Disgaea 4 Return Has New Story Episode With Sister Artina

By Spencer . October 16, 2013 . 3:31pm


Nippon Ichi Software plans on releasing an enhanced version of Disgaea 4 for PlayStation Vita. Souhei Niikawa, president of Nippon Ichi, said to Siliconera all of the DLC from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten will be included with Disgaea 4 Return. Two story episodes plus cameo characters like Pirohiko Ichimonji from Z.H.P. and extra classes like the Celestial Host were released as downloadable content for the PS3 version.


Famitsu reports there will be a new storyline that involves Tyrant Valvatorez and Sister Artina. Yes, we’re talking about "that scene."



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Also, as previously reported Disgaea 4 Return will have Peta tier spells, which are the strongest rank of magic in the Disgaea universe.




Disgaea 4 Return is slated for release on January 30, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Zangetsu777

    Artina <3

  • Yesss, I can’t wait.

  • Ardus

    Fuka and Desco just showing up in a disgaea flash back story they arnt apart of? Seems legit.

    Somewhat wish this extra story came out as disgaea 4 DLC aswell.

    • Xerain

      But then they’d lose out on the costumers who are only buying the game a second time for that extra content.

    • chibidw

      Disgaea has always taken its own continuity with a grain of salt for the sake of cameos and gags. I don’t find it especially surprising.

  • Keine

    Yes on vita must pre order…

  • GameWinner

    NIS must really love Fuka and Desco. They are in this, Disgaea 3 Vita and Disgaea D2 (I think, don’t remember).

    • MrTyrant

      They become my favourite pair and I was getting tired of Etna so I think they become a good reemplacent. Those two and Valvatorez were my main always.

  • SuBw00FeR

    YUS! Can’t wait! DESCO!

  • MrTyrant

    I loved Disgaea 4 but Im was not very fond to Artina and her storyline so I think I’ll from this one.

  • Aci

    Got the potential cover for d4 return. One new character spotted

  • I DEMAND the Hero Prinny!

  • Notquitesure?

    I can’t wait for Artin- PORTABLE SARDINES. (very sweet relationship they have one of favourites.)

  • ZekeFreek

    >.< Great pick the most boring member the cast to expand on.

    I know they probably think they're strengthening the weakest link, but honestly it'll probably backfire and just tick people off.

    And is it really the only one? D3:AoD had four new scenarios added…

    • Enigmos

      Although i dont agree with you that Artina is boring I can see where your coming from. I really felt she didn’t get enough time to develop and grow as a character. She was the last party member to get, and story wise got overshadowed by Fuka & Desco,Emizel, hell even Nemo kinda got more development than she did. She had potential for having a bigger role, but was just demoted to theif angel :/

      Now maybe Nis wants to add one giant campaign/story instead of 4 mini scenarios. Now i haven’t gotten to the extra scenarios in D3 AoD yet but i assume they are short. Im guess 4 chapters, like Beryl’s dlc? Maybe NIS will try to make the new story 6-8 chapters long to flesh out what happened 400 years before the game. Which to me is a good call. Now we can have a chance to how Val was like as tyrant, learn more about Artina, and possibly flesh out Nemo’s story better (felt kinda rushed at the end). Though im probably over speculating and am going to disappoint my self XD

      Judging by the picture though my only fear is that Fuka and Desco are the main playable characters in the story. As much as people love them i cant stand them (mostly Fuka, Desco is good in small dosage)

      Wow didn’t mean to make a huge post sorry about that…

      • ZekeFreek

        The extra scenarios in D3:AoD are an episode a pop. Except for Majin Academy which is 2 episodes.

        Even if you like her, the poll numbers don’t lie. She was easily the least-liked member of the cast. I think it has to do in large part that she is a good example of how NOT to write a purity sue character. YES I AM AWARE it is deconstructed since she was the causes of everything (indirectly, but still) but it still counts.

        Let’s take Flonne. Flonne is much more tolerable because while she’s pure, she isn’t fucking perfect. She’s easily tempted and can occasionally be selfish or short-sighted. It also helps that she’s actually funny.

        Artina was almost played completely humorlessly. Which leads to another point I have that she just felt a bit out of place. What I mean by that is… she’s the first character to really seem like a woman. Not a girl, but a woman, an actual adult. D4 is general did that, as Val and Fenrich were also portrayed in a more… adult fashion than previous game’s casts. Val and Fenrich worked tho because while they were more “adult”, they were still “Disgaea adults”, so the humor and endearing traits weren’t lost. Artina had no such luck.

        I didn’t like her. She felt too out of place and was portrayed as being waaaaaaaaay too perfect. And given the polls, a lot of people agree with me.

        Which is why I’m confused why their making her the focus of a big extra scenario. It’s never a good idea to try forcing a character on an audience that has already shown they aren’t big fans of her. I’d actually much rather have a scenario based around Emizel, because while he arguably got the most actual “development”, he also got the least focus. I’d love to a scenario where he has to cooperate with Axel… that could be hilarious.

  • Enigmos

    Guess there is time travel involved with the new story. Seems a little weird but ill go for it. Glad to see its focusing on Val’s and Artina’s past. Their side story was the most interesting in the game imo. Its weird, the opening for D4 showed a lot of clips about their past but i felt it wasn’t implemented enough in the main story :/. Oh well, more Valvatorez and Artina my two favorite characters from D4. Cant wait.

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