A Lot Of Sword Art Online Fans Are Playing Final Fantasy XIV

By Eugene . September 29, 2013 . 11:00am

kiritoasunaSo, that Final Fantasy game… Pretty fun, right? So fun… you wouldn’t mind being trapped in it for some of your life for good?

Nico Nico user 92aki was bored, and utilizing The Lodestone website, went and tracked down just how many people feel the urge to mimic recent superstar light novel/anime Sword Art Online’s most popular characters: Kirito and Asuna.


Sword Art Online was a seminal smash hit featuring online role-playing gamers getting permanently stuck in its titular virtual world. Die in the game, and you die in real life, with the only way to get out being to clear the game’s entire 100 floors. Much death and angst follows with the original plot spanning two years worth of time.


The search results are kind of  funny. Spread across all servers–English, French, German and Japanese–those with the name Kirito totaled up to 2,043, while Asuna comes in with 2,734. That’s about 4,800 players running around out of a unique login of about 61.7 thousand daily logins, said 92aki. Sure, that’s only about 7% of the total login numbers, and some of the names came with additional tags (So something like Asuna Blackthorne would be totally caught in the search parameters) but that’s still a pretty decent chunk of players.



Want proof? Here’s a screenshot I got a friend to send me while he was logged in. One even took Asuna’s full name!

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Whyd they only stop with kirito and asuna, no death gun, etc.

    Would be interesting of how many Attack on Titan folks. Jeans even.

    • Wow, I saw a Death Gun last night

      Only seen Mikasa Ackerman so far

    • Ferrick

      well, there’s death gun, eugene, that one guy who tried to kill kirito in SAO, and that glasses girl from GGO

      and there are ALOT of AoT named characters in game >.>

  • Sapitntapit

    If dying in FFXIV meant I’d die in real life, I would have been screwed at level 1.

    • Dark Zerato

      If you are using a nervegear to play, then failing = dying.

    • Dark Zerato

      If you are using a nervegear to play, then failing = dying.

  • Hey it’s central shroud

    I haven’t seen many with my Dangan Ronpa name

    Saying Dangan Ronpa makes me want to dance

    • Onizuka Gio Hikari

      YES!!!!! I would use a dangan ronpa name but i been Onizuka since forever lol

  • gangrelion

    So…how many people still remember .Hack? Is there anyone using the name Kite or Tsukasa?

    • MogCakes

      .Hack fans are older now and less prone to imitating its characters, unlike SOA.

      • Kitestwinblades

        (;°Д°) that comment… kind of burns

        • MogCakes

          I didn’t mean for it to! It was a bit harsh though, eh :(

      • supervamp

        No there just aren’t many people who can put up with .hack’s terrible games and slow and uninteresting story

        • Ferrick

          >sao having much more interesting story than .hack

          yeah, because having a perfect character who is so perfect at everything he does makes a story interesting

          • Now, I haven’t seen .hack, and I’m not trying, but every episode constantly reminds you of Kirito’s flaws— he’s a loner. That contributes to his gaming skill, because he does nothing but play all day and focus on the game.

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            and yet pick all the girls without trying since he is the badass gamer that is stupidly overpowered in every game and never lost nor has a character development showing him beign a newbie and learning how the mechanics work..
            Every genius that humanity has seen, had put a lot of effort into learning the things the said genius find interesting. but in kirito’s case he is just OP from the beginning to the end, turning him in your typical Gary Stu

          • Well, I can’t knock Kirito’s OP– I was only pointing out that he wasn’t perfect in every sense.

            Looking at things from your perspective– you’re absolutely correct. Even after he hooks up with Asuna, girls still throw themselves at his feet.

          • natchu96

            Basically he is the perfect gamer because he was somewhat socially awkward and seemed somewhat troubled at that. He had nothing else to do but game, and gradually his reaction time got to the point that he can cut bullets in half in midair.

            Then he got stuck in the game and got forced to socialize, so somehow he now has a large group of friends (which mainly involve like two men older than he is and a harem). And has an AI for a daughter.

          • I said that– but people still disagree. *shrugs* oh well, eh?

          • EverEndingStory

            Exactly – looking at things from the audience’s perspective, he is perfect.

            His “flaw” isn’t a flaw because it doesn’t detriment him AT ALL.

          • Raltrios

            To be fair here, it’s not like Tsukasa in Sign being a quiet loner who never really does much of anything makes for a more interesting show, either.
            Sign was terribly slow-paced and incredibly boring save for a few episodes. LotT is also largely regarded as a failure too from what I’ve heard, and I agree that I enjoyed the manga for that story more.

            SAO isn’t the greatest thing ever, but .hack has had its low points, too.

          • Ferrick

            tsukasa’s main role is to be the key to wake up Aura, though the story is slow paced, it’s not meant to be taken as a stand-alone story, meaning that it’s probably not a good idea to watch the anime before playing the game (atleast that’s how i see it, and this is coming from someone who played the game before watching SIGN), LoT anime wasn’t canonical, so yeah, better to disregard that

          • Lumi

            You mean watch the anime before playing the game?

          • Ferrick

            nope, game before anime

          • Lumi

            I meant “not a good idea to watch the anime before playing the game”. But I see you’ve corrected that~ And I agree, the anime tots feel like the producers assume you know the game

          • Raltrios

            If it isn’t a good idea to watch the anime before watching the anime, does that mean one should never watch the anime 0_o?

          • Ferrick

            BWAHAHHAHA oh my XD, didn’t realize my mistake there XD

          • Raltrios

            It happens :P

          • supervamp

            >Implying i think sao is actually good quality
            A Terrible paced show with pseudo “deepness” does not make for a good deep show nor does it make for justifiable reason to play something that plays like crap.

          • Ferrick

            looks like you have no idea on what you’re taking about at all, so kthxbai

            (and funny irony, SAO’s game is much worst than .hack//IMOQ)

          • supervamp

            So you like clunky controls and linear worlds and boring level design or straight turned based?

          • Ferrick

            of course the former is much much better, it was made to be like an actual MMORPG of that era, if you hadn’t noticed it. and MMORPGS aren’t far from IMOQ either since dungeon raids are rather linear.

            and the controls aren’t even that clunky, it works just fine

            with the added bonus of a better story and mc, i’d choose .hack// over SAO any day

        • Abend

          i’ve watched both .hack sign and soa gotta say that after the introduction of the cabin part and the little girl it ruined the series slowed it down and messed up the pacing of the episodes the series was going downhill quick and the second “season” only made things worse, at least hack sign was consistent character development and shit even though it was boring as shit.

          SOA and hack sign are far from bad shows but SOA had more glaring flaws.

          TL;DR SOA messed up

          • supervamp

            It’s not good but it’s still faster then .hack and you can actually stomach it.

          • Abend

            both are pretty bad and have HUGE glaring flaws but the problem is everyone praises SOA for being good when it falls short after about 2/4 or 1.5 ways through .hack is i agree so fucking boring, but at least hack has decent characters… i guess..

          • supervamp

            Well i can give it that

          • Vash bane

            yeah I kinda agree on this first your like cool animation and the story not too bad. “cabin scene” o….k wtf is this a love story?

            *reads comments” …well i’ll be lol

            I really cant say much about hack//sign …because I don’t even remember what happened XD

          • Abend

            honestly hack//sign had a much better ending with tsukasa meeting subaru in real life and becoming romantically involved best part about that is they are both chicks. bow chika wow wow

        • DigitalFowl

          >this is bait

        • MogCakes

          It’s alright to have different opinions on it. I’m not knocking SAO, just pointing out the obvious I suppose.

      • RichyGaming

        To be honest. I prefered SAO more than the anime of almost all .Hack shows, if not all. But if anything, I loved all .Hack games that had Kite in. And then I started to fall in love with the G.U series. So aside from the anime, I loved everything about .Hack.

        • Bobby Jennings

          This right here.

        • MogCakes

          Right there with you. The games are the heart and soul of that franchise. I did enjoy the anime though.


      most of the .hack fanbase has little to no time to spend on a MMO now. specially to name its Character xxxKitexxx or HaSeo_X

    • Ferrick

      i love .hack but i don’t think that giving my character the name “HaseoX Terrordeath” would give .hack credit, so the only thing i did was to make my character look abit like .hack characters to give .hack a silent nod

      • Wise move, a subtle approach is usually best.

    • KyoyaHibari

      A.k.a the GOOD franchise centered around MMOs.

    • Wait what

      It’s hard to search for Kite, since too many other things have “kite” in them, but there’s over 250 people with “Haseo” in their name. Same for Tsukasa, but that name could also be referencing other things.

      Best ARR drinking game, though: take a shot every time you see a name based on Game of Thrones. Way more than Sword Art Online, I assure you.

      • Ferrick

        don’t do it! it’s not worth risking your life for something like this XD

      • Shady Shariest

        “Ladies and gentlemen, our breathalyzer just ran out of numbers” – Local Police.

        Edit: A true Final Fantasy Game :D

    • Randy Marsh

      There is a couple of people on Diabolos with .hack names, and when I say a couple, I mean a couple, like 9.

    • Who’d forget that? It’s .Hack// after all!

      I’m much older now and don’t like to use this name here in MMO’s though. Especially MMO’s who don’t have the possibilities to make a “real Alkaid”.

      But I guess I’d categorize SAO fans as the younger ones, especially since no new games of .Hack were released here. Can’t wait for the Log Horizon anime either.
      But it’s a sad fact that every dork now uses the SAO Names, it’s not just in FFXIV but also in Tera Online, Ragnarok Online 2 and many other Multiplayer games.

      • Heropon

        Log horizon look far better than SAO and remind me of .hack// especially the main char look like Ovan and a cat character

        • Have to agree, SAO was really nice in the first episodes but quickly turned very boring.

          That “cat-like” design immediately reminded me of a certain phase. Hopefully Log Horizon will turn out to be as fun as it looks, didn’t get a chance to look into the novel yet.

      • Balmung

        Same here, I don’t use Balmung in games any more. However, I do use Azure at the start of all my names lol.
        And I hadn’t heard of Log Horizon until now but it does look pretty cool :O

        • Very fitting for one of the three Azure Heroes. And it’s good to stay true to ones believes. Especially since most of the people, who decided to name themselves after characters do it on a whim for limited time.
          Mhm, plus Log Horizon seems to remove that overacted romance part of SAO. So it might be more like a certain game series. ;)

    • Rizzi

      Well my brother’s PSO name was balmung

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I noticed a lot of Kiritos on my server!

  • ragingmerifes

    I hope that gets them banned.



    • Should I be banned for using ‘Highwind’ as my last name, too?

      • Chiupon


  • Chaos_Knight

    Oh those SAOers…They would play any MMO to feel that SAO vibe. Next thing you know, they’re in PSO2.


      *imagine SAO fanbase raging in GunZ 2 chat*

      • Chaos_Knight

        Gun Gale Online much? lol



    • Kelohmello

      They ARE in PSO2. You know who the guy that’s gonna ruin a Falz run is if their name is some mutation of Kirito.

  • 栗場 江理久

    I saw quite a few Asuna’s, Kirito’s and AoT characters running around in the closed beta ._. Not TOO surprising, but personally, i’d go for something original~ but that’s just me. Although I wonder if that Lil Ray Ray I saw is still playing..

  • Unlimax

    Some Korean player i met online in Korean MMO said last year that SAO MMO being worked on by Korean Developer .. he didn’t put any details about that by just saying this ..

    maybe its true or maybe sarcasm who knows let’s wait and see :3

    • Lumi

      We all know it’s gonna happen :X Just hope they don’t kill the players

  • Pyrotek85

    Reminds me of all the Sephiroth’s there were in FFXI. Of course each needed a unique spelling so people had to get creative lol.

    • AnimusVox

      I see a lot of Highwinds. Leonhearts, Strifes. But can’t say I’ve seen any SAO or .Hack. At least on my server.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Well that makes it easier to ignore them.

  • Repede91

    Man, the comments here are making me feel bad about liking SAO…

    • AnimusVox

      I don’t know hardly anything about the series but I don’t think it’s a big deal what people name their characters; cliche or not.

    • AnimusVox

      And you shouldn’t feel bad, you like it for you. Not to impress anyone who doesn’t like it or trash talks it.

    • supervamp

      Please anyone who talks about .hack like it’s better then SAO really is just jealous people can actually follow SAO without being bombarded with pseudo psychological bullshit.

      • DigitalFowl

        >this is also bait

    • Don’t be– I like the show (at least the first half), but when shows get popular like this, people tend to bash it because they don’t see the appeal.

      It’s a hipster thing. Give it a year or so and all the #SAOsux hipster bashing’ll die out, haha.

      • Shippoyasha

        I… I actually kind of liked the second season of SAO as well, despite sympathizing with what people may consider as faults.

        • There were parts I liked about the second season, I just wasn’t a fan of the setting and the plot/pacing.

          Even the first season went by too fast for me; I’d have loved to see more of SAO and it’s mechanics, more game situations translated to the anime.

          By GGO, it just seems like the plot is game jumping… I don’t see the point in it anymore.

          • Ragnawind

            This might be fixed if they redo the show after more volumes of the
            Progressive series cme out. The Progressive series of light novels for
            the show start from floor 1 and are supposed to go through every floor.
            The first volume’s release went to part way through the second floor and
            the material edition of the series included an idea for the 3rd floor.
            This Progressive series I believe I heard was started because the author
            wanted to show more of what happened in Aincrad and develop Asuna and
            Kirito’s characters better. The original story was also written back in
            2002 for a Light novel competition, but it had to be cut down to meet
            the requirements and not much development could be put into it.

      • Or it might end up being stronger.

        SAO is full of legitimate faults.

        • Where’d you get the impression that I believed SAO didn’t have legit faults?

          Grand Theft Auto and FFVII are popular video games with their own bashers. It doesn’t have to be based on faults, though both games of course have their own.

          As I mentioned before– it’s a popularity thing. The hipster bashing’ll die out when SAO stops being popular– people just stop caring. Remember DmC? Where’s the hate? Still here, but you’re not hearing it everywhere like back then when it released. That’s what I meant.

          • Don’t know where you got the impression thinking I thought you didn’t have the impression that it’s not full of faults.

            What I’m trying to say is faults start to become glaringly clear for the public once the hype starts to die down thus it might end up having even more haters.

          • Confused here, and…

            Sure, it’s already garnered dislike because the hype’s gone, but my main point was how VOCAL the hate was.

          • Interesting…

            For me, the fans have been more Vocal than the haters.

            Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to use my observation as as any credibility for… whatever we were trying to get across. (trust me, I’m pretty lost as well).

            Just an observation.

          • Yeah, I’m lost too… wasn’t expecting a full-on disqussion– haha.

            Guess we can both agree SAO has legit faults, legit hate, and legit fans?

    • MogCakes

      Apologies for mine, I actually didn’t intend to insult SAO with my comment from a couple days ago.

      • Repede91

        No worries!

    • Repede91

      I wanted to thank everyone who replied for their positive comments and thoughtfull discussion.

  • Shady Shariest

    How is this new? There are pretty much no MMO’s that wouldn’t have any series inspired names… All tough the most i have played is WoW, where people are mindful or just use “4Lulz”-names but still…

  • Strid

    Anything SAO related on a character is a welcome thing for me, be it a Free Company, character name, or what have you. I love it when the people I should ignore are just that obvious.

  • Kaitsu

    Still nothing compared to TERA. My god the million Kiritos typing in the channel chat.

  • GameTaco

    True story: Last year, I watched a few episodes that were somewhere around the middle of the series. That was what finally got me interested in trying RuneScape.

    Still not (even remotely) the same sort of experience, but… I’d say it’s my first taste of experiencing an online “virtual world” with true freedom in character growth.

    Can’t say I ever spotted an Asuna or a Kirito. Saw a pretty good Fluttershy, though.

  • Blesmi

    Whoa people name their mmo characters after other characters? Holy moly, that explains all the Tsukasas and Mimirus and Kites and Blackroses!

  • PoweredByHentai

    That isn’t her full name.

    Asuna = YUUKI Asuna ( 結城 明日奈 )

    Kirito = KIRIGAYA Kazuto ( 桐ヶ谷 和人 )

    Asuna and Kirito are married in-game in SAO but not legally married in real life.

    • Leivinia

      Aside from that, the screenshot says “Kiriyaga” which isn’t anyone’s name in-series.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Pretty much, hence why I stated the corrections.


      marriage in MMO = serious business.


    Well, in Street Gears there was/is ALOT of Minami Ikki. Kogarasumaru, Genesis, Akito, Agito Buccha, storm king and many air gear inspred nicknames and guilds flying around. this type of thing is as normal as sunlight

    • neocatzon

      The great ALOT also coming to Valkyrie Sky, an mmo shmup. There’s so many Touhou name
      ( KonpakuYoumu20? I wonder where are the other 19? )

      • Christopher Nunes

        I’ve seen a MLP name… Twilight Sparkle I kid you not! XD

        I got to find those Touhou ones myself though.

        • neocatzon

          In FF XIV? Well, ponies are everywhere. Quite a lucky guy to get that full name.

  • hawk222

    Haha, that’s pretty amusing. I might have done something similar if I didn’t have my own personal screen name in most games. Still, that didn’t stop me from naming my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town “Aincrad”… >3>”

  • AuraGuyChris

    Fact: 2,043 players are Beaters.

    • Ferrick

      they are great at working wood huh ?

  • Kornelious

    Ok so maybe I kinda, sorta most likely am playing A Realm Reborn because of SAO…BUT! At least I didn’t name my character after it…maybe…lol.

    • golden izanagi

      some of the reasons I played world of warcraft because of the south park episode “make love not warcraft” and the leroy jekins video but yeah its pretty much because of the anime SAO that I am thinking of getting a realm reborn especially since I have been hearing good things about it.

  • Jindan

    .hack games? Those awesome masterpieces, that changed our world? Yes, still trying to find Azure Kite, must be somewhere

    • LuciferD666

      was thinking the same.

    • I’m glad there are still some of us out here!

    • neocatzon

      Still waiting 2024 for The World FORCE:ERA

  • ArmoredBoar


  • LuciferD666

    I don’t see why it matters tbh.

    I’m glad to here are alot of fans play it(the more the merrier/despite my sighing disappointment of hoping for more originality lol). But lot’s would have played the game regardless of watching SAO.I would have for one. Just can’t fund for it atm..GTA V is the next best thing for an American imo.But FAR from an MMO tho.

  • kool_cid414

    I must admit on my server of masamune I’ve met both Minato Arisato and Yuu Narase I tried to talk to them but they ignored me but I just burned my dread lol.

  • Rizzi

    Man, nearly a decade ago, if you played some of the more popular korean F2P MMOs and didn’t come across someone with a FF7 name or a name from Bleach, Naruto or DBZ, then something was wrong.

    Useless facts: My brother’s character’s name on PSO for the gamecube was Sephiroth. Grinded with him in splitscreen until level 80 then gave up lol.
    The guy I used to play Monster Hunter 1 online with before it shut down was a Kurosaki Ichigo. He was always naked and fought with a great sword.

  • Folk Hellfang

    This was a cool little article. It’s topical, interesting, and well researched. I love how you guys actually write and create topics instead of just putting a spin on an existing news blurb.
    Siliconera is, to me, the heart and soul of gamers who love Japan. Cheers!

  • Nick Boldt

    Before anyone says anything about SAO, they should read the light novels, including those players mentioned above.

    • Christopher Nunes

      I heard it was “worse” in some regard because you could read the thoughts of the girls and it really made some people faceplam themselves. I’m not sure.

      Is the light novels better?

      And I forgot, mainly because I missed some of the scenes from the first episode, but WHY did the creator of SAO trapped the players in the game and started the game of the death for them?

      • Zak Ledward

        I’ve only reached up to 21 in terms of the light novels and from what I experienced it wasn’t much of a difference. I prefer the anime just because I get visual representation as well as audio representation which just increases the experience to me.

        He does it because he can (There’s also some crap about him wanting to create a ‘castle in the sky’ for himself) *PS SAO is based in a flying castle-like structure

        • Christopher Nunes

          Seriously? That is just messed up… :<
          It's not OK regardless, but I was expecting something more to it. Like survival of the fittest as he sees humanity that aspect about themselves that made humans amazing but humanity had degraded themselves with technology making life easier and them lose touch of their truest feelings.

          And seeing people around the world play MMO was the perfect medium to recreate the experience of old and have the players fight for their lives to return to their glory days and make humanity return to their roots.

          I was expecting something like this… but he does because he can and wants it? That's just horrible… :<

          What made him do I wonder, just like Kirito. There's just nothing there.

          • Lumi

            It’s pretty run of the mill stuff but still a interesting read, until the Alicization arc starts (vol 9?) where things actually gets interesting and mindscrewish. And to elaborate, the creator wants to build an actual WORLD (and that world is the tower/castle), and since an actual world means there’s actually death that’s why he made it that way, all for the sake of realism!

          • Aha Disco Elf

            Oh I second the praise about Alicization arc, the concept and setting for that arc is remarkably well done and the whole stuff about fluctlight (sorta) ties in what Kayaba Akihiko achieved at the end of the first volume.

            Also @Christopher Nunes, the first volume is written exclusively from Kirito’s point of view – every thoughts, everything is written in first person, so I doubt the stuff about reading the thoughts of the girls is true. Of course, Kawahara Reki changed her writing style for the subsequent volume, but only because it doesn’t make sense for scenes without Kirito. Besides, in the first volume, none of the side stories’ girls (Silica, Lisbeth, Yui) are present, so I don’t know how someone could come to that conclusion.

            To answer whether the light novel is better, I am inclined to say yes. You know that scene prior to the battle with Heathcliff? The one when just suddenly Kirito decided to attack him because he had a hunch and of course he’s right and thus portraying him as a huge Gary Stu? Well, in the light novels, the decision was made with a very serious amount of consideration, with a lot of thought running around Kirito’s mind before he decided to bet on his choice because he doesn’t want anyone to suffer anymore.

            Also, Kirito lost a massive amount of badassery points during the murder case in safe zone episodes. When Kirito comes to save the day, the very awesome banter between him and Laughing Coffin is reduced to merely Kirito taunting and the bad guy retreating just like that! What the hell. Even the bluff has very little weight in it. In the novel, Kirito clearly stated that while he won’t be able to take on the 3 members by himself, he already prepared antidote potion and brought many healing crystals to stall the Laughing Coffine members until the clearing group reinforcements arrive, which is a very apt and believable claim.

            These kind of details are easily missable in adaptations, and I’m not going to blame anybody on this, it’s just how things work. So yes, the Light Novel is really better in term of completeness. While it may not have flashy animations, the writing is well enough to illustrate the actions (at least the more recent writing), and the occasional accompanying illustration by abec is beautiful.

            If you can brave yourself through the first few volumes (and Mother Rosario), you’ll certainly be glad because Alicization arc is very very worthy the read. I mean, I learned more about top-down/bottom-up AI from this novel than a dedicated Artificial Intelligence class.

          • Zak Ledward

            There may have been something else, if someone can correct me that would be greatly appreciated.

            It’s funny that you say that because, from my memory, he says something along the lines of, “I didn’t have some divine reason behind all this,” when Kirito questions him about his motives.

            I don’t understand your last comment, Are you commenting that, similar to the creator of SAO, Kirito has no motives or reason to be as powerful as he is? Or that he’s an empty character with not enough development to make him a full character.

          • Christopher Nunes

            About the Kirito part… it seems like he’s grown ridiculous strong after the incident with the SAO creator.

            I’ll admit the character development is good for Kirito (like with Haseo, though I think Haseo is a little more developed) and that 2 years have taken place though it seems like Kirito’s OP status with the later battles I believe is just too hard to believe at times. At least with Haseo you understand (the anime explains this in more detail about Haseo’s 3rd Form at the start of the first GU (though the 6 month gap does give you an understanding that Haseo worked hard to get where he was at)) with his power boost and even still wasn’t exactly OP later near the end of the series not near the start unless the monsters were OP as well.

            Honestly I’m still watching the series, I just got into it thanks to Toonami, so I’m not entirely sure and read what others have said about Kirito but I’ll give him a shot. I wonder how bad he gets in the second half of the show? Is it really that badly written from what I’ve heard?

          • Zak Ledward

            I can understand why you would call him “ridiculously strong” but it’s not like he doesn’t get put into tight spots during the series, especially in part 2. In Part 1 he does have his “beater” status, which he is able to use his beta knowledge to better himself, knowing the system of the game and having time to create strategies and create builds is a HUGE advantage in MMOs. Plus he fails to protect Sachi and nearly gets killed by that guy who uses the paralyze potion on him so, as I said, he has his share of close moments. Hell the final fight basically has him die. You can’t really pull stuff like they do in other fighting animes because characters who die in SAO die in real life, and they can’t be like “He was beaten senseless and had to retreat.” IDT you’d be able TO retreat in SAO especially if you’re soloing like Kirito. IDK in my opinion he’s paid enough for his OP-ness with all the crap he has to go through, throughout the series, so in the end Kirito being OP is a good thing in my eyes; I like insanely strong main characters

          • Christopher Nunes

            IDT? What does that mean?

            I also like insanely strong main characters, but the passage of time goes by very fast and I’m still watching the series so I don’t fully understand Kirito yet.

            I missed episode 3 so I don’t know who Sachi is… a very close friend he made in SAO or someone he knew in the real world before being trapped in SAO.

            Though because he is a solo player I understand why he’s stronger than others, I tend to play solo on MMOs as well but occasionally party with others.but I tend to try my best to stay alive on my own with my HP items (I hate how long the cooldown on them are, too long in my opinion).

            I do like Kirito and his Dual-Wielding is awesome (is he the only player to have Dual-Wielding or are there others who have come across this ability as well) though I wouldn’t mind playing another simulated MMO like .hack and I don’t know how well SAO: Infinity did in Japan.

            How many other MMO anime or series are there?

          • Zak Ledward

            IDT(I Don’t Think) it’s okay not many people use it.

            Hmm…I’m not sure what episode Sachi appears in, but she’s the Spear-wielder that gets killed while dungeoning with Kirito in his “Guild” that he joins up with. Her death kindles a fire inside of him that causes him to, “never let a party member die,” which is brought up in Season (part) 2 of SAO. He never meets the “real” Sachi as she dies in the game before they ever meet.

            Other than .hack I know of no other MMO-style animes

          • Christopher Nunes

            The girl in Episode 3 had a spear and she died in that one instance. I remember in the episode info Kirito joins a “Guild” or his guild but all of his party members die on him… I didn’t watch the episode but I think that might be it.

            So I see… only SAO and .hack are the only two MMO-style anime series? We need another one! ^_^

          • PoweredByHentai

            Some of the greatest JRPG villains were nihilists, just because they could. Kefka and Luca Blight come to mind.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Though I don’t think SAO’s main villain is among the greatest.

          • PoweredByHentai

            He certainly isn’t. Just pointing out that not everyone needs a reason to be evil.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I see, but considering it’s an online MMO game that’s just plain messed up. The reason wouldn’t have change that but at least it would’ve been more understandable.

            Eh, the guy gets what was coming to him in the end right? So… do the players STILL play the game after everything that has happen to them and do they keep their old looks or revert back to their original Avatars that made instead of their physical appearances taken on Avatar form?

          • PoweredByHentai

            SAO the VRMMORPG ceased functioning upon Kayaba’s death and basically just boots off everyone from the game.

          • Christopher Nunes

            That’s it? SAO is shut down permanently? No new version or anything?

            Kinda sad to see it go, awesome looking MMO if it weren’t for being trapped in the virtual world and dying if you lose in the game.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I don’t know how far you have gotten to because that instance of SAO went down. ALO is very similar to SAO due to it being branched from the SAO base code.

            The rest of it is essentially spoilers for people who have not watched nor read the series.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I’m just starting out, missed Episode 3 and the whole Murder Mystery one regarding the Fallen Guild with the Agility Ring they found.

            Well I’ll continue to watch the series. Though I still like .hack better, but SAO is shaping up is a favorite of mine.

            By the way, when did you change your Avatar picture PBH?

      • Nick Boldt

        The only girl that made me face palm was Lyfa, Kirito’s sister.

        Kayaba Akihiko, the creator, you have to understand, is a villain. He was delusional, as his motive was to make a floating castle, which led to creating SAO, resulting in a death game.

        But as far as the light novels go, I would say that the plot gets a lot deeper, starting after the anime with Phantom Bullet. Kirito is portrayed badly in the anime, but the light novels describe his motives and will. The author writes descriptively, putting things in perspective to create a life-like story, disregarding that the story is fiction. The technology in the stories are quite possible, so the author knows their stuff.

        • Christopher Nunes

          I see… and why did Lyfa make you facepalm yourself?

          True, like novels, books have more detail written in them that is lost in anime/movies but get most of the stuff down. Though I like a good read better I do enjoy watching anime to see everything come together and the music that plays with it.

          I’ve been told how delusional he is, Kayaba Akihiko. Though how badly portrayed was Kirito compared to his light novel self?

          • Nick Boldt

            The way Lyfa felt towards Kirito before finding out he was her brother, while they both avoided each other at just the right moments is what made me, just shake my head no.

            As you mentioned, light novels have details that are lost in the transition to anime. It’s not that he’s portrayed badly, per say, but Kirigaya Kazuto’s character depth only skims the surface in the anime, but I can’t really elaborate much more except to say you should try to read the novels when you see fit.

            For me, I waited a little, so the story felt fresh again .

          • Christopher Nunes

            I see… wait? What about the girl in the beginning of the anime crying her eyes out in the video feed fo the outside world that Kirito took a look at in episode 1… was that not his sister? Did she join the game to help Kirito out?

            And avoid each other? In the game or in the real world? :/

          • Nick Boldt

            Lyfa was already playing ALO before Kirito dived back into virtual reality to save Asuna.

            In the ALO arc, Kirito and Lyfa kept coincidentally missing each other in real life, so that neither of them knew that the other was the person that they were playing with.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I see…. wait, did their Avatars changed then? I do remember that commercial airing on Toonaime with the cast looking like Elves…


          • Nick Boldt

            Your eyes did not deceive you. At the end of the ALO arc, the characters from SAO return to participate in ALO.

  • Christopher Nunes

    I’m beginning to like SAO from the anime, but I don’t know… something about it doesn’t appeal to me as much as .hack did. Also I’m not fond of the fact that you die in the game you die in real life… I know another series did something like this as well and I can’t remember the name of it.

    Though I do like the MMO anime, but I like how .hack had an almost supernatural feel to it and the players that were lost were able to come back but that is to say that people don’t die in that series, one player passed away due to old age I believe and other in the .hack//Versus’ anime bonus episode had a couple of people die in it but never in the game.

    I actually want to write up my own MMO story like SAO and .hack but more to it than what gamers believe but no “if you die in the game, you die in real life” bit but I have something similar in mind. And I like to have the Protagonist start off relatively simple with game skills at the beginning and work their way up to the “badass” level, not simply GIVEN it to them kinda like with Kirito (he’s played the Beta of SAO and knows the work around of the game) though his sheer will to live might have helped him a bit.

    I’ve been fond of Dual-Wielding and I like that aspect of it and wanted a main character with dual wielding swords (Sora (Valor Form), Roxas, Kirito) but swords like a Buster Sword in shape but a little less smaller but still as a powerful. Like Emil’s, from ToS: DoTNW, sword.

    Anyway that’s enough out of me, I really enjoy FFXIV and probably wouldn’t mind living in the world for a good while… if it means I can marry a certain NPC character from the story. :P

    • Hound

      IIRC Serial Experiments Lain had people getting killed when playing a virtual reality MMO, Dennou Coil expressed how it can mess up your life, and .hack had people falling into comas.

      So.. virtual reality mmo = bad.

      • Christopher Nunes

        At least with the comas from .hack people can back instead of being lost forever.

    • Chiupon

      i don’t care about anything you wrote after “i actually want to write up my own…” but i will tell you that the perma death aspect of SAO stops being relevant after like 4 episodes

      after sachi or w/e you literally just don’t care anymore because nobody plot centric or even slightly (i use this word cautiously, as all development in SAO is arguable at best) developed ever risks dying at all because lol kirito is firin his lazer and it’s level 999999999 for no reason


  • Christopher Nunes

    I’m beginning to like SAO from the anime, but I don’t know… something about it doesn’t appeal to me as much as .hack did. Also I’m not fond of the fact that you die in the game you die in real life… I know another series did something like this as well and I can’t remember the name of it.

    Though I do like the MMO anime, but I like how .hack had an almost supernatural feel to it and the players that were lost were able to come back but that is to say that people don’t die in that series, one player passed away due to old age I believe and other in the .hack//Versus’ anime bonus episode had a couple of people die in it but never in the game.

    I actually want to write up my own MMO story like SAO and .hack but more to it than what gamers believe but no “if you die in the game, you die in real life” bit but I have something similar in mind. And I like to have the Protagonist start off relatively simple with game skills at the beginning and work their way up to the “badass” level, not simply GIVEN it to them kinda like with Kirito (he’s played the Beta of SAO and knows the work around of the game) though his sheer will to live might have helped him a bit.

    I’ve been fond of Dual-Wielding and I like that aspect of it and wanted a main character with dual wielding swords (Sora (Valor Form), Roxas, Kirito) but swords like a Buster Sword in shape but a little less smaller but still as a powerful. Like Emil’s, from ToS: DoTNW, sword.

    Anyway that’s enough out of me, I really enjoy FFXIV and probably wouldn’t mind living in the world for a good while… if it means I can marry a certain NPC character from the story. :P

  • WhyWai

    season 1 of the SAO anime is really good.. epic moment when Kirito show his dual wield.. but second season is really boring… but I only watch the anime. not sure if the novel is better…

    • Zak Ledward

      I think the scene in which Kirito beats the living sh*t out of the guy with the hacked sword is pretty funny (the one that phases through guards). Also the moments when he has to fight against the infinite army of the gate (the angel-like thingies) is pretty cool

    • Raltrios

      The GGO arc is the best one. But yeah, the ALO arc was worse in the anime because they cut out one of the best parts, which was Kirito and Lyfa in the underground section called Jotunheimr, full of high-level giants.

  • Raltrios

    Uhhh…her name is Yuuki Asuna, not Kiriyaga. Kiriyaga is close to Kirito’s surname, though not it exactly.

  • EtherealEarth

    Something I find very hilariously ironic about SAO and FF14.

    Players in SAO are trapped in the game, but players in FF14 were trapped outside the game. XD

  • Kirigaya is Kirito’s last name, they’re not married yet :P

    Her name is Yuki Asuna.

  • Chiupon

    “Much death and angst follows with the original plot spanning two years worth of time.”
    HAHAHAHA like 3 people die

  • Kai2591

    oohh fanboy wars~
    Nothing to do here! *jet packs outta here*

  • Areuto

    So am I the only person out to play FF XIV ARR because of FF 1.

    • MogCakes

      Yes. But fret not, that makes you special.

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