Phantasy Star Online 2 Brings The “Glittering Brilliance Of The Ocean Floor”

By Eugene . November 3, 2013 . 3:30pm


Winter’s update for Phantasy Star Online 2 brings the watery “Glittering Brilliance of the Ocean Floor” new zone to the online RPG. Replete within it are new bosses and monsters to fight such as new Dark Bird and Sea King varieties of monsters on the planet Uoparau, which you can see in the above video.


There’s also some new additions such as a fluff camera that players can set up and set timers on so they can all get in the same shot at once (Gamers who play online RPG’s know how annoying it can be to get everyone into the requisite “Boss killed!” screenshot) And an aquarium. Exactly what a house needs for some relaxation.


Don’t forget some time this month we’ll get the Fate/Stay Night and Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya collaborations as well!

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  • Longsun_Zhao

    This is gonna be so cool when I can play it in English (never)!

    Thank goodness FF XIV turned out well, at least we have that.

  • I do wonder if we will ever get this. *Sighs*

    • TheExile285

      Probably never :/

    • RichyGaming

      We will. In 201N (Two thousand Never-teen)

    • Chiupon

      It’s pretty much already out. It’s like 100% translated, just do some googlin’.

      • But does it have a translated Vita version? I couldn’t find one. Also my PC can’t run the game, so that version’s out for me.

        • Chiupon

          That is problematic, I’m not sure. Gonna go ahead and say no. :<

          I'd say upgrade your computer in pieces. My laptop runs windows XP, it's a Dell, and it's like 5 years old or something and it still runs PSO2. (my friends call my laptop Joan of Arc because it needs to be burned at the stake okay)

          If you had issues with the benchmark, that doesn't mean the full/real game won't work!

  • How about a Persona Collab?!

    • Draparde

      i’d love that. i could see them making one of the persona’s a Boss to fight too.

      I’d also want outfits from it naturally. there’s somewhat of a laundry list of games i’d want to have outfits from lol.

  • Tyler Beale

    UGGGGHHHHH……..Why, SEGA?! WHYYYYY!?!!?!?!!?!?!?

  • nororu


  • RichyGaming

    I had my friend play PSO2 and he was so happy to see it in English but then he found out it was just something I downloaded into the game.

  • 하세요

    I just couldn’t keep up with this game. It was fun though, love me some Phantasy Star. I guess the main factor is I didn’t have enough fellow English players as it’s a little awkward being in a party where everyone is speaking a language you don’t know.

    Not sure how I manage to do it in MH4 but whatever.

    • Chiupon

      If I remember correctly Block 21 was the main english speaking block. Just hop on that one whenever.
      There are tons of english speaking teams, too.

      • Barrylocke89

        It’s been awhile, but I remember it was Ship 02 specifically that had a lot of English speakers. I played around the 1 year anniversary of PSO2, and I had no problems finding other English speakers to play with.

        • Chiupon

          Yep, Ship 02!

          Ur or w/e

          My terminology is a bit messy, I haven’t played sine the pirate update.

  • Brandonmkii

    So excited to fight a giant enemy crab.

  • Crevox

    It’s called Seabed…

    “Winter’s update for Phantasy Star Online 2 brings the watery “Glittering Brilliance of the Ocean Floor” new zone to the online RPG.”

  • Just Tim

    This. Is. Torture.

    Exaggerations aside, it’s safe to say that SEGA West and Japan need to rebuild their bridges between themselves, especially when SEGA has a HUGE Japan-ONLY backlog.

    An open suggestion for SEGA: why not use Atlus USA as your de facto localization team from this point on? Besides, Atlus USA has a stellar record within the niche segment within the US video game industry. PSO2. Puyo Puyo, Shining, Sakura Wars, Virtual On, Border Break, Shenmue (to name a few) are great starts.

  • Ferrick

    idk why but after Phantasy star nova was announced, i feel that my interest in PSO2 dwindling, maybe it’s because of the hack harpoon weapon and the gigantes in PSN

  • Chaos_Knight

    Y u no give english release date? Oh wait…

  • Who knows when we’ll see this “Glittering Brilliance” in the West lol

  • Anthony Birken

    “Don’t forget some time this month we’ll get the Fate/Stay Night and Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya collaborations as well!”……. What do you mean “we’ll”?

  • eilegz

    meanwhile everyone it waiting for the localization…

  • The only news I want to hear about this game is that it’s coming Stateside.

  • Gyro Zeppeli

    The game has no IP block, a large English community, and multiple English patches and wikis available. Sega of America will likely never bring it over, and in the event that they do, it’ll always be very far behind the JP version in terms of content. If you want to play PSO2, you may as well play it now.

  • I enjoyed this video for 3 minutes. Now I will sulk for the rest of the day.

  • Dear Sega
    Thank you for the lie you told your NA fan base and keeping PSO2 in Japan. Only giving use every crappy Sonic game you can come up with. At 1st I was cool with no ps vita release but no pc version too. Thank you for the best lie of all time you fans in the NA will not forget it.

  • Chiupon

    I can’t wait for this update, I’ve been needing a reason to play for a while. Got kinda tired of grinding.

  • Crevox

    If anyone actually, seriously wanted to play it right now they could. With a small amount of effort, you can download the game and play it in (mostly) English for free. If you don’t want to play it, then I wonder why you’re posting so much asking for them to bring it over with some pretty rude remarks toward SEGA.

    Yes, it sucks it hasn’t come to US. But the fact of the matter is that anyone that actually cares about the game to the point of wanting to play it badly is already playing it. There’s an entire English community spanning multiple fansites and multiple servers in game that players have designated as English hangouts (and there’s tons of English players in game). It takes a matter of seconds of searching on the internet to find a guide to download the game and set it up on your computer, free, in English. The game’s netcode is amazing too, and I personally don’t notice ANY lag playing on a Japanese game.

    If you don’t want to play it, then don’t. But the rest of you people who are spamming every newspost with SEGA hate and blatant lies/rumors about why it’s not over here is just getting annoying now. If you want to play it, prove that you do and go play it. However, you’re not getting anything accomplished by sitting there saying stuff like “SEGA will never bring it over :( :( :(.” Fans have already tried to convince SEGA to bring it over, signed petitions, tried to personally contact staff; right now, the situation is frozen.

    I’ll be in game on Ship 2, enjoying the game and the halloween event – Rappy style.

  • Nier
    Check this info.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    ……With all these updates coming in and a 16-month silence of a western release, why do I have a sickening feeling that the western release was silently cancelled?

  • Virevolte

    “Glittering Brilliance Of The Ocean Floor” Filled With Our Tears.

  • Kioku

    Yeah, brilliance OCEAN floor…
    So Tri-Ace,…
    WHERE IS STAR OCEAN 5??!!!!!!

    • Ferrick

      pso2 isn’t made nor handled by tri-ace

  • Kai2591

    Where’s that picture of a Skeleton waiting forever for this game? WHERE IS ITTTT

  • Nate

    I was so close to buying an extra 8gb memory stick to use my jp account and download this. I decided the language barrier was just too thick.

    • Ferrick

      you could always play the pc version because you can change the language through a “way”

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