Your Childhood Friend Is Connected To Your Fate In Akiba’s Trip 2

By Eugene . September 22, 2013 . 11:00am


Every Japanese game needs a mysterious stranger, and the first character unveil by developers Acquire for Akiba’s Trip2 is no exception. In a movie introducing Shizuku Tokikaze, her frilly white dress belies her mysterious powers and nature.


Saying she wants to help the hero, Shizuku herself seems bent on destroying the man-made vampires after rescuing you from certain death after a run in with the mysterious Magaimono organization and its demon corpse army. Players can choose her to accompany alongside them in their forays to destroy the vampires by stripping enemies of their clothes – because vampires are weak to sunlight.


In the video, Shizuku professes her allegiance to the hero, but darkly warns that he must be prepared for even more painful situations than his near-death experience if he wishes to delve deeper into the darkness. She also says she’s the reason the protagonist ended up that way. Worth noting is that in an earlier video, it shows a short clip of Shizuku fighting you, with a successful dress grab. Why they fight and what else are we to know is still under wraps.


Akiba’s Trip 2 is set for a Sony PlayStaton Vita and PlayStation 3 release on November 7 in Japan.


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  • Ryujin

    “Your childhood friend is connected to your fate in Akiba’s Trip 2.”

    …Aren’t they always? :P

    • アティ

      Nope its really a COINCIDENCE that they’re connected to your fate

    • MrTyrant

      Yeah most of the time they are really important for the main character development and the overall plot. This is a common setting for most visual novel.

    • my childhood friends are only DUDS! NOOOOOOO!

  • Chris Yuen

    There’s a confirmed Chinese/Korean version coming out…now what we need is just the English version…(I can read Chinese text and stuff, but I prefer buying a game in English if it’s available).

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      Holy crap really? Can you link it please?

      • s07195

        Linked to the above comment.

    • s07195

      There is a Chinese version. The Chinese game site TGBus confirmed Akiba’s Trip 2, PSV Danganronpa, Over My Dead Body 2, as having Traditional Chinese versions in development. Also, apparently, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 and a game about Noire from the same franchise is confirmed. <–Article about Noire. <– Article about Re;Birth 2. <– Article about Chinese/Korean Akiba's Trip 2, Danganronpa, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Dragon's Crown and Toukiden. <–Chinese ver. Over My Dead Body 2.

      • Lumi

        Chinese version of Over My Dead Body 2?! and PSV DGRP ?!! Link please!

        • s07195

          Linked the Danganronpa one. I’ll look for the other one.

          • Lumi

            WOW, thank you! But it doesn’t say whether the version includes Super DGRP… But this is still awesome, some of these might never get a chance at English localisation but they are getting a confirmed Chinese localization!

      • DyLaN

        Did the 1st game got a chinese localization too?

        • s07195

          Nah, Japan only, iirc. Which makes it… even more likely that the story has nothing to do with the first game. T_T

  • Mimi

    i like how their website can be read as AKB Strip.

  • TheExile285

    Localize this Gung Ho USA!

  • Odin

    Something tells me that it’s going to be more of the same… With the power of these consoles, you’d expect them to go open-world, or at least have more activity between sections. I think that could have been excusable on the PSP, but not here.

    I’m not expecting GTA levels of big, but you can very well build a story around a big city, with lots of side activities as well. What I’m basically asking for is a Yakuza-ed Akiba simulator, is that too much to ask for?

  • xseed, aksys… I’m counting on u guys here

  • s07195

    It looks like they chose to expand the existing areas (I’m pretty sure that’s UD+ from the first game). Hopefully it’s open-world, as that would be a lot more interesting than choosing areas. Not to mention frustrating if you are hit out of the area.

    Though I’m worried by the lack of people in the screenshot, and the VN like scene…

  • Anonymous

    Why do most anime games get made only on PS3/Vita and not 3DS…

    • pekikuubik

      That’s where the audience for stuff like this is.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Its time for Jack,to let ´em Strip!
    Im so gonna buy this if it comes in english.
    I love crazy stuff.

  • harmonyworld

    childhood friend thing again?
    Come on!
    I guess it’s fine….

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