Speaking Of Crossovers, See The Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Opening

By Spencer . September 23, 2013 . 12:08am

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is one big Tecmo Koei mashup with Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and Ninja Gaiden characters plus a Nine Tails fox. While Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate has a guest from Soulcalibur, there aren’t any Sega characters even though Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate had a crossover with Virtua Fighter. Kage-Maru would fit into the universe, he could fight alongside fellow ninja Hanzo Hattori.


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate comes out on September 26 for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

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  • TrueDefault

    Warriors series has so many spin-off! I can’t imagine anyone would collect all of them.

    • Ixbran

      a devoted fan who loves the series would.

      just like a fan any series.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        Yeah, probably one with much money to spend/import.

      • AverageGamers

        Yup, it’s not a weird thing rather it’s a common thing to do for those called ‘avid fan’
        (I’m personally doing the same thing with another franchise, so it’s not hard to imagine at all haha)

  • Erwin MadJelly

    So many characters in one game!! If they localize it I might consider it, and Btw Spencer it’s 2 not 3

    • Ixbran

      no, hes right it is 3.

      the Warriors Orochi series is like the DW series, the west is ahead by one number.

      • Erwin MadJelly

        wait what? lol that’s weird though.. but Alright thanks :D

        • AverageGamers

          Not weird at all :D
          The Dynasty Warriors series, on its 2nd installment, was given a new title SHIN Sangokumusou (Shin as in new/true) with the number restarting to 1 and continuing onward. The Western version didn’t feel the need to rename its brand, probably to avoid confusion so they continue the adaptation number with 2. Hence, Shin Sangokumusou was called Dynasty Warriors 2 in US and Europe. The trend continues afterwards, so don’t be surprise if you’re talking about Dynasty Warriors 8, the Japanese know it by the name Shin Sangokumusou 7 instead of 8.

  • sherimae1324

    out of the 5 musou games that is coming to vita this one is i hope to be localized the most ^_^

    next is samurai warriors 4 then followed by dynasty warriors 8 xtreme

    i couldnt care less about shin gundam musou and samurai warrriors 2 hd….

  • bigboss09

    this time we went the English voice acting TK and by the way we went also Sterk English voice actor also

    • Spirit Macardi

      Hell yeah! Even if it’s just for Sterk alone; I want to hear Liam O’Brien’s voice!

    • Spirit Macardi

      Hell yeah! Even if it’s just for Sterk alone; I want to hear Liam O’Brien’s voice!

  • Pdugna

    k typo or thats the wrong trailer….shows ultimate 2

    • KingRuff

      Orochi Musou 2 is the name of the game in Japan. We just call it Warriors Orochi 3 over here.

  • charles addow

    The West needs more localized games, I would even prefer jap audio with translated menus. Although I can’t speak for everyone, I’d be willing to pay a little extra considering the games would come out a lot faster! *cough cough* type-0. soul sac delta.

  • fairysun

    Still prefer the original Warrior Orochi 3 Opening because of more characters are in the video.

    And Zhang He jumps with all female characters.


    I was hoping to see Hayabusa and Kasumi in the opening :P

    At any rate, please localize the game, Tecmo-Koei!

  • Dark Zerato

    According to this link, there’ll be no WO3U localization, at least for EU, in early 2014. Maybe, i’ll start playing JP version.


  • Learii

    localized this please I really want it

  • Göran Isacson

    So lady Nine-Tails summons a bunch of illusions to fight the heroes? Not QUITE as impressive as a giant eight-headed dragon scorching a city, but I guess I can’t blame them if the idea well is running a bit dry at this iteration…

  • Vash bane

    wait a minute what the heck there are two yukimara’s :O
    no wait after finishing the vid everyone is fighting their old selfs?

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