This PS3 Strategy RPG Lets Players Undo Up To 20 Turns

By Spencer . October 11, 2013 . 1:46am

Strategy RPGs are thinking games and sometimes you make a critical mistake when planning how to takedown an enemy army. Tears to Tiara II has a solution for that and lets players undo up to 20 turns. There are some caveats about rewinding, attacks play out exactly the same so you can’t undo and redo until you land a critical hit. Still, it’s a handy feature that makes Tears to Tiara II more approachable. You can also change the game’s difficulty in battle when it is your turn.


For fans of the genre, Aquaplus added elements like traps on the map. How do you avoid walking into a trap? You can choose how your characters move from point A to point B, like if they should start walking to the left or right. Players can also invite characters into their party using Charis’ special invite command, which brings up a Shadow Hearts style ring and you have to stop the spinner on the right spot for the command to work. However, it’s possible that an enemy will backstab you at the start of an enemy’s turn. Usually, monsters stronger than you have a higher chance to betray you.


Tears to Tiara II has mounts like elephants. Later on in the game you can ride a boar, leopard, and a griffon. You can also get a robot to join your part and characters from Tears to Tiara who also appear in Aquapazza.


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  • Anontastic

    This certainly looks like… a SRPG! Yeah, I know what the JRPG culture is all about, but it would be nice to see something here that looks like it really takes advantage of the new technology to advance the series’ gameplay in a meaningful way.

    Oh, and inb4 “Localize pls”

  • Triplicity

    Chariot Tarot!

    • echokanon

      First thing that came to my mind too

    • Skeptika Crediblus


  • ndjn3979


    Just kidding lol

    • NBXX

      nope, you are right

  • The art style and graphics are pretty charming, and while I wasn’t interested before, I believe my interest is now piqued~.

  • Shippoyasha

    I honestly can’t recall if there’s any Aquaplus games that has been widely localized to the West. I would love to see RPGs and even visual novels and dating sims made by Aquaplus make it to digital stores at the very least with retail as a long-shot dream.

  • I want to ride the elephants. o___o

  • Dark Zerato

    Undo up to 20 turns ?
    A normal stage in sRPG should be around 20-30 turns. So loading the stage again is simpler. Unless you want to keep those critical hits you made in the stage.

    • Judgephoenix

      If only I could undo 20 turns in life >.>;

    • Andar

      “So loading the stage again is simpler.”

      Unless you only need to go back 4 turns because a crucial character just got one-shot. Honestly, if you screw up badly enough, the only option left to anyone playing a strategy game is to reload the stage. Therefore, I’m always in favor of a system that lets you challenge a stage one step at a time. It’s not about ‘dumbing it down’, but rather, about removing the tedium of doing the initial parts of a battle over and over again.

      Frankly, it’s an aspect of game design that has always bothered me, and not just limited to strategy games. I get that sometimes a game should punish a player for making a mistake, but how severely? By setting them back an hour or more of playtime every time it happens? By making them play through that hour several times because there’s a challenging part at the last few minutes of it? I think the ability to rewind is a great option because you first have to realize that you’ve made a mistake (and what it was), then you have to figure out how to avoid it. Just rewinding on its own doesn’t show you the solution, and i’s still up to the player to recognize a problem and correct it.

      • Dark Zerato

        Actually, many SRPGs have the quick save and quick load option. So saving each turn and reloading if you make a mistake are very common in SRPG

        • Andar

          A number of them do, which is great, though I think a rewind system is better in practice.

          An option to save/load is nice if battles are long and you need to ‘pause’ one and turn off the console, but unless you’re actively anticipating your own mistakes, you still stand to lose a lot of wasted time (or for some, resort to saving every turn that things don’t go horribly wrong, which is its own problem).

          I know some people are thinking “Losing all that progress is part of the challenge!” but not everyone who wants to play a game wants to make it into an iron man challenge, especially those of us who work for a living. Personally, when I buy a game, I’m paying money to have fun, not to be frustrated. I do understand that challenge is fun for some people, but for those people, condition yourself not to use the failsafes, such as rewinding in this case. On top of that, record your progress, since there’s evidence if you ‘cheat’, and if you do well, you can upload it somewhere to show off. Everybody wins.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Do you need to have played the first game to understand this one?

  • 20 moves isn’t actually a lot if the map sizes and enemy counts are large enough… If they increase the scale over the first two titles (the PS3 versions), I can see 20 turns being just enough.

  • zazza345

    Arawn and Rhiannon will appear as DLC characters with no relationship to the main story.

  • Jirin

    Developers keep finding better and better ways to make sure the players never actually have to get good at the game.

  • Notquitesure?

    Tactics ogre does pretty much the same thing, but this does look pretty good.

  • awat

    Finally a Strategy JRPG pls someone localize it ! *-*

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