Don’t Hack Your Save File In Monster Hunter 4 – Capcom’s Watching

By Eugene . October 8, 2013 . 2:31pm


Capcom have come out with a strongly worded notice for players on their official website, warning them not to tamper with Monster Hunter 4’s game save data. They warn that doing so could possibly brick the entire game itself, rendering the copy unusable.


While we don’t know the full extent of the hack’s capabilities, game blog Hachima does have a video that shows off some of what the hack offers—including a non-stop rotating weapons icon set among other hints that all is not quite right with this video. The ending of the video is kinda like the Hitler meme that makes its rounds, overlaying an actual movie scene with its own comments below it basically expressing gamer’s anger at the hack.


It seems some hackers have broken into the game’s underlying systems, giving themselves either ultra-rare and otherwise impossible-to-obtain weapons and armor or changing up what sort of monsters can be hunted or items dropped in guild quests. It also looks like they’ve been able to adjust game AI to basically ignore players, and possibly even spawn rare monsters in locales of their choosing.


Capcom specifically states that gamers who receive strange guild quests or Felynes from StreetPass correspondences should immediately delete them due to the risk of tampered save files corrupting your own. Players who are found to have fiddled with their save files at Capcom’s Monster Hunter Festa in-game events will be banned from it and all future events.


Considering how many copies the game has sold it’s hard to know how widespread the hack is and how many players could be in on it. Just say no, it takes the fun out of the game anyway, and why would you want to ruin it when you can eventually get those super-cool Thunder toys?

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  • Chaos_Knight

    I didn’t think 3DS games were hacked now. :l

    • Minos

      It is not the game, it is the save file.

      • KiTA

        Specifically, the eShop version saves the save file to the SD card, and Capcom didn’t really protect those saves too well.

        Although supposedly Pokemon X/Y and Animal Crossing have some form of check that prevents this fairly effectively, so…

        • ZnTxn

          Damn, that’s an awful exploit. Seeing it’s about the digital version, I wonder if it will be patched or something.

  • SlickRoach

    Some people just can’t appreciate a work of art without drawing a penis on it (as an analogy).

  • AokiShizuku

    While I don’t care if a person mods their save for offline purposes, I mean do what you want offline. However, if they’re bringing that stuff online, it affects the experience for lots of people. It’s irritating when I join a room and I see that room is full of modded characters doing modded quests that have two Level 100 Goa Magaras in the starting area.

  • GH56734

    I’m interested particularly in the “otherwise impossible-to-obtain” hack-exclusive weapons the article was talking about.
    Anybody has a video or some screenshots about it?


    in Dragon’s Crown the same thing happened and some people got theirs saves files corrupted because they played with people that have hacked the game

    • KuroNathan

      I think that’s a glitch as the game can’t handle the really high potion number. This is deliberate anti-hacking I think

  • Is this so Capcom can sell a non-stop rotating weapons icon set as DLC?
    (SOMEONE had to say it)

  • ronin4life

    I haven’t played online but once, because I am not confident in what little Japanese I know and am nervous playing online as it is…

    Now I am terrified of ever playing online…

    • Namuro

      I know what you mean LOL. But putting that aside, the online play is great! The players I came across were really nice and helpful, and they know how to play cooperatively without having to say a single word, like providing you maximum protection and distraction as soon as you start laying down traps, etc. The preset words are also helpful to get simple conversations going. You don’t need to say much, basic phrase like “Thanks a lot!” is quite sufficient in most cases. I also re-phrased some personal quotes in my free time and made up phrases like “Thanks for the help, everyone!”, “I’ll lay a trap!”, and what I found to be really useful, “That’s it for now, thanks, guys!” to break up a party politely.

      One thing though, try to avoid using English. Simple things like “Thanks” or “OK” are fine, but from my experience, going all English, especially online, on Japanese people tends to drive them away. I’ve seen some hunters online with personal quotes on their guild cards, saying things like “English only please…” or “No Japanese Talk.”. It’s not wrong or anything, and useful for finding English-speaking gamers, but if you want to mingle with the natives, I highly recommend to just stick to Japanese, no matter how much or little you know.

      By the way, here’s my FC: 0018-1230-4115. I usually go online everyday after work (though, I’ve been sitting out for a while, busy putting together English translations to the game. I’ll be online full-time again, once the guide is done), so I’ll see you sometime.

      • Peace Legacy

        Unrelated… but you sounds like a true chill gaming bro
        *Thumb up*

      • I really want to try out playing with japanese players. But I don’t have a japanese 3ds so can’t import. Maybe in the future when there are not so many games coming out one after another and next gen consoles being released I can afford getting a japanese 3ds just for imports. Perhaps even a 2ds.

        I used to place Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with japanese and they were great players. I used some basic kana to communicate and for the most of the time was enough.

        Does this game have preset chat messages like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? One could just learn what each chat message means and just use it when necessary. Having a notebook with all the chat messages in japanese and their translation could be really helpful.

        • Namuro

          Ooh, lucky you! Back when I was playing MHP3, I was in England at the time, and the MH community was pretty much…non-existent (at least where I was). I tried going around, showing the game and tried to explain its appeal to my friends there, but alas, no one was interested. I came really close one time though, when I managed to convince this one guy to buy a second-hand MHF2 to show him what the game’s all about, but in the end, he couldn’t get into the game and went back to playing God of War. I had to play through all the guild quests by my lonely self…

          Ah, sorry about going off-topic for so long there. About what you asked, yes! MH4 also have a preset chat. You could try to learn all the phrases, but I think it’s better to make up some of your own phrases, though (so that it’s easier for you to remember, and also gives you more personality when going online!). But really, the phrases you’ll be using most of the time are:

          1. “よろしくお願いします” to introduce yourself.
          2. “グッジョブ” to congratulate everyone upon voctory.
          3. “お疲れ様でした” to say thanks after a quest is done / before you quit a party.

          That’s pretty much it. There are also some Japanese websites that list many useful custom phrases like “Leave this area to me!”, “I forgot the hot/cool drinks!”, “Don’t give up now, I’ve got your back!”, to something like “Hold on! I’m going to the toilet for a sec!”

          By the way, I wouldn’t recommend you to get a 2DS (at least not for Monster Hunter), since there’s no circle pad pro for it (as of now), and believe me, the circle pad makes a big difference in this game. A lot of people plays MH without the circle pad (I played MH3G just fine without one), but once I tried it on MH4, it works so well that I never takes it off my LL! The auto-lock on helps a lot, but I found myself using the manual camera control just about as much, especially when I circle around my target(s) on elevated platforms. Anyway, I highly recommend you to get a circle pad pro for the game.

          Hope you can get one soon and join in the brand new hunt!

          • I used a app on the PS3 called Ad Hoc Party. It allowed me to play with japanese users via internet.

          • Namuro

            Oh yeah… the Ad Hoc Party. I totally forgot about that neat little service.

  • Godman

    Aw you see now I’m scared to streetpass, I’m probably going to just stay with my circle of friends

  • James Enk

    as great poet once said with more poetic words than this ones it not about reaching the destination it’s about the journey there

  • Fango

    but hacking is the best part….

  • Mugen555

    Usually they use the hack for mechanic purpose
    Mainly thing such weapon attack modifier and this time they found data of crimson fatalis, i dont know if that really in there for quest or on disk DLC stuff

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    They better actually do it because they never did anything in MH3.MH3 was a hack fest

  • Ban The Jackass

    I understand that some find hacking makes the gameplay easier. But not Monster Hunter, nuh uh. Beating tough monsters is the like, the main fun for the game! Why would they hack it?

    • Same reason they hack everything else? To get all the weapons without passing any effort. To have that fake entitlement that they have everything that everyone wants even though they did not work for it. I once used cheats on a game back on the gameshark days. It was boring. Everything dying on one hit was not fun at all.

      I agree with some other people. If you want to hack stay away from online and affecting everyone else’s experience.

      In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate there is a glitch where you can get Abyssal Lagiacrus stuck on a wall and just arrow away. Was the only room open with people who had the quest so I tried it out. It was extremely boring. The fight is not even that hard. However destroying it with rapid fire with bowguns with dragon or fire damage in mere minutes was extremely satisfying.

  • Muggshotter

    Wow, way to rain on the parade. What are the hackers getting out of this deliberate resentment? As mentioned by AokiShizuku in the comments, keep it offline, it’s for the good of everyone.

    I’d rather have no armor on than resort to hacking…

  • slimegeneral

    Even considering the endless array of rooms with LVL 100 Double Crimson Fatalis quets out there, there are still nice hacks like more difficult quests. I hope Crapcom won’t start banning people or something like that only because the use hacked quets.

    • Ferofax

      No hacking is no hacking, especially online.

  • Max

    I wonder if they can actually patch it?
    Didn’t someone upload a hacked dream town in New Leaf also?
    If digital copy saves are that vulnerable, it doesn’t bode too well for Pokemon XY.

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