Drakengard 3 Connects To Nier, Will Have A Balance Between Darkness And Humor

By Matt Hawkins . October 11, 2013 . 11:10pm


After producer Takamasa Shiba demoed Drakengard 3, we talked about Zero, the game’s anti-hero who is on a mission to kill her sisters. Siliconera also asked Shiba about editing content in previous Drakengard games and Valkyrie Profile.


I know you can’t go into why Zero wants to kill her sisters at the moment, but it’s clear that the story is quite dark. Can you please explain what goes into making a dark story that still engrossing, and without making it so dark and foreboding that it turns people off?


Takamasa Shiba, Producer: We have a good balance of darkness and humor… there’s actually a good bit of the former, in the in-game dialogue for example. We don’t want to turn it into a completely dark story. There are still scenes were you can laugh.


Speaking of story, can you talk more about how the story in Drakengard 3 connects to Drakengard 1, Drakengard 2, and Nier?


[Drakengard] 3 is actually a prequel to one. So part three happens first, then part one, then part two. There is relation, between the worlds of Drakengard 3 and Nier, but I can’t talk about that right now.


drakengard_3_screenshot_h drakengard_3_screenshot_i


In recent years, primarily in America, there has been a great deal of sensitivity towards how female characters are represented. Are you at all mindful of how Zero will be received in the West?


In terms of how we portray the protagonist, there won’t be anything sexual. Instead of revealing or spoiling anything here… we wanted to let you know that, that sense of sexuality might mostly be conveyed via dialogue rather than her actions.


I also noticed that Zero’s dragon’s had the voice of a child.


Dragon companions are back in Drakengard 3. But one big difference is how it’s very child like, hence the voice, whom Zero has to protect.


Care to elaborate on what you mean? Will it go out of control, like a child sometimes does?


No, the dragon will simply have child-like, characteristics, not behavior.


Drakengard has in the past dealt with sexually taboo subject matters, and it would appear that the latest continues down that path. Some details were removed in the past for Drakengard. Will Drakengard 3 be unaltered in the West?


The basic principle is this: we are not planning on making any changes. But, for the script, if there are areas in which it is absolutely necessary, we will make changes.


When you say the script, are we talking about bits of dialogue or actual scenes, like the cut scenes and the like?


Just the dialogue.




Will players be able to choose between English and Japanese voices?


We are considering it, because many users are interested in such a feature. Though Sony puts limitations on the size of games, so we have to take that into consideration as well.


When it comes to on the ground combat, Drakengard 3 has on the fly weapon switching. What other changes differentiate Drakengard 3 from other action RPGs?


Much like in Nier, we call our system "weapon story"… meaning, each weapon tells a different story. The more one powers up a weapon, the more story it ends up telling during gameplay.


Can you talk about the changes to the on dragon gameplay? Is there maneuverability?


It’s a very different animal in Drakengard 3. We’ve put a lot of focus in improving the aerial gameplay. In the previous games, you couldn’t even walk on the ground, while mounted on a dragon. Before, you just flew and shot fire, that’s it. But here, you can charge up, you can lock onto enemies, you can walk on the ground… there’s a lot more you can do that you couldn’t before.




I know it might be too soon to ask, but any thoughts on a possible Drakengard 4?


It entirely depends on how well part three does. Though, if it does happen, it would more than likely be for next gen, the PlayStation 4.


OK, Shiba-san, you successfully got a new Drakengard game in development, and you worked on the original Valkyrie Profile too. Can you tell us anything about the Valkyrie Profile series, have you tried to start a new project within Square Enix.


Well, I really wasn’t the main producer, just the assistant… so I can’t really say. Do you think we should do another one?


Sure! Yes!


Then, I’ll consider that!

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  • Cerzel

    I want Valkyrie Profile Hrist, damn it!

    • Jordan Coleman

      I could have sworn years ago before this gen there was an IGN article talking about a sequel that obviously never materialized.

      • Xerain

        tri-Ace seems to be bidding their time. Their strong suit has always been programming.

        Their plot ideas have always been interesting, but they always stumbled in the execution. I woudl say Valkyrie Profile is the notable exception to that, and it actually managed to do something rather unique in terms of interactive story telling… however that also made the story somewhat opaque, and you basically had to use a guide or you’d miss all of it past the prologue.

        That being said, their other weakness is animation. Their character models woudl look fine, even amazing like in VP2, however their motions were always a bit off, at best.

        The reason I mention all these weakness is because for the last few years tri-Ace seems to be primarily working along side other companies. Generally their lend their strength in programming to create more interesting battle systems in series that could do to freshen up.

        My point being, I’d like to believe things are also going the other way, and that by working with companies with strengths that differ from their own some of it will rub off.

        Basically, I’m imagining them spending years doing special training in order to prepare for something big.

  • Pablo Sanchez


  • Pablo Sanchez

    I want to see how many “dislikes” will you get :b

  • neocatzon

    you can walk on the ground…
    Finally! The screenshot reflects this so much.

  • Lucky Dan

    NO NO NO.

    Nier is just a canon off shoot of what if, the connections would be so light they wouldn’t matter.

    Nier had the “weapon story” system and there is likely 0 connections between zero and kaine seriously kaine is a hemprodite would you expect zero be flashing her gonlez around like she would?

    • Jordan Coleman

      This game is clearly being made because Nier was a cult hit. Cavia died and Yoko went to SE and the game probably developed from there. Yet why not call it Nier 2? Well I wonder if the Nier name got caught up in issues regarding AQ Interactive and Cavia. So unable to make Nier 2, they went back to Drakengard.

      • Lucky Dan

        Cause Nier was set on earth and the story has ended. It was just an off shoot what if situation like those in role playing table top RPGs.

        What Nier represents what happens when you introduce Magic to a different timeline (I use this anaology cause Jianganshi Mayoi explains it well) that wasn’t suppose to have the technology or knowledge to use it, for example Magic on Earth like this game. Strange things happen like Magic born disease that are uncurable, magic type monsters start appearing and so forth. The world has practically ended cause there was no way to cure a magic born disease without magic, I can’t dwell futhur into the plotline without spoiling it you should actually complete it 2 times the story is really good and the second play through do answer a lot questions rather than the first play through.

        Or watch Mayoi Jiangshi from Monogatari 2nd season it is the same concept.

        Oh Forgot to add, you should read Drakengard wiki, Drakengard is a cult hit in itself and the reason why people like it soooooo much and actually what the CHARACTERS really do.

        Drakengard is more darker than Nier and you would laugh at what half the characters do that was removed from the US version of the game.

  • Demandred

    A “Nier sequel in Drakengard clothing” would make me all kinds of happy. :)

    • Jordan Coleman

      Well looks like you’re going to be happy with 3. Sadly.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    so, maybe this is actually sequel of Nier. And Drakengard events are just one big time loop

    • Hraesvelgr

      I was about to say something about how crazy that would be, but then I thought back to the events of the Drakengard games and Nier and realized that’s pretty tame.

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        yeah timeskip & timeloop would be a bit too predictable, i expected something more crazy like Ending E of Drakengard 1

    • Warboss Aohd

      there’s a Dr. Who joke in dere, but zog it if i can think o’ it.

  • Teh Blasterz

    If anything, Nier is a drakengard sequel wearing different clothing given how the game was created in place of a rejected Drakengard 3. There’s also the fact that Yoko considers Nier to be his personal Drakengard 3, so there you go.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Well he wasn’t involved in 2 so maybe he’s not interested in continuing where that game left off.

      Thats fine, he’s the creator after all. So I mean he can do whatever he wants. Dosen’t mean I have to agree.

      • ZenTzen

        thats because Drakengard 2 had a shit story, lts face it the only real memorable thig on that game was Caim and Angelus

        • Jordan Coleman

          Well I wouldn’t say shit, it was a lesser story compared to one that was a little too normal. It still had some good stuff like Legna and yes Caim. It was still a good game though, better than Nier thats for sure.

  • Crazy_O

    > Though Sony puts limitations on the size of games

    Do they charge more per gigabyte on PSN? I saw some pretty big games to download there. Can’t they offer it as DLC or have two versions to buy online?

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    i want to see this again

  • Vash bane

    wait it goes into 2 as well? -tilts head to the left- I don’t really remember the story much from one but *SPOILERS FOR THOSE HOW DIDNT PLAY 1″

    didn’t caim and angelus die at the end when they were impaled? so when I played 2(didn’t beat it) caim and angelus were still alive how is that exactly?

    and about VP that would be cool(havnt beat the ps2 version …..that boss >.>) but at the moment that new FF 13 game will do (since it has a system similar to it) lol

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      Drakengard 1 has 5 different endings (A-E)
      Drakengard 2 continued from Ending A (Caim & Angelus is still alive), while Nier continued from Ending E (Tokyo Ending)

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      Timeline of Drakengard universe :

      • Brandonmkii

        so, the North American version didn’t have ending E for NiER? Weird.

      • Holy Diver

        Caim and Furiae show up in the lastest chapters of “Shi Ni Itaru Aka”, so it should be just before the first Drakengard.

        • Pablo Sanchez

          oh cool! , where I can read it??

        • Rayhan PromisedGallery

          the manga is confirmed to be prequel of Drakengard 3. Well technically Drakengard 3 is also prequel of Drakengard 1.
          So it’s still a prequel.

  • leingod

    I can’t see how this can be connected with Nier since it happens before Drakengard 1, but… that’s cool. I like to be surprised.

    • Ferrick

      i guess the weapons is one of the things that connects between dod3 and nier

    • brian

      You also probably couldn’t have guessed the way Nier tied into the series overall.

      • leingod

        Nope, since it felt like a completely different thing in a completely different universe. And it was, in a way… but its ties to Drakengard are both dark and awesome.

    • Varcolaci

      I’m guessing Three is connected to a certain companion character in Nier.. From what I can tell with her symbol and the glimpse of the dolls and her magic you see in the trailer.

  • brian

    I thought walking around on a dragon was a thing in Drakengard 2?

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      no, you can only fly using Legna and spam fireball

  • Great interview, thanks Siliconera!

    I thought we’d have some NieR connections, seems it is the most popular game in the saga by far, and the latest, too. Considering this is a prequel to DOD1, it seems a bit weird, but then I think how weird is the connection betweem DOD1 and NieR and I can believe anything.

    By the way, I love Valkyrie Profile with my innermost soul. Make a VP Hrist!!! I always thought we’d get that before a DOD3, really. Sometimes the world surprises you, I guess.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      remember Yoko Taro’s answer to fans? some are asking for Drakengard, some are asking for Nier, he answer neither. But at the same time this game is also actually both Drakengard and Nier lol

  • Dark Zerato

    As long as they keep bringing it oversea, i will support this series.

    • Linq

      Regarding the link between Dod3 and nier the big time loop Dod1->Nier->Dod3 ->Dod1 would indead the most obvious and straight connexion, therefore it’s a bit predictable, i’ll take my bet on ability of former cavia stuff to come with somthing a lot more twisted.
      like Emile riding a UFO (of nier’s E ending) travelling around the universe learning computer engineering, create Dod virtual world and setting himself in as father grotesquerie ! xO who know…
      still even if i would like the japanease voice cast (arioch jp voice <3) i can't deny that i like a lot more angelus voice in english version.
      beside if there is japanease dub any censorship would be way more easily spotted as the subtitles don't match

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Article became epic because of Valkyrie Profile mention. Win.

  • I want a new Valkyrie Profile

  • ZenTzen

    now if only they released it at retail in the US and Europe especially, i want a physical copy of this i want to put it right next of my Drakengard 1, Drakengard 2 and Nier copys

    • Jordan Coleman

      It is getting a physical US and I guess Euro release

    • Jerry Hu

      The SE is not stupid, maybe they will release physical copies to EU.

  • So glad I took the time to read this interview. Really excited for this game as the Drakengard series has been great. Next year can’;t come soon enough =^_^=

    Also yes win for the Valkyrie Profile questions, and that if they do make a Drakengard 4 it would most likely be for PS4 =)

  • Staz

    Oh shit, dual-audio is under consideration ? YEEES <3 !
    Stop with de capacity of blu-ray, seriously, we are in 2013, DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT. Even if we need to paid for that. Yes Square-Enix, listen to me, I'm ok for PAID a DLC with Japanese Voice.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Mm. I can’t wait for this.

  • fayt255

    Yea please more Valkyrie profile, or hell any Tri-Ace game will do for that matter!

  • Dagobert

    I hope this does well so we can see a next gen Drakengard. I seriously hope Square Enix pours in more money towards the development so we can have improved visuals as well.

    Also I just started playing Nier, and wtf. I regret not playing this game when it first came out, it’s amazing.

  • Göran Isacson

    Aah yes. That good old fashioned Drakengard humor. Oh the laughs that were had at…

    Well there was that one time where…

    Ha ha okay I have no idea how Drakengard and humor is going to really work, truth be told.

  • Jerry Hu

    “It entirely depends on how well part three does. Though, if it does happen, it would more than likely be for next gen, the PlayStation 4.

    God, I just say “make it happen.”

  • bloodiOS

    Though Sony puts limitations on the size of games, so we have to take that into consideration as well.

    Someone please elaborate on what exactly does this mean? Limitation on digital contents or what? Because I can’t imagine this game even going over 25GB. And if it’s limitation for digital distribution, since the game will hit retail stores in Japan, how exactly does that work? And I wasn’t aware that there is size limitation for contents on PSN, given that there are 30+GB games on PlayStation Store. Is he confusing it with XBLA’s size limitation or something?

    • Pablo Sanchez

      limitations as a PSN downloable title

  • Warboss Aohd

    Zoggin’ right we want anotha Valkyrie Profile! Also Star Ocean…..preferably like 1 an’ 2, even 3 moreso den 4. Maybe Species choice fer protagonist.

  • Shiba and Taro are so great~. I do hope we get dual audio and that the game will be uncensored. ♥

    Also, yay for understanding how to handle sexuality with the female protag (seems that way so far, anyway).

    I’m terribly excited for the game, and hope I can get a holiday job and get some money to pre-order it myself~. >u<

  • Tom

    That was some nice interview. It was all positive, I like it! Can’t wait to import this game from the US (as far as I know, no retail in the EU).

  • Did anyone notice the typo? “There are scenes [were] you can still laugh”. *Where*

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