Sonic Lost World Lets You Share Items With Other Players Via Miiverse

By Eugene . October 10, 2013 . 1:33pm

Sega have shared more details on their upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game, Sonic Lost World—specifically the cross-platform items in the game called RC Gadgets. These are remote-controllable special items that have various effects on Sonic in both versions of the game, and on Wii U, a second player will be able to control them if you wish.


The Helicopter, for instance, will pick up otherwise impossible-to-reach coins and also drop bombs onto foes below. There will be some 30 different Remotes to collect, and In the Wii U version, players will obtain them by competing against strange alien Omochyao to collect a set of rings first.


The 3DS version will have Tails’ Laboratory, which is where the Remotes were originally invented. Players will be able to craft exactly the type of Remote they need on the 3DS, and then send it to their Wii U version to be used there if they so choose.


It’s also possible to “release” Gadgets into the Miiverse, and naturally also find and use someone else’s RC Gadget via the Miiverse network. To encourage this, Gadgets you choose to release into the wild will eventually return after a set period of time—even if others have used it already. It’s win-win.




There’s also a new Color Power unveil in the form of Black Bomb. It seems the Black Bomb is tied to utilizing the Miiverse option above, though exactly how it works or how to obtain it has not been made clear. We do know that the Black Bomb can be leveled up, increasing its powers.


Don’t forget that Sonic Lost Worlds has been delayed a week in North America. It will be out for the Wii U and 3DS October 29th rather than the 22nd.




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  • 3PointDecoupage

    Wheres Knuckles?

    • AnimeRemix

      In the story via cutscenes. Not playable.

  • Smooosher than ever

    Mh… I love Sonic, but I’m still not sold on this game. The way the 3D-Stages are designed looks really unfitting for such a fast game as Sonic.
    Has anyone tried it out already? I heard that there is a demo on the japanese e-shop.

    • tipsd9video

      I played a demo of the 3DS demo, and it is fantastic. The controls feel really good. And you only run at full speed while holding down the right shoulder button, so you can just run slower if you’re having trouble with accuracy while at full speed.

      • Smooosher than ever

        Thanks for the impressions. :)
        That’s definitely reassuring to hear. I hope we get a Demo as well, I’d love to play a good 3D Sonic game on the go.

        • tipsd9video

          Same, I’m so excited to finally have a portable 3D Sonic game :D

    • British_Otaku

      I’ve also tried out the demo of Lost World on the 3DS. Sadly, I can’t offer you much information tipsd9video didn’t… So I do the criticism stuff.

      It’s surprisingly good but the transitions are pretty lame (see any extended 3DS footage) as they zoom on Sonic in the air instead of smooth transitions from area to area like Super Mario Galaxy or the Wii U title. The 3DS version doesn’t make it feel like using the air kick is advantageous at any point, I can’t turn around the camera as well but I don’t see any point when you will need to do it and the homing attack goes into “auto fire” at points which makes the usual dull points where Sonic games think lining up enemies to attack again and again more dull. There is a large enemy that sometimes takes one hit and sometimes more, I can see the homing attack cursor changes colour so that probably means that if I stay close for a while or something it changes to the ONE HIT KILL mode. One transition in the game, in both levels was akin to Sonic Heroes automatic kart racing section, in the tutorial, it couldn’t kill you, but it feels pointless in the game.

      On the other side, the game lets me use parkour to completely avoid them, there was only one point where I couldn’t advance till I kill all of the enemies and using a spindash to get speed and jump a massive gap, then run alongside a wall then bounce to another wall and go around the corner and scale up it… That’s a LOT of speedrun potential…

      One bizarre thing is Sonic can jump twice (no homing attack unless there an enemy target marker – same button as jump, you can bounce down on the spindash button)… I suppose it could be seen as helpful to climbing walls, but it could lead you to attacking an enemy when you want to get across a gap and seems unnecessary in general.

      • Smooosher than ever

        Thanks I really appreciate your honest opinion.

        The problems sound bearable to me, so I’m looking forward to trying it myself a lot more now. :)
        I still hope we get a demo though, that always helps.

  • I still think there should add back the Chaos World, I had a ton of fun doing tht in Adventure 2 Battle, I even play it again just to take care of my little babies…

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