Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f For Vita Will Be Released In North America And Europe

By Spencer . November 6, 2013 . 9:15am

Since the PlayStation 3 version was successful, Sega announced they will release the PlayStation Vita version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f in the West. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f for Vita will have the same songs as the PS3 version plus touch screen star notes.


The Vita version will be available as a digital release in early 2014.

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  • PotatoPower

    yes yes yes! i still haven’t bought the ps3 version so might as well wait for this one ;)

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Willing to double dip here. Holy crap, I didn’t see that coming at all….

    • TheExile285

      I love what they said about it on the Blog. They are basically bringing it over because people kept asking. I’ve had my differences with Sega recently but boy, I can’t remember the last company that did something like this.

      • Xaltmas

        I know I did my fair share of begging any chance I could.

        Even on Facebook, where everyone could see I was a Miku fanboy.

      • MXC

        If you look at other articles posted on that blog you’ll notice a lower amount of replies to comments, usually because of negative comments. Look at the blog for Miku and notice how many positive comments and replies there are. Like I told my sister, big Vocaloid fan, I underestimated you Vocaloid fans.

  • Smooosher than ever


    Awesome!! Wow, I’m SO going to get this. Much better suited for a handheld imo.

  • Xaltmas


    I never gave up hope. Hopefully when F 2nd is localized, they’ll do the Vita and PS3 versions at the same time.

  • Micrll

    I know I am the odd one out but I liked playing this on my TV way more than I ever liked playing the Japanese versions on my PSP.
    That said I will probably buy the vita version simply to add to the sales numbers so we have a better chance at getting Project Diva F 2nd released in the states.

  • Vitor Duarte

    Will buy… it seems fun enough!

  • Varnes

    DAY ONE BUY! i was hoping since the PS3 version did so well this would happen, SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LOCALIZE SEGA!

  • TheExile285

    My money is yours, Sega! DAY ONE!

    Also, this shows SEGA listens! Maybe we can get Yakuza Ishinn and Phantasy Star Nova if we bug them enough about it ^_________^

    • jujubee88

      Bug them about PSN! DO IT!!!!!!

      *vein on forehead*

    • MyBodyIsReady

      I hope they listen again and give us a physical release :P

    • chibidw

      Hopefully this means that Sega has finally realized that they like money.

    • Learii

      I agree with you

    • Suki

      Oh my goodness yes. I’ve been dying to play this on the go. I love you Sega.

    • SupaPhly

      [psst, you forgot Yakuza 5]

  • Herok♞

    They knew they could get us to double dip, Sega is smart like that..

  • LM009

    lol already have all 3 versions releases(jp vita, jp ps3, eng ps3) but will still buy so hopefully they release PDF2nd

  • School Idol Addict

    That’s good to know the PS3 version was successful, so maybe we will also get Project diva f 2nd

  • ronin4life


    Makes me wonder what that means for Project Mirai 2…

    Eh, still getting the Japanese one anyway…

  • Golion

    Now all we need is Project Mirai 2.

  • Definitely am shocked they’re doing it, but hey, it’s a good thing. More Vita games are good, too.

    Definitely /not/ surprised it’s digital-only, though.

    • Cazar

      Digital only makes sense, considering that they already did a retail release of this game. I really wasn’t expecting them to repackage the PS3 version with all the songs for the Vita since Japan didn’t even get a version like that.

      Crossing my fingers for a physical release of Project Diva f 2nd for Vita in the west though.

      • Yeah, we might get 2nd at least physically– it depends on what they end up trying to do, though. At least this release means that F sold well enough to continue taking the risk.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      I’m pretty sure it was said somewhere that this was likely and who cares if it’s digital only? the only thing in a vita case usually is a cartridge

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind digital. If it’s between digital and never getting it, then yeah, I want digital! But I know some folks like having that physical box, if only for display reasons.

  • Neppygear

    I already got the Japanese version, though…

    …but if the DLC is included, then okay. I’ll get this game a third time.

  • raitouniverse

    …mild violence?

    • Landale

      First example that comes to mind.

      1:43, stabbed through the chest with a giant needle.

      • Micrll

        That was a PS3 version exclusive song and was not in the Vita version, so that is a bit odd. Not that it matters too much, I have never seen anyone ever really be concerned with ‘T’ ratings.

        • Landale

          The article here states that it’s going to have the songs in the PS3 version.

    • Demeanor

      Maybe from all the times Len and Kaito are abused in various ways in the loading screen pictures XD

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Project Diva f AR mode is going to be missed used XD

  • Luis Camargo

    Goodbye money, it was an ill-fated meeting to begin with.

  • PersonaSpace

    Considering my TV’s delay is too awful to even play the PS3 version (even after configuring delay in game), this is a pleasant surprise from a company that is constantly shooting itself in the foot. Now to hawk my Japanese version on eBay before people get wise to it.

  • Dsvkb

    I’m shocked, but I’ve had the Japanese version for months and have no reason to get this. Good on Sega for doing this.

  • Roflcakes

    Wow…I just recently bought the game..

  • XypherCode

    So that leaves us Project Mirai 1 and 2. *crosses fingers*

    • Xaltmas

      Doesn’t the sequel come with all of the songs from the first game?

      • XypherCode

        Oh is that so? I didn’t know thanks :)
        I played a bit of the first one but I don’t have much of an idea how large the content is for the sequel just screenshots and some new songs I just heard about.

  • Erikdayo

    Don’t mind me while I buy this game for a 4th time now.. But as one of my favorite games of this generation, totally worth it.

  • chibiwall


  • J_Joestar

    Great news!

    now where is Project Mirai?

  • Charles

    Sega, buy [email protected] from Namco and bring it here!

  • saxophone15

    Hmm…I already have the Japanese version pre-ordered…now I don’t know if I should cancel it and wait for the American version or just keep my pre-order?

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Isn’t this game already out in Japan? Don’t you mean PDF2?

      • saxophone15

        I have the “Best Price Version” of the first game from Play-Asia pre-ordered. It’s $43.39 (that includes shipping), but it won’t ship until December 12.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          Oh, I see. Difficult choice then. I’ve never imported anything but a figure…
          I guess it just depends if you want a physical copy or not. (then there’s dealing with DLC and account switching, right?).
          Well, thanks for clarifying!

          • saxophone15

            Now that I think about it…maybe I should go ahead and wait for the American version. I already have the localized PS3 version (won it from PlayStation’s official twitter) and I know there’s supposed to be some kind of data sync between the PS3 and Vita versions (assuming they bring the sync app over as well).

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Well it’s not like the “Best Price Version” is going anywhere. Unless you want to play it sooner that badly lol. You got time to think!

          • Micrll

            From the comments on the official blog post http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/11/06/hatsune-miku-project-diva-f-coming-to-ps-vita/ they are not sure if the sync app is coming to the US though I’m sure they are looking at it. I would suggest the localized version though so that we hopefully will see PDF2 in the US :)

  • Brimfyre

    Thank Miku’s sweet bottom. I’ve imported all the handheld ones and love them, but I couldn’t get into the PS3 version demo so I didn’t buy it. I was afraid that would hurt any chances of the Vita one reaching our shores.

    Will be getting this one hands down.

    Unrelated, for some reason today, all my thoughts are being narrated by John Ratzenberger

  • Kronos

    YESSSSSS!!!! Has SEGA finally realized that we want games other than sonic in the west? I hope so. I can finally enjoy my miku without anyone complaining about tv usage and volume!

    • There was always more than Sonic, just they market him the most. ._.

      • Kronos

        That’s the thing, they do that and complain about poor sales when they could have done more marketing for other titles like Valkyria Chronicles.

  • I’ll probably get the Japanese version for the extras that never leave Japan

  • Oh good so PS3 version did well enough for them to venture further.
    I would have liked this version from the start, but I like my PS3 version. Will get this one sometime.

  • ecoutercavalier

    Welp, time to get a Vita.

  • Keko

    Okay, I was joking at first, but this is serious now. I think my wallet is bleeding…day 1 buy, though.

  • NeoAthanasius

    This is just the best possible news for me! My PS3 died before I was able to get Project Diva F. I’ve considered importing the Vita version, but I’m glad it won’t be necessary.

  • Randgriz

    This is great an all SEGA but i see this is also on PS3.. but you know id REALLY like to finish the valkyria chronicles series…

    • Naryoril

      just fyi: there is a fan translation project for VC3. but yeah, i’d love to see an official release as well, i’d buy the game again (i already got the japanese version)

  • Arrngrim

    Gimme cross-play and I’ll buy a 5th copy of this game, Sega!

    • Saintdante

      Crossplay? This game has multiplayer? Or do you mean like switching between the PS3 and Vita?

      • Arrngrim

        Yes, the latter. One of the lauded achievements of the PS Vita and PS3 which I have personally never been able to utilize. It’d be great to keep all of my progress from the PS3 version and swap between the PS Vita as I like. Unless I’m so ignorant I don’t know there is a way to store the PS3 version save file and utilize it with the upcoming PS Vita version.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Fuck yes~.

  • Just Tim

    Thank you, SEGA Worldwide, for finally giving me a reason to own a PS Vita.

  • mike dickson

    i would get this but the stars icons ruined the game for me

    • M_A_K

      I personally love the Star notes. It slows down the game when it gets just too overwhelming for me, allowing me to hold myself till the end.

      • mike dickson

        well ill give the game another shot to see if my opinion well change

      • ShadowDivz


  • Ran-san

    I was somewhat expecting it to release for the vita in the west.

    Either I remember or just my imagination but didn’t the ESRB rating have the vita version stated but was later removed?

    Anyway probably plan on getting it but we’ll see. Memory card is out of space and already have a psychical copy of the Japanese version for Vita.

  • psycho_bandaid

    …But I already got the JP vita version, and I bought the NA PS3 game as well.

    …don’t look at me like that. I’ll buy it.

    • Shiki

      Now, we just need Project Diva f 2nd to get localized! Then you don’t need to buy JP version and just buy the US version!
      (I own the JP version too and I hate having to swap accounts for my DLC. On the Vita its such a pain.)

    • same here

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Question: Will the trophies be shared between the PS3 and Vita versions?

  • Hell yeah! I will be buying this again =^_^=

  • artemisthemp

    Looking forward to playing Hatsune Miku Project Diva F on Vita, but I wish they would release a Psychical edition

  • tubers

    OH MY G! The stars have aligned!!

  • FetusZero

    As promised SEGA, I will gladly purchase the Vita version even if I have the PS3 one. Digital only though.. wish it was physical, but hey, at least we get it!

  • shadowind

    I’ll probably buy it, but in the meantime, I still think SEGA sucks ass for not bringing out Phantasy Star Portable 2 in English (let alone any new remakes of the classic series!)

    • JonathanisPrimus

      They brought out Phantasy Star Portable 2 in English. I own a copy of it. You probably mean Phantasy Star Online 2, which is getting an English release … in Asia.

      • shadowind

        My bad, I meant Phantasy Star Online 2, not Portable 2! *sweatdrop*

        • fortyminerninerfiber

          For that then I completely agree.

  • M_A_K

    Summoning all double/ triple/ quad dipper

    I, for one, welcome our new Vocaloid overlord!

    All hail Miku! All hail SEGA!

  • Raika Souku

    fk you sega but im still getting it

  • wat_wat

    My love-hate relationship with SEGA continues. It’s all love right now. Thanks, SEGA <3

    "Is your PS VITA hungry for new games?"


  • I hope the vita version will sell well, since if they don’t sega would probably never release the vita version for new PD again in the future

  • Naryoril

    the ps3 version sold well? did you read that Namco? Now release [email protected] in english, and not on phones please.

    but on topic: i’ll probably buy it too, even though i own the ps3 version.

    • Nexus

      I want to see a video where the president of SEGA USA breaks into Namco HQ and smothers a wad of cash from the Project Diva sales all over the Namco president’s face. Hope that Namco gets the message on how to properly bring over a rhythm game here in the states.

      And yes, contemplating on double dipping as well to support the Miku takeover~

      • Naryoril

        well, to be honest, [email protected] would be much more effort to localize than project diva because of all the visual novel parts of [email protected] where project diva has hardly any text at all.

        • Nexus

          My bad, I thought you were refering to the Shiny Festa games (which also include a hefty amount of text. derp). I just want Namco to realize where their target audience is when it comes to [email protected]

  • Hinataharem

    Welp, gonna need a bigger card

    • fireguardiancoty

      I know right?

  • RinaDawg

    Grats Vita owners!

    Hopefully Mirai 2 gets to go overseas, too.

    • ShadowDivz

      Thank you

  • Yan Zhao

    Do anyone know if the Vita version supports cross save from the PS3 version? I might buy this for VIta if I can transfer my data from my PS3 version.

  • ekibyougami

    GOOD NEWS! But I’m already content with my Japanese version copy since the Japanese version has… well, a lot of decent-to-epic Edit PVs.
    I guess I’ll just reserve my munnies and wait for Project Diva F 2nd (I bet it’s going to be release on/after/or before March 9, 2014)

    Meanwhile…. i’m still trying to Perfect this ;A;

  • WhyWai

    wow! Sega, please localise more games besides Miku too!

  • ….!? *passes out from joy*

  • PoweredByHentai


  • Zalin

    Love this game I guess ill have to get the vita ver too! But I hate that song in the video!!! Took me ages just to beat it on hard!

  • ShadowDivz

    Senran Kagura And the vita version of Project Diva getting localized?

    The revolution…..begins now.

  • FINALLY!!!

  • I can’t wait!! Now I don’t have to buy the Japanese version! Hopefully this includes the extra songs :) But I’ve seen a lot of people say they have the Japanese version and won’t be getting this one. Why not?! SUPPORT SEGA AND GET US MORE MIKU GAMES!! You can always buy it for me ;)

    • PS: Would a 32gb card be enough to hold this game? xD

  • sangokas kakarotas

    Digital only ? Damm it I am going to need new memory card :/

  • SupaPhly

    I just want yakuza 5, sega

  • That’s great. I’ll probably have to double dip somewhere along the line to support the game.

  • Aristides


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