A Peek At The Two Otome Games Coming To PlayStation Vita

By Spencer . October 2, 2013 . 1:49am

Idea Factory is starting to release otome games for PlayStation Vita. The first two titles Amnesia V Edition and Hakuoki: Mirror Blossom Record are ports of two classic games, the original Amnesia and Hakuoki.


Here’s a look at the opening movies from the two games.



Amnesia V and Hakuoki: Mirror Blossom Record come out on December 19 in Japan. Download codes for both games will also be bundled with a PlayStation Vita and an Amnesia V Star DVD.

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  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    Why cant guys have good dating games like this on the Vita?

    • Even if you’re not a fan of the current and upcoming intended-for-a-male-audience Vita VN type games, at least the fact that the genre is represented on the system can give you hope that there may be a future one to your tastes. :)

      • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

        What? Is this a joke Im not getting or something? Where are the intended-for-a-male-audience Vita VN games? Which one(s)?

        • Um, not a joke. I was just being optimistic. ^_^

          Offhand current visual novel (and related type) games for the Vita where you play as a guy who can end up with various girls include Photokano no Kiss, Fate Stay/Night, Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo, Rui wa Tomo o Yobu, Grisaia and Kajiri Kamui Kagura. Ones coming later this year include White Album 2 and, er, &.

          • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

            Darn it… why Otome games get translated but not dating sims for guys? Like why? lol idknow!!!!!
            The only dating sim is RF4 and persona thats it

          • I don’t think any VN games involving dating have been announced for localisation for the Vita, whether aimed at a male or female market, unfortunately. Fingers crossed for the future. :)

          • Aunna Terrell

            Not true. MANY titles with dating sims for male leads have been released already. Even the Star Ocean games are classified as a “game with dating sim” (because of their point system with the characters that changes the ending a little bit). But Thousands Arms (PS1), Sakura Wars (PS2/Wii), Agarest Wars (PS3/360), and others have been released. Even the Harvest Moons started out as male lead only, then branched into dual protags.

        • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

          There are plenty. Just that none are translated and/or localized and never will be.

    • DyLaN

      LB! and many more Vita VN says hi.

      And some of those otome VN aren’t tht bad if you are willing to give a try.

    • Testsubject909

      You just reminded me that I need to eventually import Ciel no Surge.

  • gRiMmYdArK13

    Western girls are still doomed nevertheless… *sobs*

    • DyLaN

      At least you guys/girls are getting the 3DS Hakuoki. Meanwhile the only thing Amnesia has in english is the anime and the route summaries.

  • klkAlexar

    I already bought Hakuoki twice, but Amnesia would be nice. Otome games for NA IF!

  • klkAlexar

    I already bought Hakuoki twice, but Amnesia would be nice. Otome games for NA IF!

  • Isn’t Diabolik Lovers out for the Vita in December too? Should be a busy month for otome fans!

    • DyLaN

      ……I don’t think a lot of ppl is interested in that judging by the VN reviews and impressions of the anime.

      Good for you, i guess?

      EDIT: lol why the downvote? And yes, I’m watching the DiaLovers anime so I’m not the lolhatingiscoollol guy.

      • I saw someone mention in a thread in Siliconera that they were interested in Diabolik Lovers so I (wrongly?) assumed that it was worth noting in a thread about December Vita VN releases. :( Sorry if I posted something I shouldn’t have.

        • Trinity

          That was me. I was interested/intrigued by the anime. I try to keep an open mind. I mean if other M rated stuff comes over here, why not Diabolik Lovers?

          • True. Sometimes it’s best to make up your own mind about things. And thank you for letting me know that I wasn’t going mad and imagining that!

          • Trinity

            Not a problem. I know that the game is very disturbing if what I’ve read from others is to be believed, but it can’t be more messed up than some other stuff that comes over.

        • DyLaN

          Nah its OK. I said tht cuz you said its going to be busy month for otogamers with DiaLovers Vita release.

          • Relatively speaking, I guess. :p Three in a month is the biggest batch of Vita otome games so far, I think? Hopefully a good sign!

    • Aunna Terrell

      Yes, Diabolik Lovers will also be available on the same date as these two. However, it’s not part of the same bundle (the Otomate Special Pack) as Amnesia and Hakuoki.

      • Yeah, sorry if that sounded implied in my post. Should I delete it as it seems to be raising a few objections? :)

        • Aunna Terrell

          Nope. There’s no need. There’s actually a number of English speaking/reading otome fans who DO like the Diabolik Lover series and they even suggested Aksys to release it in English. But those who aren’t M, or not into the abusive nature of the males, try to be a voice of reason as to why it shouldn’t be released in English.

          • Ah, thanks for explaining. Have you played it? I’d not really come across it before I saw the listings.

          • Aunna Terrell

            I’m sorry, I haven’t played it before. It’s on my “to eventually check out” list. However, there’s tons of mixed reviews on the games… Like there’s the 4Shiki review/summary (calling it Diabolik Wifebeaters; lol it’s a funny read, though most DiaLovers fans absolutely HATE the review), while there’s also positive reviews (like on tumblr and other blogs).

            Personally, I’m not really into many of the males for the game so far (from my impressions of the anime; I use the anime as “research” on personality before playing a game I’m interested in checking out), so I doubt I’ll actually have fun playing it. But I’m pretty optimistic about all the games I play~ I like to give everything otome-related a chance!

          • Thank you for the suggestions! I will go and take a look at some of those and see what impression I get. :)

          • Haunting Horror

            If you want a really good review look up yumemirusekai (wordpress), she has very detailed reviews of the routes (though only has 3 of them up atm). When it comes to Diabolik Lovers, I hate the triplets (Ayato, Raito, & Kanato) and like the other 3 (Reiji (he’s one of my all time fave charas), Subaru, and Shuu). Those that label it as Diabolik Wifebeaters are really only calling it such for those triplets and assume all are like that.

            Why I say this: the triplets are the only really abusive ones. While, like Reiji, is only mean at the start, and not really abusive himself. By his words he sounds really sadistic, but he’s more of all bark and no bite. And he does realize he did wrong and apologizes. He also makes up for it later and shows he genuinely cares for the heroine, Yui, and really puts her before himself. A lot of his route is him trying to save her from another vampire.

            While like Ayato, abuses her all through the route and at the very end decides not to kill her.

            So, if you don’t like abusive stuff, just avoid the triplets. The other 3 are good. So yeah, to me Diabolik Lovers is great where Reiji, Subaru, and Shuu are concerned, but awful where the triplets are.

          • DyLaN

            I only call it DiaboLICK Wifebeaters in a joking manner though….. But good to know!

            Oho, Reiji is actually not as bad as he looks? Interesting. But still:

            *Psycho kid stabbing cookie is a-OK*
            *Yui not eating food is bad table manners*

            (Though acc to a comment I come across, Reiji accusation is technically justified.)

          • Haunting Horror

            Well, I was referring to those who say that seriously. As long as it jokes, that’s fine. XD

            Nah, Reiji isn’t at all. He likes to keep a wall between him and others so he has a sharp tongue.

            LOL! Well, I think Reiji has probably just given up teaching table manors to Kanato. XD Also, Reiji teaches Yui a lot of manners and such, at first for seemingly sadistic reasonings, but actually it’s to keep her from being taken advantage of/attacked (a lot of his scaring her is for this purpose) by other vampires. He’s just not going to let that be known as he’s tsun~tsun and doesn’t want her to think he’s kind, which Yui does tell him that he is later on. XD

            (Yeah, technically is.)

  • Aristides

    Someone should localize Amnesia lol.

  • $36598391

    so these two aren’t getting physical releases?
    I got the the two PSP Hakuoki games and the 3DS Hakuoki game
    (All Physical releases)
    I’ll get this the moment it’s released in North America
    I don’t care if I have multiple versions of the same game because I’m a HUGE Hakuoki fan and want to eventually have everything Hakuoki in English

  • schwarzmasa

    Yeah, back when these were announced I finally purchased a Vita. I’ve already played both games, but if Otomate is pushing this hard to get their audience to move over to Vita (that new “school life” Hakuoki game is going to be Vita exclusive IIRC), I’m pretty sure Vita is where the new handheld otome games are going to be start being developed.

  • DyLaN

    On an unrelated note, I find the AMNESIA anime OP to be better. Though the game one is passable.

  • Amy ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡

    Sigh I don’t have lots of money to get a Vita now. :( I really want Hakuouki SSL though. I wonder if this means they’re gonna stop releasing PSP games. I guess they might in the future when the PSP really goes dead.

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