Behold Monster Hunter Big Game Hunting Quest, An All-Gals Card-Flinging RPG

By Eugene . October 11, 2013 . 3:36pm



Capcom must have realized that smartphone games like Monster Hunter Smart and Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaarwhile great—were missing something. Something epic, that would draw in that segment of gamers not yet convinced of the Monster Hunter brand. After much research and long, argumentative meetings, they’ve finally realized the answer is a card-based battler.


Behold, Monster Hunter Big Game Hunting Quest, a card-flinging, all-female battler RPG for smartphones.


While the game rides on the Monster Hunter label, it’s as far apart from Monster Hunter Smart’s full-3D one-handed gimmick hunting game as Smart is to Felyne Bazaar’s shop-based title. Big Game Hunting Quest features a snazzy cast of all-female Hunters, including main character Anna the card-hunter as she travels the land hunting down more legendary Hunter cards and taking on quests.


Once you encounter challenges and foes, players springload a Hunter card into a slingshot (catapult? multi-shot crossbow?) by pulling down on the touch screen and then releasing it. The Hunter(s) then deals damage to foes, using up some stamina and hopefully granting some progress. Stamina is the game’s free-to-play limiter, controlling play time for players similar to many other such free-to-play RPG’s like Puzzle & Dragons.


There’s more than just basic card-battling, though. Challenges include dodging a charging monster by successfully predicting its moves or choosing the right fireplace to cook your meat as players traverse an overland map.

Judging from the above video, it won’t really be all women. Players will be able to summon their own monsters as special use items in big boss fights as well. There’s a plethora of other videos on the features of Big Game Hunting Quest on its official website as well.


Monster Hunter Big Game Hunting Quest will be out for both iOS and Android October 29th. Signing up early nets players a Nadia rare card as well.

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  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Lol so it took them that long to jump on the me too bandwagon

  • Hector Velar

    that’s the future of gaming people. 10 years from now action, fighters, shooters are all going to be myths we will tell our grandkids.

    • The Watcher

      10 is a short time, more like 30 You know? like when most of us are even old enough to be grandparents.

      • Hector Velar

        depends on how old you are and how old your kids ate now…

  • I need to see em in that Kirin armor.

  • Gohobojoe

    Monster Hunter Big Game Hunting Quest, a card-flinging, all-female battler

    • Areuto

      Why would you pay money for this?

    • Godman

      What a guy can’t want a game without the Anti Capcom/mobile brigade rotting up his post? geez
      I’d get this just to spite these low lifes!

  • Areuto

    You can make it all female fighter but the audience is still gonna be a “sasuage” feast

    • Nana

      Only because this crap is marketed entirely and exclusively at men.

      Which does make sense – add a little T&A, and men generally are willing to pay out of their nose for a silly card that shows said T&A, as the brain gets totally shut down. It’s the business model, really.

      And as for this game: It’s basically every other iphone/pad card game. Try Immortalis, it’s the same damn thing, complete with T&A. This here’s just the one with the monster hunter skin.

      • Christopher McNair

        Not exactly true. You must not know that women who like women do exist. Or that women like playing women characters? And that EVERYONE loves boobs? Or you must think women don’t have smartphones? Or that women don’t play games at all? You have a VERY valid point, but it’s not exactly the truth.

  • tubers

    Ugh.. just give me my Moe/loli hunting game.


      *imagine a game that you hunt down moe and loli*

  • That looks pretty dam fun, love the art too

  • ronin4life

    “an-all Gals”
    Okay, not what I’d expect from a MonHun spin-off. Proceed.

    *[]*// |__|,,,

    I’ll stick to mh4, thx.

  • ShadowDivz

    I WAS gonna say, lets just get monster hunter anime style with awesome monsters.

    Then i rememebred freedom wars.

  • Wake

    Jump the Zaboazagiru.

  • TheExile285

    wow, i love that art

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