Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost Coming To PS3 On January 31

By Spencer . October 22, 2013 . 8:15pm

ado2adNamco Bandai said Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost would be a 2014 game, but the wait won’t be too long. Famitsu announced the release date is January 30, 2014.


Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost will retail for 7,980 yen ($80) and also be available in a 10,980 yen ($110) limited edition

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  • Christian Wright

    no gundam age suits? i havent seen any listed nor is gundam age featured in the gunpla ads during the anime ;_; i want to play as age-2 and be an ace pilot

    • heartless141

      age1 was leaked a while ago. they just haven’t announced it yet.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Are they trying to distance themselves from that kind of crappy show? Don’t blame them. Still I wouldn’t mind AGE 1 at least. Hell I put the 1st opening in Extreme Vs.

      • Lynx

        The only crappy part, I’d say was the later bits of Gen 3 and Gen IV.

        Mainly anything that involved Kio.

        Gen 1 was generic. Gen 2 was decent, did away the ‘super powered MC’ formula and was slightly better and had a lot of potential. Gen III started out decent, with looking like it was going to be a bad end idea and then Second Moon happened.

        • Jordan Coleman

          Gen 2 had potential yes, but I think it squandered that. Mostly because everything is rushed.

          I don’t care about any of the conflicts or plots because there’s nothing to them.

          Why should I care about the MC and ataoginits’s friendship when the full extent you displayed was basically a montage in one episode. They spend way more time talking about other as enemies than they ever did as friends that it’s just kind of laughable. Their relationship has no weight.

          In other shows, the MC’s inferiority complex with his dad would have been an actual thing. Not something you only really deal with in one episode. Hell in a show that had pacing the episode would’nt have quickly cut away from that plot in order to introduce another plot for the next episode. It’s just a sign of being rushed.

          Why should I care about the love interests when her character (like most AGE female characters) is so poorly developed and seems to fall in love with anyone who is nice to her. Then her main trait becomes being in love with the MC. Thats what females are in age, baby makers or sources of angst for power ups.

          There were other problems that I don’t even remember. AGE had a lot of potential, but to me it fell on it’s face. The 2nd part could have been cool and is the best part, but being the best part of turd is hardly anything to write home about.

    • Dark Zerato

      AGE-1 is in the arcade ver. So i guess it’ll be in the ps3 ver.

    • Duo Maxwell

      No one know if it will be in the port or it will be DLC, though. That image only confirmed those which will appear in the next arcade game.

      • eilegz

        too bad this its for Maxi Boost which its a new announced arcade release for march 2014… sigh why console its always 1 version behind.

  • Kaihedgie

    -Sees release date- Awesome, just in time for my bday!

    -See price tag- ACK!

    That’s a tad bit pricy for what’s suppose to be a re-release

    • Ferrick

      lol before this got announced, EXVS was at that price and higher even on amazon

      • Kaihedgie


        • Ferrick

          hell if i know ;_;, now that it’s price dropped down to 60…. i still don’t think it’s worth it anymore to buy since EXVSFB is coming eventually

        • $1392518

          Amazon sellers tend to add 50% more to the price to cover importing.

          And japanese game prices arent really set in stone like most places

          New releases are often between the $65-$80 regardless of console (pokemon X is roughly $60 in japan)

          I got my GEXVS earlier this year, and it was the playstation the best run.

          UsA greatest hits are $20

          Japan ranges from $30-$50 depending on age

  • Dark Zerato

    They’re going to add Epyon to the arcade game. I hope it’ll be in the ps3 ver.

    • $1392518

      From what I can tell, the japanese announcement mentions being able to test it out before you start playing the ps3 version.

      So might be confirmed

      • Kaihedgie

        The TGS demonstration showed Epyon in the PS3 version

  • Repede91

    Guess I`ll have to tuck away some of my Christmas Zenny…

  • eilegz

    now we need age and why not gundam BF units… which in the end its just modified units of the previous series…. build strike its kinda godlike

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