Meet Two Of Harvest Moon: Connect To A New Land’s Marriage Candidates

By Sato . October 28, 2013 . 4:33pm

Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will have more connectivity features with your friends and also neighboring countries in the game, along with twice the variety of animals from the past series. Today, Marvelous AQL introduced us to the protagonists and two potential life-partners in the upcoming farm simulation title.


Protagonist (Male)


The male protagonist loves being outdoors, and grew up playing by the beaches and mountains. After showing an interest in doing work as a rancher, he followed his desire to do just that by moving into Oak Town.


This will be his first time taking care of crops and handling animals, so he’ll have a lot of challenges awaiting him in his new life. He’s a curious young man who’s always eager to learn more.


Protagonist (Female)


Similar to her male counterpart, the female protagonist will be new to Oak Town, as she also has shown interest in doing work as a rancher. She’s a kind-hearted young lady who loves taking care of animals and raising crops.


No matter how difficult a task, the pure-hearted young girl will always do her best with the brightest of smiles.


Similar to past titles of the Harvest Moon series, you’ll get to date and eventually fall in love and marry a suitable partner. Here’s a look at two potential partner candidates, living in Oak Town.




Lily is a weather forecaster with an energetic personality and loves children. When she’s not reporting on the latest weather, she also works as a sing-along lady for a children’s program.


On her days off, she takes care of her younger sister, and spends time with the elderly. She’s quite the popular young lady of Oak Town, as she brings smiles wherever she goes.




Raegar is a young man who works as a chef at the restaurant. He’s a busybody who acts upon his impulses, and has confidence in his excellent culinary skills.


Thanks to his dashing good looks and easy-going personality, he is often surrounded by other ladies. For this reason, he may come off as one who likes to fool around, but he’s actually quite the serious person, deep down.


In addition to revealing the new characters, Marvelous AQL also announced that a special Angora Rabbit charm strap will come with the first print copies of the game.


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will be available in February 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Warren

    I sense freaky things from these descriptions about the characters. Is that bad?

    • X_Bacon

      Really? I didn’t see anything unusual…

      • Warren

        its probably in my head, just sounds like something in a h game?

  • fyi1191

    Given there’s multiple farmers in town, I hope we can finally date our opposite gender protagonist.

    • komiko12

      Maybe? Since the two protagonists have slightly different descriptions.

    • Arcana Wiz

      well you could do this in the ds games… dunno about the 3ds.

    • raitouniverse

      It wouldn’t be the first time, you could also date your opposite gender protagonist in Sunshine Islands.

  • JustThisOne

    Oh my. Lily so similar to Leia (ToX)!

    Also, I like these character portraits far more than the ones they showed off a while back. Not sure why.

  • Yay Angora rabbits~!

    I was going to skip out on ANB at first upon seeing this one, but since the avatar/pc isn’t customizable, I guess I shall pick up both games after all.

    I like the designs of the characters so far, and their personalities are fun too. I can’t wait to see more bachelor/ettes. ♥

  • SwiftWind

    The designs are beautiful. It’s finally nice to see the male protagonist not look completely androgynous *coughRuneFactory4cough*, and I have to admit, I really REALLY like the female progtaonist’s design as well. I kind of want to marry her if that can be an option this time around ^^

  • Strain42

    I don’t even like the character but I got a total Selphie vibe from Lily here lol

  • Arcana Wiz

    Lily…. if i ever get a 3ds… i’ll go for her.

  • Learii

    looking forward for this

  • Ixbran

    I wonder if this game will have the “Close Friendship” option as some of the game have had in the past.

    I read that in the Japanese versions of some of the games, you could do a “Close Friendship” option, which basically functioned as the Marriage option, but for characters of the same gender. This feature was always taken out of the western release of the games that had this feature available.

    • Flandre Scarlet

      To my knowledge, this was only included in Harvest Moon DS: Cute (The version with the Female MC) and only in Japan. For whatever reason, it was removed when Natsume localized it. From what I can tell it wasn’t anything spectacular, though it is, so far, the only case of same sex relationships in the series.

    • Lumi

      That’s just one version, Harvest Moon DS Cute, and it’s a second version of a game that featured a male protag (Harvest Moon DS) that got re-programmed to use a female protag instead. The close friendship choice is just the old bachelorettes that were left in, which was a good choice because the original game had zero good-looking males in it, so the standard bachelors avaliable are awful. They had to add Skye too, just so that there’s at least one looker among them.

      Anyway, that was from the era where bachelorettes are the main focus of the character designers, and bachelors were an “oh, this character is male, make him a wooable characer”. I’m pretty happy with the art style in this one, hope to see more characters!

  • Flandre Scarlet

    So, is this game removing ANB’s character creation and customization feature, or are those just the default appearances of the protagonists? I really hope they don’t remove it, it was one of my favorite features in ANB.

  • klkAlexar

    The bachelor is cute and sounds nice. The cute ones in ANB were such jerks.

  • I’m really liking the art style!

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