character)! Yusuke demon mode, nauto new bijuu mode, The stages are huge to. This game is doing everything a cross over should do. I jus hope there are at “least” have 4 characters per series (2 good, 2 bad).

            Now just confirm beezlebub, hitman reborn, bobobo, jojo, saint seiya, shaman king and yu-gi-oh (I can see them being playable charaters). Although i’m hoping they add blue exorcist. If there are 2 characters per series then there’ll be like 26 characters total (which is fine with me).

            Support only like death note, sports mangas and etc.

            Note: I hope they put EMS Sasuke in there butt the trailer suggest it’s the one from his fight with Danzou.

          • Bobby Jennings

            It looks like it’s the latest Sasuke. Not sure though. Wouldn’t make sense to have the latest Naruto, but no Sasuke.

          • Zero

            They only showed his MS in the trailer (according to storm 3, his EMS is with his jacket zipped up). Butt I hope I’m COMPLETELY wrong though.

            Them putting in bijuu mode Naruto solely depends on win they started development and what time they started on those characters (for ex Naruto was in that mode at the beginning of the yr and sasukes EMS want revealed yet….if they’re going by the manga).

            Like I said b4, I hope I’m COMPLETELY wrong.

  • Shady Shariest

    Welll… As a learning process i will be playing the “Lightning Saga” trough, then :3

    • Anime10121

      Have fun! The first game starts off slow, but the second blew it outta the water to become one of my favorite entries in the series! The third is looking to top that :D

      • Shady Shariest

        Yeah, i’ll keep that in mind :3
        (Beside Dissidia’s i have yet to play FF’s… The old ones… Too slow… :3)

        • Anime10121

          Not a fan of oldschool turn based combat huh?

          • Shady Shariest

            Yeah, not the old-old school… I am a massive Disgaea fan :3

            It’s most often the random encounters that put me off… Walking three steps and getting attacked is not fun, and ruins any story possible :/ (Also other “Beauty” marks the games being from that era had on them)

            *Shields Prinnself from old FF-fans still lurking*
            (Sorry for late answering, haven’t had a Disqus site open .3)

  • Redichi24

    Here’s the TGS 2013 trailer for Final Fantasy XV with English subtitles:

  • $61526767

    “Please look forward to it” Oh i can’t wait a little longer.. just not 2-3 more years. Probably will come out in 2015 or somewhere 2016. By then, I will be busy playing other games. Anyway, I do expect this game to blow away my mind. Already loving the characters, especially Ignis!

    • EX+

      Definitely early 2015. I wouldn’t worry if I were you. :D
      Ignis looks badass! I am interested in Cor Leonis and Prompto though. Can’t wait to see how they play!

      • $61526767

        Yeah.. that is the most definite year that this game will be released. As they continue more improvements.. I shall be satisfied. Then again, this game always give me goosebumps whenever they announce a new trailer.

  • Notquitesure?

    I just want to see ultimate attacks/limit breaks that “push the limits”

    • EX+

      I think those are called EX Arts.

      • Notquitesure?

        Is that official for this game?

        • EX+

          I dunno if it’s official for FFXV, but remember the 2011 FFV13 trailer? And the UI said EX Arts?

  • enorka miho

    I am not going to be critical on them for now.. Also, people are way too obsessed with the word next gen… Just, let the guy do whatever he wants and we shall see..

    And, I do know what people enjoy the most in Final Fantasy games.. To me, it had always been the story, the characters and their interaction between the characters.. It is True that they made some new things for the gameplay, but I will not expect those things all the time because it does not always work…

    So, If, Nomura is trying to convey something storywise through this game, then yea, by all means they can go for something safe, but fun and enjoyable as long as their plot is solid.. Also, Nomura’s strength is always on story telling and character designs.. I am sure most of the people who enjoys Final Fantasy like KH as well.. I mean, KH has never really let the fans down for the past years in terms of characters and plot.. No doubt, there are loop holes here and there- which I think KH:BBS sort of tie things up a little bit-.. Still, it is very very enjoyable despite the fact that the gameplays has only been improvement over the older ones.. I really do not want them to compromise the plot just for the sake of being innovative gameplay wise.. And Lets face it, SE can only do either one of them at this point.. We really missed a good FF for almost a decade..

    Thing is I am not about to let FF die.. Atleast not for now..Because I really need a game that talks about friendship… About family and anything human.. Good human.. Something basic which most of the western developers never really incorporate.. As much as I enjoy them I can’t shake off the fact that it is all about how bad arse they are after they survive the whole ordeal.. Even if they do have those things.. It just feel very different than the magic the japanese developers can give..

    Anyway, It is just sad that Gamers these days are all fascinated more and more by how good a game plays or how cool the stories are… Nonetheless, It is fine most of the time, but atleast give some leeway to other games that tries to tell interesting stories with good moral values..


    ” Please look forward to it”
    I’m getting tired of this phrase

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Then, “Please, be excited!”?

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Then, “Please, be excited!”?

  • French

    Next gen is wee wee

  • Jirin

    I’ll certainly play it before I judge. I like the idea of having control during story situations. They tried that with Infinite Undiscovery, maybe Final Fantasy can do it more successfully.

    But I would argue that another integral part of Final Fantasy is having full control over your entire party’s actions. It’s sounding like you’re going to have to rely on AI like in Tales/Star Ocean games. Either that or end up in auto-attack hell like Xenoblade.

    • Fly Guy Johnny Bravo

      To be fair, that’s exactly what happened with FFXIII @[email protected]

  • l777l

    The essence of Final Fantasy: It displays numbers.

  • Steven Higgins

    “Please look forward to it”
    2040 release date confirmed!

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