Square Enix Sets Three Strategic Changes For Their Gaming Division

By Spencer . November 6, 2013 . 2:48am

imageSquare Enix has a new president and new ideas on how to move the company forward. The publisher behind Dragon Quest announced three strategic changes to the digital entertainment business.


Western studios will shift focus to produce online-based titles. Considering how Final Fantasy XIV’s success turned the company’s balance sheet around this makes sense. Square Enix wants to transform the fixed-price model of purchasing games outright into variable earnings. Nosgoth, a free to play battle action game that takes place in the Legend of Kain universe, was cited as an example of this change.


In Japan, Square Enix will accelerate production of games for smartphones and tablets. Titles like Final Fantasy Agitio and how Dragon Quest ports will soon be available demonstrate this change. Finally, Square Enix wants to expand outside of Japan and primarily in Asia. They plan to license games like Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur to publishers in Asia like Shanda Games and bring Final Fantasy XIV to mainland China.

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  • Chris Yuen


    • Altin

      This Nosgoth game really breaks me bad.

    • Ric Vazquez

      :In Japan, Square Enix will accelerate production of games for smartphones and tablets”…My faith in Square-Enix has dropped to just 10% of what it was.

    • LightningFarron19

      Okay, people forget that there are other things Square has done as well.

      1. They are making Deus Ex a franchise instead of being sparce with it

      2. Tomb Raider has already confirmed a sequel

      3. Watch Dogs is still happening

      4. Thief is still in the works

      6. Drakengard 3 is being localized

      7. KH3 and FF15 are already confirmed for next gen.

      8. HD remasters might become a bigger thing

      9. Murdered: Soul Suspect is still coming

      10. FF14 ARR proved that MMOs are still good for the company’s finances

      11. getting games from outside Japan into other countries also helps sales.

      • Warboss Aohd

        ………..isn’t Watch Dogs Ubisoft?

      • Altin

        Not gonna lie, but:

        1. Yes, they made HR but I’d rather thank Eidos Montreal for that. However we get games like The Fall instead.

        2. No argument here

        3. Watch_Dogs is in no relation to SE. Ubisoft is taking care of that.

        4. Thief might as well be non existant. No jumping, less focus on stealth and “Focus Mode” for people that have no idea on how to proceed. Gonna give them credit for dropping the EXP-System though.

        5. You dont have a 5 on your list.

        6. No argument here

        7. Cautious optimism. Versus XIII (cough XV) looks promising.

        8. Probably they will make one of XII (hopefully). As for the older games, I
        highly doubt that, as they have to do more than just simple textures.

        9. Not my cup of tea, but it is good that they are making new IP’s

        10. Pre Realm Reborn was horrible. It’s good that they fixed that now.

        11. As long as your expectations dont go higher than the sky itself, see for that matter Deus Ex and Hitman: Absolution.

      • the_rain

        Not watchdog but Sleeping Dogs sequel or prequel.

    • Klarktastic

      I can’t even get mad anymore…I’m just sad and disappointed

  • Marcus J. Hopkins

    So…they’re not going to be making a lot of GOOD games, right?

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Depends, MMOs can be good, it’s just that it take a certain type of person to be good. Mobile Device games make money, and sell to people who have little time to sit down at a console, so if it’s good, people will buy it.

    • Tiredman

      Good is in the eye of the beholder, and for me, they will be making pure crap games that I won’t touch with a 10 ft pole. I am not a mobile gamer. I like my 3ds, but the gaming experiences on that don’t compare to a good console game, with me in my recliner, a drink to my right, a snack in my lap, a controller in hand, and a tv remote so I can watch my favorite shows and play my game during commercials.

      To me, it almost feels like companies who focus on mobile have no belief in their abilities to make a good game anymore. Square isn’t broke, they have just lost all their creativity and are taking the easiest way to make money off an unknowing populace versus us criticizing gamers who remember what Square used to be capable of.

      • colorblindnightmare

        While I don’t really agree on the multi-tasking (not criticizing just different styles) you have absolutely nailed my opinion on that as well. Not to mention adding good friends into the mix!

  • tubers

    “Square Enix will accelerate production of games for smartphones and tablets.”

    Ahh yeah!!


  • Shady Shariest

    Hmhm… Looks quite all right…
    I have all ready seen some of Nosgoth and voted it on Greenlight.
    Taking Asia-deals ain’t a bad direction either.
    And hopefully that mobile acceleration is just for cleaning up the board in terms of mobile games.

  • Tiredman

    I guess the classic Square is officially dead. Probably for the best, no point letting the death of a beloved company go on too long. I mean Square, not the abomination Square Enix btw. RIP Square, you were awesome.

    • Shippoyasha

      At least the people working in classic Square didn’t stop working. They’re simply in other companies now.

    • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

      Square died with the merger.

      • Hound

        Enix also died with the merger. The competition was making them both shine. Now it’s more of a cash grab and market focus with no goal of one-upping competition (since games can sell by the “SquareEnix” label or Franchise name.)

        Quintet kind of sunk into obscurity after the merger as well..

        • LunarKnite

          You sir get props for mentioning Quintet. How I miss the old Enix, moreso than the old Square.

        • Lionxie

          I too give you mad props for the quintet knowledge. Its so good that other people knew how awesome and different those games were compared to what we have now.

      • platomaker

        Too bad they got cancer the years prior.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Yeah, Square-Enix focusing too much on mobile devices has killed the square-games fanboy they had in me

  • Audie Bakerson

    It’s like they wanted to get “1 step forward, 2 steps backs” jokes.

    And here I thought getting rid of Wada and his fortune telling would turn the company around…

  • Zikrayrus “Zikk” Dis Pear

    Nice of them to expand into Asia~ Would be nice to have more support here…but…

    The other 2 changes doesn’t sound much like a plus to me. But we’ll see how it goes…

  • Arcana Wiz

    Well if they continue to make console/portable games i dont see why to dont make mobile games….. but knowing SE i fear that this “accelerate of prodution” will make the console/portable games be fewer… which is a shame :P

  • SerendipityX

    I wonder if by “online based” they mean adding more multiplayer to their games.

    • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

      That’s very far fetching.

      • SerendipityX

        I don’t know, it not totally out the realm of possibilities. They could probably be looking into making more robust multiplayer in normally single player games.

  • Shippoyasha

    I find it funny that their ‘foreign expansion’ is just ‘expanding to Asia’. Kind of short sighted…

    And online only? I mean, why can’t they just keep their current system of doing online AND offline experiences?

    • Shady Shariest

      Asia is the “Home ground” for SE. I think that they are starting to shift to more stable publishing, and the first step is obviously to have a solid foundation.

      And no online only, just the focus is shifting. Meaning that there will be more work on online games than others for a while, but without complete abandon to other games.

    • frumpus

      Asia is a huge emerging market, especially since China has embraced online gaming in the last few years. They will be making huge money off the chinese.

  • Raharu95

    Will this all forms of Excellent. A Great Big Kudos to them~ They are contributing to.the reason why Single player games are dying off. I hope they are proud of thenselves~

    *Sighs* Yeah sorry. But honestly, I’m really tire of news of the big companies neglecting the consoles and handhelds sans smartphones. I’m sure thats not the case, but considering thats most of the news we hear, It lers me to believe that A lot of the big companies Just don’t want to do games for consoles anymore.

    • Shady Shariest

      Care to explain how single player games are dying off?

      • Raharu95

        I apologize. I should have probably worded that differently. Is not that they are dying off. Frankly I don’t think.they could die off. But a lot of companies seem to be putting a lot of their outputs on smartphones pay for games or MMO or Faux MMOs. While there are still.plenty of single player games out there it has been proven that Smartphones games and MMOs done right are profitable. Considering that the trend is to try and copy that is profitable, wether or not you add your own thing to it, I fear the Focus may just go a bit too much towards Smartphones and MMOs. The point I made out of dissapointing news is moot and I apologize.

        • SerendipityX

          I don’t think Square is going to make less single player games, if anything just expect multiplayer to be added on in some way, like Tomb Raider.

        • Shady Shariest

          Smarthphones are a new platform.. .They have just about given birth to the first super-star companies such as Rovio, GungHo and Supercell… Ye olde studios are just rushing to get some spoils. It will go over in time.

          Same arguably goes for MMO’s, there is a sudden large batch of them, but it will soon get quiet. There is much hype with big games closing down or slowing, and the games overall developing. In time these publishers will shift backwards to what they do best… No need to be worried :3

          • I hope you’re right. It’s a logical, good argument.

          • Xaxal_Ravenguard

            The app market is in or heading towards a bad state. Developers are finding it hard to succeed in the app market, and smaller devs are pretty much the canaries in this coal mine.

    • colorblindnightmare

      You had me worried for a moment there. Lol. But there is a huge emphais on mobile Just because $$$$$$$$$$, Smart to do it, but….*sigh*

  • Arz

    well at least they are developing FF15 and KH3……………………….right?

    • Monterossa

      both are Nomura’s games so don’t set your hope too high.

      • Glad somebody besides me said it.

      • I actually like Nomura’s games, regardless of what others think.

    • frumpus

      So I guess you like sausagefests cause Nomura likes boys a little much. I have zero interest in FF15 cause its full of dicks and has a grand total of two female characters (neither of whom are playable).

  • echokanon

    Isn’t the name Agito considered dead when it was changed into Type-0(+the trademarked continuing number). I also remember reading somewhere few months ago that the series (that is if Agitio mentioned above is refering it) will not be made into mobile or ports and will remain in the portable platform…

  • Freud_Hater

    …Haven’t they made this kind of announce at least three times in the recent past? ôo

    • saxophone15

      They did and each time it’s mentioned, everyone acts like it’s the first time they heard of it.

  • Rogerrmark

    Murphy is laughing on his grave right now.

  • Dark Zerato

    Make more mobile game and less single player console game. That’s SE for you.

  • zaybaka

    goodbye SquareEnix
    Wellcome Level5

    • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

      If only Level5 made good games

      • Xx_Kares_xX

        They have a better track record than Square Lately. I’d rather play White Knight Chronicles than FFXIII that’s for damn sure.

    • Guest

      But Level-5 is going to the same path :P
      On the last Vision event they announced a plethora of games on non-specialized gaming devices (aka Smartphones and Tablets) and even an online game, Inazuma Eleven Online.

    • We can’t even get any Level 5 games outside of Japan hardly. :( Well, except the UK, which gets the Inazuma Eleven games. :)

  • potatoes

    The amount of ignorance about game development here is just
    staggering. Mobile games make sense from a business standpoint because
    there’s less risk involved and it’s easy to turn a profit; which can in
    turn, fund larger projects. It’s amazing how some people act like their
    core projects have suddenly been dropped because they announce a larger focus on mobile gaming. These games don’t detract from the development of substantial games and only take a fraction of their resources. But no, god forbid we be reasonable. SE IS DEAD!

    • Travis Frazier

      Its not just the mobile games. Everything they siad they are going to focus on has nothing to do with what made Square and Enix great to begin with. Theres no hint of returning to FF1-10 style games and every intention of more XIV.

      • Morricane

        Or Dragon Quest 1-8 style games…:/

      • Mika Chuuu

        HOW DARE for SE or anything in this world to evolve! Everything should stay the same so people like you having “fun” eh?
        FFXIII sold Millions,XIII-2 Sold ok, XIII-3 has great ideas, People already rave about XV and KH3. XIV sells like hot cakes. Also more games from western studios announced.

        WTF you people want? You get games you asked for, now they say they make more Mobile games in JAPAN. And you all loose your shit over nothing. Those games wont make it to us, it’s for the japan market which is VERY different than the western. Stop being such a selfish child, throw away your Nostalgia glasses and start to enjoy new stuff.

      • frumpus

        FFXIV is one of the best MMOs to date and is more fun than most of the single player FF games.

        • Ah! So you do like something. Good!

        • Travis Frazier

          You are entitled to your opinion, but you should realize the many disagree with you and want more classic JRPG experiences, which it doesn’t sound like SE is going to give that to them.

          Fans of the classic games are feeling more and more betrayed every time SE makes another XIII or XIV

      • So you want turn based after turn based games, without any switch up? You want Square to pool all their money into what they did instead of trying to achieve that same level on something new?

        • Travis Frazier

          With all do respect, theres really not many great turn-based JRPGs left anymore and SE hasn’t made one since X in 2001 and even that had taken out a lot of classical JRPG elements.

          So XI was something new, XII was something new, XIII was something new, XIV was something new. Do you really think we are outta line in asking SE to return to their roots for a change?

          • No, there’s nothing wrong with that at all– throwbacks are what made IX so beloved.

            But then there’s games like Bravely Default which, while is a spin-off of FF, can serve as “returning to their roots”

            But here’s something I think a lot of fans seem to misunderstand.

            Every numbered Final Fantasy game is different from one another, aside from some mainstays, right?

            Then you have a group of fans who believe X is their favorite. Then you have a group of fans who believe VII is their favorite, and VIII and XIII and III and so on.

            How do you satisfy one group without angering the other? Every numbered FF is going to make another group mad, while others believe the opposite.

            There are those who strongly hate the PS era games and love XII and XIII. It’s easy to dismiss them as people who lack taste, but people like that exist.

            My point is– Square Enix has to do what a business does, and sometimes it may not be in the fans’ best interest; because they need money. It may be a horrible practice but all businesses do it.

          • Travis Frazier

            What you don’t understand is that a return of overworlds, turnbased battles, long stories, ect would be fine almost all fans regradless of which game is their favorite.
            And honestly it seems you aren’t presently any argument other than “they need to make money”. I counter you with that they CAN still make money on old style JRPGS. Their sales declined when they stopped making those kinds of games, not the other way around.

          • “Their sales declined when they stopped making those kinds of games, not the other way around.”


            According to VGChartz, The top 5 FF games in terms of sales are VII, X, VIII, XIII and XII.

            3 of those games are not in “their roots.”


            Counting the top 10, 5 of those games were made pre-merge and 5 after-merge.

            And you want Square to return to the classics, right? Do you understand how many resources, people, and money it would take to make an HD game the scope of FFVII? You want them to remake a genre going out of style in the hopes that it will sell well?

            I’ll give you a hint: a lot longer than the year it took to make FFVI.

            Simply, you want the business to take a risk?

            I’m sure everyday, SE thinks about the risk they took releasing Spirits Within. And don’t forget, like you mentioned; the original XIV was a nasty blow as well.

          • Travis Frazier

            X – 8.05
            XI – not in the top ten
            XII – 5.95. Clearly lower despite higher install base
            XIII – 6.9 Still lower than X despite being on multiplatform. Costed SE FAR more to make than X.

            So yeah, its true. There sales are less than the peak of FF popularity (The core games that fans want the return of). The only one of those games that the “new ones” beat was FFIX which came out at the end of the PS1 era where games usually have lower sales as people are getting pumped for the “next gen”.

            I dont know why you think I am saying anything about the merge.

            As for making an HD game with the scope of FFVII, “Tales of” series does it all the time and they don’t even have the brand power that Final Fantasy does. Your line of thought that SE cant make money while returning to their roots is completely unfounded.

          • I never said anything about XI.

            I mentioned the merge since it seemed to me that you didn’t like X because SE used less mainstays like an overworld and other stuff.

            I don’t know what the point is of mentioning how much it cost SE to make XIII– how much you spend on something never directly correlates to how much you get out of it. With that said, 1997 money isn’t the same as 2013 money. 1 mil in the 90’s is different from 1 mil today.

            “Your line of thought that SE cant make money while returning to their roots is completely unfounded.”

            I never said that; and I surely don’t think that. I just believe that doing so is risky because I believe gamers tend to be insatiable these days; they sometimes ask for things and bash it for nonsensical reasons, as I’m sure you’ve witnessed before. Why not go with less risk and more guarantee?

            I haven’t played any HD Tales games as of yet, (Haven’t bought Xillia yet), but you’re saying that the scope in that game is as huge as VII’s? <— I'm seriously asking, no arguement here.

            But aside from all the back and forth, the original point I want to make is that people seem to have this misconception that Square is releasing crap games no one wants and making huge mistakes while making no money off it, when facts prove otherwise. (Not saying you are) I'm sure if Square Enix was as in horrible shape as people online seem to think, (they're in a jam no doubt, but not horrendous) they'd be bankrupt.

            I just feel that the fanboys of the old-school FFs refuse to acknowledge anything SE does as good unless it involves an older game.

            With that said, I'm done. This was a good discussion :)

          • Travis Frazier

            You are the one bringing up risk and how you believe SE will lose money going back to their roots. So a game costing more and making less in sales is directly related. You think that XIII is less risky than X but that doesn’t make sense. It had less cost and more income.

            And SE is losing money. Sure some of the project are turning profits but overall things but bad enough that the outed their president.

            As for the tales games they are packed with side quests/ long stories/ towns/enemies/dungeons/ect. They look beautiful and have every bit the scope that VII had. They do think by having a different art style but it’s proof that it can still be done.

          • LightZero

            Not every fan would agree with that and it seems more like you are speaking for yourself than millions of fans. Overworlds are outdated IMO. Personally I rather see more games be more like Xenoblade or DQ8 in that regard. FF never had long stories with the exception of FFXIII in my experience anyway. The Nes and Snes games can be beaten under 10 hours. Hell you can beat FFVII-IX in that time frame if you rush through them. Otherwise they are mainly 25-40 hours long without doing sidequest.

            I also prefer action based games but I can appreciate a good turn/time based system. It’s only until FFX and FFX-2 where SE started to catch up in making battle systems more engaging. So basically my opinion shows that there is always someone who may feel differently about your suggestion.

          • Travis Frazier

            Of course not all fan agree. I don’t know why you are even pointing that out. Notice how I said “almost all would be fine” and in fact you admit that many of these would in fact be fine with you

            And I dont get how you are claiming that XIII had a long story. Pretty much nothing happened in it. You are confusing play time with story time.

            Speed runs dont represent the actual time most people will spend playing it. You can beat morrowind in 10 mins but the game isn’t 10 minutes long.

      • John Diamond

        anyone remember breath of fire 6?

        • Travis Frazier

          I only played BoF 4 :/

          • Demeanor

            DEFINITELY play BoF 3. One of the best rpgs I’ve ever had the luck of experiencing. The dragon transformation system is by far the best in the series there.

          • echokanon

            Yeah, back then BoF 3 had so many interesting and Unique mechanics by that time that made me a fan of that series. Personally I enjoyed 3 more than 4 :)

        • Tatsuya1221

          Gah don’t remind me, the betrayal still burns.

          • Demeanor

            Like dragonfire…

      • LightZero

        Nor should they return to FF1-10 style games if you referring to the battle systems. They are all mediocre even by turn based standards. FFX was the only decent one of the bunch. If you are referring to story well that’s a mix bag because everyone has different taste. I sure as hell won’t be praising a game like FF1 for its story for instance.

        • Travis Frazier

          So to attack the story you go to 1? Really? Thats a weak argument. That said though 1-3 may have weak stories but they were ahead of other NES games.

          Anyways I’m not going to argue the merits of the battle system with you. It is opinion based and those games still have huge fanbases even now. Obviously they were doing something right for a lot of people.

    • I agree. As much of the old Square I liked, I’m ready for something different, and by different I mean stop dwelling on what the old Square used to do.

      I seem to have a minority opinion when it comes to Square Enix but I’m not changing my stance.

      SE was a pioneer in RPG development, and as a result we got the old FFs. Good, right?

      It’s 2013. The old business practices back then in gaming probably wouldn’t work so in current gen gaming and even worse next gen.

      I understand there is a longing for what was, but it is in the past and things are different— there’s a reason you have to have knowledge and experience to run a gaming company, much less a business. There’s a reason fans aren’t in charge.

      Now bring in the downvotes :)

      • Travis Frazier

        Again I’m going to have to disagree with you. SE HAS been doing different things for over a decade. “Something different” at this point would be returning to their roots.

        Also the management of SE didn’t know how to run a gaming company. There’s a good article on gamasutra about the difficulties and problems that happened in the development of XIII and they had constantly been losing money on many projects. It got so bad they just replaced the president of the company. Its why the first line of the article says: “Square Enix has a new president”

        • I’m sure there are a good amount of difficulties in all FF games, some moreso and less so than XIII.

          That doesn’t always mean the fans know best.

          EDIT:”Something different” at this point would be returning to their roots.

          Can they pull that off in a way that would make you happy with their current team? It’s no longer Square.

          • Travis Frazier

            Final Fantasy XIII and XIV’s difficulties are on a whole nother level. They suffered from a sever lack of direction and poor design choices. XIV was so bad they had to remake it. And how long has it taken for them to make FF Vs XIII, i mean XV?

            I’m not saying that fans always know best, but I am saying that SE doesn’t always know best either.

          • ” They suffered from a sever lack of direction and poor design choices.”

            That sounds like an opinion, not facts.

          • Travis Frazier

            It sounds like the opinions expressed by the development team of the game.

          • Ah, you should have mentioned that before.

  • Somehow managed to kill Square, Enix and Eidos (even after releasing 2 great single player focused games, Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution) all at the same time for good.

    I guess things like this happen though.

    • Ha, well said! I was never a big Eidos fan, but it’s true; they ruined Eidos as well as beloved Square and Enix.

  • ivanchu77

    ohh, how much i miss them ;__;

    • frumpus

      Grow up, you can’t be a kid forever. I had fun with FF4/6 on the SNES back in the day too but I don’t miss the old Squaresoft at all.

    • Anthony Hayball

      Those were the best days of gaming till 2002 after Final Fantasy X Success.

    • Demeanor

      Dat screen was the prelude of the most effin’ amazing games on the PS1: Xenogears, FF VII, Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi, Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross, FF Tactics… (nostalgic and blissful sigh)

  • leingod

    So MMORPGs, phones and licensing external stuff. Everything I liked about both Square and Enix is gone.

    • frumpus

      They don’t care about their old fans, but they do care about making money. Everything I’ve seen looks like a smart business decision on their part. It’s not their fault that us fans aren’t buying their console/handheld games.

      • I agree with you entirely, but I wish they could spend some time and money on the old fans as well. They’re a big company and looking for and needing the big dollars, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have a division that did the old stuff, too. Xseed, for instance, makes a tiny fraction of the money Square Enix does, and they’re doing well. Totally different sized company and different business strategy, I realize. I just don’t see why they can’t do both.

      • Travis Frazier

        Actually it is their fault. They have been changing away from what their fans loved to appeal to a more casual base. This has been happening since X when SE started to sacrifice large world for more linear maps (still great though). XI was an MMO which most of their fans aren’t looking for, XII radically changed the gameplay, and XIII was a poorly made game. They are completely at fault for damaging their brand with what was once their core fans.

        • colorblindnightmare

          To XII’s credit aty least they tried to mix things up gameplay wise. I loved how good the game looked too.

  • easter


  • EX+

    Here’s the thing with mobiles.
    Much like motion control, mobile gaming is a casual fad. Casuals can turn on SE at any given moment.
    I would like to think that when FFXV and KH3 come out, they’ll focus on consoles and handhelds more. I hope so.

  • Go2hell66

    i think companies should be focusing on how to make console games viable/profitable again but i guess that is more sony/microsoft/nintendo’s job

    • Shady Shariest

      In due time, in due time… Once the mobile bubble bursts, it is back to business time for SE :3

  • Kuromadou



    I can’t be too disappointed, because they ARE still releasing Drakengard 3 in the West.

  • William Trengove

    HA! all these people crying ‘SE is dead’ are the same people who will cry ‘SE is god’ when FFXV and KH3 gets released, F***ing hilarious xD

  • SetzerGabbiani

    All whining for and against this new set of policies aside, you can tell SE is now run by a number cruncher.

  • Anthony Hayball

    Online only titles Square Enix, F**K OFF!!! Seriously!

  • firstarioch

    Looks like Drakengard 3 is the last roll of dice for us. The promotional budget for this game is literary zero so we will know how this may end up …. Which is a shame as this could be potential sleeper hit however it won’t happen .
    So more ports to phones and more online games ….
    Square of old is well and truly dead…
    I was always secretly hoping for Einhander sequel , Bushido Blade 3 and proper Dragon QQuest on a proper system not Nintnedo . ChronCross 2, Vagrant Story or Ff7 remake ….all this will never haphappen .
    Sad direction gaming is taking… It’s throw away gaming now I call it …zero attention span .quick fix games when yku are on train or bus ….looks like retro is the only way ….shame

    • echokanon

      That said, Drakengard is only published by SE but not developed by them. While their voice could still affect how the game will be developed (story,character design,gameplay etc), most decision was not made by them.

      Me too was hoping theres still more Mana,Saga or Valkyrie Profile but it doesn’t look possible unless we are counting mobile versions…

  • Demeanor

    Just no. >_> It would seems that chimeras like a focus on producing high quality jrpgs in a timely and cost-effective manner and remakes of FF VI, VII and the like will remain, well, chimeras. <_<

  • Margaret Chan

    “Square Enix wants to transform the fixed-price model of purchasing games outright into variable earnings.”

    What is preventing me from buying and playing Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn is related to this. If I could have just bought the game and had the option of continually paying for things in micro-transactions I would have bought and played it. :(

  • Guest

    western studios will focus on mmo’s lol welp isn’t that the kiss of death for most western studios… super huge big budget gambles that have a low success rate… yes let’s do it! the world NEEDS more MMORPGS!

  • Göran Isacson

    If you want to advertize your new move, saying that your Western studios will focus on online games and putting up Nosgoth as the example to go to may not have been the wisest idea. I don’t really know anyone in the LoK fanbase that’s looking forward to that game.

  • Setsu Oh

    THIS further pushes the confirmation of the next sleeping dogs game to be a challenger to GTA5 ONLINE.

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