Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Has Over 1.5 Million Registered Accounts

By Spencer . October 25, 2013 . 1:05am

ff14arr Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn had a solid comeback and in the U.S. it was one of the top ten sellers in August according to the NPD chart. Famitsu reports Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that the game has over 1.5 million registered users worldwide.


That is a substantial number, but it’s unclear how many of those users are actively playing the rebooted MMORPG. Service for A Realm Reborn started in late August, but technically Final Fantasy XIV launched in 2010. It was a different game under the supervision of Hiromichi Tanaka who now works at Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo Online Entertainment.

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  • Wiccan1109

    I’d be willing to bet a sizable chunk of them are RMT as well. I have to block about 4 new ones every day lol. FFXIV is still going strong, but I think whats helping is that after people got their lv cap and relic etc, they can move on to another job on the same character, or work on crafting and gathering. In other MMOs i see people get their first class maxed out before any patches arrive and just quit on the spot.

    My FC had only about 5 people never return after payment started (which was a very small number.) But there is a lot of impatience going about right now, which is to be expected, as the 2.1 patch has quite a few elements that people were interested in 2.0 for. I’ve heard some people say they won’t consider the release complete until 2.1 hits and are still reserving judgement/waiting to play for that.

    • Ferrick

      well on the bright side, it seems that after recent patch, RMTers have dwindled, it’s now quiet in both limsa lominsa and gridania, ul’dah on the other hand >.>

    • Siegel Clyne

      RMT activity may depend on what server/world you’re on.

      When I’m on Cactuar – which is uncommon since I don’t have my main character on it (yet) – I haven’t received a single RMT ad in recent memory.

      When I’m on Famfrit, on the other hand, soon after I’ve logged in, I’m hit with a couple of RMT ads and spammed with constant RMT ads thereafter, promoting the seemingly same three or four or five RMT websites. Yesterday, it was about the worst in the huge amount of RMT ads.

      But the prolific RMT ad spamming continues on Famfrit on all zones I’ve been on.

      The number of RMT characters created daily is miniscule, even yesterday’s number was tiny. But more annoyingly persistent.

      How many of these RMT characters are created on legitimate accounts which’ve been hacked, I don’t know.* In the past I’ve seen some of these RMT characters in New Gridania, Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa, frequently a Level 1 Male Hyur Midlander, with his mouth constantly moving as if he’s talking.

      The game’s success helps explain the recent proliferation of RMT ads, even with the RMT crackdowns.

      They could be targeting for RMT ads as well on Famfrit since I have a full fledged Level 50 Lancer/Dragoon with other high level classes/jobs there and with all classes unlocked, and only low level characters on other servers/worlds.

      But it has always been bad in terms of RMT ad spamming on Famfrit, I recall, since I’ve started playing there with a Level 1 character.

      I recently made a Level 1 character on Mateus to explore it (at least New/Old Gridania and Central Shroud), and got hit with an RMT ad right away after logging in the second time, promoting one of the same 3-5 RMT websites promoted on Famfrit.

      *To help improve security of one’s Square Enix account and prevent some crook from hacking it, use Square Enix’s One-Time Password Security Token or One-Time Password Software Token app for iOS and Android. (The latter is free.) I do.

    • rockafella7

      RMT hack legitimate accounts. Rarely do you see a RMT-registered account.

      • Wiccan1109

        Every day im getting tells from Dfgfhd Dfhfhf, Fhdghftr Frhtht, Dfgdgdh Dfhfhf, Gold[random characters] [random surname] etc. xD At the beginning of launch i saw a lot of hacked accounts with lore names but now its all just spam names sending me whispers, and a new batch every day. And about 50 different RMT with the surname ‘Braddock’ for some reason. =S

        EDIT; actually just realized, they could make new characters on hacked accounts right? derp. never mind. xD

        • Ferrick

          well, there are those who are dumb enough to actually buy gils, and those accounts get hacked and used as gil spammer

        • shinji

          Make sure you report the RMG characters to the GMs. They do watch them and remove them. After that black list. For me they usually come in the form of a whisper/private message so I just do ‘/blist add ‘ and all set.

        • Vash bane

          Braddock? I know that guy his acc was hacked D:? … they get you when you buy right not in-active?

  • creid8

    So this means they’ve sold 1.5 million copies worldwide? They’re not still including Beta accounts, are they?

  • And I’m happy to be one of those 1.5 million =^_^=

  • Jordan Coleman

    Is this that good of a number? I honestly don’t know. I wonder if it will be able to sustain that number or get even bigger. Can’t say the game’s content is all that appealing.

    • Siegel Clyne

      The number of people online playing the game increases every time I check.

      It is a good number and growing.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Really? Here on Ultros it seems to have gone down. As expected, but still. It’s a pretty generic MMO really. I wonder if it will be able to sustain a good playerbase.

        • Siegel Clyne

          I still see what appears to be new people playing the game with new characters on the servers I am on (e.g., Famfrit, Mateus, Cactuar).

          But your and my personal opinions and anecdotes do not really matter. Real numbers matter. Real money matters. Real profits matter.

          And from everything I have seen and read, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been a success.

          IGN reported that the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is “a huge success on both PC and PlayStation 3.” (Google it.)

          According to Square Enix president Koichi Wada last year, another Final Fantasy MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI, is the most financially successful installment in the Final Fantasy series. (Google it.) It has lasted for more than 10 years.

          Therefore, that is one major reason why apparently Square Enix made another MMORPG after Final Fantasy XI: money. Final Fantasy XI made loads of money for Square Enix. And it appears that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm is well on its way on doing the same. It has a much larger user base than Final Fantasy XI had ever enjoyed.

          Will Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have the staying power of Final Fantasy XI? Only the future knows for sure.

          But the future looks very bright right now.

          And considering how devoted Final Fantasy players are, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn could conceivably become the most financially successful installment in the Final Fantasy franchise.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I don’t need to Google something(that everyone knows about) about XI.

            This article is about 14, not 11. Everyone knows XI is the most profitable FF. Probably the reason they were so adamant about fixing 14.

            So you don’t need to add a history lesson that everyone already knows to something it really has nothing to do with. The success of a XI has nothing to do with 14.

            You didn’t actually counter anything I said. I asked if it will be able to sustain players.

            You say some lame IGN article supposedly says it had a huge launch. Ok? So what? Pretty much every high profile MMO has a big launch. I would hope a FF game would have one, especially one that received plenty of attention because of it’s interesting release.

            But. 1.5 million is not a huge number and it will only dwindle. Why would a huge launch proof that it will be able to sustain those numbers? Even huge MMO’s like TOR weren’t and that certainly is a far more ambitious game then 14.

            And the success of a XI means nothing. XI is a unique game that came out in a way different time. It’s settled with it’s playerbase and sits comfortably.

            But XIV has come out in a different era from 11. Many other MMOs, some which happen to be f2p. And not crappy f2p games mind you. XIV(unlike 11) comes out with very little to separate it from current MMOs that are in some ways far better. I see no reason for someone into GW2 or WoW or whatever to drop those games for 14. 14 is simply good at best, but nothing in it is really that different. It even executes things poorly that other mmo’s got right years ago.

            So why even bring up 11? It says nothing about 14. I’m not asking if initially has the game done well. It has, I’m asking will be able to sustain anything. I doubt it. It’s not that great of a mmo.

          • Siegel Clyne

            Again, your personal opinion.

            On General Chat and in my Free Company on Famfrit, I’ve encountered players who had given up on WoW and have moved to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

            Many other people love the game.

            And about the “lame” IGN article.

            Then publish your own article on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I never said it wasn’t my personal opinion, but half your argument is based on a game that isn’t comparable to the current game. You’re tying to parade the IGN article as something beyond being a simple “the game sold well”. And? That dosen’t say much about the question I’m asking.

          • Siegel Clyne

            So I take it you won’t publish your own article on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

            What is the question you’re asking.

            And it appears you’ve edited your earlier replies to my later ones.

          • Jordan Coleman

            ? Nothings been edited.

          • Siegel Clyne

            OK, I’ll take your word on that.

        • Lionxie

          I believe the dwindling numbers could be the world transfer service that happened a bit ago. Non-legacy servers can transfer over to legacy ones but not vice versa. I am on a legacy server and i seen a HUGE influx of players.

          I agree that overall its not the newest and best thing ever, but i feel the reason why its doing good so far is because the lack of p2p MMOs. I am not sure how bad it is but most people that are serious enough to pay for a MMO typically don’t play free ones for one reason or another.

          The fact that its Overall good (like an 8/10) game means that its a viable alternative to WoW for anyone thats looking for something not super different, but yet is not WoW.

          Many people are waiting for the new patch to see if its worth keeping their interest, thats where the real test lies. I know i am because i like things like FC housing, and as long as patch 2.2 promises hardcore raiding i am sure the hardcore guys will stay too. But it will heavily depend on their execution, so i hope for the best.

  • mc3027

    I’m one of those numbers, except I don’t play anymore sadly. I just don’t have time with college, and I couldn’t justify paying for it monthly out of my *very* limited income when I would probably only play once a week. But I will likely return over summer! I can’t wait to see all the updates!

  • Lucky Dan

    I’ll have to wait for a free demo before I join. Just don’t feel like playing a new one till I get a taste of what’s to come.

  • shinji

    I actually pre-ordered my copy since I was in beta. Went through a promo deal on GreenManGaming and got an early discount. :)

    Needless to say I held off on actually playing the game for some reason and never linked it to my SquareEnix account so since I only did that recently I’m working on my free 30 days right now. I did get the beta goodies and the pre-order bonuses. :)

  • Vash bane

    don’t worry i’ll be back REAL soon >:D just taking a break lol

  • CirnoLakes

    Congratulations on turning Final Fantasy XIV into a success, Square Enix.
    Do keep up the good work.

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