Tales Of Phantasia Is On iOS Now And It’s Free

By Spencer . September 24, 2013 . 5:20pm

tales1Namco Bandai brought Tales of Phantasia to iOS and the price is a steal – it’s free. You can play Tales of Phantasia all the way to the end of the game without spending any money. The game has microtransactions and players can purchase items that revive a party if they are annihilated by enemies, but as long as Namco Bandai didn’t ramp up the difficulty those items should be optional.


Tales of Phantasia for iOS is based of the Full Voice version for PSP. The iOS version includes bells and whistles like the animated movie and voice acting. Controls and menus have been reworked to support a touch screen. Namco Bandai also added GameCenter functionality with leaderboards and achievements.


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  • Magnumsally

    Its fee, has microtransactions, no new content, and is by all japanese accounts the worst way to play the game

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      It sucks to be a gamer who plays this game.

    • SiliconNooB

      Why couldn’t this be released for something with buttons? :(

  • Natalie Rath

    Read the comments. Depressed :(

  • GH56734

    What a letdown… Well, as long as they didn’t take too much time (if at all) from the development of Tales of Zestiria, it’s all fine.

    • Ladius

      Ports like this are outsourced, there’s no way they put the main Tales team on this project with Zestiria and maybe another project (depending on the Tales 20th Anniversary mothership being Zestiria or not) in the pipelines.

  • GH56734

    What a letdown… Well, as long as they didn’t take too much time (if at all) from the development of Tales of Zestiria, it’s all fine.

  • Anime10121

    Would have been nice to know this was Japan only :(

    I know the pics show Japanese text and the article says Full voice version. But I read the headline and instantly tried to get it only to be turned away :(

    • MrRobbyM

      To be fair, did you really expect this to be localized?

      • DigitalFowl

        Well… The GBA version did get localized so… I don’t see how they couldn’t have at least lifted the data from that script and then recoded it to this version.

      • Anime10121

        Well didnt really think about all that, I just saw Tales of, and free, and instantly checked the app store, only to be turned away :(

        • GH56734

          Nintendo did the translation of the GBA version of Tales of Phantasia, not Namco. If the latter wish to release it in English, they’ll need to retranslate it themselves.
          Square was in a similar position when they wanted to re-release Secret of Mana for the iPhone.
          While they did own the Woosley translation, and did in fact re-use it for the English option, Back in 1992, it was Nintendo of Europe who translated the game to French and German… Square didn’t have a European branch until 1998… so they had to re-translate it from scratch from the Japanese for these specific languages since they don’t own the script -of course, the French / German Nintendo translation are used perfectly fine on the Wii VC version.

          • lostinblue

            Like they’d want the GBA translation.


    • actually there is a japanese flag above the article if you open this in a browser

  • epy

    Nothing negative here… I mean it’s free, Phantasia is not hard so there’s no real need to buy stuff, you’re getting a port of pretty much the best version of Phantasia (if it’s the Cross version I mean), which is really good BUT… playing a Tales game…without buttons? That’s definitely a disservice to you and the game there.

    • It’s Full Voiced Edition, not Cross edition.


      It’s the full voice edition beign ported. it’s the PS1 version with full voice in the main quest scenarios. while X has no spell pause a overhaul in the battle system like in the video.


    • LaserVision

      It’s also the least sanitary way to play Tales.

      Can’t agree more. Button mashing was like half the fun for me.

      • s07195

        Down-X, X then Up-X! Or spam Right-X!! Total fun.

  • Cometsu

    is that suzu i see


    it is good to bring more people into the franchise but Tales without buttons is kind of wrong. the series were created to be a “RPG that plays like a fighting game”

    and they could at least port Phantasia X instead of Full Voice.

    • Randy Marsh

      No, no, no, port Phantasia X, but take all evidence of Rodi out of the story.


        say it for yourself. i liked rodi

        • Randy Marsh

          I like Rodi too, but her inclusion in the original Phantasia was really unneeded. She was better suited in NDX in my opinion.

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            While her appearence didn’t changed the phantasia story that everyone knows very much and was indeed unneeded, I liked how they worked with her in both games. like how her story in Phantasia X and NDX completed each other (specially in the inside it gave on Dhaos character).

  • After playing Sonic CD and Sonic 1 on a tablet, I’m absolutely sure that games CAN work without buttons. It all depends on how the game is programmed (or so it seems). Putting that aside, the very best version of the very best game from the Tales of series for free? Man, I would buy $60 worth of revives if this came out in English! :D

    • It’s not the best version of Phantasia. This is based off FVE, which still has the spell freeze and none of the improvements of Cross Edition. Unless they update it which I really doubt.

      • s07195

        Why didn’t they use Cross Edition as the base, I wonder?

        • Probably because they are still planning to do something with the whole Narikiri Dungeon X package. That, or the extra character in ToPX isn’t canon… or… well, who knows.

    • CirnoLakes

      I personally couldn’t stand playing Sonic CD on a touch-screen. They certainly optimized the game well, and it helps that the game is very simple. But I simply find there is no replacement for proper buttons.

      There are “mobile” devices with buttons. But most of them are Android. And most of those Android devices for this aren’t that great, the Nvidia Shield looks like one of the best. But still leaves me with a lot to be desired(aesthetically unpleasing[one of the worst looking video game systems I’ve ever seen], clunky, big, Nvidia card required for PC streaming, poor gamepad design, ect.)

      And this game is another iOS exclusive, anyway. It’s nice that they’re putting such a great game out for free. But I’d rather pay money for this game than play it on an iOS touch-screen device.

      • Sonic CD was the first touch-screen game I gave a real chance. It just worked. It might help that I’ve been playing Sonic games since the first time I picked up a controller, but after that, not many games managed to pull off the smooth controls Sonic CD had. Prior to it, I hated the idea of not having buttons while playing a game and honestly, I still do. But there are games where IMHO it works and I really hope ToP is one of them.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that there are no Life Bottles?

    • s07195

      Same question here.

    • Kelohmello

      There are life bottles. But the game’s harder because of the controls, so if your party gets wiped you can choose to revive them on the spot or get game over.

  • Alphabet Soup

    Would certainly pay for a licensed version of this on iOS!

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Dammit! Things like these should mention Japan in the headline. Why did I even bother reading :|

  • Suicunesol

    I was excited, I’ll admit. But I was a fool; how can you play such a game without buttons?

    Are they expecting people to have so much trouble playing the game that they’ll cave and buy the revive items?

  • Swordman Zero

    Why no on android? T^T

    • Lumi

      Hopefully it’ll come later. Fingers crossed!

  • Go2hell66

    playing it now, can’t understand a word they’re saying

  • s07195

    No Full Party Death Run!
    I can’t remember if party members are revived to 1HP upon finishing a battle.

    Guess the hardest part will be with those basilisks in the desert. Full party petrification is a B*TCH. (Didn’t lose any party members at all at Present-time Dhaos, game-overed first time against these things. And I needed them for their precious item drops…)

  • Eh, I’m not as bummed by this as I thought I’d be. The FVE version was fun, but I’m more excited about being able to play the X version when my latest purchase arrives. Also, no buttons for a Tales game? Boo on that.

  • Ercoman

    Downloaded this earlier today. Haven’t played that much yet, but it’s really cool to play an old school JRPG that’s fully voiced.

  • Kelohmello

    I’ve played it. The controls are terrible. I don’t see why they couldn’t just put virtual buttons on. Instead the game itself decides your attacks based on where you tap the screen and some context that you barely have control over since the only kind of movement you can actually manually control is a very slow walk. it’s not even possible to consistently combo your normal attacks; sometimes the game won’t even let you chain multiple together, and there’s no particular reason for it. In the end it makes sense that it’s free. I certainly wouldn’t pay much for this, but I can enjoy it because I didn’t pay for it.

    • Göran Isacson

      Oh man, that sounds absolutely horrible. I was all hopeful for this game being my first introduction to the first Tales of-game, if Namdai would consider it worth spending money on to translate, but if this is the case… not so sure anymore.

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