Grown Up Ion And Cas From Ciel NoSurge To Appear In Gust’s Ar NoSurge

By Sato . November 1, 2013 . 11:01am

In an earlier report, voice actresses for the Ar NoSurge teased that Ion and Cas from Ciel NoSurge would be in Gust’s upcoming PlayStation 3 game. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares new details and also confirms that the two characters will in fact be in the game.


According to the magazine report, Ion and Cas will be appearing in a more mature form. Ion, the enthusiastic young girl who happens to understand the meaning of the universe, will be about four to five years older than she was in Ciel NoSurge.


Meanwhile, Cas will be part of an elite taskforce of the Genemes. On the weekends, Cas spends her time helping out at the diner where Ar NoSurge protagonist Delta works.


Battles will revolve around a two-man team between Delta and the heroine, where you’ll be performing attacks to take on enemies on the field, which indicates enemy positions and their groups. While the heroine uses her song magic from the back, as Delta, you’ll be responsible for protecting her while fighting enemies. There will also be a guard command to help make things easier.


By leveling up your Harmonics level and filling it up, you’ll be able to activate your song magic. The magazine report has yet to confirm whether Ion will be participating in the fights. Takayama Toshiaki will be in charge of designing Ion, while Yocky will be in charge of Cas’ design.


Ar NoSurge is slated for release on January 30, 2014, for PlayStation 3.

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  • Did anyone ever get an idea as to why the original never made it stateside when its predecessor, Ar tonelico, made it over completely?

    • Pekola

      Possible reasons I thought of:

      -Vita sales being so low, the game may not have gotten enough sales here in the west since it’s not the de facto JRPG like Ar Tonelico

      -it’s episodic so they waited until it was all done to release the full thing stateside.

      Just thoughts. I don’t know the real reason.

      • Arrngrim

        Valid thoughts, I really never expected Ciel no Surge to make it over so I had already imported it (and I’ll be importing this one). Still factory sealed, too! I’ve got my fingers crossed for Ar No Surge though, it seems more “Ar Tonelico”y, and I think the fanbase for the Ar Tonelico series should be enough to warrant localization on this one.

    • Duo Maxwell

      Mostly because the number of Vita sales in stateside.

  • Shame it never came our way. My guess is that we have the Vita to blame for that. I really liked all three Ar tonelico games.

    • Altin

      “Let’s not blame that Gust was taken by TK during that timeframe and they might’ve considered that this game cannot be successful enough. I know, let’s just blame a handheld even though it released games like Let’s Fish: Hooked On or Demon Gaze (soon) instead.”

      Excuse my sarcasm, but seriously?

      • Yes my darling, seriously. First, it was just a guess. I don’t keep up with the business and sales, but I do understand that the Vita is not well regarded here. Second, what do a mediocre fishing game and a random dungeon crawler have to do with this? Is that why you’re defending the Vita? Third, instead of acting like a chauvinistic jerk, you could have worded that statement better.

        • Altin

          I know it was just a guess, that’s why I used “might’ve” in my assumption as well. I am as well aware as you that it is not doing as good as a champ over here.
          What they have in common? Simple answer: If these kind of absurd games can make it over here, depite the Vita selling so “bad”, so could Ciel no Surge. However, there are dozens of reasons why they might’ve, and please notice, might’ve not released it over here. First, Ciel no Surge does have a lot of dialogue and relies or rather relied during its first months so much on updating content and dialogue. That does require effort and furthermore, more resources for the localization team. Second, TK took over Gust during that timeframe and considering that they have been incredibly slow during the takeover in term of releases/localizations, you could also suggest that they are partly to blame for this. Finally, there could be your point: The Vita itself. I do not compute how you can try to retaliate with assuming that I try to defend a “handheld”. I like my Vita, but I am not a patriot; however I dont blame the absence of a game to the console itself. I could, if the Vita is region-locked but thankfully, that’s not the case here.

          What got me in that argument is that you assume that “we” have to blame a handheld for the absence of a title, rather than the circumstances during the time of this game’s release. And before you start throwing with rocks, consider that I, in no way tried to insult you or your opinion (heck, I would have given you a handshake solely for naming yourself after a character of one of my favourite RPG’s of all time). Granted, in hindsight I might’ve used a little less sarcasm, you got me there.

          Disclaimer: Not trying to harm TK here. Considering they are literally feeding the Vita with games in Japan I can only salute to them for their effort, along with TK Europe/USA bringing Toukiden over here as well.

          • I will say that I like my Vita as well, despite the fact that I only turned it on a few times. It makes a nice paperweight. Just kidding, it’s gearing up for Ys. As I explained, though, I was just speculating because I’m not up to date on what we do and do not have for the Vita. The only reason I got it was for Ys. To be fair, I dabbled here and there with Gravity Rush and Shinobido, but both of them weren’t very fun. With games like this, it makes me think that the Vita would be the biggest problem for CnS not getting released to our side. Of course there would be other circumstances that wouldn’t let CnS come here such as localization rights and what not, but the one that stuck out the most to me in my mind is the fact that not many folks in our country are Vita owners.
            Who knows, though. It could happen. Of course, that’s what I said about other franchises/companies/localizations.

          • Altin

            Same here. I sadly dont live in America, but I am going to import it. Loved Ys Seven and started to get to the series. My reason probably was for Wipeout and later on some Disgaea 3. I didnt like Shinobido either but GR was fun.
            Just gonna cross my thumbs for you and for maybe seeing this game in English. There are lots of games that I would love to play on the Vita, especially tons of Japanese games!

  • Still really hoping to see Ciel no Surge get localized.

    • TheRealMalek

      Not hoping anymore sadly… But maybe some small publisher could manage to do it.

      • Even a digital download would be welcome lol

  • Christopher Nunes

    So if Ion will appear in this game will she remark about a “certain someone” that has taken care of her when she had amnesia, nice little nod (though is the player/person taking care of Ion consider male in the game’s canon?).

    I hope this game and Ciel no Surge gets localized (with Ciel no Surge have ALL of its episodes done and complete, only way I see this game coming over stateside) in the future, I’ve never played any of the other games in this series but I would like to play these two the most.

    • aquagon

      Actually, Ar tonelico does have a connection to it due to taking place in a different planet of the same universe, but it doesn’t belong to the Surge Concerto series. And you should really give it a try to see how the songs interact with its story, which is also something that happens in Ciel Nosurge, and will surely happen too in Ar Nosurge. (And yes, Ion assumes the player is male in Ciel Nosurge).

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Are they actually able to say this officially due to the other rights being elsewhere? Or is it more them saying “you know that other series, this is in the same world”.

        • aquagon

          Basically, Tsuchiya was asked during a Q & A event if Ar Ciel (Ar tonelico’s planet) and Ra Ciela (Surge Concerto’s planet) were both part of the universe of EXA_PICO, to which he answered yes. This is also noticeable by the fact that both series share the same scientific background (ie: everything being based on waves and both having the same kinds of waves present on their respective lores), but have completely different settings.

      • Kai2591

        In Ciel Nosurge, who IS the player character anyway? And is he actually physically there with Ion? This bit confuse me.

        Also, what’s with the ‘Agent Pack’ version of the game? why was it called ‘Agent’? With ‘secret documents’ and all that hush-hush themes; is there a conspiracy or something going on? lol

        • aquagon

          While playing Ciel Nosurge, you’re the protagonist, basically. The game starts with Ion just having finished repaired a terminal (aka: the Vita with the Ciel Nosurge game) that allows communication between Ciel (the Surge Concerto world) and Earthes (our world), but Ion can’t see you or hear you, but she can feel the things you say through the terminal.

          As for the Agent Pack, that’s also how it was for Ciel Nosurge’s limited edition, due to containing also a lot of material pertaining to the game’s plot and setting.

          • Kai2591

            I see. Thank you for the clarification.
            I’m assuming the reason Ion was able to feel what ‘we’ say is because she “happens to understand the meaning of the universe”..? Did they explain why/how that ‘terminal’ was able to connect to ‘our’ world though?

            The fact that our Earth is somehow connected to Ciel Nosurge intrigues me….I wonder if ‘we’ and Earth has any real impact on the whole story? especially in Ar Nosurge.

      • Christopher Nunes

        I see… so which game of the Ar Tonelico do you recommend I play first?

        Also the player isn’t “seen” or “heard” by Ion? I thought it was a sort of first person view for the player and you’re by Ion’s side all the time since you can take Ion on dates.

        • aquagon

          I’d advise playing them in order, beginning with the first one, as the order in which they were released is also the chronological order for the main plot.

          And yes: she can feel your thoughts (or the ones you send her) in her heart and she can perceive your touch, but the only thing she ever sees of you is the terminal she uses to communicate with our world. On the other hand, you can indeed see and hear her.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Interesting concept… makes me want to play the game even more now, but wish it was available in English to play. :(

            So in chronological order? How many were released and on what systems?

          • aquagon

            Three games in all: two for PS2 and one for PS3.

  • aquagon

    And to add a few other things: Ion has a Song Magic model like Cass has, so she will be participating in the battles but as Earthes’ partner, while Cass is Delta’s. Likewise, they have announced the singers for both girls: Cass’ is Yoshino Nanjo, while Ion’s is Akiko Shikata (suprise!)

    Finally, the battle system is a modified version of the one used in Ar tonelico 2, according to the gameplay video that was shown on a live broadcast by Gust this morning.

    • Azzrem

      sweet!! i love ar tonelico 2 battle system..

    • THRINE-4

      I enjoyed all 3 battle systems from the 3 games, but I must say, I preferred AT2’s battle system the most, so it’s good news.

    • Kai2591

      Akiko Shikata! woooot~

      ArT2’s battle system is my favourite. This is a win :)

      btw, who’s Earthes?

      • aquagon

        Earthes is the name of the robot protagonist. However, it also happens to be the name used to refer to our world in Ciel Nosurge.

        • Kai2591

          Oh that robot…(Siliconera spelled its name as ‘Acies’ last time so I didn’t recognize)

  • MrTyrant

    Soooo their are kind of a tamagochi that you can transfer? haha well I like the idea but sadly if we want this game we need Ciel no Surge, I mean to comprehend more of this universe and the returning character that are going to appear even if the story is not connected I think this is an interesting feature and will be a pity to miss it.

    • s07195

      I haven’t even played Ar Tonelico… >.>

  • THRINE-4

    Gust, if you’re not going to have them appear in the main story, at least include the AT characters as DLC, please thank you.

    • aquagon

      That would be asking for too much due to the copyright problems, not to mention it wouldn’t make any sense when it comes to the setting.

  • Kai2591

    Ah. Tis the news I’ve been waiting for :)

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