If You’re Looking Forward To The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC Watch This

By Spencer . September 20, 2013 . 4:23pm

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is the latest RPG epic from Trails in the Sky developer Falcom. This game has a Persona vibe too it since the characters attend Thors Academy and Falcom wove high school life into the game. Players can spend time sparring or on schoolwork and you might want to study since there are pop quizzes.


Want to know more? Here’s an overview of Trails in the Flash which is scheduled to come out in Japan for PS3 and Vita on September 26.

  • TheExile285

    I’m guessing this is for importers since the West may never get this far in the series….

    Man, TitF looks good. Need to stop being lazy and learn Japanese….

  • MoriyaMug

    You guys need to stop calling it that. It has no English title. :P

    • Dat Walrus

      That doesn’t mean the translation they’re using is any less valid. It seems like a pretty accurate translation to me :/

      • dis be gud

        Unfortunately, no. This English name looks like something you would get through Google Translate. Not to mention that it doesn’t make sense at all. Trails IN The Sky only worked because of the context. People need to stop carrying the ‘in The’ from TiTS to other games of the Kiseki series. Trails in The Zero doesn’t make sense, Trails in The Azure doesn’t make sense, and certainly not Trails in The Flash or Trails in The Nayuta (this one is an example, not sure if people are actually calling it that). There are many ways to translate Japanese and ‘something’の軌跡, but the current naming convention for the newer games that people use is possibly the worst way to do it.

        • Lynx

          -Trails in The Azure doesn’t make sense

          It does, if you know what an azure is.

          Also; I don’t even think its called Azure. It’s Ao which is Blue.

          -and certainly not Trails in The Flash
          It makes perfect sense, especially if you take it in context.

          • dis be gud

            Azure is a color, thanks for reminding me that. “Trails in the Azure” makes perfect sense because it totally makes sense in terms of syntax, yeah? Just like how “Trails in the Red” would make sense as well? Or how about Trails in the Flash? Because people can see trails in something that barely persists over a few milliseconds and was called flash because of that very reason? Not to mention ‘の’ doesn’t even translate into ‘in’ or “in the”, I can understand why XSEED translated 空の軌跡 as Trails in The Sky since it would be a better choice considering the context, but in the cases of latter games, it doesn’t work.

            So yeah, I know what ‘Azure’ is well enough and I’ve taken the context of ‘Flash’ into my mind before calling the naming convention weird, would you like to elaborate on how those two names would make sense in a more specific fashion?

          • Then what is the supposed translation for all the games Mr. Know it all?

            Japanese games title usually doesn’t make any sense at all.

          • dis be gud

            No they don’t. But if you’re translating it into English when it has no English name to speak of, might as well make it coherent, yeah? Not to mention the names in Japanese makes perfect sense. The best way to translate the name would be to use ‘of’ instead of “in the”. Then again, “Trails of Zero” doesn’t make much sense either, but it’s a helluva better “Trails in the Zero”.

          • Also; I don’t even think its called Azure. It’s Ao which is Blue.

            ‘Azure’ is coming about based on the context of terms in the game. (Remember: there is an English translated title in the soundtrack that is called ‘The Azure Arbitrator.’ That name actually is meaningful on a contextual level, and is actually tied to the same ‘Azure’ that’s going to be in the title.) Trails in the Blue and Trails in the Azure is a crappy cobbled together name from someone who is looking at the Japanese meaning of something and taking the English title of the one game we already have, without even considering to think of what the context of the name might happen to actually mean.

            I would even go as far as saying Trails of Azure actually makes sense given the game’s context, too. Trails in the Azure just makes no sense either grammatically or contextually.

        • MrTyrant

          I read Zero no Kiseki as Trails of Zero and Ao no Kiseki as Trails in Blue, haha!

  • Sapitntapit

    Man…this looks sweet. I still have to finish TitS too. Was so pumped to get it and I just stopped playing it.

  • MrTyrant

    I’m soo gonna import this. Even if I know so little of japanese I don’t care! .. and can we use mechs in some battles? Day 1!

  • Rocsas

    One day…one day…

  • Milla

    Too bad you guys still have 2nd,3th,zero and ao to play :)
    meanwhile im playing this 26th september Kappa.

    • Milla

      yay a disliker that doesnt say what he/she dislikes

      • Milla

        im only stating the truth you wont understand the story if your gonna skip prequels.

        • dis be gud

          Too bad that only applies to SC, 3rd, and Ao, none of which directly ties in with this game. The only thing you’ll miss is the overall plot that ties in with the series as a whole (which is admittedly a shame). But there is absolutely nothing that takes away from enjoying the game as a standalone title. Developers and writers at Falcom aren’t stupid, They’ll reintroduce previous characters and shed light on stuff you’ll need to know from the previous games as necessity dictates (Like Ao and 3rd). Also, humility is a virtue, best keep it in mind.

          • MrTyrant

            In my case I’m going to play it and I’ll ask in forums, I did this for Zero and Ao. Yes, I know I am idiot for doing this instead of understand everything properly.

          • raymk

            Its about time someone spoke the truth. The developers said this is more newbe friendly and it is. Everything you said is what ive been trying to tell people forever.

          • Granted, Falcom also said the same about Zero and Ao before their release, too.

          • dis be gud

            But it was true. Gameplay wise, they gave you plenty to breeze through both the games (Randy and Lloyd are lightning bruisers and everyone else becomes broken as crap midgame with their crafts). And Ao wasn’t nearly as cruel as SC in terms of the bullshit battle setups and monsters you have to fight from the beginning to the middle of the game. By Falcom standards, those two were very friendly to beginners.

          • On a gameplay level, certainly, but that’s not what I’ve been talking about here.

          • dis be gud

            But it was true. Gameplay wise, they gave you plenty to breeze through both the games (Randy and Lloyd are lightning bruisers and everyone else becomes broken as crap midgame with their crafts). And Ao wasn’t nearly as cruel as SC in terms of the bullshit battle setups and monsters you have to fight from the beginning to the middle of the game. By Falcom standards, those two were very friendly to beginners.

          • raymk

            Well they actually got feed back from other people this time so i trust them on that. Besides ive heard from other people that zero and ao werent even that hard to follow for beginners. Its just that those whove played like to stretch the terms of whats actually important and think everything is important. I realized that after playing FC and people exagerrating importance of story events.

          • If we were to go through things we’ve heard from others, I’ve also heard from other people that 3rd is not an important game at all, narrative-wise and that it’s nothing more than a dungeon crawler- and it’s everything but that.

          • Slayven19

            What really is it though? If your getting conflicting views from others that have played the game then something is not right? I’ve heard it was a fan-service game and that the game sucks. I also know import impressions are different from impressions when the games actually do get localized(xenoblade,last story) so I don’t know what to believe all the time. So in your own words what is good,bad,fun about it that makes 3rd not a quick cash in as far as the first 2 games go.

          • I can flat out tell you about its development to show how it’s important to the narrative to the series. Falcom actually started the development of Zero no Kiseki after Second Chapter, and then backed up to fill in holes for it through releasing 3rd.

            3rd has a relatively dark story, but it’s a self-redemption story, instead of the innocent story that Estelle and Joshua have to tell. It tells more that was left out of Second Chapter of the characters that were involved, while turning focus on the plot threads that were almost ‘forgotten’ about in SC. When people say that SC is a good game to end on, it’s because that during its ending (for the most part), it does not really bring to light all the mysteries that are still out there. You’ve finished Estelle and Joshua’s story, and to them- the main characters- that was what was important (at the time- they decide on something afterwards to continue onwards and that’s what leads them back in Zero.)

            Fun-wise, 3rd takes everything you ever wanted to do with the game engine and sets it out in front of you. Andrew Dice himself has said that 3rd is the closest thing you’ll get to an “epic campaign” in the Kiseki setting. Characters are level 150? Check. Regular HP is in the 5 digits? Check. Monsters can wipe out all five of those digits in one shot? Double-check.

            The story in 3rd is vital to the series, told through a unique narrative style, you will learn all the little hints- you’ll understand the stinger in SC’s ending (but only a little more), it sets you up for the revelation of the past of a character in Zero no Kiseki, and it prepares you for the importance of many of the unspoken things that happen on-screen in Ao no Kiseki. It also officially introduces a character who you believed was fictional through FC and SC, and provides a huge piece of information into the strife going on in the Erebonia Empire that is not only absent from FC and SC, but Zero and Ao no Kiseki as well.

            Falcom themselves were encouraging people to play 3rd on their twitter account, leading up to Sen no Kiseki, because of “that memory door.” (this is part of 3rd’s mechanic) – one door in 3rd is absolutely vital to the setup of Sen’s situation. If you go into it with just SC, you’ll be missing that piece of information as well.

          • Slayven19

            Don’t companies always encourage people to play a game that make in the series? Kinda like square saying kingdom heart chains of memories needed to be played to understand lots of things in kingdom hearts 2. Sure there were things that could be missed but that game was a cash grab so to speak as while there were lots of important things it was things that lots of people wouldn’t really care about, it was basically like playing the same game over again.

            What I mean by cash grab is that its basically the same game as FC and SC just a 3rd time. I heard the script is shorter in 3rd as well so that makes me think that even more. The script length doesn’t make it a cash grab the amount of time that it takes to make the overall game does and they reused tons of assets I’m sure 3rd was developed quicker than the other games. That’s not to say just because its a cash grab its not a good game, just that after a good game like SC they capitalized on the popularity and made 3rd. I didn’t play the story myself but someone told me 3rd has lots of things you could live without so maybe that’s why everyone that played the first 2 didn’t want to play 3rd. If its ever brought over I’ll form my own opinion on it so here’s to that I guess.

          • If you want to call it a “cash grab” then Ao no Kiseki might as well be a cash grab after Zero. Or SC might as well be a cash grab after FC. Both of those games use many of the same assets as the one before with a few exceptions to the party, as well. Falcom has always had a thing about reusing assets for the most part- definitely the same engines. Also, technically, some characters (Olivier and Schera) had new artwork made so they have new sprites. Then new major characters (Ein Selnert, for example) showed up, as well as the rest of Tita’s (pretty insane) family.

            The problem with saying that 3rd has lots of things you can live without is because there are things that haven’t even been brought up in the series yet. Like shenanigans going on in Ored- though you probably don’t even know what Ored is at this point. Or can you say what disastrous incident happened in North Ambria? Because something in Ao is compared to it, yet it’s only mentioned in SC, and not even talked about at all in Zero.

            However, I would love to say what the big one I keep alluding to would be, except it builds off of a major spoilery incident that’s found in SC and people would have my head over it if I explained it here. A major event regarding the nobles of Erebonia happens between SC and Zero- it is fully detailed in 3rd. it had some impact in Ao no Kiseki, but I can guarantee you that it will heavily influence what’s happening in Sen no Kiseki, since it’s all about the class wars going on in Erebonia, most likely even sparked by said event.

            3rd introduces Lechter Arundel- who is going to definitely be a major player for Sen no Kiseki. It also introduces the main plan of the Ouroboros, and the rest of the leadership.

            The best part about this? All of that stuff I mentioned above? Is almost entirely optional. You can play 3rd without touching the side story mechanics, but the meat of the game is actually IN the side stories and you have to find them to get the information- but considering that they can make the end of the game way *way* easier, why would you?

          • Slayven19

            Well 3rd seems that way because well its the third game and it seems to be the shortest game as well. The crossbell games only go up to 2 and although they are reusing assets isn’t Ao longer than zero? And reusing assets is fine I don’t have a problem with that since all companies do it. What I mean is that for 3 games they were basically able to just port the same towns, lands and characters over 3 times.

            Don’t be too hard on me though as said those are some things I heard from others that have either played 3rd or skipped it for whatever reason. If people that are fans of the series are skipping it there has to be a reason. Kinda like how suikoden fans skipped suikoden IV and just went to suikoden V. Me personally I take import impressions with a grain of salt good or bad often times.

            The problem is that most people don’t mention the games faults and all games no matter how good have them. That’s why I wait until some people who aren’t generally fans play the game to get a better view on what people think of said game. If I just take long time fans opinion on a game(of any genre or series) I’d be messed up and end up buying every game that has a sequel to a series because fans will rarely ever want to say anything bad about a game they love. Keep in mind its not that I don’t trust you, but I’ve been led astay before from importers for last story and most recent shin megami tensei IV for 3ds.

          • I wouldn’t exactly call 3rd the shortest game. My playthrough of 3rd is actually longer than my playthrough of FC. Not quite as long as Zero and Ao were, though. The only time a playthrough of 3rd will be shorter than FC’s is if you skip a lot of memory doors. Some of them are hours in of themselves.

            I’m not trying to be too hard, but I don’t have much confidence in the people who have told you that it’s skippable, because most everyone I’ve talked who’s actually played it agrees with its importance. A lot of people jumped onto the ‘gaiden’ statement, because that’s how Falcom advertised it, in part of the big misleading campaign they did on the game. That’s another thing- no one expected the game to turn out the way it did. Everything they detailed turned into something else entirely. (This isn’t unlike Falcom either, as a note.)

            The game does have its faults, I’ll give you that- but you’re the one who asked me to explain in my own words why I think it’s a crucial game to the series, and that’s what I did. I’ve got a number of complaints about the Kiseki series as a whole- the series loves to start slow at its games- that’s one of the biggest ones I’ve got. It’s hard for me to push myself through the prologue and first chapter of FC, SC, and Zero. Whereas 3rd and Ao jump right into the action.

            The difference is that FC has a cliffhanger ending, and people are diving straight into SC without even thinking about what’s happening- that’s probably the only difference of what we’ve got going on. There are a lot of dangling plot threads after SC, and 3rd is a way to pick up on them. Again, this is a continuous story told over multiple video games. If we were to use another example, I’ll jump to how I didn’t 100% like all of the books of my favorite book series, the Death Gate Cycle. …but I pushed through them to get to the later books of the series, because once I knew the story as a whole, I had a much better appreciation for the books I didn’t like as much.

            That’s what happened with FC- FC is *easily* my least favorite of the series. It’s slow, it barely touches on the world building, and its combat system is *extremely* simplistic compared to it in the other games- to the point that I find it dull sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I can’t like the game and can’t appreciate it for what its worth and what it does for the story of the series as a whole. (Ao no Kiseki had some things foreshadowed in FC, for example.)

            Another thing you’re missing about 3rd and the ‘reusing assets’ statement you made at the beginning- 3rd has a LOT of new dungeons. There are a LOT of completely new maps. It also has a completely new soundtrack- a lengthy one and one that is celebrated as one of the best of the series. It’s a very different take on the music in the series, especially because the story is much darker than what you had in FC/SC, in my opinion. I will also point out that Ao no Kiseki only brings in a few new dungeons- but instead it makes you run through the existing dungeons a lot with a new ‘vision’ to them. At least, until towards the end of the game. Ao no Kiseki is still a bigger culprit towards ‘reusing assets’ with Zero than 3rd was to FC and SC. I don’t think your argument holds much power in that, because it’s clear that you don’t know much about the things that go through with 3rd if you make such claims.

          • Slayven19

            Well I believed I did mention that what I know I’ve heard from others that played it so your are right. About the game time some youtube vids have it down as the shortest completed and with game time you usually can’t always pin it down accurately.

            In the beginning I asked you to explain what you thought about the game, but when someone usually says that they kinda want the good and the bad, gives a better picture about what to expect. Still you did explain and I thank you for that and as said if I ever play it I’ll see it for myself.

          • Not a problem. I can give a good example of a complaint at the very least. There’s a LOT of info in these games. And sometimes, that information gets very muddied and congested. It makes processing what the game tells you very difficult sometimes. 3rd is probably the worst offender of this, considering how much information is fed to you in the form of side stories.

            On the other hand, 3rd is also a game that, in my opinion, is not appreciated as much on its first playthrough. It’s usually in a second or third one, when you’ve started to sort through the world-building it gives. That’s why Falcom’s released so many books on this series alone. I can look at my bookshelf while typing this, I can see that over half of my books on one of my shelves is dedicated to the Kiseki series – almost 2/3rds of it, even.

            Thankfully, the form that Falcom gave it makes it easy to do multiple replays, though. And you don’t have to cover all of the memory doors in one playthrough, as a result.

            What I can tell you, at least, is if you’re interested in the world that Falcom introduced in First Chapter, there’s a LOT of meat in 3rd- and they *barely* scratched the surface of the series’ worldbuilding in the first game. It’s easily my *least* favorite of the series, and I’m usually way more critical of the first game than I am the others. To me, the first game is a fun game- and really neat. But it was what SC did that made me *way* more interested in what Zemuria has to offer, and the rest of the series just goes up from there, at least.

            Nevertheless, I hope that once you have the opportunity to play the later games in the series, you’ll enjoy them as much as the rest of us in the series fandom do. There’s a lot presented in the games to muse over, discuss, and try to predict in future games- Falcom still has a LOT to do in this story, even with 6 games out already.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Enough. By now folks are well aware what Trails involves as a series. Just ignore the dislikes and move on, please.

          • MrTyrant

            As confession I downvoted the third comment because he was making a fuss and I wanted to tease him a little. Never undertood why someone should pay attention to the downvotes.

        • Ladius

          To be honest, your first post didn’t really convey that sort of message and felt unnecessarily smug and inflammatory for those who can’t play or import the Japanese releases.

      • SageShinigami

        You need someone to explain why someone would dislike your comment after you say, “Oh, too bad for you guys. Not my problem, lols”? Really?

  • Ladius

    While I appreciate Falcom’s effort in updating the series’ presentation, I liked the isometric 3D PS1 vibe of the previous Kiseki games enough to wish they continued to use it.

    Guess it was an inevitable move since they want to widen the fanbase and make the series relevant on PS3, though, and I’m sure the next Kiseki game will look even better. After all, niche jrpg developers’ first step on PS3 have always had some problem, and the gap between Atelier Rorona and Totori is pretty telling.

    • fqc

      I’d say the upgrade is more than welcome. They had already been re-using pretty much the same exact assets for five games already. Besides the core of the game stays the same, and if you’ve seen any videos you can clearly tell it still looks like a Kiseki game.

      People who have gotten the chance to play it have also said that the animations and graphics don’t look as out of place as it might seem from the promotional videos and screenshots, and that the game is actually relatively nice looking.

      • I also suspect that this is due to development necessity. If they’re working with phyreengine, it will help with the development process and times now to have a fully 3D setup.

      • Ladius

        I’m not saying the revised presentation is out of style, far from it. It’s simply that I love the isometric 3D style for this kind of story driven, lore intensive jrpgs with vast cities and connective areas. I think it’s so appropriate to the context it’s almost timeless, like the Infinity Engine for wrpgs (and that one is making a comeback, at least in spirit, with projects like Numenora and Eternity).

        I imagine I’m in the minority, though, and I’m sure graphics were holding back the series considering how many people got interested in the series because of Sen’s presentation (quite a bit, going with the localization requests, aside from the issues in terms of continuity).

    • Levitt Lin

      I think it would be a lot less noticeable if they kept using character portraits with the 3D models instead of getting rid of them entirely. The models just don’t seem expressive enough compared to the incredibly expressive portraits they used previously.

      I think Gust made a cleaner transition because they didn’t start to using their 3D models often in cuts scenes until recently and instead used the character portraits.(even though their first title on the PS3 was a lot rougher looking)

    • The game also looks much, MUCH better in actual motion when playing it than even videos suggest. Trust me, for a first outing on the PS3, Sen looks impressive, and I’m really not just saying that to shill or something. I tried it at TGS and was impressed.

      • Ladius

        I will take your word for it, don’t worry :) I am not disliking what I see either: Sen is obviously the first PS3 effort from a little developer but it’s good for what it is, especially considering how ambitious it seems to be in terms of explorations.

        It’s just that I’m more in tune with isometric 3D for this kind of lore-heavy jrpgs: that style is perfect to put the world rather than the player at the forefront and to immediately convey how the characters are just a drop of water in a sea of npcs, cities, vast locales and so on. Really subjective, obviously.

        Erebonia is also the Zemurian nation I’m most eager to explore because of its real world inspirations, I’m curious to see what Falcom did with that kind of Imperial GermanBismarckian setup.

        Also, I would like to say I’m really grateful for your work on SC, I hope it’s successful enough to justify looking into The 3rd’s localization, too.

  • mixedfish

    This game is like 5 games ahead of SC.

    • Ladius

      “Only” three, actually: The 3rd, Zero and Ao (Nayuta no Kiseki isn’t linked to the Kiseki series, despite its name). Not that this makes things much better for us westerners, of course.

      • Arcana Wiz

        and two non canon spin offs were released too, but they even in japan didn’t receive much attention.

        • dis be gud

          Alternative Saga and… what else, exactly? I only recall one spinoff that was related to the Kiseki series. Unless you’re referring to Nayuta. I personally believe that Nayuta is a new standalone rather than a spinoff.

          • Ladius

            Yeah, despite its name Nayuta is a stand-alone game, while Alternative Saga is a non-canon crossover with other Falcom settings like Ys and Gagharv. There is another little spin off for the series’ fans on PSP, Material Collection.

      • TheExile285

        Nayuta isn’t linked? Every other game is on Vita and PS3! Maybe we do have a shot at getting this series!

        (Assuming people buy it)

  • Flamboyant Ass Nigga


  • abysswalker

    That voice…!!? Kotomine… Kirei..!!?

    • MrTyrant


    • Thatguy

      Jouji (Jorge!) Nakata is EPIC!

  • Arcana Wiz

    “If You’re Looking Forward To The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC Watch This” i’m looking forward SC so watched the video…. now i’m suffering! Spencer why you must do that with me!?

    • Arcana Wiz

      oh and yes,. hype meter over 9000!

  • Azzrem

    woah,looking good..haven’t played this series yet but im gonna get this game..

  • I want them to do 3rd, skip zero/ao and do this one…. But in zero there’s J, E and R heartwarming reunion….

  • I want them to do 3rd, skip zero/ao and do this one…. But in zero there’s J, E and R heartwarming reunion….

  • raymk

    Not going lie,this feels like a dick move. Well played ishaan,well played ;-)

  • Blesmi

    Why exactly would someone who has been waiting for SC for so long want to watch a trailer of yet another Trails game that we won’t even get?

  • Blesmi

    Why exactly would someone who has been waiting for SC for so long want to watch a trailer of yet another Trails game that we won’t even get?

  • fyi1191

    2 new playable characters shown in the second vid and Sara still not in the Link Map.

  • Everything about this game just looks epic. Even the horse riding! I wanna go horse riding!

  • shuyai

    is this game standalone or you need to play previous game?

  • Zeonsilt

    26 september is my birthday.Why i am not a jap.citizen Q_Q.
    p.s. Famitsu score for Sen no Kiseki 9/8/9/8 [34/40] for both PS3 and Vita.

  • Kaitou21

    y u do dis…….I’m not happy this made me sad……

  • iamakii

    Another awesome JRPG that I couldn’t play :(

  • dahuuuundge

    The PV got me interested with that mech slash and immediately lost me with the girl spinning and shooting.

  • Dagobert

    I hope this gets released in NA and or Europe.

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