• Dsvkb

    You know a game doesn’t have much sales expectations when it’s eShop exclusive even in Japan.

  • Happy Gamer

    Would be neat if they remade dimentia (or was it dimentium?) that horror shooter game with even better graphics (the original was surprisingly good looking for the platform).

    • Sachiko Shinozaki

      They remade Dimentium 2 to the PC. its a HD remade Port of the second DS game in the Dimentium series.

    • Nylo

      well not on 3ds but dementium 2 Hd will be on steam on december


  • hickorypan

    I actually quite enjoy some games in D3′s Simple series. We all know Oneechanbara and Defence Force, but there were some other good ones too. I mean you couldn’t give them any points for presentation/polish, but their fun factor couldn’t be denied.

    I’m quite fond of Project Minerva, Maze Action and Space Invaders: Invasion Day, just to name a few of the PS2 ones.

  • Weeb

    If D3 is gonna start bringing ps2 ports to the 3ds can they at least give me a Zombies vs. Ambulance port?

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I wouldn’t mind english localizations of the Simple series for the 3DS.

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