• raitouniverse

    Hotdog, a new game! But will it surpass Animal Parade in animals, I wonder…

  • DigitalFowl

    Can’t really say I’m that hype for it.

    What I CAN say is that after the disappointment that was RF4 and its lack of any major changes, Rune Factory 5 better overhaul the series.

  • http://linkapics.tumblr.com/ Linka

    If there’s one thing I like about this.

    It’s that there’s gonna be a return to the 3×3 squares of crops.

    It might be just me but I’ve disliked the freestyle single-seed per bag growing of say Tale of Two Towns/A Wonderful Life, ect. and the 2×4 style in ANB was kinda… weird. I think I just generally enjoy the classic 9 seeds to a bag thing and for some reason I like that there’s a return to it.

    OTHERWISE I really liked ANB so I enjoy that this is probably gonna use a similar engine to that otherwise. Looking forward to this!

    • Armane

      I’d rather it goes back to a more freeform approach, as in the SNES/GB style of tilling the land, rather than dumping dirt on the grass.

      • http://linkapics.tumblr.com/ Linka

        Hmm, I can get that too! I more specify the 3×3 method because recent Harvest Moons have bucked the trend of 9 seeds coming in each bag. SNES/GB was always 9 seeds, so the best shape was always either a U or a circle, depending on if your game had the “jump over things” feature.

  • Namuro

    Ooh… I like the character designs and the art style in this one!

  • Zirixion Zwelt

    Was that really how an owl looks like..? It looks like a parrot, imho.

    Anyway, I’m really excited about this! I’m really liking the character design. I hope the other characters won’t disappoint. Hopefully, by the time I have a 3DS, this game would have an english version… Not! It’ll probably take longer, as it did with the previous title. But the wait won’t be hard, as the 3DS has a great-great-great library of games already.

  • Chim_era

    Oew this looks gooooood :)
    Just started with ANB so I can’t watch too many pretty pictures.
    I hope this one gets a faster release in Europe :)

  • Derek E Nay

    Oh wow. I adore the artwork

  • Adam Zaorski

    Now, when will we see it in US/EU dear fellow Japanese?

  • JuVu

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw Xillia’s Leia in that one picture, haha.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Awww, those animals look so adorable. I’m sure they will look even lovelier on the walls of my cabin.


  • Learii

    let me guess there will be online where you can visited your friend ranch just like animal cross?

  • http://twitter.com/puchixseda puchinri

    Hmm. The art style looks a little “prettier” this time around. That pleases me.

    Even though I’m excited to see a new HM, I’m not as hyped right now with this information (especially compared to last night). But I do look forward to more information~.

    I’m also a bit more curious about when they’re going to bring HM back to home consoles, or if they even will for a while given they’re doing well enough on portables.

  • ChiffonCake

    Ah, there’s some nice art.

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