Lily Bergamo Trademark Filed In The U.S. By GungHo Online Entertainment

By Spencer . October 7, 2013 . 1:05am

Bergamo_SS02Lily Bergamo always seemed like it was a shoo in for an international release, but just in case you were concerned about missing out on Suda51’s first game with GungHo Online Entertainment here’s some reassuring news. A trademark for Lily Bergamo was filed by GungHo in the U.S. and international trademarks are usually a good indicator that a game will be released outside of Japan.


Speaking of Lily Bergamo, Siliconera spoke with Kazuki Morishita, the president of GungHo Online Entertainment, and we’ll have that interview online later this week.

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  • SuBw00FeR

    YUS! I beat Killer is Dead the other week, absolutely loved it! Bring on the next game Suda! :D

    • ShadowDivz

      So the game is good. Because of the artstyle i thought it would be hard to see.

      • SuBw00FeR

        I really enjoyed it, couldn’t put it down. You get more out of it the harder difficulty you play on.

        • ShadowDivz


      • Hector Velar

        I think is ok not as great as No More Heroes was thou. I mainly bought it for art style, when started playing it I felt it was slow and as if it belonged to ps1… but guess I should try harder difficulty since I stopped playing after 2nd stage maybe SuB is right.

  • Go2hell66

    So its not Lily Belgamo then? :p

    • Göran Isacson

      Could be, but Bergamo is the name of a city in Italy so most people seem to think it’s a reference to that city… then again, considering how that seems to make no sense with what we’ve seen of the game so far it’s entirely possible her name IS Belgamo and people are just reading too much into things.

      • yellowmage

        I think it’s just an intentional misspelling of bergamot, which, like lily, is a type of flower.

        • Göran Isacson

          Ooooh. That I did not know, and it sounds like it makes way more sense than Bergamo.

  • TrueDefault

    Keep it coming, Suda!!

    (Still needs to play No more heroes though.)

    • unknowncast

      du it

      • TrueDefault

        Do I have to play No more heroes 1 first?

        I haven’t bought a WiiU yet.

        • XiaomuArisu

          The first No More Heroes is much better then the second.
          Better characters,bosses are more interesting,etc.
          The PS3 version has some of the NMH2 bosses as a bonus.Maybe try that

  • DragKudo

    I Hope she is a better protagonist than Juliet. Juliet was nothing compared to the suda’s other protagonists.

  • Dark Zerato

    More reason for me to get a PS4.

  • unknowncast

    That’s what I’m talking about.

  • DivinePhoenix69

    Awesome news! which reminds me i have yet to play a Suda 51 game(does Liberation Maiden count?). Killer is dead looks interesting though.

  • This makes me even more happy and excited about getting my PS4 next month =^_^=

  • Xaltmas

    I wonder who will publish it. I know GungHo has got enough money to probably convince whoever they want.

  • Captain Levi

    I’m expecting much from this title.
    But well, I really wish an No More Heroes 3 but whatever.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Is this just going to be an online game or is this going to have some sort of single player?

  • Vash bane

    cool now I need to see 2 more then im sold for a ps4 XD

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