Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle Adds G Compatible Kaiser To The Roster

By Spencer . October 23, 2013 . 12:54am

G_Compatible_Kaiser Giganscudo

Famitsu confirmed four more mecha for Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle. The PlayStation 3 fighting game will have G Compatible Kaiser (pictured on the left), Altalion, Giganscudo (pictured on the right), and R-1 in the roster.


Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle is slated for release on November 28 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Sal

    My burning blood approves.

  • greeeed

    If they used ACE system than does that mean if we have R-1, R-2 and R-3 at same time == we can combine them as SRX?

    • s07195

      Was there an example of combining mecha in ACE?

      • Sort of, ACE:R Had the three Aquarion units that combined

      • Lynx

        Aquarion in R.

        They were capable separating and fighting solely as the Vector units. Why you would, I have no idea. The only weapons they had were guns/vulcans. They were decent for quick getawayas/ getting into the fight quick.

        • Mr_SP

          Why? So you could yell!

          GO! AQUARION!

  • THinceeng9641

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    getting into the fight quick.

  • VenerableSage

    I guess I’ll keep a set of running tallies in the comments of these articles until the full roster is revealed, that way everyone knows the current count and mech list. (Listing the OGverse game that features the debut of each mech in parenthesis.)

    1) Alteisen Riese (OGs – OG2)
    2) Soulgain (OGs – OG2)
    3) Thrudgelmir (OGs – OG2)
    4) Gespenst Mk-II M (OGs – OG1)
    5) Fairlion S (OGs – OG2)
    6) Cybuster (OG Saga Masou Kishin ~ Lord of the Elemental – Part 1 / OGs – OG1)
    7) Dygenguard – In the Promo Image (OGs – OG2)
    8) Aussenseiter (OGs – OG2)
    9) Vysaga – In the Promo Image (OGs – OG2)
    10) Gespenst RV – In the Promo Image (OGs – OG2)
    11) KoRyuOh – In the Promo Image (OGs – OG2)
    12) Siegerlion (OGs – OG2)
    13) Grungust Custom (2nd OG)
    14) Wildfalken (OGs – OG2)
    15) Valsione (OGs – OG1)
    16) Gespenst (R) (OGs – OG1)
    17) R-2 Powered (OGs – OG1)
    18) G Compatible Kaiser – **NEW** (OG Gaiden)
    19) R-1 – **NEW** (OGs – OG1)
    20) Giganscudo – **NEW** (OGs – OG1)
    21) Altairlion – **NEW** (2nd OG, mentioned beforehand)

    This leaves approximately 19 mechs left. We can cross one off of the list – if you’ve got R-1 and R-2 Powered, R-3 Powered is pretty much a guarantee. Whether the SRX counts towards the ~40 unit count is up for debate. I would assume that their count would only include mechs that are able to be picked and selected, but who knows.

    I’ll stick with a chunk of my previous predictions:
    Exbein Ashe or Huckebein Mk-II M (leaning towards the latter)
    R-Gun Powered
    Excellence (Possibly with a swappable frame?)
    Graterkin / Graterkin II
    R-Gun Rivale
    Rapiéçage or Ashsaber or Weisssaber

    And I’ll add the likely candidates of:
    R-3 Powered (as mentioned above)
    Rein Weissritter
    Wildschwein or ART-1 (depending on whether they put Mai or Viletta in the R-Gun – Viletta could possibly show up in the Hucky Mk-II M also)

    Random guesses for the remaining ~6:
    R-Blade / R-Blade Custom
    Grungust Type-0
    Rathgrith Raven
    Gespenst Mk-II M Custom (Kai’s)
    (Plus SRX via transformation)

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