Bravely Default’s “Bravely Second” Feature Added To Help Players Finish The Game

By Sato . October 21, 2013 . 3:03pm

Square Enix recently revealed some new features we’ll be seeing in Bravely Default: For the Sequel, an enhanced version of the original game. In addition to being able to do more damage than before, players will also get to stop time to give monsters a beating. Speaking with Famitsu, producer Tomoya Asano talks about how the idea came to be.


Here’s another look at how we’ll be able to do over 9,000 damage in the updated Bravely Default: For the Sequel, as the previous damage limit was set at 9,999 damage, this time we’ll get to dish out higher damage that ranges into the five digit figures. Additionally, one of the major new features that will be in the game is the Bravely Second, which allows one to pause time in the middle of battles, by using SP, and attack their opponents.



SP will accumulate while your 3DS is in sleep mode, which will give you one SP point every eight hours. While you can collect two to three SP a day, you’ll also be able to purchase SP Drinks from the Nintendo eShop, that immediately gives you three SP points.


During his short interview with Famitsu, Asano shared a few thoughts on the Bravely Second feature.


“While we can’t change the game’s characteristics, we also can’t just make it more difficult, so I decided to put in a simple idea,” answers Asano when asked about how the idea started. “I’d like to think of the Brave & Default system as a fun way to control turns, and I think Bravely Second will bring a fun way to deviate from the turn.”


While the Bravely Second feature sounds useful, there’s concern that it could be a bit too much. Famitsu asks if they share any concerns of it ruining the balance of the game.


“Bravely Second isn’t a de-merit, but a system that gives players an advantage. It’s convenient, and very powerful,” emphasizes Asano. “With that said, since it requires putting the Nintendo 3DS in sleep-mode to accumulate SP, players will most likely only be able to use it twice or three times a day. I expect people to use it after asking themselves ‘should I use that trump card?’”


Asano adds, “While it will be balanced in its own way, Bravely Default always had the Friend Summon and Ability Link features, so there aren’t any strict balances. I believe that’s one of Bravely Default’s charms that makes it enjoyable [laughs].”


After providing a brief explanation on how to accumulate SP, Famitsu asks Asano his reason for adding the SP Drink for Bravely Default: For the Sequel. SP drinks, which can be purchased as DLC, will allow you to replenish your SP without putting your 3DS to sleep.


“There’s a chance that all the players could end up disliking it, so we really put a lot of thought into this one,” says Asano. “With that in mind, the reason we decided to go through with the plan is because of our wish to have as many people possible beat the game. Some players might want to continue with the story but might not be able to beat the boss no matter how hard they try, and eventually give up on the game, which is the last thing we’d want.”


“It’s for this reason that we also included the difficulty and encounter rate adjustments,” continues Asano. “Ultimately, it will be an item that will allow you to beat bosses, simply by drinking it—although we didn’t make it into some item that’s like a ‘bomb that instantly blows up bosses’ because we still want you to have fun with the game. Just to be clear, the game will allow you to still use the Bravely Second up to two or three times a day, without having to purchase SP Drinks.”


Finally, Famitsu asks if he could share an estimate on how much the SP Drinks will cost in the 3DS eShop.


“We’re actually still in the brainstorming stage for that,” says Asano. “If it’s too cheap, then players will get to use it as much as they want, and that would ruin the balance. I think it’d be good to have a price that stays true to the value of a special trump card.”


Bravely Default is set to be released on December 6 in Europe and early 2014 in North America.

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  • baha

    9,99$ SP Drinks incoming

    • ronin4life

      I am guessing $1.00 At *most*, but this is SE… and we don’t know what, if any, Nintendo has set as a minimum price for dlc.

      What should it cost? Nothing, as it shouldn’t exist…

  • Magnumsally

    Square ruining the best game they have by dumbing it down. What a shock.

  • TheExile285

    The game has to be running for the SP points to add up in sleep mode right? I guess I could leave the game in sleep mode while I sleep.

    Seems like if I keep my 3DSXL in sleep mode with streetpass on and a game running it burns through battery quick so I usually don’t have a game running if I keep it in sleep mode for hours.

    • British_Otaku

      Probably not, at least I think it would be very bizarre if it was the only game to not use Streetpass or the clock to handle some sort of external omnipresent feature like this.

      I am really curious whether there is a cap for the amount of SP we collect (too high and we can blaze through the game by leaving the system asleep for a few days) and whether they increase the cap if you pay (there it REALLY crosses into being exploitative).

      • rurifan

        Even if the cap is 1, you use, buy more, use, buy more. Of course it’s exploitative, that’s the point of charging for consumables.

        • British_Otaku

          How exploitative the money grubbing a game is has many degrees to me. It depends on the game IP and execution.

          I can overlook it as it stands for the most part, but even if Jojo wasn’t even charging money for it’s timer I flipped out as fighters should never lock you out of modes to extend themselves.

          This seems more mild to me.

          • rurifan

            With that mindset you’ll be paying for continues before long. This greed is not a slippery slope, it’s a cliff.

            Look at where the videogame industry *started* with game designed to maximize quarter consumption.

          • British_Otaku

            I’m a stubborn bastard who only paid for the first Fire Emblem DLC pack out of every game I played and got soured out of every other pack afterwards. Any game with confirmed content behind bars is getting the “Wait for a Steam Sale/GOTY” treatment. >_>

            Paying for continues? Me? No. The majority of buyers of FF esque RPGs? Not a chance.

            You do have a point that the industry has been out for our quarters from the beginning… I suppose. >_>

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Well yes, but as long as you had skill, it didnt matter how much money you had.

  • Bob

    “SP will accumulate while your 3DS is in sleep mode, which will give you one SP point every eight hours. While you can collect two to three SP a day, you’ll also be able to purchase SP Drinks from the Nintendo eShop, that immediately gives you three SP points.”

    Wasn’t something like this in the Jojo fighting game? Didn’t said game originally sell amazingly, and then sell really badly because of it?

    • rurifan

      Yes, this is the same nasty thing. I was hoping the interview would discuss fan backlash. Developers need to see that we do NOT want to buy games built with artificial delays + microtransactions.

      If they really want to balance this based on difficulty, they should give your SP points progressively if you die too much so you can overcome the problem. (Or just … put in a difficulty slider like Tales games always have.)

      • Bob

        Same. I honestly don’t see the need for this thing considering there IS already a difficulty slider.

        • rurifan

          Wow, seriously? So they really built a whole new system into the game just for this microtransaction scheme…

          It’s a shame, I wanted to buy this game. But I won’t support any developer that caves into greed with these blatant cash grabs. Vote with your wallet, people. :(

          • British_Otaku

            Is a forgettable mechanic like this isn’t enough to ignore the game for you?

            I support strong ideals, but given that you can still use the mechanic and you seem adamant that you won’t need or touch it or the DLC SP Drinks. Now, you even know that with difficulty and enemy appearance sliders, it’s “almost” fine… >_>

            It’s more like they built an extra mechanic for the game to support new players which they sprinked microtransaction BS over than something completely built for them.

          • rurifan

            You can tell from the time-based design, and the fact that it’s redundant with a difficulty setting, that this only exists so they can sell consumables.

          • British_Otaku

            I can tell sure, but the fact that it’s made redundant means they are mostly defeating the point of their attempt to make more money.

            As part of their 100 improvements, they could have dropped the ability to use Bravely Second outside of through DLC purchases, have dozens of prompts about it everytime you boot up the game, die or have a close call and so on. *Technically the prompts could be in, but I’m assuming they aren’t*

            We can buy consumables which is pretty awful for most games, including this one given how it’s roughly executed. It simply isn’t enough that I’m convinced that it is going to harm the game experience.

          • Lynx

            I will be voting with my wallet.

            I want the game and more games like it, so I’ll buy buying the game.

            I love seeing people complaining about OPTIONAL micro transactions that do NOT detract from the game in any way.

          • Bob

            Trust me. I plan on getting the game regardless. It’s just the principle of the matter that’s really irks me. If this was F2P or something of the matter. But since I’m shelling out $40, why try and sway me to put out more like that? I honestly find it disrespectful to the consumer. There are plenty of ways they could’ve put this in the game without it being a micro-transaction.

    • No, this is nothing like the JoJo game. The JoJo game prevented you from enjoying the game any further until your energy gauge charged up again (either through waiting or coughing up money), which is ridiculous.

      This is only enabling you to do extra damage, and you can get by without it just fine, exactly like in the original version of Bravely Default.

      Research, people. It isn’t that hard. Not everything is some Area 51-style conspiracy. It’s just a matter of options for different lifestyles. It’s the way things are now. People of all ages play games and not everyone has the time to grind for an hour to get past that one boss blocking their way.

      • Ninastars

        “The JoJo game prevented you from enjoying the game any further”

        Except you gain battery so fast you gain a new charge pretty much by the time you’re done with the fight and you can just play story mode or online.

        If anything this is worse than ASB because it actually gives a clear advantage in gameplay while someone who pays for charges might just as well not get everything as fast as someone who doesn’t play and is just luckier.

  • Klarktastic

    Seems like a way for them to get people to buy micro transactions. Man…I was really looking forward to this game (actually I still kinda am). But It has reach a point where I’m hopping no more “improvements” are announced, In fear that it may be another dumb down.

    • Pockystix

      it’s like SE really really is trying their best to make me apprehensive about the future of this series. . .

      I’m just hoping they won’t meddle with it anymore than they seem to want to.

      • GH56734

        They will.
        Remember Type-0? The fan-favorite title that is truer to the roots of the series? Now it’s being put on iPhone with a system centered on microtransactions, and it’s that version which is localized incidentally.

        • rurifan

          It’s a good example of why unconditional support for japanese developers isn’t always the right move. There’s no reason to believe you’ll like what they offer you next when they’ve got a taste for microtransaction greed.

          (Remember, this is the country with such exploitative mobile microtransaction games that the government had to step in and put a stop to it.)

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            That applies to everyone.

  • sd28

    I hope it works out for them but personally I don’t care about either systems because I am not forced to use them thus wont use them.

    Which means that they do nothing to ruin my enjoyment of the game but as an option may increase the enjoyment of others so I am fine with there inclusion.

  • British_Otaku

    I seem to be the one of the only ones vaguely positive here about the game featuring this… Odd maybe as I hate whatever Jojo has… >_>

    Anyway, I probably would completely ignore the Bravely Second mechanic completely on my first run (mostly as there are so many other tools to get around difficulty and I know the game worked without it a year ago) and perhaps make my second run involve only three uses of it.

    It seems pretty fair, given that this should be easy to grind through and RPGs like this aren’t competitive enough (no scoreboards, no tournaments, no multiplayer) that anyone should feel like using it which makes me very interested in the price they choose. Too low and even if it isn’t worth it, it has a chance at breaking the experience, too high and those few odd people who want to buy the right to win on the day will feel really arbitrarily halted…

    It would have been really nice if SP Drinks were purchasable in game instead (or as well), just for a REALLY high amount of currency and that there was some decent justification for the timing of the free ones in story… Ah well.

    • TheExile285

      Buying them with Play Coins would have been nice >_>

      • British_Otaku

        I hear a few games actually messed around with that already, it would be a shame if the generation ended with both first, second and third party games forgetting how clever that idea is.

        • TheExile285

          Rune Factory 4 and SMTIV do use it well. In RF4 you can trade 10 coins a in-game day for money and in SMTIV you can use them in place of in-game money to revive after your party is killed.

          • British_Otaku

            10 coins is what you get a day right? So more or less, they want your 3DS in your pocket for your daily schedule, perhaps advertising RF4 through chatter or just Streetpass hits.

            I’m sort of curious how well you can balance it with money in games, given that you have a cap of 300 (I had this much before I discovered my love for recruiting cats)… I assume those games knew what they were doing or it just gelled well as you probably spend coins on a lot of things if you care about them.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            In the case of RF4, the amount you can get per day with Play Coins ranges from 1,000-3,000. Money in RF4 starts out hard to get but by mid-game, becomes extremely easy to accumulate. It’s really only there for the extra bit of help in the beginning. By the third arc, I forgot the feature even existed.

          • British_Otaku

            Sounds like a very good money arc on their part, looking forward to when they actually release that in Europe.

          • Kaetsu

            Animal Crossing also incorporates it in a good way.

    • rurifan

      Despite the spin in the article, it’s just like selling you extra lives in Candy Crush or whatever ripoff game. They designed the artifically limited system on in order to sell consumables.

  • Flandre Scarlet

    “Some players might want to continue with the story but might not be able to beat the boss no matter how hard they try, and eventually give up on the game, which is the last thing we’d want.”

    While I can understand their sentiment, I disagree with the way they’re going about it. Take a look at games like Etrian Odyssey 4 and Fire Emblem: Awakening, games that were normally very difficult to get into for more casual players. So they added completely optional Casual/Easy modes to let these players complete the game, without hurting the experience for others.

    What they’re doing here is essentially adding an advantage for those who are willing to shell out the cash. This is just a form of micro-transactions, and I vehemently disagree with it based on principle, and I can only hope others do the same and do not support this particular feature.

    That said, this doesn’t ruin the game entirely, and it’s still an avoidable feature, meaning I plan to pick Bravely Default up regardless of Bravely Second being in it or not. But I do think it’s a very bad way to go about solving the problem of your more casual players not being able to complete your RPG.

    • John Diamond

      just dont make some boss tactics as dumb as they were in FF3. now that’s one rpg which pissed me off
      ‘ok now make all 4 of your characters dragoons, forget about the classes and everything and just use jump’

    • Klarktastic

      I share your sentiment on this entirely, I’m still buying this day one, but I really hope they don’t add anything more like this.

      • rurifan

        At least wait and buy it used. Your money is the only vote you get, and if you reward developers for moves like this they will only get worse.

        • British_Otaku

          My vote is going to be buying the limited edition and For the Sequel, but never spending on a penny on their SP Drinks so hopefully they rethink their policy on the next game.

          I don’t want to worry about a Bravely Default Type 0 not coming because the game didn’t sell well.

        • Kaetsu

          The game still looks really good and you shouldn’t punish the development team just Square Enix wanted extra money you don’t even have to give them. I will gladly purchase the new and feel good about because honestly buying used is almost as bad as piracy.

    • Yvonne Tsang

      Well, Fire Emblem is not free of guilt in this case. It has paid DLC for fast money, fast EXP, and classes with some viable skills.

      • Flandre Scarlet

        Also true, but I did not support FE:A’s DLC either, outside the free ones.

      • rurifan

        But it doesn’t have an entire game mechanic built for no purpose other than this kind of microtransaction. It’s not even comparable.

        • Lynx

          Actually, it does and is perfectly comparable.

          Hello, there’s an entire area for DLC, an entire plot in the Scramble set (And character interactions!) and an entire subplot that only gets briefly touched in the main game without the DLC.

          You can’t pick and chose what’s comparable.

          • rurifan

            I don’t see how selling additional content is similar to selling building a system with no purpose other than selling consumables. The latter is clearly exploitive with no justification.

            You may argue that DLC in general has lowered game quality (less extras built in), but that’s off topic in this thread.

          • British_Otaku

            Can you all access the story, characters, classes, weapons, attacks and story segments in Fire Emblem Awakening’s without paying for more? No.

            How about Bravely Default? Yes, including a secondary mechanic which can be accessed more with payments… >_>

            FE:A built classes which should be in game, but you can only access them under their terms.

            EDIT: May as well be extra clear, not only are they comparable by your definition, but FE:A has a worse policy.

          • rurifan

            I don’t see the comparison between charging for content vs charging for consumables (and designing consumable systems just for that purpose).

            But if you want to hate both, be my guest. :) I am no defender of DLC in general.

          • British_Otaku

            In Fire Emblem, weapons are also consumables.
            You can go down the list of weapons which are randomly earned and largely exclusive to DLC.


            Even if weapons and items weren’t redesigned to perform in this way, the degrees the game goes to can be called much more exploitative without much thought.

          • Slayven19

            FE:A classes came out later after the game was made and was real DLC just like the story segments. That’s what DLC is supposed to be, content released after the game has been out awhile. People always say something should be in the game but you can say that about anything ever especially when a game gets a sequel.

      • Kaetsu

        A lot of the FE:A DLC you can’t even do until your higher level.

        • Yvonne Tsang

          I’m only talking about the utility DLCs, not stuff like the children DLC. The money/EXP ones are maps you can definitely clear pretty much at any level.

      • ronin4life

        I did not like this either, but it is very different: that is a playable map you own and can revisit forever. This is a one time use item: what if you spend money and it turns out YOU STILL LOSE? Wasted money, that’s what.

        The FE content is personally annoying, but it at least comes in the form of playable content.

    • biskmater

      I agree for the most part, but they already added in all the features EO and FE have, and more. All I see them doing is covering every possible angle. Not much of an excuse, but still…

  • Heisst

    Way to go, charging money for ways to make the game easier.

  • epy

    As long as I can REALLY completely ignore it, I don’t mind this Bravely Second. It still feels really wrong to me and I don’t see how you would want/need it enough to buy it, especially with all the ability to control difficulty and encounters. How easy do you want the game to be?

  • Neophoton

    Honestly, the original game was easy enough on its own. People who aren’t happy about this can probably rest easy knowing it’s a feature you don’t need to rely on.

    A team of Dark Knights will pretty much take down any boss, save for the bonus one. Bonus points now that the damage cap has been upped, you can see even *more* damage coming from that class.

  • Max

    I really love the original game.
    As long as I can ignore these options COMPLETELY and the game won’t offer them to me in a pinch or anything like that, I’m ok with it and will buy it for the extra content.
    It is funny though how Square is giving their last proper RPG the same treatment they give to their mobage crap.

  • mojack411

    I don’t mind this. I mean, it’s all up to the player to use this feature or not. They’ve been mentioning in multiple interviews how the developers were a little saddened how few people have actually reached the true ending of the game due to the difficulty. I like how they’re making the game more accessible for those people without actually forcing every player to play a dumbed down difficulty. It’s not like the whole game is being dumbed down, so I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal out of this?

    Square wants to add microtransactions? Fine, why does it matter to me in this case? I already know the game is plenty playable without them since this is just a slight remake of the original, I just won’t use them. It’s not like so many mobile games out there where you basically have to pay microtransactions to have any fun at all.

  • The micro-transactions are optional and there’s a good reason for them, guys. Interviews from the past posted on this site have said gamemakers are trying to cater to people with less time…not everyone can sit down and grind for hours. I’ll never use them, but I think having options like these are great for people who maybe work two jobs, can’t catch a break on the weekend, have families when they aren’t working…if they want to help themselves out a little, why not?

    It seems kind of silly that all these options are being treated as “dumbing down” and hated so much when what they’re really doing is trying to appeal to a wider audience so more people can enjoy the game. And there’s -nothing- wrong with casting a wide net.

  • ronin4life

    This seems to be getting compared to FE and Jojo, when it is really different from both. I think, howerver, this speaks more towards the diversity of dlc, and the slippery slope gaming while have to be careful of when it comes to hideous monetization.

    FE has Dlc levels that allow you to build up your characters easier: a “win level” if you will. But it is still a level, and is content you pay for flatly and can access to your leisure. While many don’t like it(Including me), it isn’t really all that bad.

    THIS is a “Win button”: you pay money to artificially win. As if this weren’t bad enough, it doesn’t seem to garuntee victory, which can lead to losing money. HOWEVER, if you are actually good at the game, this will not affect your play at all. That makes it a morrally hideous money leech of weaker players, but it is still avoidable if you don’t suck. It is disgusting, it is advantageous only to SE, but it is also non invasive.

    JoJo (as I understand) is a game mode locked away. Money is not necessary, just like BDFF, but unlike BDFF the game is hindered no matter your skill unless you pay money. This affects all players in exactly the same way, and they are bound not from bonuses or cheat-like boosts but from a normal mode of play in the full priced game. That is pretty damn bad.

    I can se people wanting to group them, but it isn’t that simple. They are different levels of gross, and all could in many ways be considered the LOW end of hideous monotization.

    • neocatzon

      This. They’re different, that’s for sure. For more example, Fire Emblem: Awakening and several Compile Hearts games have utility dlcs. They’re entirely optional and not hurting the experience at all. It’s not dumbing down the game. In most rpg you don’t have to be really good at the game, just more time to invest. Heck, some people even forgets the improvement they made before this news. One of them is 70 hours completion time is down to 30. Null that time investment.

      They are In fact, understand their userbase.
      Players aren’t limited to full fledged gamer (for whatever definition of that), there’s also more busier people like office worker, parents, etc. This is one possible answer for busy people.

  • Heropon

    Well done SE . You made ​​me lose the excitement with this game

  • Hinataharem

    Not trolling, but why are people calling this microtransactions? Isn’t microtransactions like Candy Crush, where you literally have a limit to how much you can play, otherwise pay to play more? This seems completely optional.

    • neocatzon

      I’ll help. Instead microtransaction what both Candy Crush and Bravely Default: For The Sequel implement is called in-app purchase.

      This is Apple store’s definition: In-App Purchase lets you sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid app, including premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions.
      Microtransaction is different, it’s a financial transaction using a very small sum of money (and some dlc can be quite expensive, like [email protected] stuff) but, it’s kind of synonym nowadays for buying/selling virtual goods. So, let that slide.

      Note that both games are selling vitual items, they are same. But, just like you said Candy Crush is intruding your experience with the game while Bravely Second not. The difference is how intrusive the monetization.

      • Hinataharem

        Ah I see. Thank you

      • ioev

        “In-app purchase” is just Apples trademarked microtransaction term. “Micro” originally described the cost of the transaction, but it’s more of a misnomer these days.

        • neocatzon

          Something new to learn everyday.

    • Ninastars

      I honestly think people are vastly overreacting with the recent rush to crucify any game that dares to add additional, completely optional paid features. As long as the core game isn’t built around it by any means it’s completely harmless.

      • Hinataharem

        I agree. An optional thing cant ruin a game experience, and can improve it for others. At least its not intrusive like YOU DIED 30 TIMEZ WANT TO SWITCH TO EASY

  • biskmater

    Why is there a 60-comment long list of fools complaining about a mechanic you don’t even have to use, much less buy into?

    • I don’t know…the fact that it’s there makes it enough to complain about? same thing could be said about that jojo game. I’m not here to complain though since I never would want to use such a mechanic lol

  • Bakuryukun

    I understand he wants lots of people to beat the game. But I think just having different difficulty modes instead of this dressed up micro transaction stuff, would easily have sufficed. to be fair I know that usually this micro transaction stuff comes from the higher ups INSISTENCE on it being in there.

  • s07195

    So people who have trouble beating game even with difficulty and encounter rate adjustment can pay to buy an item to beat a particular boss.

    People who don’t don’t have to.

    I don’t see the problem, since nothing needs extra payment other than this one feature. It’s not like F2P games where you have a limit on how much you play unless you pay more.

    It’s not even a competitive game, so though you could say that it’s pay to win, it’s pay to win against AI. (Unless you think that even paying to win AI is cheating… It’s not like you’re missing out from someone else paying money for an easy game… I’m sure the ‘Tales of’ PS3 games had this stuff, but it’s entirely optional too.)

    I’ll probably take my time with the game, and not use the feature. So long as they don’t shove a “You’d better buy some!” more than once or twice into my face, I just don’t really care. But some people just wanna finish it quickly, whether they’ve got a backlog or whatever. So it’s understandable that they may as well give this option.

    • Lemon

      My sentiments exactly. It seems that getting all up-in-arms just because it’s DLC is getting pretty popular lately. Listen people, I dislike DLC just as much as some of you do, but DLC like these, where they aren’t actual story content, shouldn’t be the feature to convince you to NOT buy this great game. Stop thinking of it as a ‘quick cash-grab’. They don’t force you to buy it. It’s really only there if you really, really, *really* can’t beat a boss even on the easiest difficulty setting or something (or just the type of person who wants to breeze through battles extremely quickly to advance the plot). For the people who do buy it, you shouldn’t blame the developers for the choices others make.

      “But why not make it free then? Why must they charge for these SP drinks?”
      As it stands, these SP sound overpowered as it is. Enough to easily turn the tide of any battle, probably. If they made it free, what’s to stop *everyone* from simply getting these and beating the game? Then what? People will complain “It’s too easy!” and again, blame the developers.

      “Ok, then why not make it so that you can get more SP by completing some objective in the game? It’ll still be ‘free’.”
      So if they can’t beat a boss, people just have to spend time getting these SP, no need for the DLC, right? Wouldn’t that be the same as grinding levels? It’s something precisely the developers wanted to avoid in the first place, forcing people to grind if they can’t get over the obstacles in the game.

      If someone who has the game set at the easiest levels and still has trouble beating it (even with the free SPs they get per day) and don’t want to purchase the DLC, I’m sorry but they should just come to terms that they are not as good at games and should try a different genre. I don’t think the game should be tweaked to be even easier just so that *these* people can beat it.

      I’m quite sure the developers have tried their best to find the “perfect balance” for “casual” and “hardcore” gamers, and their solution was the ability to adjust a variety of settings that will serve to either make the game “easier or more difficult” as to your own liking.

      Besides, they already said you’ll generate SP even if you don’t purchase it. It’s just that the amount you get will be limited.

      If you think that buying the game will mean that you ‘support DLC’ and encourage game developers to continue this trend because they can ‘get away with it’, let me remind you that not supporting this game (assuming you are a fan of JRPGs) will be even more detrimental to the ‘future of JRPGs’ because that would decrease the chances of gems like these being localized in the future.

      Then you guys will whine and complain why more JRPGs aren’t being localized.

  • Dylan Anantha

    This isn’t going to affect my purchase, but I don’t understand why anyone would use pay2win features to defeat strong bosses. Getting steamrolled by Golbez, Exdeath and the likes were great fun in the previous games, you make a temporary ceasefire, re-equip and change your strategy, and try again. If you could destroy main villains easily, if would ruin both the gameplay and the story.

    Also, on the topic of being stuck on bosses, I’ve been stuck on Xi Wingmu in SMT IV for a long time now. Pokemon Y and RF 4 are distracting me from defeating her as well.

  • Sergio Briceño

    I don’t have concerns about it ruining the game. This is a niche game, and if you get it, you most definitely will enjoy it, in your very own way (and that includes spamming bravely second).

    I think it even helps make grinding a not so painful experience. Think about it, you successfully beat a very hard boss and hordes of monsters by using your 3 SP gathered in sleep mode and bonus SP from a drink in one day and are happy of your low level party’s achievements… Then you realize that you cannot complete dungeon “X” so easily but since you believe in your party you grind! You grind because you want to prove yourself that you don’t need SP.

    Well that’s how it’ll go for me if I were to use BS, but I don’t know for sure at this point. =p

  • Placido Michael Cortorreal Flo

    Well…seeing this is interesting, i dont hate DLC to be honest, as long its extra content (like new dungeons, story updates and the like) but this kinda DLC got me, because of this statement

    “With that in mind, the reason we decided to go through with the plan is because of our wish to have as many people possible beat the game. Some players might want to continue with the story but might not be able to beat the boss no matter how hard they try, and eventually give up on the game, which is the last thing we’d want.”

    He sounds to me that, unless i buy that stuff, i wont be able to beat the game not even once.
    I dont want this game to turn into a Zenonia game, where i have by OBLIGATION (yeah im using that word, because its virtually to literary impossible to beat the game fair and square without buying stuff) buy some kind of item that helps me out.

    Hopefully im wrong, since this is the reason i got a 3DS in the first place, il take my time to beat the game, i wont have day one, but il buy it new.

    • Göran Isacson

      I don’t know if he’s saying what you think he’s saying: I think he’s talking about absolute newcomers or people who aren’t very good at video games, if yo’re the least bit experienced with RPG’s I doubt you’ll ever actually need these boosts.

  • Rogerrmark

    Tiz looks so drunk in that art


  • ioev

    It’s obvious that this team has no idea how to balance gameplay correctly, just look at FF3/4 and Four Heroes of Light. But this is taking lazy/careless game creation to an entirely new level, letting the players just CHOOSE the game parameters and pay their way to victory. Shame! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many immersion breaking features in one single game (not counting browser/Facebook games). Bravely Default is starting to look like a waste of good graphic/music assets, just like Four Heroes of Light was.

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