Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets A Bland Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Costume

By Spencer . October 22, 2013 . 5:14am


GungHo Online Entertainment made complete Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa costumes for the PlayStation Vita hunting game Ragnarok Odyssey Ace. Now, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is crossing into Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate with a boring bikini that has the game’s logo on it. The costume is a freebie in Japan (yeah!), but wouldn’t it be cooler if Kasumi had Sword Warrior or a Mage costume?


The Ragnarok Odyssey Ace crossover costume works with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and the free to play Core Fighters edition.

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  • cyberkinghardy

    Bikini you say? It looks like a sportswear to me.

    • Linhua

      … does.

  • TheExile285

    Kind of bitter-sweet since Temco skipped Vita with Ultimate :/

    • doubleO7

      They could still do one. DOA5+ didn’t come until several months after DOA5 came out.

      • TheExile285

        It wasn’t even a full 2 months after DOA5+ came out that they announced DOA5U. They should have just waited and released it as a portable version of 5U released with the consoles.

        • doubleO7

          While I agree with you on that, my point was that there was at least 3 months between the release of DOA5 and the announcement of DOA5+. Assuming they follow the same time frame a Vita announcement is *possible* by the end of the year.

          • Lester Paredes

            I sure hope they do. Rachel looks like she’s a bad-ass in the game.

        • Lester Paredes

          Or some sort of patch and DLC. I’d pay 5 bucks for the new content. But that’s because I got the game for a song when it was on sale earlier this year.

  • Stranger On The Road

    A somewhat related to topic question: does each re-release of the game include all the previously released customs? Or do you still need to buy those?

    I tried the Core Fighters version and I like it, but the customs purchase makes me want to wait for the next release of the game!

    • Lynx

      You played Core Fighters. Its a Free game. Doesn’t include everything.

      There’s a few sets that you still need to get if you get the full version, mostly things that were late releases for the original. However, if you have those costumes from the original, you can simply use them with Ultimate.

      • Stranger On The Road

        sooo… Ultimate does not include the customs released as DLC for previous releases; those customs need to be purchased for Ultimate edition as well. Did I get you correctly?

        So it makes no difference if I buy the game now or later, the customs will need to be purchased either way (them being part of the package makes no difference).

        • Lynx

          No. You get a few sets on disc. I cant remember which ones though. Official site probably has a list.

        • doubleO7

          Ultimate includes most, but not all of vanilla DOA5’s DLC. In addition to that it has its own DLC.

          To reiterate what LynxAmali said, there is indeed a list of included DLC on the official site.

  • fairysun

    They need outfit that show less skin for female characters and more skin for male characters. Fair treatment for all.

    • pimpalicious

      There are costumes that fit both of those. But unsurprisingly the revealing female outfits sell more so there’s more of that.

      • ShadowDivz

        surprising– Oh, you said UNsurprisingly.
        because i was gonna say “it’s obvious why they sell more.”

  • ギャビン

    It’s more of a booth babe outfit.

  • KyoyaHibari

    I think it looks kinda cool, the shorts and bracelets are a nice touch. Yeah it’s no armor, but still cool.

  • artemisthemp

    This costume is free on US PSN, so I hope EU is getting it free also.

  • ReidHershel

    It’s Kasumi and free,
    As Kano says, “MOTHERFUCKING WOOP!”

    • Nameless App 1989

      Who’s Kano?

      • ReidHershel

        A mod here.

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