God Eater 2 Developers On Why Free DLC Is Important

By Eugene . October 28, 2013 . 2:06pm

The developers of God Eater 2 have shared a lengthy blog post about why free downloadable content (DLC) is important to them. In the post, they talk about how the branding for both God Eater and Gods Eater Burst were slowly gained by improving the game over a long period of time. In the same vein, they said, they hope the free updates—which consist of new side missions, seasonal clothing’s, and of course bug fixing—will allow players to slowly get an ever-better game in their hands to play.


They note there’s a reason to let players know about the free updates ahead of launch. It’s a hat tip to the players that helped spread the word about the game and its gameplay, and helped give the series the status it has today.


While giving away free, high quality stuff doesn’t provide them with any profits, the developers hope it will allow players to “continue to be able to say the game is interesting”. They hope to see God Eater 2’s players smile despite the risks inherent in going free with their extra content.


D’aww… Come and give me a hug.


Errr… on second thought, maybe not.

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  • Jahred Down

    Every day that passes and I don’t get news of a localization, a little part of me dies.

    • tubers

      I hope we get the game in its polished form (all free DLCs and up to date patches). Sounds a bit better for the international market.

      • wat_wat

        B-but that would take forever. I wants it nooooooow ;_;

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      Why ANYONE doubts localization is beyond belief to me. Every single article on GE2 will have someone begging for localization.

      Either they are so desperate to play the game or just couldn’t be bothered doing some news digging – but this game has been marked for localization a long time ago.

      Source? Find it for yourself. Its an interview with a Sony executive.

      • Abyan Haidar

        I hope (desperately, I mean really really really hope), that what you said is true

      • JuhRo

        Everywhere I’ve seen it’s been a “no news yet”. News from a Sony exec would be more viral if true.. Might have been a hoax.

  • Lucius

    Too bad other game companies can’t think this way.

    • Freakmasta

      Seriously. You take a hit now but your fanbase will appreciate it and newcomers will like anything free content. Then, when a new sequel hits, you have more potential buyers. Gotta think long run.

    • tubers

      At least Soul Sacrifice devs/pubs thought the same way.

      It is another way to compete with the emperor in the genre.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      To be fair, in the Monster Hunting genre, nobody has charged for DLC content. MH3rd’s DLC content was all free, the first GEB’s DLC content was free, Lord of Arcana’s DLC content was free, PSP2’s DLC content featured a couple of paid items but they were aesthetic, the missions IIRC were all Free~.

      Sure, Capcom gets greedy with DLC but when it comes to MH all their DLC has been free. Nobody can complain about them~.

    • Ric Vazquez


  • TheExile285

    Ordered this a few days ago on Play-Asia. Just take my money!

    • JuhRo

      but.. none of the DLC will be downloadable…. D:

      • Saeed Al-Thumali

        unless he/she has a JAP account

      • TheExile285

        DLC can wait until I get a VitaTV and set it to my Japanese account.

      • Arcana Wiz

        you can have multiple accounts ^o^

      • JuhRo

        I see. I wouldn’t like splitting accounts though.. I suppose I would if I understood more Japanese. Haha.

    • How much did you pay?

      • TheExile285
        • Wow I’m shocked, must’ve heard me talking about them overcharging on their games.

        • MyBodyIsReady

          That’s cool, can you read Japanese?

          • TheExile285

            Haha, I wish. I can’t but I’m trying to learn.

            I’m positive this is gonna be too good to miss so if it gets localized, I double dip day one for the English version. If not, I’ll have the import.

            Thankfully the menus are similar to Burst. The biggest pain is gonna be weakness but hopefully I can find some help online.

            This is actually gonna be my first import.

          • Gamefaqs will have a board for it probably

          • TheExile285

            Yep that is the first place I’m gonna look.

        • I wonder if you’ll get the DLC codes that come with the game in Japan, Playasia is out of Hong Kong i think

          • Abyan Haidar

            if your account is japanese PSN account then you can get them too y’know.. and yes, you will receive the game dlc codes too, either it will be in your gamecard case or it will be sent to your e-mail

          • Should be getting mine in the case, not sure about PA

  • Wow somebody wants their game to remain interesting rather than throwing out expensive DLC that most users won’t buy…

  • Takui Nanao

    ohhhh plz someone localize this

  • ChiffonCake

    This just makes me want this game even more.

  • tubers

    “While giving away free, high quality stuff doesn’t provide them with any profits,…”

    In a way, this is actually a selling point.

    • Vsin

      It also greatly improves shelf life by ensuring that an otherwise old product remains “new” on a regular basis. It doesn’t have the direct profits of just selling the stuff, but much like CoD it keeps the same hard copy relevant to consumers several months after its release.

  • It’s important because it means I don’t have to pay for it, therefore it makes me happy lol :3

    But seriously I love them for thinking this way =)

  • Arcana Wiz

    I want this game soo much, that wont having a localization announcement isnt fun….:(
    Pretty please namco *puppy teared eyes*

  • Eclipse

    Very nice!

    I’ve always liked Shift, but now I love them even more <3

  • Ric Vazquez

    Two words for Namco Bandai, START LOCALIZING.

  • DarthSithZero

    Gamers around the world…On why localization games is important

  • neogeno

    “They hope to see God Eater 2’s players smile despite the risks inherent in going free with their extra content.”

    The mark of a great game development team.

  • Pdugna

    And hopefully it pays off for them when this comes out these games require a lot of word of mouth to grow huge…..

  • Gaminglord3

    I want a Vita for this. And other games.

    • You MUST BUY ONE!!!! or wait for the vita tv.

      • Gaminglord3

        Lol. No I’ll just stick with the regular Vita itself. The Vita TV is pretty cool. I’m good with everything for now just waiting on a PS4.

      • Nitraion

        Wait for Vita Tv if you want to play in the bigger screen…

  • Valtiel Ikari

    hopefuly, they localize this so I can support them!

  • fairysun

    Aww .. you guys.
    When you guys have your game released outside Japan, call me.
    I will be in-line waiting to buy your game.

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