Sakura Wars Is Still Alive And Kicking… Just Not As A Videogame

By Eugene . October 24, 2013 . 5:40pm



This post brought to you by the realization that Sakura Wars is still going strong… just, not quite where you’d expect it. The series hasn’t seen a proper game for quite a while now—despite a cameo from protagonists Sakura and Ohgami in Project X Zone—but still continues to draw in the crowds by performing its day job cover of musicals in Japan.


The trailer above is for the Blu-Ray/DVD release that covers the New York branch of the series, and is titled Sakura Wars New York Star Group Show 2013: Wild West Hope. It’s one of the productions put on show recently.


For those not in the know, Sakura Wars’ groups used a music theatre locale as their cover ops while not fighting evil demon monsters in their mecha-steampunk/spirit-powered suits, and was supposed to have been a hat tip to Japan’s own famed Takarazaku Revue (So famous they named the train station in the area after them).


Furthermore, it’s actually surprisingly common for animes, video games and the like to get their own musical number in Japan. Games such as Phoenix Wright, animes like Bleach and Prince of Tennis have all been turned into musical song and dance numbers with actual storylines before. They’re usually not too shabby either.


If you’re interested in the disc, the Blu-Ray and DVD go on sale from the 28th of November.

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  • MrTyrant

    Oh man I would love to see one of this, they are not really my thing but I just love Sakura Taisen a lot. Of course I prefer to play a new game, always loved datim sims and Sakura Taisen make it right.

    • Lynx

      They’re actually pretty great. I managed to see a few over the years and even pay a visit to the Café before it closed down.

    • AverageGamers

      If you like the game, you sure would love these shows… though you might need to consider the very ridiculous imported DVD price. I’m amazed with how my friend is able to save up for these every year haha

  • Jesse

    Well, at least the stage shows are still going.

    …hm, would Red Entertainment being bought out by that other company be one reason there aren’t anymore normal Sakura Wars games(since they worked on the series)?

    • ReidHershel

      Idea Factory developed the Wii port and it was pretty well.

      • Jesse

        Oh, ok. I did not know they worked on that game. I guess they don’t NEED Red to make them.

        • pressstart

          That’s just a port though, not the original source.

  • Shippoyasha

    Sega just needs to stop being so afraid of releasing sequels and get it done. Square Enix and Sega infuriates me by playing too safe by having so many legendary franchised put on hold. I love Sonic but I also love all the franchises that are dormant at Sega. If Sega fully unleashed its potential, we would see a tidal wave of amazing games that the gaming world has been missing out on the past decade and a half.

    It is bitterly sad that fans still want Sakura Wars sequel in Japanese gaming mag questionnaires. People are not forgetting the incredible franchise.

    • brian

      To be fair, a lot of those series may be dormant because Sega is afraid of releasing a low quality game in any of those series, especially if the talent that made past games has moved on.
      I do agree with you though.

    • zazza345

      Sakura Taisen V took too long to be released (not to mention the horrible episode 0 which also causes continuity issues) and it wasn’t very well received, not to mention it didn’t sell well.

      • Shippoyasha

        I thought Sakura Wars 5 was very overlooked though. It was actually a pretty solid title and the dual language release in America was very ambitious. Too bad it came out at an awkward time when people were getting hyped for next gen back then (360 and PS3).

  • ReidHershel

    Just give me a new localization all ready.

  • Just Tim

    I just hope we’d get to see more of the cast.

    How many years have been since the main cast’s last game? Would they chronologically age the characters, in-universe?

  • Mr_SP

    Why does the article say “Wild West Hope”, when the trailer clearly says “Wild West Wish”?

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Typical Siliconera editors thats why.

    • AverageGamers

      The title is written in Japanese “Wild West KIBOU”. “Kibou” can be translated as “Hope”, but the official translation used by SEGA uses “WISH” instead. Not a mistake by Siliconera really…

  • AverageGamers

    Wow, this is… NOT a new news for me, and I’m even surprised Siliconera and ANN covered this like a such surprising thing.

    They run at least 1 big musical number a year and releases at least 1 mini vocal albums yearly since 1996. I know that cause my best friend is still collecting those expensive dvds up until now. He even went to Japan in 2011 to see Sakura Wars’ grand 15th anniversary concert at Budoukan. In fact, this December the Paris Troop (in Project X Zone, represented by Erica Fontainer) will undoubtably take the stage for their annual Christmas show since 2010 if I’m not mistaken.

    Oh and for the record, these are actual musicals with the voice actresses really dancing and singing live (and not just lyp-syncing to recorded tracks). If you’re into Broadway musicals, you’ll love them for sure, but if you’re not… you’ll still be impressed by their amazing talent. It was really really well done, and I really enjoy it as well.

  • Ugh, musicals… >_< Never really were my thing.

  • Luis Camargo

    My Wild West Wish….

    A new Sakura Wars game……and localized.

  • XypherCode

    I just want them to localize the first four games.

    Anyways I sure hope when a new game comes up it’ll be a continuation of the Imperial Capital and not New York. Curious to see how the story goes from there.

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