Final Fantasy XIV Paid Subscribers Have Already Exceeded Final Fantasy XI’s Peak

By Spencer . November 6, 2013 . 2:29am

imageDespite its rocky start, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is shaping to be one of Square Enix’s strongest games. The reboot launched on August 27 and as of September 30 over 1.45 million units have been sold worldwide. Square Enix estimates 1.1 million units were disc copies and an additional 350,000 were digital downloads.


The number of paid Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn subscribers surpassed 600,000 and already exceeded the peak of Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix’s most profitable Final Fantasy game.


Square Enix plans to expand Final Fantasy XIV further by bringing the game to mainland China. Other online games like Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur have been successful in other Asia territories like South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

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  • RovCal

    happy for square.

  • John Diamond

    moral of the stoy: you sell lots if you take care of a game

  • is this the return of the Square of yesteryear?

    • Superior Spider-Man

      Only if they drop the -Enix.

      Joking aside, I really hope SE gets it together. With this, Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts III, SE seems to be on the right track. Let’s hope they don’t screw them up somehow. What SE really needs is a new JRPG IP and not just focus on sequels. They practically dominated JRPG market in the 90s and early 2000s because they had so many titles under their belt. Now it’s sequel after sequel. Not that it’s a bad thing.

      • Naryoril

        or they could make sequels to some IPs they neglected or treated badly.

        For example a sequel to The World Ends With You, i’d buy any system for this game, as long as it isn’t a smartphone. This game is so different from everything else and it’s already 6.5 years old, so a sequel definitely wouldn’t hurt.
        Another example would be a Seiken Densetsu (Mana series) sequel that can hold the torch to Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 (Secret of Mana and Secret of Mana 2). A real, good sequel to this series would feel new to many people since they don’t know the origin, and for the rest it would cause some great nostalgia.

      • Paradox me

        The Last Remnant and Bravely Default (technically a Final Fantasy spin-off) come to mind. The former being horribly underrated (thanks in no small part to technical issues and no PS3 version), while the latter seems well on its way to becoming their next ‘big’ thing.

        Hopefully we see them revisit The Last Remnant one of these days, or do some sort of spiritual sequel.

        • Asaoko

          I would like a sequel of The Last Remnant but.. I suppose that’s impossible now. D: I love the characters a lot — they’re really interesting, especially David! …Is it true that the Gae Bolg sucks his soul out little by little, stuff like that. orz

          • riceisnice

            That would be totally mint!

      • sciazs

        Xenogears (still one of my favourite ever RPGs), Chrono Trigger/Cross, Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, Secret of Mana, Front Mission, Chocobo Dungeon to name a few. From Soft to Enix.. they have drastically reduced the amount of new JRPG IP’s and its a shame for someone like me who grew up on this type of story telling.

        Aside from the Bioshock series, and I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I really don’t see the appeal in some of the “best” AAA games like Mass Effect, Fallout/Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age etc.

        • Lucky Dan

          Xenogears they can’t the creator won the courtcase and owns the franchise now.

          Chrono Trigger and Cross they were till they cancel it, called Chrono Break but realized it was extremely difficult to make a new game since Cross tied up loose ends which Trigger made.

          Parasite Eve, fanservice galore but I think they wanted Resident Evil sales off of this but everyone knows milfs dont sell games !!!

          Vagrant Story, I wish they did but it was a one off.

          Secret of Mana, I doubt it since Children of Mana failed and wrecked the series.

          Front Mission, had the Silent hill disease they gave the game to westerners and they wrecked the franchise.

          Chocobos Dungeons if chunsoft is on board more or less will happen.

          I can see your way of thinking with the appeal of these best games but If you loved Wizardary or even played Valhalla Knights or some other games where you create a character you should be able to.

          but once you do you see they “Lied” to you they say “choice” matters but only very limited choices and they do not effect the future game in any ways this is evident in Mass Effect Series someone killed off all their characters and hey presto they are all back in the third.

        • Lucky Dan

          Sorry for the Second Reply… but this has just come up.

          I’m really really annoyed by Game Reviewers, they say Dragon Crowns and Valhalla knights 3 is mysgnoist sexist and smutty cause you can sleep with everyone.

          but everyone forgot about Dragon Age 1 & 2 and Mass Effect Series where you slept with any party member who walked on 2 legs and say its Game of the Year

          They have double Standards and I hate it.

          • sciazs

            I wasn’t so much appealing to get a sequels of games I mentioned, I just missed the variety of other IP’s they had during the Squaresoft era as opposed to just focusing mainly on Final Fantasy. But yeah don’t forget the same sex sexual relations too! Shephard / DA hero are the biggest sluts alive.

      • Ty Austin

        The problem with doing that today is the risk factor. It takes a lot of money to make a console game and even more money to make an RPG.

        Long established franchises like FF are a safe bet since they know they have an audience. But making something completely new is going to cost quite a bit and you won’t know if you’re going to sell.

        The only exception I can think is the handheld market, since production on handheld games is cheaper.

      • MogCakes

        I really, really miss middle-tier titles like Valkyrie Profile.

    • Bunzi

      Not with Lightning’s sugar daddy around.

      • Toriyama? You know SE originally never planned to make a sequel to XIII, right?

        • revenent hell

          Originally, like before the game was in development that was probably true but they later admitted Final Fantasy XIII was halfway finished when they started working on the sequel. So obviously they new it was coming.

          • No they didn’t– development began in 2010, FFXIII released 09.

    • Lucky Dan

      They could rename the company Blizzard Activision :P

      Prepare for FFXV and KH III pushed back !!!! If they focused on their
      money pit they could take this game to new heights but I don’t expect these games till 2015 maybe 2016 now!!

      Look at how long Blizzard took to make SCII, Diablo III and Hearthstone and they are still strained in adding content due to WOW.

      Now they have to focus on FFXIV: ARR, I wish them well and hopefully take the game to new heights. Though the thought of having 2 paid subscription games do takes it toll on the wallet…

  • Somber

    Square Enix proved that they were always on the track.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I literally just started playing XIV, and even at this early stage it’s already FAR superior to XI. The game is paced a lot better, there’s more to do, it actually feels like Final Fantasy, and the death penalties aren’t unreasonably steep.

    Just make a class that can use two swords at once, and maybe move to a F2P system, and I’ll gladly call it one of the best MMOs out there x3

  • Strid

    Too bad it’s not goin’ to sustain those subscriptions nearly as well.

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      With the ps4 version coming soon along with Patch 2.1 next month. I think it will :P

      • Strid

        Instant gratification on this level can only get them so far. The game is extremely dense and one new end-game, lockout instance isn’t goin’ to help it.

        • OathkeeperSoraXIII

          2.1 has PvP, Crystal Tower and housing. I don’t see why that wouldn’t help it. There’s also plans to add more turns to the binding coil. Maybe it won’t help in terms of people that just want to get through the story but that’s where the PS4 version will help, since it can bring in new people. Naturally there will be a dip in subscriptions, I don’t think it’ll be massive though

          • Strid

            What I’m getting at is that the content is the issue. It doesn’t matter how much they add, it’s the actual depth of it, or rather lack of depth, that’s the problem. We’re already clearing Coil and we’re not even supposed to yet, by-in-large. The only reason it wasn’t cleared sooner is that T5 was offline more than accessible. If they keep adding content that is easy to plow through, like everything at current [now that Twin’s nerf/strat is down], it’s just not goin’ to end well.

            That CT is going to be far easier than BC, well, that’s a whole other ballpark of issues. So essentially, if you’re farming Coil already, which even casuals are capable of, there is nothing new coming in terms of PvE content.

            As for the PS4 version, fat chance of that. The majority of the people who want to play the game are already playing it. Most people who will own a PS4, especially within the first year, already own a PS3 and have access to the game. That the game will have the upgrade deal tagged on to it, makes even less sense why people would wait on it to get started.

            If people cling to PvP and a housing system that’s nothing more than a gil sink, I’d be surprised. Also, that’s FC housing that’s coming in 2.1, not personal housing. I’m sure even less people care about FC housing.

            Could just be me though. Maybe I’m too old to enjoy this easy crap anymore. I’m out of Coil and have capped myths on Monday and the rest of the week I AFK at an AH board and keep my food stocked while I play something else. Hell, I don’t even know why I bother with Coil anymore, to be honest, other than to hang out with friends. It’s not like the gear in there is even marginally better than AF2/relic+1 [accessories aside] — it’s more for gearing alt jobs that I’m not currently ready to spend the myths on yet, give me another 3 weeks and I’ll have full AF2, Relic +1, and absolutely no reason to log in to the game, PvE wise.

    • Guest

      Too bad the game has more subs than it did 5 months ago

      • Strid

        That would be a big “no duh.” It is a Final Fantasy game after all. That said, having gained more subscribers is not sustaining subscriptions.

        • Guest

          It’s been growing in subs since launch, which was 8 months ago, so at this point it’s generally safe to assume that it is sustaining fine. Usually if an MMO was going to die off it would have happened much sooner, and the expansion is most likely going to be out at the end of the year or early 2015 so I think they will be okay. I’m not sure what point you were trying to get at, unless you think the game is still selling so many copies that it is constantly refreshing all of its subscriber base, which technically is no different than “sustaining subscriptions” in terms of overall profits. The game has over 2 million subs right now.

          • Strid

            All games grow in subs “since launch” that’s typically how it works. It’s hard to reverse sell a PC game anymore. To move your argument, you need active subscriptions over time, not how many subs the game has, all that equates to how many copies of the game has been sold over the course of its lifetime.

            As well, I never said it was going to die. The only negative thing I have about the game is how easy it is, case in point, SCoB T9 down and Echo buffs.

          • Guest

            99.9% of sub-based games drop heavily in subs after the free month and continue dropping after that. How is 8 months of subscriptions not “active subscriptions over time”? And no it doesn’t only equate to how many copies have been sold. That logic would only work if this was the month of the game launch

            T9 has been downed so far by one guild that plays 24/7 lol

          • Strid

            Every subscription would quality as an “active subscription over time” that’s why it’s a useless statistic [key words being: “over time”], for a sub based MMORPG, all it means is that a copy of the game sold. How is that the case? Because in order to play the game, every. single. copy. must be registered and a subscription created, even if the purchaser only decides to play for a day. Bam, SE has another ticker to add, and they add up over the course of time as it is impossible for them to deplete.

            The take-away, even people who play for a day and then never touch the game again, they count as a subscription. If you want real numbers for an MMORPG you chart the active subscriptions from month to month that have passed the 30 day [or whatever allotment of free time is given at purchase] threshold.

            Cumulative subscriptions are sales, plain and simple. when you see the WoW commercial on T.V. that touts their 16 gazillion subscribers, that’s just how many people have bought and/or registered the game, regardless of them actually paying a fee to continue playing it.

          • Guest

            Makes sense, there was an article that came out about a month ago though that said that the game has over 500k unique daily logins everyday. That’s not counting the people that log-in every 2 or 3 days so the active subs could very well be 1 million +

  • artemisthemp

    Happy to see Square Enix been happy with a game

  • Zalin

    Physical copies of games are the thing of the past, my ass!

  • Göran Isacson

    Question now being if they can KEEP said players around, and get as much profit from XIV as they did from XI even adjusting for inflation.

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