Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming To iOS And Android In November

By Spencer . October 29, 2013 . 12:39am

Ceodore and Cecil are retuning in 3D with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The sequel to Final Fantasy IV has been remade with 3D graphics for iOS and Android. Square Enix announced they will release the Final Fantasy IV: The After Years remake in the end of November.


ff4ay-ss-01 ff4ay-ss-02


"Yes, it’s based upon the Final Fantasy IV remake we’ve done in the past, on the DS, though it’s a refined version of that original engine," producer Takashi Tokita said to Siliconera. "Also, we reused environments and polygonal models, though there are new characters and locations as well." As a prelude, Final Fantasy IV for iOS is 50% off, which brings the game to down to $7.99 in the U.S.

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  • Oh, wow, it’s gonna actually be in the DS style? I’m actually kinda surprised. Though I do like the charm of the PSP’s graphic style…

  • I just wish it was on DS. Or 3DS.

    • Lucky Dan

      It will come on the 3DS Vita or DS or even steam maybe.

      FFIV: the after years they have released the exclusive on other systems, it may be on a timed exclusive like many mobile games.

      When they run out of money they bundle this with FFIV and call it FFIV the absolute complete collection. :)

  • This is incredibly lazy, now. No matter how much graphic fidelity they want to have with the DS FFIV the iOS can definitely output better attack effects. They could have used the low-poly models and new effects only the iOS could do. But nope. We have some very ugly upscalled presentation.

    It looks so crude… Specially for a company that has always tried to give its best in the presentation front for its main brand.All the basic geometry is horribly exposed and the sprites used as special effects look ridiculously out of place and pixelated.

    “Also, we reused environments and polygonal models, though there are new characters and locations as well.”
    Reusing assets and not giving proper polish for the win, right?
    It’s hard to be excited when even the producers admit it’s a rushed copy paste job with some new characters.
    Oh well, the cycle of low standard mobile games continues.

    • School Idol Addict

      What do you expect ?
      That’s because unlike what most developers try to make us believe mobiles isn’t really good platform for big budget games. Not many are interested in playing big games on their mobiles, most peoples i know who play games on their mobiles, only play free games or simple game that are fun.
      Also really few peoples are willing to buy 40-50$ games on their mobiles like consoles and handheld players do, so developers have to release game at much lower price, if they want to sell, but by selling lower it mean they need much more sales to make profit.
      There’s also the problem of how flooded of games the mobiles market is.
      For peoples like us who know most of the times what we want, it isn’t a big problem to find game, but from most common folk, it’s quite hard to find games they might like among thousands and thousands of games, so most of the time they go with what is the highest in the ranking.
      Anyway mobiles is a really good place to make some quick buck with some small budget games, but it’s a complete 180° difference when it come to big budget games.
      Hence the reason most mobiles games released by big developers are port or low budget games.

      • What did I expect? Mmm.
        I was expecting minimal graphical 3D effects that show effort. Some sort of semblance of effort so it doesn’t look like an upscalled DS game? I expected something that wasn’t screaming “low cash grab!”.

        You don’t need to make the price point 40-50 bucks. The FFV iOS “remake” has actually pretty neat 3D effects (with some very awkwardly filtered newly drawn sprites) and still hits a low price point.

        I’m 100% sure they could do a low price point game AND not have completely terribly pixelated particle effects.

        There are tons of indie games out there with much, much better graphics and soundtrack and while they don’t offer as much content as FFIV:TAY will offer, they have to build everything down from the ground unlike here which is a quick copy paste job from FFIVDS.

        As I said, I wouldn’t mind the low-poly models if -at least- they tried to polish the special attacks. They look horrendously crude.
        Even Wiiware titles like Final Fantasy CC My life as a Darklord had better presentation. That -bothers me-.

        And there are games like Sonic 4 Episode II that actually offer pretty fantastic graphics with an all-new engine while still being cheap. I don’t think they are even trying quite honestly.

        Plus, let us remember this is a game that was originally on the mobile phones. The game -already- has low standards by reusing enviroments, events, bosses, enemies, spells, etc like crazy.

        I can tell when there are sensitive decisions to use low quality graphics to reach a price point and when a developer doesn’t even try fully knowing they can cash on from simple nostalgia.

        • School Idol Addict

          Ah sorry that wasn’t really a question but more like a sarcastic remark, not to you, but to SE in a way.
          I agree with you though, they could have done better, but i’m guessing all they care about is money, so the less work they have to do the better it’s for them.
          Indie wasn’t a good comparision though, most of the time indie developers are happy as long as they make profit no matter how little, but big developers like SE are rarely happy unleast they make big profits.

          • “Indie wasn’t a good comparision though, most of the time indie developers
            are happy as long as they make profit no matter how little, but big
            developers like SE are rarely happy unleast they make big profits.”
            That’s exactly why I’m upset, honestly.
            They want more money doing lower quality games.
            They set the bar lower and lower until there’s just nothing else to go.

            The sad part is, I would totally buy this if it had effort. I love FFIV, and I actually enjoy the sequel. But this is no way to treat the game at all… It doesn’t even have the Interlude from the Complete Collection!

            Wait…! Maybe they’ll add it as a second mobile game later on. Tricky, that!

          • School Idol Addict

            Actually it would be a third mobile games since FFIV is a different mobile game too.
            Still i wouldn’t be surprised at all if SE would really do that though.
            16$ for FFIV another 16$ for after years and 8$ for prelude and then a few months later the complete edition for 35$.
            I can totally see SE doing something like that…
            *Sigh* how far they have fallen in just 4-5 years.

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Being poor does that, lol!

    • Yeah, this graphic engine was already outdated when FFIV DS was released thanks to the DS’s total lack of ability at 3D. I’d wanted a remake of FFIV for years and years, and all I could think was, wow, this is the remake I got? Janky 3D? (Fortunately, FFIV Complete Collection on Vita is beautiful.)

    • NoOneSeesWhatWeSee

      This is the problem with mobile games. Hardly anyone seems to put any effort and quality into them. They don’t seem to be held to the same standards as other gaming platforms.

      This is why mobile games have a bad reputation.
      Of course, you can also blame tradition and gamers not being open to change. But it’s more than prejudice. Also touch screen gaming just isn’t fun for most game genres.

      • It’s definitely more than prejudice. While some developers clearly try to do high quality mobile games the platform is undoubtly filled to the brim with low quality titles.
        Kind of reminds me of the Wii’s problem. Yes, it’s not NEARLY as grave as the mobile reputation, but the Wii did get a lot of bad rep due to outsourced crappy ports or getting the worst entries on multiplatform releases always. And when it did get a third party game it was almost always very low quality.

        At least the Wii did get a support of strong games hidden under the pile of turd (some more obvious than others). The mobile catalogue seems to have very very few interesting games.

        Again, you don’t need to make a super high budget game to do a great mobile game. You can still price it around 15 bucks and get something cool that people can enjoy.
        Maybe we’ll see an evolution of more, better mobile games in the next gen.

  • leingod

    Yes! Just what I wanted from Square Enix! More mobile games!

    … ¬¬

    • whatinthewolrd

      Everyone should stop worrying about what SE’s mobile team is doing and concentrate on what their first and second production team is working on.

      • leingod

        Maybe, but one can’t help it when they shove these news in your face so often.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Looks…hmmm… good

  • Nameless App 1989

    Am I the only one who likes this? It may be a port, but if the extra stuff included is worth it, you have my attention.

    • NoOneSeesWhatWeSee

      I do like some things about Android. iOS isn’t good, but at least Android has its benefits. I like that there are multiple gaming devices that use Android now.

      And I definitely prefer Google’s account based system to Nintendo’s.

  • HansSatori

    Will buy.. I really like the iOS ports.

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