• Guest

    Wow, the “by the fans to the fans” really makes sense here.

  • Devinja

    I bet humor will be the biggest decider between the top ranked stories

  • http://linkapics.tumblr.com/ Linka

    Nice to hear they’re doing this. Means Dragon Quest is still going.

    • platomaker

      For some countries anyway

  • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

    I hope they write some decent single-player Dragon Quest games that actually get NA releases. They’re probably just going to be quest writers for whatever DQ MMO is happening.

  • David García Abril

    Man! Why I haven’t mastered the Japanese language yet?!

    I have a great story in mind about a mouse escaping from the cleavage of a bunny girl dancing in a ball!


  • Armane

    So your party is at a ball being thrown in their honour, and they are discussing how to escape without raising the suspicion of the guests. As they mutter quietly to themselves; the main character’s mouse, who appears to be listening intently is surprised by something. Your party leaves the main hall and the scene fades to black.

    As they reappear you notice something different about them; they are all wearing items from the Bunny Girl Clothing Collection the Queen has accumulated for servants to wear. While the token girl character and androgynous male character pull the look off effortlessly, the battle hardened dwarf and main character look awkward & embarrassed in the attire.

    Regardless they head for the exit without turning any heads. The King, a little worse for wear, having had too much of the punch our heroes spiked earlier, confronts them. Ordering them to fetch more wine from a local distillery they are excused from their servant duties, but not before the King makes a pass at the main character.

    …Oh, it has to be in Japanese. Damn.

  • Michael Harrison

    “What do you think about the Dragon Quest series?”
    “I think the games shouldn’t be released in English anymore”

  • Eddie

    Thanks for the tip, you guys at Siliconera are awesome!

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